I shuddered when Jim said that. Loosen me up?

He was balls deep in me and he laid his body against mine, encircling me with his surprisingly strong arms. He wrapped one hand around my dick and began a slow corkscrew as he started to move inside me.

"You like this, don't you?" he whispered, his mouth next to my ear, his breath hot as he ground into me while stroking my shaft.

I nodded, not trusting my voice because I knew I'd sound needy and wanton.

"You like having a cock up your ass, don't you?"

I didn't answer and he rammed into me.

"Unnghh!" I grunted in obvious pleasure. "Yes." I shivered, fighting to suppress a shriek as he scrubbed his thumb over my wet prick tip.

"Yeah, that's it," he said as his other hand slid up my chest and began to fondle my pecs.

"Oooohhh..." I cooed softly at this new sensation.

Mark gave me a hit off the poppers. "You're so loving this," he said as he put the bottle to my other nostril. "Man, if the guys could see you right now."

I moaned loudly as the poppers hit and Jim's cock continued to batter my prostate. I felt myself slipping another rung down the ladder of degradation and I didn't care. What the fuck was happening to me?

After a couple more minutes of slow and steady rutting, teasing my dick, and mauling my pecs, Jim straightened up, put both hands on my hips, and increased his pace.

"Oh fuck," I grunted. "Unghhh..."

"Here we go now," he said, slamming into me now in full force.

"Oh... ohh... unghh..." I bit out, my cries getting louder and louder as I let go and surrendered more of my control. And my shame.

"Hey Evan, you wanna keep Jock Boy quiet for me?" Jim asked.

"Absolutely," Evan replied, lifting my chin and pointing his dick at my mouth.

"Open wide, slut," I heard Mark snicker, but my mouth was already wide open and my tongue out like a welcome mat.

"Nice," Mark laughed, mussing my hair. "Such a good slut."

"Mmmppphh..." I groaned around the cock in my mouth, my dick twitching as I belatedly realized what I'd just done. Oh shit.


I've seen enough porn in my day to know what I must've looked like. Hell, I've topped enough guys -- solo, tandem and in groups -- but never like this. Never so completely. Or maybe it just seemed that way because I was the one on the receiving end. Did the guys I'd fucked and taken over the

years feel like this? 

"Hey, Evan, pull out," Jim said, interrupting my thoughts, "I wanna hear if Jock Slut's ready to scream my name." He grabbed my hair and pulled me off Evan's cock with a loud, sloppy, slurp. Evan's cock exploded like a cannon, blasting volley after volley in my face.

"Oh fuck," I moaned as the wet heat spattered across my face and in my mouth. Jim held my head in place as Evan basted my cheeks, chin and forehead with his cum. Before I had a chance to catch my breath, Mark was shoving his dick into my mouth and I came again.

"Holy fucking shit!" Mark cried out as my dick spewed its load, cheesing his knees and my rumpled sheets. "Did you guys see that? He fucking came without his dick being touched at all!"

"Just like a natural born bottom," Jim said, pulling out of my ass and slapping it hard. "Just like a natural bottom."

Oh my God, he was spanking me! The fuck?! Each wallop of his palm against my ass burned and my dick was getting hard again. And I was loving it. The way he called me a `natural bottom' curiously warmed me and I pushed my butt out more, getting a chorus of laughs in return.

I felt the bed shift and then there was a puff of air on my ass and I realized Jim was blowing in my crack! I swear I jumped a foot, Mark's cock slipping from my mouth, and I instinctively clenched my cheeks, but he spread them with his fingers and started blowing delicate wisps of heat against my reddened skin and hole.

"Make it wink for me, Jock Slut," Jim urged as he gently touched his index finger to my puckered hole and pulled it away. He did this a few more times. Mark moved to get a better view and was practically crying, he was laughing so hard. My anal knot automatically flexed and spasmed again and the three of them burst out laughing.

The next time he did it, he let his finger sit few seconds and then gently pressed it into my twitching hole up to the first knuckle. I sucked in my breath and let out a high-pitched moan.

"Oh damn," Mark cried out, his hand flying to his mouth. "It looks like his hole is trying to eat your finger."

"It's hungry. Wants to be filled. The sign of a true bottom," Jim said matter-of-factly. "You wanna try it?"

"Fuck yeah!" Mark replied with a fist pump, staring down at me. He'd put his briefs back on and he was squeezing and stroking his shaft through the white cotton which was now damp with his pre-cum. I couldn't take my eyes off it and the way he was looking down at me, I knew he knew it.

