This is my first story and I'd be very grateful for feedback on [email protected] - I'm open to suggestions for plot development, although I have a pretty good idea how I'd like the series to develop.  My inspirations are 'Pimping out Jeff', 'Doing Younger Bro' and 'Bobby's Spring Break' by Justin Davis ([email protected]), 'The Downfall of Nate Ramsey', 'Straight Jock Boy Chronicles' and 'Pilot Chronicles.'  Enjoy!

Adam's Downfall

Adam's story:


Cum dripped out of his sore and swollen hole, the dilated and puffy ass-ring which just hours before had been virgin territory exit-only was now the opening to a pouting, fucked-out man-pussy.  He reeked of cum and booze and ass and the stench of sex - the smell of a cheap whore, draped helplessly across the large king-sized bed, cum on his breath from the copious loads deposited deep in his stomach and coating his sore fucked-out throat as his thick cock oozed more sperm that puddles beneath him.

27 year-old Adam was drop-dead gorgeous, his 9.5-inch perfect uncut cock, his blond tousled hair and his sculpted pecs and torso were slimy with cum and his own piss.  He strained slightly at his bonds but no gym-honed muscles and rippling abs were gonna get him out of this.  His fuddled brain wasn't in gear - the former college athlete was a highly paid management consultant who used his looks and money to reel in fresh pussy on an almost weekly basis - fuck `em, breed `em, wreck their holes and dump `em. His hole-wrecking monster cock had broken in countless virgin twats and hammered open too many puckered up anal virgins once their stretched-out pussies failed to satisfy his constant carnal needs.  The faces of the little teen girls he usually fucked blurred into one, their moaning ringing in his mind as his cock throbbed away, pulsing as more cum dribbled out of his hole.  He wasn't averse to planting his manly seed in the odd guy's ass or mouth either, whenever some twinky muscle-faggot had come on to him in the high-end gym where he worked out.  Skull-fucking that ginger man-bitch last week in the men's bathroom had almost confirmed his suspicions that gay cocksuckers were almost always gave better suction to his cockhead. Fuck yeah their throats were built like a cocksleeve to serve his stud prick.  Adam wasn't exactly as open about his occasional foray into abusing men's holes as he was about his bragging to friends about his female conquests.  The stud usually slapped most of the `faggots' around when he was done with them, often taking a piss down their throats to pack in an extra dose of humiliation...and here he was now, a bred-out cum-dump dick-ditch.

The weekend hadn't meant to start like this for Adam - sure, he had planned a heady weekend of sex, sex and more sex - but that's when he was the one who was meant to take his pleasure from ... what was her name?  That little tight-assed slut he'd been splitting open with his massive cock for the past fortnight... Cindy?  He was meant to break open her little anal rosebud with his cum-slicked cock after pounding her gagging throat and her fucked out snatch - heaven knows he'd had enough of her pussy in the past two weeks, breeding her at least three times a day as she begged for mercy while he slapped her pretty ass and made her scream for more, even when she was begging him to stop and slow down.  He was gonna fill her ass whether she really wanted it or not.  Yeah, he was meant to cram his cock all the way up her tight little shitter from Friday to Sunday in the bedroom at the spa hotel he'd booked.  Instead the sculpted adonis lay prone, filled with fear and loathing and the filth of another man, his arms tied to the bedposts the same way he'd trussed up Cindy on Friday night.  He was not exactly a nice chap, Adam - kinda into making his bitches really feel his hard cock plot deep into their guts as he spewed inside them, as long as he had his pleasure.  Before he dumped them he'd sometimes get them so drunk and fuck them so hard they'd piss themselves, then he'd leave them a soaking mess on the bed.

