1) The Trip

boy is ordered to drive up to Silverlake for a weekend trip to PS. Told to wear only jeans and a tee shirt and to bring a small shaving kit he heads up. Met at the door, T takes shaving kit and has boy leave clothes and shoes on door step before stepping inside. T is all about getting boy horny and so full of body contact and dick stroking, all the while telling boy that boy will have no control over his body for a long time to come. But that for now, it's all about foreplay and boy is on the honor system not to touch himself.

T preps to leave for PS. He installs a thick cock ring tightly around boy's balls and dick, making them protrude. Then hands boy Speedo type briefs. Over that are tight shorts then a tank top. He puts boy's shaving kit in trunk, tells boy not to speak until spoken to, then they set off in the car. Soon enough T tells boy to fully recline his seat, then to remove all clothes, including shoes. All this while T is driving to PS. boy knows not to speak, just to obey. T tells boy to put hands palm down under ass. At a stop, T puts tit clamps on both tits, w/ chain in between. He pulls chain to boy's mouth and tells boy to bite it and pull on tits. He then tells boy to always moan anytime T touches his body. He then begins to play w/ his boy teasing and tormenting him w/ all manner of sensual touching, tt, dick slapping etc. He knows that the boy must moan to follow orders, and that all the touching is getting boy hornier by the minute. T pulls off the tit clamps, makes boy suck his fingers and begins to explain to boy how much under his control he is becoming. First by their own desires for this, but increasingly by T's expert dominance.

T begins to chat w/ boy about any subject he desires. He instructs boy to answer as he wishes, but to stop talking and moan anytime he touches boy's body. T uses that to his advantage to change the subject or interrupt as he sees fit.

T constantly works boy's dick but w/ hands under his ass, boy is helpless to stimulate himself.

This is how they work their way to PS. T is always one step a head of the boy and the boy is constantly stimulated, but never in control.

They then pull up to the chaps inn or some other SM friendly inn.

2) Arrival

They then pull up to the chaps inn or some other SM friendly inn.

Top stokes boy's dick to make it rock hard, explaining that once inside, boy will have no control over any aspect of his body and will be used completely for Top's pleasure. boy's dick, still surrounded by the thick tight ring is throbbing and purple. By this time, boy has been teased and stimulated w/out release for over 3 hours. And having been instructed not to cum since the day before, he is already aching for release.

Top tells boy to pull on the tank top and the briefs over his hard on, leave his shoes and shorts in the car and step out. The PS pavement is hot. Top enters Inn telling boy to follow. Inside, Top clips boys tits over his shirt and slips the chain into boy's mouth while he registers. He tells the Inn staff that he is here for the weekend w/ his boy. He has appointments in PS and will be in and out, but boy will remain all weekend and will be available to the other guests and staff for training when Top is away.

The staff asks if he'd like one or two keys for the room. Top requests one. He pulls a leash from his bag, pulls the front of boy's briefs down to cup under his balls and attaches the leash to the cock ring. He tugs on the leash and walks boy to their room.

Once inside, he opens the drapes, pulls off the tit clamps and has boy strip completely in front of the open window. About 6 guests sitting around the pool are interested in the proceedings. Top tells boy that when he is not in the room, the door is to remain open at all times, so that guests and staff may have access to boy.

He takes boy out to the pool area, introduces himself to the others, explains that boy is for all to use, then goes out to his car and returns w/ a large bag.

3) Preparing boy

Having been led out to the pool area by the leash attached to his cock and ball ring, boy waits while Top goes out to the car and returns w/ a large bag.

He pulls rubber knee pads out of the bag and gives them to boy to put on. He has boy kneel while he places a thick collar around boy's neck. He then pulls two tit clamps, each w/ a small weight out of the bag and clips them to boys tits. Ankle and wrist cuffs are buckled in place. He instructs boy to lie on his back on a pool chair and clips boy's collar to the chair. He then clips his wrists and ankles to the chair as well. Top pulls a sharpie pen out of the bag and writes under boy's belly button "Pull my chain and get me horny! But don't let me cum." He then strokes boy to a full hard on w/ one hand, while feeding boy his fingers w/ the other. The guests and staff enjoy the show. Top rises abruptly, drops the sharpie on boys stomach and goes to the room.

He closes his blinds.

4) Cocktail Hour

boy is not blindfolded, but since he's clipped to the lounge chair by his collar his range of vision is very limited. Soon the other guests figure this out and play boy, tugging the leash, taunting him w/ dicks to suck, just out of reach, playing w/ his tits, slapping him, pissing on him -- showing him his helplessness in many ways.

Around sundown they move to the hot tub as it gets chilly. Top eventually comes out of his room to find a shivering boy. He strokes boys dick as he tells boy that he smells like piss. He reminds boy how whatever happens to boy here, boy has no control, but boy is responsible for any situation he finds himself in. He unclips boy from the chair, has him get down on his knees and worship his dick, then takes him back to the room for a shower.