He got down on his knees behind me and fluttered his tongue between my cheeks. I almost collapsed in ecstasy and fought to keep on all fours. Then the son of a bitch started to recite `This Little Piggy' as he played with my ass and teased my pucker with the tip of his index finger. He was laughing so much his finger was shaking as it probed my hole, teasing it, and it felt so fucking good. When he got to the line `wee, wee, wee, wee, all the way home' he drilled his finger up my ass and wiggled it around and I couldn't help but grunt at the sudden intrusion. The guys snorted loudly, doubling over with their howls of laughter as Mark withdrew his finger a little and then gave me another poke before pulling out altogether.

My face was red with shame but secretly I was thrilled. I never thought being humiliated like this could be such a turn on, and I wanted more!

I felt a hand move between my legs and I looked back over my shoulder to see Jim nod at Evan, who took my scrotum in one hand and began to fondle it, gently tugging it downward as if it was a cow's teat. While he did that, Jim started to stroke my taint and I shuddered at the sensations

coursing through my body.

"Ohhhh..." I moaned lowly. I'd never felt anything like this and I couldn't help but voice my pleasure.

Evan continued working my nutsack but a little more aggressively, gently slapping and squeezing my balls just a bit harder. He wrapped his other fist around my cock and ran it up and down the length of the shaft, while Jim kept caressing the sensitive strip of skin between my balls and anus,

applying just a bit of extra pressure at each end with every stroke. The sounds escaping my lips were becoming more guttural and base. Primal screams. My breath hitched and I felt the cum churning in my nuts.

"I can hear how much you like this," Evan said as he took each one of my balls in his hand, rolling them and feeling their heft as continued to tug my sack.

Try as I might, I couldn't keep from making those mewling noises and it got even worse when Mark began to play with my nipples, plucking and flicking them and rolling them between his spit-slicked thumb and forefinger.

Jim started in on my ass again, a lone finger easily breaching that ring of muscle. I tightened around it, silently pleading for more, but it was just the one finger, teasing and tickling and I was starting to go crazy. For the last I don't know how long -- hour? two hours? -- my ass had been getting joyously plowed by a succession of cocks, each one bigger than the last, and now Jim was back there finger-banging me and it felt too small. I wanted more. I wanted bigger. Needed bigger. Something happened inside me and suddenly I pushed my ass back and started wiggling it.

"Gotcha!!" Jim burst out. "Jock Slut really wants it now. Look how his hungry hole is searching for more."

I was completely red-faced but my ass needed to be filled. Needed to be fucked and right now! It was as if Jim and Evan had been doing their homework and studying up on me. Found my playbook and memorized it. Fuck!

"Oh please, please, PLEASE fuck me!" I begged, practically sobbing with need and lust.

And oh boy, did he ever comply!

He got back into position and pushed into me hard and fast. "Is this what you're hungry for, Jock Slut?" he asked, signaling Evan to give me more of the poppers.

"Ungghhh... yessss..." I moaned at the welcome penetration, my eyelids fluttering as the poppers hit. "Ohhhhhh..."

"Much better, Jock Boy," Jim grunted as his hips picked up speed and he settled into that familiar, pounding rhythm, his balls slapping my ass in a staccato `thwap thwap thwap.' "Still tight but so nice. You fit me like a glove."

He suddenly shifted, switching his angle, and I cried out as he found my sweet spot and began to pound away with abandon. "Oh God! Oh God!" I moaned in pleasure, nearly out of my mind with desire now.

"You like this? You want more?" he asked, each thrust going deeper. I nodded frantically, unable to find words.

"Tell me," he demanded, reaching up and pinching my right nipple. "Tell me what you want."

"More!" I gasped. "I want more! Oh God, more! Harder!! Fuck me harder!"

I looked up as the words spilled out of my mouth, catching the bemused shock on Mark's face. But I didn't care. I was in heaven. Jim had reached his stride again, plunging fast and furious, hitting the bundle of nerves deep within me with every thrust of his cock. I threw my head back and closed my eyes as a steady, rumbling hum slipped past my lips. This was the life.


I was brought out of my reverie by two cocks slapping my face. I opened my eyes to find Mark and Evan standing in front of me, stark naked, their erect cocks batting away.

