Cliff and I were both students at a small state university that catered to jocks. Other than attending class, we were both into powerlifting. I was a freshman trying to find my way around campus and he was a heavily recruited football player.

My exposure to weightlifting was limited to my high school fitness program and he was a well established power lifter, sporting a thick, well-muscled upper- and lower-body. Before long he took me under his wing and started me on a workout program where quick muscular gains were soon noticed.

In high school I always managed to get the hot, girl-next-door. When I wasn't playing organized sports, sandlot games or hanging out with my newest girlfriend, I did spend some intimate times with a few guys. Until I met Cliff, my exposure to guys was limited to white boys and only one of them sported a cock that required two hands. These trysts were strictly oral but included bringing one another to climax.

I never considered myself gay or even bisexual; instead I was just an opportunist interested in sex with good looking people. That said, the taste of some nice pussy was often still on my face and lips while taking a nice cock in my mouth and bringing the lucky guy to climax.

Cliff and I had established a regular workout pattern -- we met at the university gym around 3:00pm on alternating days, shot some hoops to loosen up and then hit the weights. He pushed me to lift more at each workout and it was not long before my body responded. Following our workouts, we would head back to our separate dorm rooms, shower and then whomever was finished first would visit the other's dorm room. Cliff usually took his time showering and so we usually ended being in his dorm room.

I usually would bring my Penthouses to his room when I was finsihed with them and there was always a stack of them in random chronological order under the steel framed, single mattress bunk. While I would be dressed for a cafeteria dinner, he would usually still be in his terry cloth, single-snap wrap used to get to and from the community showers.

To pass time while he finished dressing, I would either read some Forum stories to myself or flip through the pictures of hot babes, alone or with other hot babes. It was virtually impossible not to glance at Cliff while he was getting dressed and was quite certain he paid no mind to my growing attention deficit disorder.

On one occasion he asked me to read a Forum story while he was dilly-dallying around, trying to figure out what to wear - as if going to the university cafeteria was a night out on the town. While I read one story aloud, he would narrate, adding his own embellishment to the story. Still wearing his terry cloth wrap, he sat on the other end of the bed and proceeded to put his socks on his feet. It did not take great peripheral vision to see his hard cock, protruding from the flimsy terry cloth overlap.

He attempted to stuff it back under the flap but it had a mind of its own. I continued reading in a somewhat halting fashion as I tried to remain oblivious to his dilemma. He then leaned sideways on the bed so as to obscure his 10+ inches of a tent pole, having given up on getting dresssed. I smirked to let him know that it was okay but he seemed intent on not letting me know that the story had him fully masted.

It was then that I remarked, 'Shit, this story has me wanting to jerk off', and I continued to read the story though I kept losing my place and often had to go back further in the story to get us both re-synchronized. Cliff replied, 'Fuck man, pull it out and do what you need to do so long as you don't mind me doing the same thing.'

So there we both were, feet on the floor, our backs on the bed, wildly stroking our cocks while I continued to read. Looking over at him, my eyes widened at the sheer length and girth of his cock. He smiled and said. 'Never saw a black cock before back in the high school showers?' Startled but not wanting to be intimidated I shot back, 'Plenty but they never stroked in the shower.' He laughed, closed his eyes and asked me to keep reading.

'Fuck this, I can't even see the words anymore', I said while placing my hand on his thigh. 'Push me away or let me help you, but I'm not reading anymore'. He grabbed my hand and positioned it so that I could stroke his cock. I have large hands but could not get my fingers to touch. I started stroking him hard with my right hand and used my left hand to leverage myself into a position where I could kiss his muscular chest, lick and then bite his nipples. He yelled out, 'Don't stop you motherfucker, don't even think about stopping now.'

I accepted his words as an invitation and without any hesitation swallowed what I could of his cock while still stroking him as fast and hard as I could. My right forearm was braced on his huge thigh and it started to stiffen in unison with his repeated refrain, 'Don't stop, don't fucking stop.' I knew the moment where I would be tasting his cum was near and had no inclination of stopping my stroking or pulling away. Moments later he exploded in my mouth while moaning like a man who was either in great pain or pleasure.

I swallowed every last drop before proceeding to licking his shaft. Switching my hold on his cock from my right to left hand, I started stroking myself and knew it would not be long before I blew my nut. At that moment he surprised me and told me to jerk off over his face. I managed to get into position just a I blew my nut all over his face. After the first explosion, he opened his mouth, trying to catch what he could of the rest.

We kissed and exchanged seed with one another. Soon thereafter we both agreed that we were starved and headed to the cafeteria.

After fifteen years of marriage, I shared this story with my very straight-laced wife while we were making love. It was very noticeable that she was getting progressively wetter as the story progressed. A few days later, late one afternoon, she emerged from the master bathroom with a 8-inch black strap-on dildo. To this day, she asks me to recount this story and I know that what follows in some man-love from my gorgeous wife.



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