I was really really happy to go to home, after all it was after 6 months. Train is yet to come so i went to the nearest bookstall and i picked up a magazine with a cover page of a hot gay couple posing for photo only wearing jeans, it was tempting, especially those muscles and partially opened mouth to feed each others tongue. It was a magazine with reputation but this particular issue was dealing with increasing gay marriage. i bought it, without knowing it will be my ticket to the three whole nights pleasure.

Announcement said the train will be in platform within 5 minutes. I prepared to board, but there was a little problem, my ticket was not confirmed it was "confirmation against cancellation", so i will have chance to get a berth if anyone cancel it at the last moment, but i will be provided with a berth, which i have to share with someone, whose ticket is like mine, not confirmed. But i had hope that, since it is a three day journey i will get my confirmed berth.

The train came i hurriedly boarded and moved to my assigned seat. To my utter horror there was lady with a kid. i cursed myself...there is no way to adjust three person in a single berth for a long journey. But when they saw me approaching one gentleman, looks like her husband came from another side and said."excuse me is this your seat....?"

" yeah its mine " I said by keeping my luggage under the seat.

He said "actually i am with my family and one person from our side didnt get a confirmed seat, so one have to share berth with you."

I cursed my self. i prepared to share it with someone but not with a lady and her kid, definitely i have to give up more space. Other wise two can leisurely sit on both end of a lower berth.

At the night The man came to our side and took the sleeping baby in his arms and walked to other end of compartment where he is having his berth. The lady followed him.

Minutes passed, i was alone so i picked the magazine out and started to read it. Before to that i pulled the curtain to make the berth more private, now no one can see what is going in there. 10 minutes passed, suddenly somebody startled me by pulling the curtains sidewise. It was a young boy of around 20 or 22. When i looked at him i noticed that He was not at all looking at me... he was actually looking at the cover of the magazine which i was having on my hand widely opened to read. I suddenly closed it and said "yeah.. Yes,please..."

He couldnt get words first "...aaanh to" Which maid me to smile. And that put him at ease. He took a deep breath and said .." actually i will be sharing seat with you, it will be difficult for the little kid and my sister to share this berth, so i gave my berth to them."

I was more than happy to share it with him. He was Good looking guy with Little bit curly hair and nice full lips. He wore a khakki three fourth and a tee. I think the kid has a good body but its not that of a man who work out regularly. I was measuring him bit by bit from top to bottom. I noticed his thighs, which was bit large compared to rest of his body. I even had a chance to take a good look at his ass when he made the blanket folded and placed near to one side of wall to make a support for him while sitting, since i have taken the pillow for myself. He had a full rounded ass, i was mesmerized to see it.

Suddenly he turned to my face even before i could take my eyes to somewhere. I bet that he sensed that i was looking at his bum. but to my surprise he never showed any sign of it.

When he settled down, i simply said " its going to be a bad night, since none of us can sleep here properly"

as a response he looked at me at my eyes. Ohhh god i made a wrong comment here, i screamed inside my mind. But the kid smiled eventually and replied" yeah it seems"

Fifteen minutes passed. I was weighing my chances with this mind blowing young stud. When i look at his lips i had the urge to jump at him and eat out his luscious lips. His tee shirt was so sexy on him, it was simply made a second layer on his body, revealing the perfect chest and slightly protruded nipple at one side.

I was shaken to real life by his question "are you working?"

I replied " yes"

"good...i hope soon i will be" He replied.

"Are you at college" I asked

"Yes..." He answered unhappily.

"My friends are employed, its only me that still in college" He muttered.

"Why so, U skipped a year???" I asked

"Actually i had an accident, and was in bed for quite time with broken ribs and hand" He said sadly.

"Oh really..??? That's really bad" I replied

"Yeah the scar is still there" He said and the same time he pulled up his tees with right hand, revealing his well shaped stomach and to my pleasure one chest with a hot and sexy brownish nipple.

"Ohhh.. i took a deep breath...without knowing i stretched my arm to his chest but i stopped it before i touch him.

