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'Fucking faggot!'

I cover my cock and balls with my hands to protect them from Bill's strap. It cuts through the air and strikes my naked ass. He kicks me across the floor between whipping me. I try to crawl away from him but his feet and belt follow me, kicking and beating me. 'Fucking piece of trash,' he shouts.

I knew he would beat me. I only earn Bill $275 tonight. I worked as many streets as I could but tonight was slow. That's no fucking excuse to Bill. All of his fags have to bring in at least $500 a night. No exceptions. Even though I was once Bill's lover, I still have to work as hard or harder then the other guys. Bill says if the others see him beating me then they know what he expects.

I live in a trailer park in Nightcross County with Bill and his other boys who work for him; Trevor, Zack, Paxton, Will, Matt, Parker and my older brother Christian.

My brother and I have the same mother but different fathers. Mom left the trailer park with her new boyfriend. I got into trouble with the law. While I was away, Christian met Bill and before long my big brother was working the streets for him. When I got out, they took me in. The second Bill saw me he didn't want me as one of his boys, said I was too pasty but I wanted in.

The other guys stand around and watch Bill whip and beat me while Paxton and my brother search the clothes I left on the floor to make sure I'm not holding out on Bill. Whenever a fag comes up short, Bill makes us strip and while he beats us the other guys search our clothes looking for money. If they find it, Bill will really work us over. No fag holds out on him.

I could shout for help but nobody in the trailer park cares. Our neighbors, like us, are all white trash; ex-cons, drug dealers, thieves, 'enforcers' and small-time hoods. They don't question what Bill does and we don't question what goes on in their trailer.

Big Boss lives in the corner trailer at the front gate of the park. He's a tall cigar-smoking fat guy who owns the park. Rumor is he earned good money from knocking out Black guys in underground street fights. He's also connected to the mob so everyone in the park including Bill pays him rent and a cut. He keeps the police under control and nobody fucks with him.

Bill has even fagged us out to him for free. Boss likes to tie us up and make us eat his big fat ass. He sits his pale chubby cracker ass on our face trying to smothering us in his musky crack.

Sometimes 'Boss calls us over to make films of us fags fighting or pissing on each other or fucking each other. Big Boss loves us to fuck and abuse each other. Bill sells these films across the internet -- of course, giving 'Boss a big cut.

Bill's girl is in the next trailer over probably counting the money. She and Bill live in that trailer while me and the boys live and work in this one. This is Bill's office. The windows are blacked out and boarded up with bars on them. The door locks from the outside so when Bill leaves in the morning he can either lock us in or lock us out. Usually he doesn't let us out during the day.

Unlike Bill's trailer, the trailer for us is old and dirty. The furniture is worn and torn with stuffing coming out. The carpet is frayed and the floor is always cold. There is an almost empty frig. Bill keeps a few sodas and stale doughnuts in it for us.

There is a mattress on the floor in the back room where we all sleep together and thick black curtains over the windows. A one-station television in the corner plays old movies around the clock.

It's always cold, cloudy or raining in Nightcross County but Bill still keeps us naked in the trailer. When we come in from work he takes our clothes back to his trailer, leaving us with nothing until he returns.

It is this trailer where he trains us to be fags. This is where Bill himself broke me in. On my first night, he had Christian and the guys strip and beat me. They worked me over pretty good and even held me down while Bill fucked me.

Even with the red strap marks he put across my pasty white ass tonight, I know he still going to make me go back out and fag for the rest of his money. And if I don't give it to him by morning, I get another beating only this time by his fists alone.

Lying face down on the floor, I feel a stream of water on my face. I look up to see Bill finishing off his piss on me. He throws my clothes down next to me. 'Get your worthless ass back out there and get my got-damn money.'

'Yes Sir.' I slip on my clothes as Bill yanks me from the floor and shoves me out into the night cold. The door slams behind me.

I walk downtown and pace the streets, a few cars slow to take a look but then drive off. It's starting to snow a little so I keep pacing. I open my jacket and unbutton the front of my shirt to show my pink tits and bare chest. It's freezing but I have to get some business.

A glossy BMW turns the corner and slows to a stop. I approach the car as the window rolls down. Two business dressed men are sitting in the front. 'What's the cost,' sneers one of them. 'I'm on my way to the bus station,' I answer. 'If I get a ticket to visit my mother who is a short trip with no frills, I'll have to pay 25 bucks but if I go all the way with everything I'll have to pay $50 . . . per person.' The men look at each other and nod. 'Get in the back,' snaps one of the men.

The lock on the back door pops open and I climb inside the warm car and leather seats. 'Get your fucking clothes off,' snaps the guy in the passenger seat as he slings $50 at me. I pick up the money and stuff it in the bottom of my shoe as I strip off my clothes. It doesn't take long for me to get naked since I only had on shoes, pants, an old shirt and jacket. Bill doesn't allow us to wear underwear . . . not ever.

The car turns behind a deserted building and the driver cuts the engine. Both men climb out of the front and get in the back on either side of me. One starts pinching and pulling my nipples. 'His tits are tiny.'

The other guy pulls on my dick. 'And his cock's not too big either. He ain't worth $50.'

'Somebody beat his ass tonight. Look at his face. Fucked him up real good.'

'Maybe we should do the same to this whore.'

One of the guys spins me around and pushes me back down on the seat. He pulls my legs up by the ankles and spreads them open as he unzips his pants. Without saying a word, he drives his dick deep inside my hole. I scream from the pain. 'Did I hurt you, fucker,' he says with a grin. 'Yes sir,' I mumble. 'Good,' he says as he fucks me even harder.

'I think we saw this faggot in that video of yours.'

The guy fucking me stops for a moment and looks down at me. 'Yea, that's him. He got gang raped in that film. Who knew we'd be fucking him too.'

'Told you he's not worth 50 bucks.'

The guy pounds my asshole before pulling out and his friend spins me around. Before fucking me he holds up another fifty dollar bill and says 'you ain't worth this but beg for it!'

'Please,' I beg.

'Please what? You want this money you better tell me what you want me to do to you.'

'Please fuck me.'

'Beg cocksucker!'

'Please . . . please fuck my ass. I'll do anything for it.'

'Tell me what you are,' he sneers.

'I'm a whore. I'm a fucking white trash whore.'

He rapes my ass as his friend shoves his cock deep in my mouth, the same cock that was in my ass. I can taste my own hole on his dick.' He fucks my mouth while the other guy fucks my ass.

They take turns pumping me from both ends, twisting my tits and slapping around my dick and making me call myself names; worthless, bitch . . . I call myself whatever they tell me to.

It's not long before the guys shoot their hot cream all over my face and chest. They shake the last bit of cum on me and zip their pants.

'Get the fuck out.'

I grab my clothes, shoes and money as they throw me out of the car and onto the cold concrete. The men climb in the front seat and drive off leaving me in the dark alley. I slip on my jeans and shoes but leave off my shirt.

I got $100 now. All I need is $125 more and then I can go home but I have to hurry. The sun's coming up soon. If I don't get Bill's money, he'll make the other boys hold me while . . . A van slows and the driver waves for me. Two guys in the back of the van slide open the side door.

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