The weather app said it was 105 degrees outside, but in the small studio apartment, it felt like hell. Simon was drenched. He had a loose tank top, and gym shorts, but they felt like armor against his sweaty body. He was sitting on the ledge, directly in front of the large window fan, but it felt like a giant heat wave, offering nothing but more hot air against him. He peeled off the tank top, dropping it at his feet. He felt the air mildly relieve the sweat pouring down his back, but he was literally dripping from the patch of hair at his chest, and trail of hair that led to his crotch. He got up and went into the kitchen to get some water. Leaving the refrigerator door open a few seconds, enjoying the coolness that made him shutter just a bit. His nips hardened, and he shut the door, opening up the bottle of water, and guzzling. It stung, but felt so refreshing down his throat. H went back to sit in front of the fan, as he let his gym shorts drop to the floor.

His boxers were wet, and plastered against his skin. He pulled lightly at them, but they sucked right back to his thighs and dick. His balls felt heavy, and wet, and he couldn't stand the feeling. He peeled them away, letting them drop at his feet. The fan suddenly felt great. He was free, and the cool air swirled under his ass and balls, tingling the hair that grew from within his cheeks, making its way to the thick shaft that hung before him. He sat back on the ledge again, enjoying the air, and feeling free. His studio was several stories up, overlooking downtown, and he forgot about the high rise luxury apartments across the 4 lanes below. He was on a mandatory break from work, and had absolutely nothing to do.

He hadn't made the effort to shower, and it had been 3 days. He got a whiff of musk from his crotch, and grabbed a nearby towel to dry up some of the stanky sweat from his balls. He hadn't trimmed his pubes in months, and he had a thick reddish brown bush surrounding his dick and balls, which spread up toward his naval and outward toward his hips. He had hairy legs and arms, with thick armpit hair, and a short trail from under his collar bone to his ribs. He also had a patch of hair above his ass crack, that become a forest within his cheeks, that spread downward, along his taint, and up to his balls. He was pretty beefy, but he credited the factory for his muscular growth in the past year. He's been lifting and hauling metal rods, which caused a lot of upper body development. He liked running late at night, so he had great form in his legs, but he didn't consider himself athletic. He'd been referred to as a hunk by a few of the women at work, and had no problem hooking up on the weekends. If they could only see him now. He was recalling a hookup a few weeks ago, and felt a familiar surge of arousal move through his groin. He looked down, and watched his dick slowly start to grow. Sweat dripped off the tip of his nose, and he felt more beads of sweat pouring down his face, soaking into his scruffy beard. He licked his lips, and wiped the sweat from his eyes.

He stood up, and walked toward his bed. The sweated sheets still had the dark outline of where he'd been sleeping, and the pillows were still soaked, and bunched up toward the headboard. He sat on the edge of the bed, throwing the towel behind him, and leaning back, he cupped his arms behind his head. He could still feel the hot air blowing against him, and his dick slowly growing before him. He felt it worming its way across his thigh, and sliding ever slowly up toward his hip...lower abs....and resting in the furry trail that led up toward his chest. The head throbbed just above his naval, begging for release. He closed his eyes, and imagined his dick being caressed by cool hands. His dick jumped, and lay flat again, throbbing slightly in the head. He clenched his prostate, moving his dick up and down in slow motion. He felt his balls rise slightly, allowing air down between the crevice. he spread his legs a little, feeling the air flow under his balls, and around his hairy thighs. His dick jumped again.

He turned his head, getting a whiff of musk from his armpit. He moved his hands from behind his head, and ran them both down his solid, muscular chest, down through the trail of his abs, and down each side of his shaft. He pushed through the thick pubes, and down the insides of each thigh, raising his knees, to greet his smooth finger tips. He rested the balls of his feet on the edge of the bed, and pointed his toes downward, flexing his leg and thigh muscles. He arched his back, and fucked the air slowly, his dick now standing straight out from it's hairy base. He kept his eyes closed for some time, fucking the air, and moving his hands up and down his entire frame. He felt the sheets beneath him becoming wet with sweat, and sat up for a moment. His dick standing straight out, bobbing up and down in response to the hot air being blown on him. He wiped the sweat from his face, and stood up, walking toward the bathroom.