"aaah thats really bad looking one" i managed to say after gaining my composure. But when i looked up at him, he was looking deep into me and it seems he is studying my intentions, i felt so. That moment i started to think that whether he also want it, and was checking whether i am on to it or not. This gave me vibes. I sense precum at my tip. Ohhh god what a pleasure its going to be if it happens...I prayed in my mind.

We were sitting with folded legs and face to face at both the ends of the berth with curtains drowned for privacy. Suddenly he picked the magazine from my lap, and watched the front cover for a long good time, and stated to flip through the pages. But intermittently he was peeking at me to find i was watching his every moves. I thought if i want him the way i wanted, better i start to give him hints.

So i gathered my strength and slightly stretched my leg to him. I was sure of my movement, but he didnt pay a heed. So i stretched my leg a bit and touched his thigh. He was sitting by propping both of his legs as if to support the magazine. The touch made made him startle, but doesnt even looked at me nor he moved. So i was sure of it. i kept it like that for quite a long time. But with the train which was making the whole compartment to shake a bit all the time, made my toe to rub his thighs. I sensed his uncomfortably, he then, to my surprised changed his sitting by tilting himself to the glass window, ours was the berth parallel to window, which made him to sit on left side cheek of his buttocks. This made my feet perfectly inside his thighs and it was rubbing at the inside of his thighs. His sitting with his ass at clear line to me, the roundness of it and my toes rubbing his thighs gave me a sudden erection. My cock was twitching to be released. I used my hand to pull my cock into a comfortable position. Oh god it was oozing precum like water tap. All this made me miserable. I was ready to explode. I was ready for my next move, i had to move so fast otherwise i would have a heart attack because The kid was so sexy and i was so horny.

With effort i slid my feet downward to find my happy place. My toe touched somewhere. I moved it sideways, pretending its the trains movement. I knew he likes it but i was not ready to go that straight at him. My toes find it finally. My sideways movement blocked by a hard, full grown ridge. Ohhhhhh my god....the Kid was having full erection. i jumped inside my mind. I am going to feast on him, i bet that much. All these times he was pretending that he was reading my magazine, but the boy way enjoying me. I used my toe like a tool to measure his warm erected dick. Occasionally he was taking a deep breath, which said.....GO ON MAN I LIKE IT LIKE HELL. At one time he even closed his thighs so tight that my feet trapped inside it and pressed to his massive cock. Now i was sure that he is ready the way i wanted him and his dick.

I made calculation in my mind, soon we will be sleeping, both of us adjusting in a single berth. I made the positions in my mind to lay down which would give me full access to him.

Later that he put down his magazine and started to stretch out to sleep. I laid along him and pushed him with my body to make some space. He was not moving but enjoying my body pressed at him. So i used my fully erected dick at him. But this time it was not me who was pushing it was him, his juicy ass pressing hard at my dick and pressing me to the window side wall. My heart was pounding so hard with this, i pictured his round fleshy ass, "ohhhh god" i murmured at the memory of those full buttocks which i terribly wanted to pound so hard. He was not gonna stop, he changed pressing to rubbing my dick with his ass. Which was a bit difficult since we where laying, so he maid my dick to position in his ass crack and slightly moved up and down.

"....aaaaaaanh......" i exhaled.....

I was so turned on that. Now nothing was going to stop me. I rubbed my nose and face at his nape. The first touch of mine on him. He suddenly stopped doing everything. i then pulled his shirt up, and peeled it out. My fingers searched out that hard nipples and started to pinch and pull it, making him to moan. Both of us knew others are sleeping nearby so we kept noises to minimum. I slipped my other hand under him and pushed all the way out to reach his other nipple. I used my both hand at his nipples. This made him to convulse like a trapped animal. I hugged him and kept him so tight to me and to my dick.

