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Chapter 2

That night after I finally fell asleep, I dreamed of Daniel. His smile. His body. His cock...

I couldn't help myself! I had been so close to making my dreams a reality for only about three minutes, but then it had been taken from me. Not because he wasn't into it. Not because he didn't like me. But because he wanted to take his time. The thought made me shiver with anticipation...

I awoke in the morning after a night of restless sleep with an erection, and I was pretty sure I would have it all day long. Thinking of Daniel's erect member, meshed with his lips on mine was enough to drive me insane with lust. I hastily showered and dressed myself, donning a pair of jeans and my football jersey: number 24. I dressed quickly to avoid the temptation of jacking off. From now on, I vowed to save my loads for Daniel.

The drive to school felt even shorter than it had the day before. It was game day, almost a holiday in my high school, and all of the football players were held in higher esteem than presidents or royalty on game days. It felt strange to feel celebrated like that. Even though no one really knew who I was, when I wore the jersey I was suddenly visible. I was a part of something. I was glad the day was going to be a different schedule. I wouldn't see Daniel in any of my classes today. I ached to see him, of course, but it was hard enough to concentrate on my school work than imagining what Daniel and I could be doing later. Learning Shakespeare was hard enough, let alone picturing a beautiful 6'3" jock holding me in his arms.

Finally, my last class of the day, History, was complete. I closed my book about Alexander Hamilton and gathered my things for the long wait for the football game. All of the football players sit on the third floor of the high school and relax and focus to "get our heads in the game" so to speak. At least that's what Coach Kiebach says. I normally find it exhausting, but today I thought that I would actually enjoy the quiet time. With Daniel laying somewhere in the vicinity, I thought maybe he and I could sneak off somewhere and fool around a bit.

I was surprised to arrive on the third floor before anyone else did. I sat down in a slight alcove off of the main hallway toward the science classrooms, off from where the main crowd normally gathered. Soon enough, I heard voices coming up the stairs, and Daniel rounded the corner, surrounded by a bunch of his goon friends. He took one look at me, winked, and went to sit with his friends further down the hallway. 

I was a bit crushed, but he had winked at me. Had he not done that I would have assumed he was blowing me off. Since he was surrounded by his immature buddies, and since he and I didn't normally associate outside of practice, it was a good idea to keep our secret safe. Instead of calling people over to sit by me, I chose to keep to myself. I pulled out my copy of Hamlet that I was using for my English class, and started reading. Soon, the hallway was full of prime jock meat. Guys were screwing around, tossing the football back and forth, etc. 

"Hey!" Coach Kiebach shouted, his voice echoing across the linoleum. "Knock that shit off and focus. If you want to nap, go ahead. No loud talk. Lights out."

With that, the lights to the hall went out. Dim red light came only from the exit signs, and pale light from the windows above the stairwells on either side of the hallway. The only sounds came from two floors below, as the rest of the school stampeded out of the doors, ready for a night of football and well mannered frivolity. 

I lay in silence for a few moments, allowing myself to get lost in the world of Hamlet, the prince of Denmark. The noises faded away, and I felt myself dozing off. Suddenly, my phone buzzed in my pocket. My eyes snapped open as I retrieved my iPhone from my pocket. It was a number I didn't recognize, and it only said one word. 


I just stared at my phone, wondering who it was. Then, my phone buzzed again as another message came through.

[Bathroom. 5 minutes. You go now.]

For some reason, I knew immediately that I needed to go. I had a feeling in my gut that I knew who it was. I pushed myself off of the cold floor, trying not to disturb anyone as I walked through the sleeping jocks. No one seemed to notice me.

When I reached the bathroom, I took a look back. No one was looking at me. I opened the door and walked in. In the dim light, I could tell there was no one else in the room. In order not to appear suspicious if anyone else walked in, I headed for a stall. As soon as I opened the door to go in, I heard the bathroom door open, and there he was. 

Daniel Beckman. 

"Hey, you," he crooned, smirking.

"Hi," I whispered back. He always took my breath away.

He approached me, and I let him wrap his beautiful arms around me, hugging me tight to his chest. He smelled like peppermint and lemon. Incredibly fresh. I could also smell his football jersey. He was number 41.

"You okay?" he asked, breaking my reverie. 

"Of course, I am now. I thought yesterday was a daydream."

"Oh, babe," he said softly. "You are so adorable."

We stood silent for yet another moment, our arms around each other, protecting us from anything else in the world. 

"Are you nervous about tonight?" I asked him, wondering if he ever had nerves before his games.

"Not one bit," he replied, softly stroking my hair. "As long as you're there I know I can do anything."

My heartbeat sped up a couple notches.

"You're so sweet," I said. And I kissed him. I pushed myself against him, and he pushed back, hard against me. I could feel his cock through his jeans. Our lips caressed in the greatest way imaginable. Too soon, he broke our kiss. 

"I've got to go back now," he said softly. "You exit a couple seconds later, I don't want anyone to suspect."

I nodded. He still didn't let go of me. "You play well tonight, okay?"