At sunset there is a cocktail hour around the pool. Top pulls boy to the event, sits down in a chair and has boy kneel at his side. Top has a cocktail, talks to the others and eats. Occasionally he dips his fingers in his cocktail and has boy lick the flavor off. Occasionally he feeds boy bits of food like a dog. Soon enough, top opens his fly, pulls out his dick and has boy gently lick his balls. Top hands the leash to another guest and says "Yank him for me." Top pinches boys ear and passes him off to the man on his left. That man slips out of his sandals, puts one foot behind boy's neck and pushes his lips down to the other foot for boy to worship. Top slaps boys ass and passes the leash to a third man.

Another Master arrives w/ two slaves. Master informs group that the slaves are to be punished for playing w/ each other w/out Master's permission. Their punishment is to be public & very humiliating. They are to be tied by the balls to each other for the entire weekend. They will live like co-joined twins, being released only to be used by Master. First, each is put into a cock & ball harness. Then the harnesses are locked together tightly. Their collars are removed for added humiliation. They are naked, except for their ball harnesses. Master leaves them standing facing each other and instructs them to enjoy playing w/ each other as much as they like. In reality, while their sense of arousal was high all weekend, they spent much of the time trying to learn to walk around, eat, sleep & function attached in such a sensitive & awkward way. Master enjoyed tormenting them by frequently ordering them to present by calling them from the farthest corner of the yard.

5) Smooth

boy is passed around during the cocktail hour to service other Tops & bottoms. Guys play w/ his dick and tits making sure he is horny and frustrated while they are getting satisfied.

Finally Top tugs hard on the ball leash, pulling boy off balance. He tells boy to get up and they return to the room. He removes the cock ring and leash and tells boy to remove the knee pads. He tells boy to use the rest room since he'll be confined for a while to come. He holds boy's dick while he pees then gets boy hard again. He does this from behind boy, showing boy his nakedness and captivity in the mirror. boy sees how his nips are taught and red and Top makes boy admit that boy needs to submit as much as Top enjoys being in Control.

Top grabs boy's hard dick and pulls him to the pool area where Top clips boy to the X cross. He blindfolds boy, then writes "The only hair to be left on this boy are his eyebrows." on boy's chest w/ a sharpie. He then returns w/ a bucket of warm water, shaving cream and a razors. For the next several hours men come and go, taking turns removing every hair from the boy. Sometimes they stroke his dick or feed him their fingers. He goes into a meditative state from the sensory depravation, physical stimulation and burning desire to cum.

6) Night Into Day

Top returns to boy on X cross and runs his hands over boys body. boy is in a dream state. Top releases boy and carries him back to the room. He helps boy to relieve himself, wash his face and brush his teeth. Then he takes boy to bed and lays him down. Top climbs on to bed and pulls boy's head to his dick. boy licks his dick but is totally out of it. Top pulls boy to the top of the bed, then locks his wrist cuffs to his collar so he can't reach his dick. Top whispers into boy's ear "you may never be allowed to cum again, sleep well" then slowly caresses boy's body and rubs his hard dick against boy's ass until they both fall asleep. Boy is exhausted and slips into a restful sleep, super horny but restful. Top wakes w/ a hard on, presses it into boy, smacks his ass to abruptly wake him up, then pulls his head down to his hard on. boy eagerly works on Top's dick. Top climaxes all over boy, smacks boy's ass a few more times, gets up and opens the blinds. Top returns to bed, covers himself, keeps boy totally exposed, writes HORNY SLUT on boy w/ a sharpie and slowly plays w/ boy's hard dick while he goes back to sleep. boy is wide awake now. The other guests pass by the open window on their way to breakfast seeing boy hard, hands locked to his collar, horny and completely helpless.

7) Locking Up

Soon enough, Top wakes, unlocks boy's wrists from his collar and takes him to pee, holding his dick for him. He walks boy to the open door facing the pool, and stands behind him playing w/ boy's dick to get it hard. boy is so horny, that it gets hard immediately. He pulls boy by dick to the pool and tells him to jump in. It's cold so boy comes out soft. Top locks the thick cock ring around his dick and balls and attaches the leash to it. He has boy put on his knee pads. He pulls boy to the breakfast table, has him kneel and feeds him 2 cups of strong coffee and some food while he eats his fill. He instructs boy to gently hump his leg throughout. He tells boy to moan gently while licking Top's dick and balls. boy gets passed around to others at the table.

After breakfast, Top takes boy back to the room and tells him to eliminate completely and take a full shower. In the shower, Top cleans boys ass, seductively massaging his prostate and stimulating boy almost to the point of cumming. Out of the shower, Top replaces the wrist and ankle cuffs and buckles on boy's collar. He takes boy out to pool area and cuffs him to a lawn chair face down. He goes back to the room and returns w/ a locking butt plug, a ball stretcher and weights. He tells boy to moan while he pulls his dick & balls through the straps of the chair, snaps the ball stretcher in place and adds a couple of weights to it. He gives the weights a good swing then begins to install the butt plug, lubing boy's ass well and sliding the tip of plug in and out for stimulation. Finally he pushes it in and locks it in place.

