I guess you could say it was partly my age that made me do it. Teenage hormones and the need to rebel caused me to commit something I wasn't ready for. My recent hook on marijuana that high school brought on caused me to lose my senses a bit. I'd spent weeks contemplating whether I should actually go through with it or just masturbate and go to sleep. After weeks of backing down, I finally did it. I agreed to meet the supposedly 20 something year old I'd met on Craigslist at a local high school we both knew about. He agreed he'd bring me a bag of bud I'd asked for since I ran out. Because of that, I was more eager to meet him. He seemed like an okay guy on our 1 am email conversations. Though he knew my supposed age, he didn't care. I had said I was a couple years older than I actually was, regardless I lied. All he wanted was a tight hole to stick his cock in. He knew he'd get that. I'd sent him emails with pictures of my body and face. Though not together. I was smarter than that and still am. I knew what he looked like. His brown skin, short hair, and inner city looks didn't seem to stop me from saying yes. He wasn't ugly, but he wasn't the sexiest guy either. To be fair, I emailed him. Handsome men emailed me but I felt they just weren't the one. I don't know why. Maybe it was because I was insecure and was afraid of what they'd think of me when they saw me. So I picked the alright looking, 20 something year old to lose my virginity.

I told my mom I was going to hang out with a couple of friends and she agreed. I felt bad for lying to her, but I was determined to have sex. I was nervous the whole bus ride and was even more scared when I was walking to school. While I was walking, I emailed him, "Hey, I'm here." It didn't take him long to reply, "Cool I'll be there in 5 mins or less." We'd agreed he'd pick me up in his car and we'd go to his place. As the cars drove by, I was growing more worried he'd stand me up. But finally, a beige sedan stopped by me. The stranger rolled the passenger window down and asked me if I was who he thought I was. I said yes and he unlocked the door for me to get in. I'm almost positive he knew I was lying about my age the moment he saw me. Regardless, he just drove.

He looked different from the pictures he sent me. He'd told me he was 23, but he looked five years older. His hair was longer, but he looked better like that. He had a pot belly but wasn't entirely 'fat.' His skin was clear and he smelled as if he'd just showered. I'll admit, his cologne was intoxicating.

His attempt to make small talk calmed me down a bit. I was worried my parents might see me in a strangers car since we were fairly close to their work place and my dad was constantly driving around town. So I kept my head down. He told me about his job and I just listened. When we were getting close to his house, he told me we'd have to stay in his garage because his parents were home. With that, I was starting to get nervous again.

He got out of the sedan to check on something but not before grabbing a set of keys from the armrest, leaving it open. I looked inside and found a box of Trojan Magnum's. I realized I had just enough time to leave without him noticing. But, instead I stayed.

He came back and opened the garage door revealing a very chaotic and dark space. He closed the garage door, turned up the radio, and told me to move to the back whilst he grabbed the weed he'd hidden in the untidy garage. He showed me the bag and I instantly became more relaxed. This, I thought, this is what I need right now. He took his pipe out, filled it up with the herb, and we both took a couple of hits. I felt my body relax and nothing else mattered anymore. I want this, I thought. This is the moment I've been waiting for. I need this man. A man I knew nothing about. A man so eager to get into my pants I could see it in his hungry eyes.

"Come here," he said as he mentioned me over. I went over to him and stared at him. He leaned forward and kissed me. That was my first kiss. I'd had fantasies of sharing my first kiss with a boy from my school. It would be gentle, passionate, and full of love. But instead, my first kiss was in a stranger's garage, with the radio playing some overrated pop song.

His mustache tickled my smooth face as our kissing quickly turned into a hot and heavy make out session. I was surprised as to how well I could kiss with with my braces. I'd told him in advance about my unfortunate teenage circumstance. Again, he didn't seem to care.

I got on top of him and started grinding on him. I could feel the bulge in his basketball shorts becoming larger. Never in my life did I expect to be doing something like this. This wasn't me. Adolescence started to change me. I started to act up and did things no parent would be proud of.

He started to kiss my neck. That was one of my favorite things he did. I loved it. It gave me shivers down my spine and only turned me on even more. I moaned all the while. Suddenly, he started to untie the waistband of my sweatpants. I got off of him to finish the job and let my pants fall to my feet. For some reason, I wasn't afraid of what he thought of me anymore. I was before even though I chose him . I wasn't all that scared of showing him my body. Why would I be? That time has past. After another while of intense face sucking, I removed my boxer briefs.

So there I was, dry humping this man in a dark garage. My cock was bouncing on his stomach when he told me to take his shorts and boxers off. The moment of truth finally arrived. I crouched down, took his shorts and boxers from the sides and pulled them down to his feet.

Out popped his cock. It was different from what I expected. I guess after years of watching porn you kind of expect something a little different. It smelled musky. Like a man's scent. I looked up at him and he said, "suck it." So I took it in my hand and opened wide.

