I live in a small college town in middle Georgia. I am 41 and nice looking, tall and blonde. I have been single for a while and not having anyone to date was beginning to get depressing.

My house is a small cottage type house about a block from the downtown area where the kids walk from their dorms to the bars on the next block. I sit in my sun room made entirely of glass and watch them stagger drunkenly home after a night out.

It was about five o'clock when I got home from work and a little warm for the fall and the wind was really picking up. I noticed the hail first, large balls of ice bouncing off the sunroom glass, scaring the shit out of me. The wind picked up more and I saw the darkness in the distance. It was strange how that dark streak of cloud was moving toward me and thought fuck if that is a tornado I am in trouble.

It hit, glass shattered, the big pecan tree in front of my house was gone nothing but a hole in the ground. My house shaking like a large hand rocking and pushing and then a tree limb came into the living room a few feet from where I was sitting against the wall. It had came through the window and part of the wall.

It was over in a few seconds and immediately I heard the screams of sirens in the distance. I knew it had been pretty bad but could have been worse.

My nephew Alex and his roommate David lived just down the street from me in a small but nice apartment, and were home when it hit. Alex and David both work for me at the store I manage. David had just gotten off work when I did and rode home with me, and Alex was going to go in at six thirty and close the store that night.

They both came running in and told me down town was a mess but it was not too bad and their place wasn't even touched. Alex said it looked like I got hit the hardest on my street and my pecan tree was in my neighbors pool. I laughed I didn't like that nosy old fuck any way. Alex went on to work and David helped me cover the holes in the house with some tarps and get a few things together to stay at their place for a couple of days while the men came to fix my house. Good thing I was insured.

David and I walked the short distance to their apartment and we talked about what happened and I told him where I was when the tree limb came in. He was shocked and happy I was ok and not still shaking. He went into the kitchen and came out with two beers. I am not a beer drinker but that was the best beer in the world at the moment.

David said he was going to take a shower and then I could. He came out in some really worn out boxers with holes in all the right places and plopped down on the sofa beside me. He said it was my turn and took a shower and came out in some baggy gym shorts. I sat back down next to him and we talked a little about work and he started asking questions about being gay and the usual questions about how much it hurt to get fucked in the ass(he told me he cried when the doctor checked him for a problem a few months ago). I laughed and told him it actually felt great after a minute. He also asked if a guy gives head better than a girl. I asked him what you think. I know what I like so naturally I know what another guy likes. He turned a little more toward me and I could see his cock head and balls through is holes. He was almost half hard. He hadn't noticed until he saw what I was looking at. He covered it with his hand and blushed a bright red. I told him not to worry about it I have seen plenty of cocks and his was a nice one. He smiled a little and being the twenty year old he was he just stretched back on the sofa and it poked through a little more. I caught him glance at my now very hard nine inches through gym shorts and his eyes got wide. He asked me how big it was with a grin and I pulled it out and showed him. Then he said 'Damn', that was it. He pulled his boxers down to show me his very hot seven inches and he was hard as steel and even had a little wet drop in the tip of his beautiful head.

We sat there for a few minutes just looking and I asked him if he had ever thought about getting a blowjob from a guy. He said he thought about it when we first met. He just wondered if what I told him was true. Was it really better that a girl? I asked if he wanted to find out. He said sure but we had to go into his room. The windows were open to the sidewalk. I followed him into his room and turned him to face me. I said, 'David, I want you to trust that I am not going to hurt you in any way, ever, and that I will never tell a living soul what goes on between us.', He seemed relieved by that. I knelt down in front of his skinny body and pulled his shorts down around his ankles. His cock was hard and bouncing in front of my face. I took my time grabbed it gently with my hand and rubbed the drops of pre-cum over the head of his dick and then I licked it off. His sharp intake of air told me he hadn't experienced that before.

I told him to sit on the edge of the bed and spread is legs a little more and he followed my instruction. I took his cock between my lips and let it slide deep into my mouth and pulled back a little letting the suction action begin. I gave his cock a work up for a short while and noticed his balls tensing. I backed off of his cock and started licking his balls. He was moaning with delight when I pushed him back on the bed. I started swabbing under his balls and down toward his puckered hole. I felt him stop breathing, I said, 'Remember, I will never hurt you.' He relaxed and I licked a little farther down and across his hole, fuck he smelled sweet. I licked with a little more force and he began to push is ass hole closer to my toung. I inserted the tip of my toung into his tiny opening and he moaned and grabbed his cock. I moved his hand away held it for a while I was eating his ass like it was my last meal.

I rose up and asked him if he was alright, he said he was in heaven. I stood up and let my shorts fall to the floor. My cock was so hard it hurt. He reached out and touched it. He said mine was the first cock he had ever touched besides his own. That made me smile. He began to stroke it then he spit on his hand and really got into it. I had to stop him soon I was going to shoot and I had other plans for that.

I asked him if he wanted to try something else and he said sure as long as I wasn't going to try to put that monster inside him. I told him I wanted him to put his monster cock inside me. He smiled and asked me if I had any lube. I got the bottle and he rubbed some on his cock and then he rubbed in into my asscrack and started playing with my hole. It had been about a year since anything went in there so I was tight. He put his finger inside and said he was surprised at how tight and how hot it was in there. I told him to go slow and I would push onto him until I got used to it. He stood behind me as I leaned over the edge of the bed and slowly slid his cock into my hole. It took a minute to get accustomed to it and I pushed back onto him. He began pumping, groaning with each thrust. He was yelling, 'Fuck Yeah, Fuck Yeah.' I knew he was going to blow soon. I told him I wanted him to fill me up with his hot cum. He was fucking like only a twenty year old could and suddenly he said, 'Shit, I'm going to blow', and he started shooting loads of hot cum into my intestines. When he was able to breathe again, he pulled out and I turned around and pulled him on the bed on top of me. I kissed him hard and hungrily and he kissed back. His toung was probing deep and hard and he was groaning again. I was stroking my cock and getting ready to explode when he grabbed my cock out of my hand and bent down put it into his mouth and started sucking it. I felt like I was losing my mind. He sucked until I told him I was going to cum and he pulled off and I shot stream after stream on his face and chest. He pulled himself back on the bed and kissed me gently. We immediately hear a throat clear and looked toward the door. Alex was standing there grinning. He came to let me know that the storm blew the windows out at the store and he had to stay to get them boarded up. David looked like he was about to cry and Alex said David, 'man, you know I don't care who you fuck, just damn man, next time invite me.'



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