With a quick wink, and a pat on my ass, he was out the door. I breathed in heavily and then let out a low whistle. Hot damn, I was really falling for this guy! I waited for a couple more seconds, and then exited the bathroom, nearly running into Coach Kiebach in the process. He looked stunned, and after a quick apology, I made my way back to my place in the hallway, and finally dozed off until it was time to get ready...


My mind was racing as I drove my car to Daniel's house. I followed his directions and I was nearly there. My stomach was in knots. I had hoped to see him after the game, and even waited for him, but he disappeared as soon as the game was over. I assumed it was so he could go and be the host of his party. I showered alone in my locker room, and put on a nice shirt and jeans. Everyone else had gone already, ecstatic after our victory, and ready for a party. 

I wasn't sure why I was so nervous. Daniel and I had already seen each other naked, made out, and told each other that we desperately wanted to be together, but in the back of my mind I couldn't help the feeling that it was all some kind of joke. I hoped I wasn't driving into a trap.

As I pulled around the final turn of the driveway, the Beckman house grew out of the darkness. A massive three story mansion with all of the finest trimmings. There were cars everywhere! Daniel's parties were definitely the highlight of the season. Thank goodness we were coming off of another victory, and we were going to the district playoffs. I was ecstatic, but not nearly as ecstatic as the seniors. Everyone was going to be in a fantastic mood tonight, and Daniel most of all. He scored 24 points on his own, and looked at me every time. No one noticed, thank God, but I was flattered.

My breath barely escaped as I exited the car and walked up the sidewalk to Daniel's front door. Just as I was preparing to ring the doorbell, the door opened, and there he was. 

"Thank God you're here!" he crooned at me, a wry smile on his lips. "This party is fucking boring without you here. Come on in and have a drink!"

I entered, and he closed the door behind me. Before I knew it, he grabbed my left buttock and whispered in my ear, "I can't wait to have you all alone, you sexy beast." And then he disappeared to be the host. 

I nearly shot my load right then and there. The sweet whisper of his voice and touch of his strong hand made me shudder with lust. After I finally came to my senses, I walked around, taking in how beautiful his house was, mingling with the other guests, and nursing a couple Bud Lights. I kept my eye out for Daniel, but since there were so many people around, I decided that it would be best if we didn't speak or interact a lot. I didn't want anyone to become suspicious of us. His chances at a football scholarship and possibly a professional football career would be at stake if word got out. 

After a few hours, I had become quite tipsy, danced the Cha Cha Slide with a few cheerleaders, and listened to a hilarious story about how fellow player, Ted Sampson, had been stuck in a fountain in the mall without his pants on, and had to have mall security take his credit card to the Gap and buy him new pants so he wouldn't get stuck with a public indecency charge. I laughed so hard, I cried. Eventually, I began to feel incredibly horny and confident, and I went looking for Daniel. I wandered through the front room, where giant speakers thumped out a dance beat for the remaining guests to get frisky to. Eventually, I went upstairs and found a door leading out to a balcony overlooking the pool. And there he was. 

I was looking at the magnificent pool, thinking of how nice it would be to swim in it every morning as a workout, when I saw him standing there by the diving board. He was wearing a navy blue tank top and tight jeans. The sight made me crazy! He looked up and saw me, and smiled slightly, still attempting to keep the charade up that we really didn't know each other. 

Suddenly, I couldn't see him anymore, because some girl wearing the shortest skirt I've ever seen walked right up to Daniel and started talking to him. I wasn't able to hear the conversation, but I could tell exactly what she wanted. Her body language said my horror, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. And he kissed her back.

I was blind with fury. To me, the world had fallen away. I knew that this is what heartbreak feels like. I threw my beer bottle off the balcony, where it shattered by the pool. I bolted through the house; none of the remaining drunks gave me a second glance as I climbed yet another set of stairs to the third floor, and slammed myself in the first bedroom I could find. I barely made it to the bed before the tears started flowing. I threw myself down on the bed and sobbed. 

After about five minutes, there was a knock at the door. "Go away! I'm busy!" I shouted.

"Harrison, please let me in."

I'd recognize that voice anywhere. I hesitantly rolled of the bed, unlocked the door, and went to sit back on the bed. Daniel entered, closed and locked the door, and just stared at me.

"What?" I asked, my tone perhaps angrier than it should have been.

"Look, before you start throwing things, please take caution. You're in my bedroom."

Only then did I take full notice of my surroundings. God damn, he had great taste. A beautiful white four-poster bed lay in the middle of the room against a wall of jet black. The other walls were painted red. A polished black desk sat to the left of the bed, the latest model of iMac sat atop the shiny wood. Finally, I looked at him, tears shining in my eyes. He was still by the door, and he looked as if he was about ready to cry. Before I could say anything, he muttered a small, but sincere "I'm sorry."

"I don't know why you're crying," I said, still feigning anger. "You have no reason to be upset!"

"Of course I have a reason to be upset! I've made you angry! But for now, I just want you to listen. Stacey and I dated over a year ago. We broke up and I haven't been with a girl, or even wanted a girl since then. She wants me back, and tried to make out with me just now. She caught me off guard at first, but after a couple of seconds, I actually pushed her into the pool. She just left, coughing and cursing."