He takes a sharpie and writes on boy's lower back. CUM OVER & PLAY W/ MY ASS. The other guys have fun spanking boy, playing w/ the plug, swinging his ball weights, thwacking his hard dick against the lounge chair, fucking his crotch & cumming on his back. Top leaves him there for a couple of hours.

8) Top Tops

Eventually boy feels the hands of the Top giving his shoulders a massage. Top fingers work magic giving boy a soothing relaxing massage. boy wanders in and out of consciousness – he's in total sensory overload mode. Top releases boy from the chair and has him stand up and get his barings. Top leaves the ball stretcher w/ weights attached, adds tit clamps and walks boy around the pool area, slapping the weights every once in a while to get them swinging. Top has made arrangements w/ a Master for boy to pee on his slave. The slave strokes boy's dick as he pees, the Master feeds boy his fingers while Top lightly works his freshly massaged back w/ a riding crop.

Back in the room, Top opens the blinds again and sends boy to take a shower. Boy returns, naked except for the butt plug to find several other fully clothed men in the room.

Top doesn't acknowledge them, so naturally boy makes no notice either. Top moves around behind boy and begins fondling, kissing and caressing boy. He tells boy to return the sensuality. Soon boy feels the sting of the riding crop along w/ the gentle caresses. The other men are all watching as Top kisses and whips boy. boy returns both w/ kisses and gentle touching. boy is grateful to be untied and able to touch the Top. Some of the other men have removed their clothes by now, or at least released their dicks. One comes up behind boy and pulls his arms behind his back so Top can work boys tits and dick w/ the crop. Another man moves in, pulls boy in tightly by the tits and begins to kiss boy as Top works his back and ass w/ the crop.

At some point during the scene, Top whispers to boy that if he is behaves exceptionally, he may be allowed to cum at the end of this session. Top is holding a CB2000 and places it at the center of the bed's headboard.

Later boy is cuffed into a sling and fucked by several of the party goers while Top alternates between kissing boy as he gets fucked by others, and using the crop on his dick and body, and often on the other men as well.

By the end of the scene, everyone except boy has cum at least once. Top has cum 3 times. Only Top and boy are at the sling. Top takes some lube and while kissing boy gentle works his dick for a long time. Not enough for boy to climax but plenty to be close and desperate.

Top uncuffs boy from the sling, stands him up and continues to work his dick, kiss and caress as he works him closer to the pool. At the pools edge he gruffly tells boy to jump in. When boy comes up for air, Top is standing at the edge of the pool w/ the CB2000. He orders boy out of the pool, saying that if he isn't soft, he'll get a beating.

Without saying a word, he takes boy to a central location where all can see, installs the CB2000, and writes just above it "MAYBE SOMEDAY HE'LL EARN THE RIGHT TO CUM. MAYBE."

9) Twosome

Plugged, wearing a CB2000 and tied in public for several hours w/ the caption "MAYBE SOMEDAY HE'LL EARN THE RIGHT TO CUM. MAYBE" written just above his shaved dick, boy has been taunted, provoked and played w/ to the point of exhaustion. Top eventually releases him from bondage. Removes the CB2000, snaps the ring and lease around boy's dick and leads him to the room. He makes boy carry the CB2000 in his teeth. Top removes plug, has boy eliminate, clean and shower. He ties boy spread eagle to the bed, blindfolds him and lets him get some much needed sleep. boy is eventually awakened by a sensual, delicate hot mouth on his balls and dick. he awakens to the pleasurable sensation, yet is immediately aware of how desperate he is to cum. He can't see who's working on him, but he knows it isn't his Top. Soon, he hears another Top giving orders to his boy, and talking w/ his Top and knows that something soon w/ begin. he is so desperate to cum, he resigns himself to letting it happen and taking his punishment afterward, the blow job feels so good and so sensual. Just as he thinks this, the other boy is yanked away, and his blindfold is removed. Both boys are collared and led outside. They are arranged facing each other. Tight cock rings are installed and hooked together, pulling them close. The boys are about the same height and from the look they give immediately are aware that they appeal to one another. They are tied together w/ rough rope over their nipples in a figure 8 at the chest. Their ankles are tied together, and then secured to a pole pulling their legs apart by about a yard. Their collars are clipped together. A rod is slipped between their cuffed together wrists and hoisted by chains until their feet barely touch the ground. If they grasp the top bar, they are barely touching. If they hang, their feet are flat on the ground. It makes for a precarious position to be in. They need to shift regularly to maintain reasonable comfort.

The Tops stand around admiring their handiwork, as do several of the other guests. Then the Tops come up behind the opposite boy and begin playing w/ their bodies to stimulate them. In a moment both are hard. One top squirts some menthol lube around their cocks and balls. The other one whispers KISS to the boys. The boys begin to kiss and enjoy the sensations of the bondage and the touching.

The Tops eventually step back with the boys lost in the kisses, until they simultaneously feel the crack of a riding crop. One of the Tops says "Don't mind us, continue on exactly as you were." And another session begins.



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