Adam's mind was a blurry mess, cum matted his hair and he could barely speak, so hoarse was he from screaming into the pillow as that giant bull-cock had raped his tight virgin hole and shredded his asschute for the past four hours.  Loaded up with the viagra that was meant for him to ram his own cunt-splitter all weekend into Cindy's little pussy, he'd been hard throughout his ordeal and his cock remained ramrod straight even as he felt what must have been a gallon of cum continue to leak out of his newly-stretched, freshly bred ass-twat.  Adam had always been a top stud, a chick-fucker, a jock who fucked and used a hundred dumb bitches and turned them into his fucktoys ... and here he was, barely moving as he felt the air waft across his upturned asscheeks while more cum oozed out of his bowels onto the sheets below.  His ass would never be the same again.  He would never be the same again.  The fucker had been fucked good and proper.

Cindy - where was she?  Where the fuck...he was gonna make the little bitchpay...  Not a trace of her anywhere.  He struggled to remember the events that had led to him lying in a puddle of cum, turning him from a muscular fuck-god into a hunky pussy slut, a slab of used meat.  Something had happened after locking the door of his new Porsche, yelling at the hotel bellboy to handle the bags more carefully... something happened after he had squeezed Cindy's ass in the lobby while he whispered "tonight baby, daddy's gonna fill this hole after you gag on his cock...shhh baby, you're gonna take it all in one go..." while she looked back at him wide-eyed with a mixture of lust, fear, ... loathing?  Yeah he was an asshole that girls desired.  He didn't care that others desired his asshole.  He tried harder to remember ... he could picture the pill he'd slipped into Cindy's drink, the couple of vodkas he'd knocked back before he'd plugged her throat and dripping pussy with his raging cock while her wrists were cuffed to the bedposts as he fucked her into a howling mess.  Then everything had gone dark just as he positioned his cock at her asslips.  The last thing he heard was her begging "no, Adam, please, god, please I'm not ready, don't fuck my ass, please, you'll rip me apart!"  Fuzzy recollections came back in patches.  No, he couldn't recall the tight clenching of her dry ass around his cockhead, slicked only with her throat-juices and pussy-froth as lube like the fifty other girls whose asses he'd deflowered time and time again.  Yeah, some had bled and most couldn't shit without crying for weeks afterwards, but they almost all came back - even if his perfectly sculpted cock had torn up their assholes.  Adam was God's gift to women and they all wanted to ride his cock and take a good ass-pounding for the pleasure of being bred by a stud who could fuck for hours.

No...he could not recall the anticipated plunge of his long hard shaft into Cindy's warm musty virgin anal canal, nor her squeals of pain and his roars of pleasure as he was meant to bottom out in her warm bowels and take what was his by right over and over again as a perfect male specimen.  He couldn't properly recall a big strong man pushing him over as his head spun, lifting his strong arms like putty and his hands being tied to the bedposts as Cindy got up and slapped him.  Then a blank.  And another blank.  Then sharp pain.  And screaming.  His screaming.  His begging, now.  And the other guy laughing the way Adam had laughed as he fucked the first girl who'd had such a tough time she'd given up her ass to him.  Then more pain.  This time like a deeper fuller pain.  No pleasure, just darkness and shouting and spinning.  He had been slapped and choked, salty cum had gone down his throat as he'd struggled like a whore on her first day to suck and gag and swallow.  He remembered the moaning of a virgin bitch having her ass broken in by a mega horsecock thrust up to the hilt in one go...but instead his mind was filled with his own voice moaning in his head, in a convulsion of lust and confusion as his guttural groans of pain had given way and been fucked into a throbbing mess of slutty lust.

"Shit, Shit, I need to get out of here," he thought, as the fog slowly began to clear and panic streaked his mind like the little faint piss and ass stains around the bed.  His ass had been wrenched open and was sore beyond belief.

Adam heard a faint knock at the door and the voice of Billy the young bellboy calling from the hallway.  "Mr Ralston?" The voice echoed in his boozed-up, drug misted mind.  "I heard you calling out a few times from the hallway outside, just wondering if you're OK in there?"

Adam knew the voice had to belong to that sandy-haired twinky kid who had brought his bags.  The one he'd yelled at and called "faggot" in the car park.  The one whom he hadn't tipped.  The guy who was a head shorter than him whom he'd told to stop looking at Cindy.  She was Adam's fucktoy and he loved exerting his dominance and power over anyone who might unknowingly wander into their orbit.