I untied his threefourth and slid my hand inside his underwear, and grabbed his monster, i guessed it could be of 7 inch but a thick one. My hand wrapped around his dick made him cry, i started to move my hand up and down on it and giving him heaven with each stroke. He was losing all the strength and falling to my body and breathing heavily like a dog. I slid my hand further down to pull down his underwear to his knees. and again grabed at the dick. I was eagerly waiting to look at his dick and ass, so i put the lamp on shedding light on his marvelous naked body. Even though the curtains where down and all were asleep i dont bother if anyone see us, because i was damn horny and he was too.I looked up at his face, his eyes met with mine, the lust in his eyes gave him much sexier look. I closed on his face to rub his chin and my lips finally ended up on his. We kissed vigorously, eating each others tongue. His lips was so sweet and so full that i was not ready to break the kiss. But he broke the kiss And pulled me down on the bed, and tugged with my pants, i helped him. He peeled off the cloths from me. And grabbed my 8 inch with a wicked smile. He looked at me and said "Its big..." The first word since we started our sexual parade. I was touched and more aroused by his words. He started to fondle it, knowing every inch of it. His fingers were doing magic on my dick, pulling, pinching, squeezing, tilting....everything like that.

His fingers made me to moan and sigh continuously, that made him to laugh without sound. He used his other hand to press and pull the skin deep down on my dick, and started to lean.

"....Ohhhhhh God...Oh God...Ohhh Go...." I know whats coming.... i mourned in anticipation... The most luscious lips and warmth of his mouth is gonna engulf my dick. The first touch of his tongue made me jump out the roof....

"sssssssssss....." I hissed like a snake.

He was now licking at it. Then with a sudden move he took all of it in his mouth. His nose touched on my belly. i cant believe it, all the 8 inches is inside his mouth...Ohh god.... the Kid got talent, I told myself. He was bobbing on it like a machine. His tongue was wrapped around my erected dick like a snake. He gave extra pressure on the cock head, especially under the cock head, where it is so sensitive. His hands were at my ball, rubbing it. He gave a pause and looked at me, knowing i am in heaven he did a funny thing, he bit at the tip to startle me. He smiled seeing my weird expression. I also smiled at him. My balls were sucked into his warm mouth two at a time and given a good oral massage to them by him

It gave me heaven like feeling. While he sucked my manhood he gave extra care at my balls and massaged it with his hands.

He pulled up to take a break and after a long time. When he was about to start suck my dick again , i pulled him closer to me and kissed like never before. Licked out every essence of my precum from his tongue and lips. Then i moved my tongue down through his chin to neck and to his nipples. I Sucked his nipples and chewed it roughly, leaving him to jump in my tight arms. But i held him so strong and restrict his every move from escaping from me. I sucked both the nipples one at at time and played the other with hand.

I pinned him on the bed and licked down to his naval and forced my tongue inside it making him twitching and twisting. His pubic hairs smelled very lusty and my search ended at his dick. His marvelous 7 inch and thick DICK. I smelled it and then licked the essence from the tip of it. He was rubbing my head in anticipation....I smirked at him and said "....its pay back time...."

"Yes yes....oh yes it is..." in between short breath he managed to say that much. I made a dash at his beefy 7 inch juicy cock, taking threefourth of it at my first suck. It filled my mouth, the dick was big in size. Instead of moving my tongue around it, i started to savour its taste. Oh god its like salty honey...mhhhhhh... i slightly wrapped my tongue around it....mhhh...he taste good too...I used my other hand to wrap around his balls, i rubbed it regularly to give him good erection. Then i started to move up and down at his gorgeous 7 inch manhood..... God i didnt know that cock can be this much tasty. The kid was mourning..breathing heavly....

I was going fast and fast on him, making him twisting under me....I put my three fingers inside his mouth to kill the sound and used other hand at his hole. When i touched his hole he jumped a bit making me to take all of it into my mouth...which made me to cough...But i regained my rytham. My finger penetrated his hole, i spit his man juice from my mouth to my fingers to lubricate it....My fingers made way into his hole....deeper and deeper...I cant wait to put my dick inside to explore it. Gradually i used two then three fingers on his hole....the three fingers was a bit for him....he grunted on it....But my tongue was doing magic on him.... The dick by that time was fully going inside into my wet warm mouth.... i took it like a hungry dog... I increased my pace and within minutes i could sense the vibration inside him... he made a final thrust into my mouth....and with an explosion he came into my mouth....three huge shots...first i gulped second and third i held in my mouth....again short spurts came out.... i drank half of what left in my mouth. Rest i moved around in my mouth with tongue.