"Open up," Evan said, tapping my lips with the head of his cock, and I opened my mouth greedily, taking them in at the same time.

"Oh dang this feels incredible," Mark gushed as they pumped my mouth in time with Jim's pounding of my ass. He looked straight into my eyes as he said, "I could really get used to this on a full time basis." 

My mind was spinning. The thought of servicing Mark on a constant basis – of me bottoming on a full time basis – was suddenly very appealing, especially if this caliber of ass-fucking was part of the deal. But the thoughts scattered and disappeared when they suddenly pulled out of my mouth and Evan shoved the poppers to my nose again.

"Hold still now," he commanded, grabbing my hair and lifting my head up. My jaw was slack and I was drooling, slobber running over my lips and down my chin. He aimed his dick at my mouth and I opened without being prodded, wanting -- needing -- it back inside. He slowly slid the length of his cock into my mouth and down my throat. I had no gag reflex at this point, but considering his girth and how deeply he buried it, I found that after several seconds I couldn't breathe.

"Dude, pull out," Mark urged worriedly, grabbing Evan's arm while softly stroking my back. "He's turning red!"

Evan shook his head. "He's fine," he said reassuringly. He put his hand to my cheek, "He likes it, don't you?"

I nodded, trying to relax my throat while Jim's battering ram was still barreling in and out of my ass, driving me closer and closer to the edge.

Evan gave my cheek a slap. "Look at me."

I looked up at him. My eyes were watering and I was starting to feel faint, like I was going to pass out. With his eyes locked on mine he pushed in a bit deeper and paused for a few more beats. Finally, when his balls were against my chin and I could feel his pubic hair tickling my nostrils, he

put the poppers to my nose and with no hesitation at all, I used my last breath to inhale.

When he could see the poppers take effect he pulled out of my mouth and I wheezed and gulped for air, collapsing on my forearms.

"That's not too much for a Jock Slut like you, is it?" he asked, his voice ripe with mockery. I shook my head defiantly.

"No," I gasped, my chest heaving as I pushed back up, Jim's cock continuing to sluice in and out of me. "More..."

"You're such a fucking slut," Evan laughed derisively as he yanked my head up and rammed his cock back home into my mouth.

He had me gasping for air like that three more times, his cock remaining in my throat longer and longer each time and me begging for more and taking deeper and deeper snorts of the poppers. I didn't dare look at Mark.


By the time Jim and Evan left two hours later, making sure I saw them snag my underwear as a trophy of their conquest, I was a fucked out mess and exhausted beyond belief. I had not been fucked and used that way since that night with Dan, Mark, Big Mike and Kyle: the night Mark took my cherry and I rode Big Mike's cock. And I felt fantastic.

Mark was in the bathroom cleaning up. Whether or not he'd anticipated the night getting this wild, he seemed pleased with himself and with what he and the guys had done, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. How he, Jim and Evan had fucked me practically senseless. Shooting their loads across my face... the names they called me... Fuck!

I lay sprawled out on the bed, one knee up -- my well-fucked hole exposed -- aware of how lewd a position I was in but not giving a fuck. It wasn't just the domination that had me still wanting more, either; it was the humiliation. For others to witness my control and dignity being stripped away and to see me transformed into a complete whore begging to be fucked, was somehow intoxicating. By all rights it should have been worse having Mark there, especially him being somebody I'd regularly fucked and dominated at one time. It should've been unbearable, but for some reason it

wasn't. I wanted him there. I wanted him to witness me like that. It was thrilling with him there. Fuck, he's orchestrated the entire night -- had choreographed my takedown -- so yeah, he belonged there, fully participating in the dismantling of my Top status and all I could think of right now was how my prick was still hard and how much I wanted a cock up my ass.

Things tonight had been different than that time with Dan and the guys. Jim and Evan weren't just fucking me and milking my dick and such; they were fucking my mind, as well. I had the strangest feeling they were somehow trying to convert me from a Top to a Bottom. They seemed to have a sense of how to make me weak and to crave more. They knew precisely what angles and

thrusts -- what rhythms and methods to use make my body bend to their will and to hit that Grand Slam home run inside me. To make me slut out so fully and to want to be brought down so completely. And I did. SO. FUCKING. MUCH. 

I bent both knees, spread my legs and reached down to play with my hole. My mind was spinning at the potential fall-out from the last few hours. I knew what I must've looked like and I wondered what Mark must think of me. Would I ever be able to top him -- or anybody -- again? Were my days as a dominant Top over? Would I be okay with that? To be honest, I didn't really care at the moment.