In a flash he croaked out a few formed words - "I'm ok, it's ok, no problem" - but there was an envelope strategically placed to stick out under Adam's suite door that caught Billy's eye.  He bent down and opened it and couldn't believe what he saw...a Polaroid snap of a 12-inch cock sawing its way halfway into the upturned virgin ass of the hot hunky tied-up guy who had been such a jerk to him in the parking lot and the lobby earlier that night.

A room key fell out of the envelope, with a note and an empty condom packet. "I'm sorry, Sir, I've been a bad boy.  I need to be taught a lesson. Please fuck me and make me your bitch."

Billy needed no further encouragement.  Although his taut compact frame was  5' 6" and 65kg compared to the hunky Adam's 6' 2" and 88kg of pure prime ripped muscle, he didn't do too badly in the dick department, with a respectable 7.5 inch uncut cock that instantly throbbed to life like a red-blooded teen sausage packed with hot teen cum.

He turned the key and stepped inside, prompting a nervous gasp from Adam whose exposed, prone and freshly fucked ass winked open invitingly like a Bangkok whore begging for sloppy seconds.  The man with the body of the greek god on the bed however scowled with a mixture of apprehension and disgust.  "Fuck off, faggot!  Unite me and quit fucking staring!"

Billy was no stranger to verbal abuse, but something tonight told him he didn't need to tolerate homophobia from this recently deflowered asshole who was strung up like a prime cut of beef on a drying rack.  Yeah, he drooled too himself.  This piece of shit is a hunk of meat that needs some tenderising with Billy's pole.  He needs some takedown.

"Shut up, fuckwad!" he said firmly, stepping towards the bed and slapping Adam with such force that the semi-prone hunk recoiled with a mixture of surprise and fear.  "Shut the fuck up and listen, bitch!"

Now Billy was surprised at his own tone and forcefulness; but as they say - in for a penny, in for a pound...something had clicked and now the boot was on the other foot and he was the big man on campus.  No more getting bullied by asshole jocks like Adam, as he thought back to his high school days.  No, Billy the struggling college student strode  around the bed, checked the bonds that held the wrists of the fucked out Adam were secure, and promptly shucked off his bellhop's uniform.

"Now listen up" he said, grabbing Adam's big, lowhanging balls and pulling them hard, which made the jock's cock throb and caused him to yelp with pain.

Billy thought back to the events of the night that he had witnessed earlier and chuckled to himself.  "Not such a tough guy now are you, motherfucker..." he shoved two fingers straight into Adam's cum-soaked hole up to his third knuckle, allowing his fingertips to graze the fallen stud's prostate.  "How the mighty have fallen, eh?" Billy's stinging words were given extra bite as he stuffed a third finger into the hole which expanded immediately.  Not that the copious leaking cum still dripping out of his hole made the soreness and shock of finger penetration any easier to bear for Adam.  He winced, remembering how the little bitches would usually yelp as he would bore mercilessly into them a couple of times with his study fingers before breaking them open with his fat cockhead.

Adam was an expert in converting maximum bitch pain into maximum pleasure for his fuckstick.  He knew the shock of penetration would cause them to clamp their sphincters hard and as he withdrew suddenly the now-empty hole would momentarily unclench, giving him access to the inner sphincter which, if breached at just the right time would spasm as the asshole would buck and squeeze trying to throw him off.  That's when Adam loved to ram it home - in the middle of the blind panic and confusion of the girl below or, sometimes, the gym-bred muscleboy bitches he occasionally fucked after his workouts.

The semi-prone stud jerked his head back as he realised Billy the bellboy was withdrawing his fingers and re-entering repeatedly and rapidly, only to tickle his prostate over and over again, making him squirm in discomfort but also causing his cock to stir.  His mind swirled in confusion as his sore asshole was finger-raped and he panted like a bitch in heat while his throbbing cock ached for release.

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