I was not gonna stop... i continued to suck him....After all these he was collapsing.... breathing like he just completed the marathon.... i was now enjoying his semi hard dick.... that was cool.... I lay down next to him.....

Minutes passed.. His eyes where closed...breathing normally now... i looked at his naked body. He was marvelous. His sleepy cock was tempting for me... it looks delicious. It may be three inch but looked fatty. I put my hand on him.. he openned his eyes and said "thank you...." ......

"Ok" I replied.

"Now give me chance to say thank to you" I requested by looking deep in to his eyes... He knew what i meant because my other hand which found its way to his hole conveyed him the message.

He rolled over to his side. I made his one leg to prop up on window railing. I checked with my finger..yes the hole is wide open and wet... still i opened my back pack and take out the body cream. I used a good amount on my dick and at his hole.

Ohhh god here i am ready to fuck this shockingly good looking guy,... i looked at his round ass... i sensed my dick is dancing now... i started to stroke it... It made sound, so he looked back at me and winked...

I laid along him with my crotch at his ass.... my cock just touching his ass hole.

I sucked his ears and whispered " boy, i am gonna fuck you"

"mhhh yes i know" he murmered back.

"You want it inside you?" I asked

"yeah..yes i want it inside me" He replied while breathing heavily.

"Its not gonna be smooth on you...feel it" i said while rubbing my nose at his ear and taking his hand to my already dancing dick.

He started to fondle it..."Yeah put it in..." He cried

"oh yeah..really... you want it that much boy????" I teased him

"yes i want it,,,now please FUCK me".....he cried.

"now nothing can stop asked for it..." I charged my self by peeling and throwing his hand from fondling my dick and started to rub my cock head up and down on his ass crack...

"aaaaannngh..." he sighed

With two finger i found his hole and slid into it... he put his hand on my buttocks, because he wanted my dick so deep inside that hole.

"No more teasing please..." he cried.

"Take it" i slid the cock head inside...

a short "aanh" came from his mouth... His body was rigid, waiting for my response...I took my dick back. Then he relaxed, i was not ready for enter straight away...i wanted to put him at ease.

Next i pushed with care the cock head and a bit of the shaft inside... i felt the warmth inside... his hole was squeezing me out...i pulled dick out and with one hand squeezed it inside again. Then i started to pound him smoothly but not taking all of it inside. All this time he was being passive, but started to involve in later. With one hand giving support to his head he used his next hand to pull my buttocks to him, that resulted in deep penetration of my dick into his ass.

I started deep fuck him... With every stroke i thrust all my 8 inch, upto the hilt, into his man hole. The hole was so tight at the start but start to loose a bit with time...I used my body weight to push him to the window and so as to get a maximum penetration...

He was mourning, grunting and crying in pleasure.

I know he was in heaven, i was in it cock was throbing inside his tight and warm hole. Each and every thrust gave me wide i am on top of clods... And the thought of his fat cock and juicy ass made my pace quicker.

I slid my hand to his soft dick. Feeling it made me more horny. I tugged it and squeezed it. My every moves was motivated by his sighs and reflexes.

I used my body weight to push deep inside and instead of pulling out i kept piling onto it....

"Is it the way you wanted it boy....?"

I teased him...

" that..." he cried.

I pulled out and started my fast pace. With my one hand on his soft, fatty delicious cock pulling and tugging at it and my erected dick plunging inside his hole going deeper and deeper with every stroke forced me to my climax. I pushed it inside with great force and shoot my load three times inside his hole,,,,deeep inside...

I collapsed on to him....

He slowly turned his side to me and wrapped me with his legs and with one hand caressed my softening cock. I wrapped my hand at him and slid down to his ass, squeezing it, found my fingers wet with my cum....He smiled at me

with two more days to go and a sexy boy to hav fun and fuck.... i loved the journey. A lot more happened after that. if you wanted me to post that....pleas REply me with your response [email protected]




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