I inserted a second finger into my ass and absently brought the bottle of poppers to my nose and inhaled deeply.

"Whoah, you ARE a whore, aren't you," Mark exclaimed from the bathroom door. I had no idea how long he'd been standing there watching me. He stared at me for several more seconds until I had to look away. 

"Wow, so is this who you really are?" he asked as he approached the bed. I looked up at him in stunned silence. It was as if he was seeing right into me. "Because you really have everybody fooled."

Without a word he sat down and started to dab at my face with a wet wash cloth he'd brought from the bathroom. He was surprisingly gentle and attentive as he wiped cum, drool and sweat from my face and neck. He winked at me and gave my hair a quick ruffle, looking at his fingers and frowning when he realized the tackiness wasn't hair gel but more cum.

"Such a slut," he said, giving me a friendly jab with his elbow.

He went back into the bathroom and washed his hands. I had thought my night was over but apparently he had other ideas because he suddenly stood in front of me, a devilish smile playing across his lips as he pulled a familiar looking object from behind his back.

"What the- ?" I stammered as Mark grabbed the lube and began to slather a

good amount of it up and down a large rubber cock. It made me think of the

blue-jelled dildo Dan had used on me before and as my heartbeat quickened I

felt that familiar throb in my dick.

"I know my limits, man," he confessed, smiling as he gently pulled my fingers (which were still shamelessly rooted up my hole) free. "This thing can last a helluva lot longer than I can, and believe me, I mean to take my time with you tonight." He easily maneuvered my willing, pliant body into position and began to slowly insert the dildo into my ass. I put up no resistance at all. None.

"How long have you been planning this?" I managed to choke out, acutely aware of how much I was enjoying the feeling of a dildo in my ass again after all this time. My cock was back at half-mast.

"Planning?" he replied thoughtfully. "I dunno. I've probably thought about it on and off since that time I fucked you. Which, by the way, I still can't believe! That night was wild man, and to be honest, when we took you back to the hotel that night and you were so out of it? I was sure somebody in the group or at the bar'd roofied you or something and I was so fucking pissed and ready to kick somebody's ass for doing that to you. But then Dan convinced us that wasn't the case, that nobody drugged you or anything, and went on to say how much you really liked being dominated and shit, and then showed us, actually getting you to suck his dick like that, and then the

guys started face fucking you... Wow, some switch or something inside me flipped on and I knew I wanted to be the one to take your cherry. But hell," he continued, leaning in and giving me a quick peck on the cheek, "if I knew what a whore you were, I'd have done this a long time ago!"

I didn't respond. I knew he was mostly kidding, but still.

"Wait, you're not upset, are you?" he asked, his voice gentle. "I mean, you were totally into it back there." He started to softly stroke my inner thighs. It felt good. Nice.

I couldn't look at him. I wasn't upset at all. If anything, I was enjoying myself too much and that's what concerned me. Something about the way the three of them had mercilessly fucked me and the way they'd talked to me. What Mark was doing now... it's like some dam deep inside me had broken open and I wanted more. I wanted to be dominated. Owned. I wanted multiple cocks in my mouth... I wanted to be double-penetrated... I wanted a room full of all the guys I'd ever topped lined up waiting to fuck me -- both my ass and face -- and to shoot their loads all over me. To grab me by the hair and slap their hard dicks across my face and tell me what a cock slut I really was. But I couldn't tell Mark that. Of course, I didn't have to say anything because my dick had already decided to betray me. I looked at my fully swollen cock and then at Mark.

"Wow, you are SUCH a whore!" he laughed. He took hold of the dildo again and began to work it in and out of my ass. He gave it a twist and it began to vibrate, shocking the hell out of me and I was unable to suppress a squeal as jolts of pleasure reverberated up and down my spine and through my cock.

"Oh fucking hell," I gasped, and I reached for my dick and started to stroke it but Mark slapped my hand away.

"Hands off," he rebuked. "You don't touch it unless I say so."

"Unghhh...," I grunted, nodding in obedience as he continued to plunge the rubber cock into me, driving it home.

"Yeah, tell me how much you love this," Mark rumbled as he pulled out to just the tip and then thrust back in, repeatedly plundering my hole. He wrapped his fist around my cock and began to again insidiously scrub the pad of his thumb over the tip.