He turned on the light in the small bathroom, with a pedestal sink, toilet, and very small shower stall. He had only a sheer plastic curtain in the shower, and very little room for creativity. He looked at himself in the mirror. The oblong glass ended his view right at the base of his dick. He clenched his prostate, and watched his dick bob up and down in and out of view. He walked over to the shower, turning it just a little to the right, feeling the instant cool in the air, from the shower stream. He stepped in, feeling relief and excitement. His nips became hard instantly, and he completely soaked himself in the cool streams. He grabbed his shower gel, generously glazing his chest, and rubbed if all over himself. He reached behind, and washed his back. he worked the lather over his shoulders, and arms, thighs, legs, ass, and crotch. He smelled the sweetness of the gel, erasing all evidence of the musk that was previously there. He shampooed quickly, and rinsed his hair and beard, stepping out onto the rubber mat on the floor. He forgot to grab a towel, so he shook what water he could off, and walked back into the apartment. The heat was so thick, he felt the sweat beads form instantly.

The shower had been a quick relief, but he knew he'd be sweaty in minutes. He sat back on the bed, feeling the hot air blow on him, and took hold of his dick. It was semi-hard, and instantly hardened fully at his touch. He wanted some relief, and quickly jerked up and down the rod. He rested back on one elbow, and jerked quickly, feeling a surge of energy. He let out a moan as he started to cum. It shot directly out toward the window, shot after shot. he felt his balls and shaft throb with each cumshot. His breathing was loud, but muffled by the hum of the fan. He closed his eyes, and milked every last drop of cum from his dick. He flicked off the globs that had formed around his finger tips, and lay back, slightly exhausted, and completely soaked with sweat.

Simon woke up a couple of hours later, completely drenched in sweat. His phone had been vibrating, and he checked his messages. Just a few reminders about the mandatory time off, and when they'd start up again. His brother had texted him about an air conditioner he could have...perfect timing...He walked to the bathroom, and quickly showered again, feeling another brief relief. He went to the kitchen and grabbed another water, chugging it. It was too hot to eat, but he still felt a tinge of hunger. He placed a grocery order online of some fruits and veggies, salad, water, and a couple of boxed items. He definitely needed more water, but had to meet the minimum order amount. He looked up some porn, and felt his dick harden again. he started to slowly jack off again, watching the couple on his screen fuck rapidly, and then slowly. He was really getting into his jerking, when the door buzzed. He got up and buzzed in the delivery driver, grabbing his towel from the bed. He wrapped it around, but could not conceal the hard outline of his dick. He was rummaging for some clean shorts, when he heard a knock at the door. Wrapping in the small towel again, he opened the door, letting in the delivery guy. He pointed to the table, and went to the bed to get his wallet out of his work pants. He turned around getting the cash out of his wallet, and the towel came undone, falling at his feet. He stopped short, with no time to think, feeling his thick hardon spring forth, straight out at the delivery guy. He apologized, and handed him the cash, and gave him a generous tip. The man stood still for a moment, and quietly thanked him, backing out of the door and heading down the hall. Simon quickly closed the door, and turned to breathe. He realized then that the porn was still playing on his computer. He felt shamed, and slightly aroused at the idea that someone saw him in a moment of vulnerability. He set his wallet down on the small counter, and sat back in front of his computer, continuing his jerk.

A few minutes went by and he felt the surge of arousal in his groin. He turned and shot a load on the floor beside the table, splattering cum against the tiles. He let out a "fuck yeah" while he road out the orgasm. He stood up, dropping the towel down to wipe up the cum on the floor. He went into the living room, and lay on the sweat soaked bed to check his phone. Remembering the groceries, he got up and went to put them away, his still hard dick, bobbing freely before him. He was putting things away in the refrigerator, and while squatting got the urge to cum again. He stood up, and turned, just as a few short spurts of cum shot out before him, landing on the tiled floor. He moaned loudly, leaning back against the counter. He couldn't believe the rush. As he opened his eyes and looked down, he could see the sweat pouring down his hairy trail, and dripping off his hand and dick...He chugged some more water, and headed for the shower. After another cold, quick rinse, he decided he'd head out and do some laundry. Gathering up his bedding, and dirty clothes, he threw on a fresh tank top and shorts. Maybe he'd call his brother up, and get that sir conditioner...



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