I could see the train waiting on the platform, i burst through the station entrance, raced up the stairs and straight on to platform 9. i was lucky, the train doors were beggining to shut as i jumped on board.

i was heading to see my mom who lived in Edinburgh, a 7 hour train journey from where i lived with my Dad in London. my parents had recently got divorced and i was expected to be the middle man, trying to give them both the same amount of time seeing me. the 7 hour journey twice a week was really beginning to take it out of me. i would normaly find a seat in an empty carriage and make a kind of nest for myself. somewhere that i felt i could relax, maybe sleep for a few hours, or read.

i was suprised my parents were letting me travel such long distances, from one end of the country to the other all on my own. but i liked having the sence of freedom and individuality.

now, i dont want to sound big headed, but i know im quiet a good looking chap, i didnt usualy flaunt it, but i got really board after hours and hours of watching trains speed past us in the opposite direction. so, sometimes...i would play a game. this envolved trying to work out who was interested in me, who kept glansing over at me, who kept looking at me when they thought i couldnt see them. after i allocated this person, i would tease them. mabe with a smile, a wink or a little lick of my lips.

just a bit of harmless fun i thought. most of the guys would get erections, feel very embarrised and re-situate to another carriage. i would have a little giggle to myself and try to go back to sleep.

at the other end i would meet my mother, she didnt have a clue that i had been flirting with older men on the journey!

occasionaly this would go very differently. i was trying to seduce a guy once by giving him cheeky little smiles, brushing my foot past his leg when all of a sudden he lent over grabbed my naked foot and started to rub it against his cock...i thought this was very unusual, but i didnt care, im a slut and to be honest, giving a 'secret' footjob in a crowded carriage really turned me on. anyway, the guy eventally came all over the soul of my foot, he then persisted to putting his cock back in to his trousers, picking up his breefcase and walked to the other end of the carriage!

i wiped his cum on to the next seat, put my shoes and socks back on and made a quick exit to the other carriage.

the journey im gonna tell you about is far different to anyother journey. something wild, intense, something incredible happened.

so as you know. i had just made it on to the train. i walked through several carriages when i eventually found a suitable seat. achly, it was a crowded train and this was the only available seat.to my left was quiet a fat man, he had already spilt his milkshake over the floor, eaten 2 cheese burgers and managed to force down a snickers on top of that.

to my right was a very cute man called jake. he looked very smart, armani suit, gucci breafcase and a great sence of humour. he was tall, jet black hair and a slight tan.

me and Jake got on really well, he told me all about his job in Manchester, how his girlfriend was pregnant and how they were trying to buy their first house. oh...and we had the occasional snigger at the fat mans expense.

lucky for us, the large gentleman left the train not 30 minutes in to the journey. this left me and jake room to spread out a bit. jake had relocated to sitting opposite me. i liked this as it gave me a chance to have a descent conversation with him.

me and jake spoke for hours about life, work, girlfriend stuff. i was really getting to know him!

ok, its now 4 hours in to the journey, 30 minutes before Jake has to get off in Manchester. i tryed to ignore this. i knew that jake was happy with his girlfriend, i knew that they were making a family, but, for some reason...i had to have him. i wanted to show him what i could do, i wanted him, i had to have him.

whilst jake spoke about his job in the city i was devising a cunning plan...

first l would start with a bit of footsie, maybe moving on to rubbing his inner thy with my young teen feet, then finally contact with his cock.

so it began, i reached under the table, pretending to pick up a piece of litter, i whipped my show off, quickly followed by the removal of my sock. i dont know why but the guys always seemed to like it when i rubbed my sole against their cocks!

i then slowly touched his leg, whlist staring intensly in to his eyes.

THERE...i had made contact, but still jake carried on talking about his job. i ran my foot up his leg. still no reaction, i searched for his cock with my toes...

i couldnt believe it!, i was fondling with jakes cock using my toesies and he loved it, he had a huge smile on his face, but still he carried on talking about life in the city...

occasionaly he would bite his lip in pleasure as i jerked his cock up and down with my little teen feet. he would mime orders to me.

'faster, harder,etc etc...'

after several minutes of this jake lent over to me and whispered in to my ear...

'im getting off this train in 5 minutes, and you're coming with me'

Could i really sacrifice my only transport to Edinburge to follow jake off the train?

i had butterflys in my stomach...i knew all along what my answer would be...

'of course i will, where are we going' i said

jake replied...

'we're gonna go to my house, you can phone your mom and tell her your train is delayed'


i couldnt believe what i was about to do. i was about to abandon my train ride to go for wild, care free sex with a man i had met only a few hours ago!

the time came to step off the train.

as i stood on the platform and watched the train pull away, i couldnt help but realise, i was in a strange city, and i was about to go to someones house, fuck them and then just get another train!

this was gonna be WILD!

40 minutes later we arrived at jake house. he assured me that his girlfriend was at work and she wouldnt be back for hours.

jake, lay down his breafcase, removed his coat, sat on the couch and told me to strip.

i did exactly what he said, i removed my shirt, followed bu my jeans then my pants to reveal my erect cock.

jake looked at me and licked his lips.

'come to daddy' he ordered.

me and jake engaged in a huge kiss, as i sat on his lap locked in a passionate kiss, he ran his fingers over my cock, before grabbing it tightly.

'lie on the floor, spread your legs. NOW!'

i lay on the floor, completly at the murcy of jake. he presided to put his head between my legs, his tong sliding around the outside of my ass hole. i felt as if i was a naughty little slut being licked out. as i forced jakes tongue further in to my ass...my phone rang!

it was my mom. jake told me to answer it and tell her that i was still on the train. and that i was looking forward to seeing her. i did as jake told me to.

so there i was...completly naked, lying on the floor of a perfect strangers house, getting llicked out. jakes hands all over my chest. his tongue entering my asshole, whilst im on the phone to my mom telling her i loved her!

i wanted to scream out him name, i wanted everyone to know that he was amazing, but i couldnt, i had to control myself, my mom was still on the line!

after a few seconds of this, jake demanded that i turn over, giving his cock access to my tight ass hole. i did as he wished.

his hard thick cock entered my ass. he went in and out, in and out for a good 25 minutes untill eventually, he let out a huge.

ARGGGHHHH! im cumming!.

and with that, jake released his load far up my ass hole, never to be seen again. after a good 15 seconds of us both lying, out of breath on the floor, he pulled out.

'you did good' he said. 'have a good trip, bye'

and with that, jake led me to the front door. completly naked, i was covered in jakes pre cum as he slammed the door in my face.

i quickly put my jeans and shirt back on.

i flagged the first cab and made my way back to the trainstation to catch thr next train up to Edingurgh.

as i was in the cab on the way back to the station, the driver looked at me through the rear view mirrow.

'excuse me mate, i think you've got ice cream on your face.'

i smiled and replied.

'no mate its, cu...errrr...ice cream, thanks for letting me know'

i was happy that i had gave jake what he wanted.

now, it was my turn to seduce more men on the remainder of the journey.




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