"Jeezus!!" I wailed as Mark went to town, now tugging on my sack and fondling my balls as the dildo found my sweet spot. As he set into his rhythm, my wails eventually turned into loud moans of pleasure.

"You'd better keep it down," he said, as my cries began to crescendo. "You're making a fuck ton of noise." 

He groped around for something on the floor, the dildo never missing a beat, and came back up with the briefs Jim had left behind when he took my underwear. He shoved them in my open mouth.

"Hmmpph?!" I grunted, shocked and aroused. What the fuck? I don't think Dan had ever gagged me before -- and with used underwear? Oh fuck this was so hot!

He smirked again and gestured over his shoulder to the double-paned windows he'd opened on his way to the bathroom, the sounds from outside clearly audible. "Can't have all your neighbors hearing you getting made like some cheap whore!"

The `cheap whore' crack did it. My dick throbbed and lurched and exploded in a huge gush, spraying my sap up my abs and chest and to my chin. 

"God, that's the sexiest fucking `My Calvins Moment' I ever saw," Mark said, shaking his head as the hot sticky spill began to pool on my chest.

I lost track of time as he fucked me with the dildo, using angles and thrusts to keep me off balance as he called me every degrading name in the book. And I fucking loved it, my dick throbbing and leaking as he eventually settled into a slow, languid strokes, long dicking me the way Dan had on that long ago afternoon. I continued to moan into the briefs he made me keep in my mouth, arching my back from time to time as I took hits from the bottle of poppers I kept clasped in my hand.

After a while Mark urged me up onto all fours and he began to tug on my sack again as he changed up the angle of his thrusts. I grabbed the headboard and held tight. When my grunts turned into  moans of pleasure, he pulled the gag from my mouth.

"Oh God... yes." I panted. "So good, Mark! So good!"

"Come on, you Jock Slut," he hissed, squeezing and playfully slapping at my balls the way Jim and Evan had earlier. "Tell me you want more!" 

I squealed -- yes, fucking squealed -- and pushed my ass out. "Yes," I gusted, out of breath. "Oh fuck, yes... more!" He reached around and game my cock a few tugs and suddenly I was cumming again, shouting as I shot full force against my headboard.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I roared as my orgasm shook me.

"Shut the fuck up before I call the cops!" a voice bellowed from somewhere outside and I heard a window being slammed.

My head whipped around and I stared at my open window and froze. My jaw dropped and my face turned white. Oh God, did I just out myself to my neighbors? I looked at Mark. He just laughed and shoved the briefs back in my gaping mouth and went back to working the dildo around and around and in and out my upturned ass.


When he finally pulled the dildo out of my hole it made a loud suctioning pop. He yanked the underwear from my mouth and dropped them on my head as he went into the bathroom. "Clean yourself up. You're a fucking mess." 

I heard the water in the sink run as I did my best to wipe cum and sweat from my chest and abs as well as from the headboard. Shit, I WAS a mess, but oh my God, it had felt fucking awesome.

Mark came back into the room holding something black and cone-shaped and my jaw dropped when I realized it was a butt plug!

"Man, your dick just got hard again," he said, pointing at my cock. He shook his head in amazement as he got down on his knees and reached for the lube.

"What're you doing, Mark?" I asked, my voice tentative. I'd never had anything like that up my ass before. This looked to be the size of Jim's dick but it had bands and nubs on it, almost like an armadillo. I gulped and my dick gave another lurch.

"Well, ideally I'd like to have my cock up your ass all night, but I'm beat. So I figured this would be the next best thing. Get back on your hands and knees."

"I dunno about this," I said nervously.

"Oh come one. It's not much bigger than Jim's dick and that was like an elephant's trunk. And fuck, you took that easy. This should be a piece of cake."

"Still," I hedged, even as my dick started to show renewed interest. 

Mark laughed and shook his head. "God, how did you ever get that Top rep you have when you're obviously such a slut for something up your ass?"

That was all it took. I obeyed without question or hesitation, moaning and sniffing at the poppers as he worked the plug into my hungry hole, slapping my ass and verbally disparaging me. It was embarrassing and humiliating and as hot as hell, and my dick was erect and leaking like a sieve the entire time. It was a tight fit but fuck if I didn't love it!