Before I knew it, I snickered. I couldn't help but imagine her falling into the pool, the shock and anger on her painted face. Daniel took a couple of steps forward.

"Harrison, I'm sorry," he pleaded. "My interest is you now. And there'll never be anyone else. I promise."

"But how can you possibly know that?" I asked. "We'd hardly even said two words to each other before yesterday! I was just trying to catch a glimpse of you naked and you caught me! How is that love?"

"I'm glad you were spying on me!" he almost shouted, moving toward me and grabbing my hands. "I came to talk to you at practice yesterday because there's something about you! I know it's you! You're meant to be with me!" He was almost shaking now. "Harrison, nothing about my life made any sense until I saw you. I've been trying to get your attention by being the star of the team, but you're so shy and kind and I knew you'd never approach me directly, and I'd waited enough!"

I couldn't say anything. I couldn't breathe. This is exactly what I'd been dreaming that he would say to me since I've known him, and I couldn't bring myself to say anything. 

"Harrison, if you don't want to talk to me or see me again, I understand. But I hope you feel the same way about me as I do you. I know you're the love of my life. I love you."

He sounded so sincere and hurt.

"That's not fair," I said quietly, not wanting to give anything away.


"Pulling the 'love of my life' speech. I wanted to tell you first!"

He let out a small sob and smiled, and grabbed my face between his strong hands, planting a strong kiss on my lips. Every part of me wanted every part of him, and I could feel he wanted me the same way. He moved me toward the center of the bed, placing me on my back. He slowly climbed on top of me, kissing me the entire way. 

Slowly, his fingers carefully unbuttoned my shirt. As he did, our mouths never separated. Finally, the shirt was gone, and in a flash, my pants were too. His mouth moved down to my chest, stopping at my nipples for only a moment. I was fully erect, and he stared only for a second before taking me in his mouth. My eyes rolled back into my head and I moaned loudly, silently praising the loud music from two floors below. He worked on my throbbing cock slowly, not wanting me to explode too soon. I could tell he wanted me to last, and we had all night to be together. 

I was incredibly close to cumming; just as every muscle tensed in my body, his mouth suddenly found mine, and the feeling retreated slightly. We kissed for what felt like hours, when he released his grip on me. He stood up to remove his shirt and pants, revealing his perfect abs and pulsing 8 inch cock. I had to have him inside me.

"Do it," I screamed. "Fuck me, now!"

"Patience, sweet boy. I need to warm you up first."

He rolled my hips back and found my virgin hole with his finger. The soft tip opened it gently, and I could barely stand the teasing. Then, he used his mouth. Kissing my warm hole first, then slowly using his tongue. I moaned softly and bent my head forward to watch him work. He looked up and smiled at me.

"Don't fucking stop!" I managed to grunt, and he went back to work. His swift tongue moving smoothly in and out of my ass. He took one testicle in his mouth, then another, and after releasing them went back to my hole, licking me from crack all the way up to dick head. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Daniel, baby, please!"

That was all I had to say. He was rock hard, and soon I felt the soft tip of his prick press against me, and slow and steady, it entered me a few inches.

"Oh, fuck!" I screamed. It had hurt more than I anticipated.

"Shit, babe, you okay?" he whispered, his eyes on mine.

"I'll be okay, don't you dare stop!"

His mouth found mine, and he pushed deeper inside me. I couldn't focus on the pain because our tongues were once again exploring each other's mouths. Once it was all the way in, it didn't hurt anymore. Soon, I felt his full 8 inches moving back and forth within my tight, wet hole; my cock sandwiched between his abs and mine. Harder and harder he pushed until he reached his point of climax, and he shot his load deep inside me. He moaned like a madman, and he had a wild look in his eye. I knew that he was satisfied. I was impressed that he was able to stay fully erect until I came all over my stomach a moment later. I'd never felt such pleasure before!

After licking up the mess on my stomach, he kissed me, my load in his mouth and mine. We lay there breathing as if we'd just finished running laps around the football field. After another quick kiss, he rolled over me and headed to the bathroom. I heard the shower start up, and I couldn't resist seeing him clean off that godlike physique. I climbed in with him, giving him a smile, which he returned with vigor. We kissed again and again, washing each other's bodies to contentment. He finished before me and left to dry off. Once I was done, I dried myself off and went back to the bedroom. He'd shut off the lights and climbed under the covers. It was then that I noticed that the music had stopped.

"Everyone's left," he whispered in my ear as I snuggled in next to him. I guess we'd been making love longer than I thought. I glanced at the clock next to his bed. 2:38 am.

He placed his arm over me, low on my stomach and let it hang there. We lay like that for a minute or two, and then I turned to face him.

"You really do like me, don't you?"

"Harrison Strauss, I love you."

That was exactly what I wanted to hear. I turned back over and lay on my side, my ass against his cock and hips. 

"Daniel Beckman, I love you too."

We said no more. Daniel cuddled a bit closer, holding me in his arms, and it was pure bliss. This was exactly how I'd always pictured him in my dreams. His strong arms around my body. As his breathing began to slow, mine did too. I was utterly exhausted, and life had never been sweeter.

For now, anyway.

Meyer Moore
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