I stumble out into the cold, trying to escape my evil captors. They have tortured me, enslaved me to their every whim, and their taking more of us every day. I trotted through the snow with one arm across my stomach; trying to find my way back to what's left of civilization. I was taken from my group about a year ago, and harnessed. harnessing is the process where the Aliens attach themselves to the back of a child or teenagers neck, and they are taken over by the aliens and are in constant communication with their masters. I removed my harness, but the spikes that were used to grab onto me still remain. I hear the Skitters calling for me, but I try to resist. Ocelli come across a road and start to follow it. I'm freezing, I haven't eaten anything in over a year due to once your harnessed, you don't eat or sleep. Trucks stop and men get out with guns drawn. "identify yourself!" 

"DON'T SHOOT! PLEASE DON'T SHOOT!" I say as I raise my arms in the air and drop to my knees. Men come over and search me. One of the men find my spikes and throw me on the ground face first. "he's one of them captain! Should I kill him?" he said pressing the muzzle of the gun into my head. "please don't! You don't understand. please help me!" I scream in complete terror. 

"let him up. Handcuff him." the two men handcuff me and put a potato sack over my head. They throw me in the back of a big truck and left a guard with me to make sure I don't hurt anyone. "i know you have your gun pointed at me, but listen, I just escaped from them. Please don't make me back there!" I say as I try to look for the guard. "shut up." after that i remain quiet. We soon stopped and they dragged me out of the truck and into some sort of structure. They sit me down in a cold, metal chair and rip off the sack. "now, you and I are going to have a little chat." the large man said. He was a rugged looking guy, with a five o clock shadow, a ponytail, a green hat and bullet proof vest with a long black coat over that. "why have you come here?" 

"I didn't come here to hurt-" 

"all I want is a yes or no!" he screamed as he walked over to me. He shoved my face into the table just in front of me and pressed a gun into the back of my head. "you come here to kill us all?! Huh?! Our lucky I don't blow your razorback brain all over this fucking table!" he said pulling me back up. My spikes started to glow and I was no longer myself. "do not harm young Travis. He is here to tell you that you will die." I say totally against my will. "release him now!" I said. 

"no can do freak!" he said raising the gun and pointing it between my eyes. "captain Weaver stop! How is he any different from me?" a young boy, around 19 said. He was extremely cute. He had a babyface quality to him; with a pair Of big brown eyes, short brown hair, and he stood around 5'11".  He had an AK-47 in his hand. Captain weaver left to give him a minute with me. "I know how hard it is... Trying to fit in when you just can't." he said as I look up at his cute face. My spikes began to glow again and I gasped just as he did. We were connecting. He saw all the horrible things I had to do when I was harnessed by the overlords. We soon broke off the connection and I almost fainted but he caught me. "why am I a freak?" I asked as he walked me to a cell. "I don't know. And I feel terrible leaving you in here. I'm sorry." he said in a quiet voice. "I just want to be normal again." I said as he slammed the cell shut. He looked at me with those deep brown eyes and smiled. "I'm going to do everything I can to get you out of here. I'll talk to my dad, I'll talk to Captain Weaver, anyone that could help me get you out of there. I promise." he said again quietly. "I don't wanna cause trouble-"

"you won't. He said placing his hand on my cheek through the bars. His hands were so soft yet feel so durable. He turned around and left. I was soon alone in this lonely cell for almost 3 days before captain weaver let me out. "Ben put in a good word for you. So, you wanna join the 2nd Mass?" he asked nonchalantly.

"I just wanted some help. I can't be around those monsters anymore." I said looking at the floor of the cell just before I stepped out. We were walking down the hall when he asked me. "what did they do to you?"

"t-they made me work for months at a time, they tortured me, and did... Experiments on me...sexual experiments. They.... They touched me in the crotch, sodomized me with something, and..... And..... Made me kill 5 of my best friends." I said looking down at the floor. "I'm- I'm so sorry." he said with a sad look on his face. "I wanna be a part of a family. Someone I can trust, protect, and serve for." I added. As I finally got accepted into the 2nd Mass, I got to know more of Ben, he was someone who understood me, and was there for me. When one night in our room, something happened that changed our friendship forever..... 




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