When he was finished he washed his hands in the bathroom. I was pulling the sheets up around me when he came back into the room. "Not so fast, Jock Slut," he said as crawled into bed next to me. "Put these one." He handed me the slobber and cum-crusted briefs I'd had in my mouth earlier. The

briefs Jim had left behind.

"Oh my God," I gasped, shocked that such a simple command was turning me on like this.  As I awkwardly pulled on the soiled Calvins, the butt plug thumping my prostate and my dick drooling, I realized his domination of me was complete. At this point I'd have done anything he asked.

I managed to get my unruly dick into the briefs and lay on my side as I tried to get used to the invader filling my ass. Mark pulled himself close, spooning me, and slid his hand into the briefs to pull out my boner, tucking the waistband under my balls. He slowly fisted my cock, once again

rubbing the pad of his calloused thumb deliberately over the sensitive tip, making me squeal and grunt.

"Easy, Jock Slut," he murmured lowly in my ear. I wanted to push his hand away but knew better. There was something almost delicious in the way he worked my cock over, stroking it, roiling his palm over the head. He masturbated me for a long while, the way Jim had earlier, repeatedly

bringing me to the edge of orgasm and then easing back, periodically grinding his crotch into my ass to drive the butt plug in a bit deeper.

Finally I couldn't take it. "Oh fuck," I moaned, my voice now nothing more than a whimper. "I gotta cum, Mark. Please?"

He gave my dick a few more tugs and then pulled the briefs back up. "Go ahead, man," he encouraged, thrusting his hard dick against my ass as he rubbed the head of my cock through the material. "Cum for me." 

I grunted loudly as I shot my load into the briefs. I couldn't believe what I'd been reduced to. A few hours earlier I'd been planning to fuck the living daylights out of Mark. Now, the tables had been completely and maybe permanently turned. I pulled back the sheets and started to get up.

"Where are you going?" he asked, reaching for me.

"I gotta clean up," I said. "This underwear is gross."

"Un huh. No," Mark said. "Get your ass back down here, Jock Slut."

I gulped hard, unexplainably excited despite how exhausted and dirty I felt. I lay on my side and was touched when he scooched close and spooned me, throwing his right arm over me in an affectionate, yet possessive, manner. He cupped my nuts and after a few minutes began to softly stroke his thumb up and down the length of my dick, eventually making me hard again. After a few more minutes he started to thrust his crotch against my backside, causing the plug in my ass to graze and tap my prostate. He went slowly at first, but then sped up his rhythm until he had me worked into such a lather that I felt like I was going to cum again. But he suddenly eased off, giving my nuts and shaft a good squeeze. He put his dirty thumb to my lips and I took it into my mouth and licked it clean as he planted a gentle kiss on the top of my head.


I woke up late the next morning and lay for a few moments blinking away the cobwebs and confusion. My head was pounding and my ass was tingling and think I had a hangover!

"Good morning, Sunshine," a voice said, startling me, and I looked around quickly, spotting Mark sitting in a leather club chair a few feet away, drinking coffee and reading the paper. A glance at the clock on the nightstand told me it was nearly noon. Shit! He'd obviously been up for some time.

"Oh fuck," I moaned in horror as all of the events from last night came back to me. "That wasn't a dream, was it?"

"I hope not," he said, setting the paper down and giving his crotch a squeeze, "because you promised me a whole weekend."

"A whole weekend?" I gulped and watched as he nodded with a lascivious smile and waggled his eyebrows. My dick twitched in the briefs and I groaned. "Oh fuck."

"Oh fuck is right," he said. He took another sip of coffee. "I bet you're hard, aren't you?"

My face turned beet red and I nodded.

"Show me," he ordered.

I reluctantly pulled the sheet aside and revealed my morning wood (more like a giant redwood!) that was stretching the fabric of the briefs to its limit.

"Very nice," he said. His phone dinged and he picked it up. "There's coffee when you're done in the shower," he said as he tapped at the screen of his iPhone.

I threw the sheet back, gingerly got out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom. I was very aware that I'd been ridden hard and put away wet the night before. The briefs were disgusting. Mark must've put them back on me -- and the butt plug back in me -- after I fell asleep. Damn, how didn't I feel that missile going back in? How out of it had I been? Or just how loose was my ass? I didn't know how many loads of cum were in the briefs, only that they were stick and tacky. I peeled them off and kicked them into the corner.