I hated it. I hated the smell, I hated the taste, but most of all I hated the pressure he was putting on me. Almost instantly when I went down on him, he grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed down. I had absolutely no prior experience. He knew that, yet he still wanted me to deepthroat him. Needless to say I gagged, a lot. I managed to get loose from his hold and told him to slow down. He agreed, but I hardly noticed a difference.

Before we met, he'd told me he was 'real discreet.' I told him I preferred guys like that. So he didn't go down on me. I was there to service him. The only things I managed to get were his sloppy kisses. But I never backed down. I stayed. I stayed and went through with my decision.

After a few minutes of giving him head, it was time to fuck. I got on top of him once again and went for his mouth. I'd take what I could get and to be honest, kissing him made me more hornier than ever.

When we pulled apart, he turned me over so I could face the back of the driver's seat. I knew what was coming. I'd finally have a dick up my tight virgin ass. He had asked me if I had 'prepared.' I didn't know what he was talking about but then he explained. I felt stupid for not knowing but I assured him that I showered thoroughly before our fuck session.

He lubed up his cock, bareback, and positioned it against me. I had no idea what was coming. I knew it would hurt but I never expected it to almost make me cry. The pain was excruciating. I had never experienced such pain in my life. My moans were starting to be replaced by tiny yelps. But he kept going. The head wasn't even fully in but I just couldn't take it.

I backed off his cock for a second and asked him for a moment, which he obliged. Was I crazy for doing this? What was I thinking? So many thoughts ran through my head I just couldn't bare them.

I gathered myself up enough to keep going. Slowly, I attempted to sit on his slick cock. He helped position himself to give me easier access. After letting out a couple more yelps, I took a deep breath and finally managed to get the whole head inside of me. I was no longer a virgin. The one sacred thing I could call mine was gone forever. It was taken from me by a stranger in his parent's garage. But to say it was all his fault would be a colossal lie. I let him take my virginity. I can't deny it. I could've backed away but instead I chose to live the rebellious, sexually propelled life of a gay teenage boy.

He kept going deeper inside of me. I felt so full. I never knew such a feeling existed. After a while, he decided he wanted to change positions. He had me lay on my stomach whilst he entered me. He said this position would make the experience better for me, but to tell you the truth, I think it made it worse.

This time he had total control. Maybe that's the real reason he wanted to change positions. Perhaps his patience was running low with me on top, struggling to get him off, and he just wanted to fuck my tight boy pussy already. So, once again he entered me. This time it was quite easier without me giving off much resistance. I had to take him.

Once he was all in, he started to pick up his pace. He fucked me at a pace which allowed him to keep his cock inside me at all times. But he occasionally pulled all the way out and jammed his dick up inside me. That hurt the most. Those hard thrusts were something I always dreamed about but never knew how much they actually hurt.

I started to get loud. My groans were filling up the garage and were louder than the radio. He pulled out and turned the radio up. I knew he was worried his parent's might find us in our indecent state. I could hear them from the main house, and it sounded as if they had guests over. He tried to keep me quiet but there wasn't anything that could shut me up. Only stopping would, but we both knew that wouldn't happen.

Finally, he was reaching the point of no return. He pounded into me even harder until I felt his whole body tense, especially his cock, and he unload deep inside of my guts. He stayed in me for a bit until he was too tied and pulled out. We sat in his car for a while. Neither one of us saying a word; just an overrated and annoying song everyone knew about in the background.

We both dressed up and looked at each other. I could feel his cum inside me but I didn't care. I found it best to not express my true feelings and instead asked him if he liked fucking me. "Yeah," he said, "you were good." I wanted to know more, so I asked him how I performed. "You were pretty good for your first time, it hurt didn't it?" "Yeah." I asked for his forgiveness for my occasional passing of gas but he said, "its all good, it happens to people in their first couple of times."

He told me about a guy around my age he used to live by. He said they fucked a couple of times and he really liked it. My curiosity got the best of me and I asked him, "who was a better fuck?"

"You both have your own special things." Bullshit. I knew what he was thinking. He liked the other guy better. He just didn't want to hurt my feelings.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I forgot to ask him something. "Are you clean?" "What?" "Are you clean," I repeated. "Yeah I'm totally clean dude." I was so stupid for not asking him before, especially because he fucked me raw. "You should really ask guys that before you let them fuck you," he stated. He was right, I should've asked. I couldn't take his word so after my second encounter with another man, I got checked. I'm clean and I thank god. But, I'm not entirely over the phobia.

He drove me home after that. I had asked him to drop me off a few blocks away from my house so no one could see me get out of his car. Before getting off, I grabbed the bag of weed he'd bought me and said, "we should do this again sometime." I don't know why. You'd think after such an encounter I'd never want to have sex again, but I did. "Sure," he said, "I'll let you know."

I walked the few remaining blocks home and saw as he drove away in his beige sedan. I put the bag of weed in my pocket and entered my house as if I were still the innocent boy my parents loved.



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