I took a long piss, my dick getting hard as I held it, and dared a look in the mirror. My hair was sticking up everywhere and my chest looked shiny and pasty with dried semen. At least Mark had cleaned my face off. But my lips were still puffy from sucking so much dick and my nipples were red and swollen. God, I was such a whore.

I got into the shower, leaned my head against the cool tiles and gently removed the butt plug. As the hot water cascaded over me, washing the cum and sweat from my body and down the drain, the events of last night began to replay in my mind over and over. What the fuck?! What did I do? What did I LET be done to me? Yeah, I'd been a little drunk, but nowhere near to the point where I didn't know what I was doing, but yet ... shit, I let Mark take me. Let him! The little shit had planned it. Plotted. And then for Jim and Evan -- oh fuck, he actually enlisted those two hot little motherfuckers to help him. Those cocks in my ass. In my mouth. That glorious degradation.

My ass tingled just thinking about it. It felt strangely empty, not just because the plug was gone, but... but because it missed being fucked? 

I don't know how long I stood there, but a slight flicker of the overhead lights and a snicking noise roused me back to reality and I was shocked to find my right hand wrapped around my hard dick, lazily stroking, while two fingers of my left hand were working their way round and round in my hole.

I snapped back to the present and finished my shower, wrapping a plush, soft towel tightly around my waist as I left the bathroom, making sure to keep my now throbbing rod under the knot, hoping it would keep it in check. 

I pulled open my dresser drawer to grab some underwear. I still couldn't believe the nerve of Frick and Frack to take my underwear like I was some kind of big game trophy. But again, the thought of them with my underwear as some kind of souvenir was oddly erotic and I felt my dick coming back to life.

I kept the towel around my waist as I stepped into grey boxer briefs, too embarrassed to let Mark see that I was fully erect, when something hit me in the face. I grabbed it as it fell and looked at it: the underwear he made me wear to bed last night. Jim's briefs. The briefs he'd shoved in my mouth while he fucked me with that dildo; that I used to wipe the sweat and semen from my body; that I filled with load after load of my own cum.

"The fuck?" I sneered, dropping them like a hot potato. "These aren't even clean."

"Put 'em on," Mark said.

"Sorry, I don't wear dirty underwear and I sure as hell don't wear tighty whities," I said, trying to reassert my authority and, with it, hopefully some dignity.

"You wear what I tell you to wear, bitch," Mark barked. His voice was charged; clipped, like a drill instructor. And just like that my cock started to leak. I stared at him, my mouth agape.

He was out of the chair and beside me in an instant, scooping up the soiled briefs and shoving them in my face and under my nose. "Got it? Fuck, maybe you should switch to them full time from now on."

I gulped and my dick twitched again and I couldn't help but inhale the sharp tangy aroma of the briefs. He kept them in place while he spoke and I continued to sniff them.

"I watched you in the shower; feeling yourself up," he admitted lowly, leaning in close and sliding his right hand down my back, his index finger stroking the crack of my ass through the towel while the thumb of his left hand gently swiped back and forth over my nipple.  When it started to respond he began to pluck and tweak it in earnest.

He pushed me back a few inches. "Look at you. You're fucking boned up again and you're leaking through the towel!"

I looked down and, sure enough, the light blue cotton around the tip of my dick and turned dark blue and was wet and sticky.

"Omigod," I moaned as he eased me, unresisting, back onto the bed. He yanked my towel off and my cock sprang up like a catapult, flicking droplets of pre-cum on my abs.

"You want me to fuck you, don't you?" he said, stripping off his tshirt.

I nodded wordlessly. He was wearing Levi's 501s and with a quick flick of his hand he was completely unbuttoned. His briefs were bulging and I couldn't take my eyes off his hard on.

"You're going to spread your legs and hold yourself open," he said. "And then I'm going to fuck that hole of yours until you cum." He stroked the back of his left hand across my erection while he fumbled with the lube in the other.

I automatically grabbed the backs of my thighs and pulled them up and apart, putting my freshly cleaned hole on display for him. He looked down and smiled. My eyes followed his. He was staring at my cock -- my fully erect, twitching and dripping cock. He bent over me and held a bottle of poppers to my nose. I inhaled deeply and sighed as he pierced me with two fingers.

At that moment the doorbell rang and I could hear somebody entering below.

"Yo, Mark!" a familiar voice rang out. "Got your message! The other guys'll be here in a few."

I looked up into Mark's eyes in shock as he slid a third finger into place and pushed the poppers under my nose again.


The End. Or is it?



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