Sometimes after a long day it's nice to go to Midtowne Spa and unwind.  Monday was one of those days.  Half price rooms are a good thing and traffic was light on the way in.  I parked without any trouble and went in.  The staff is friendly and it's like seeing an old friend most of the time when I get to the counter.  I said high to the kinky old guy who was working the desk and asked for a regular room, preferably one with hung tops.  He chuckled and asked if 406 would work?  I told him that was fine and paid my $10 and change.

I went up to my room, undressed, lubed my ass and opened up a new bottle of poppers.  I always like to pre-lube my ass before I go prowling.  It helps ensure a slippery fuck.  I decided to open a new bottle from US Pop Shop... their poppers are smooth and different from the PWD stuff I order online.  Sort of a little treat to offset the stupidity of a long workday.

I grabbed my poppers, lube, and towel, put my key around my arm and strode out the door to see what I could find.  On the way there I noticed a really tall black guy pacing in a hall but fully dressed.  It was busy for a Monday but quiet in the maze area.  There was a stocky white guy who looked like he might be kinky.  The problem with 20-somethings is you just never know if they want to fuck or still are working through their bullshit.  I decided to just pick a spot and see if he hit on me.

After a few minutes I decided it would be better for me to pick a different spot.  I like to stand with my ass out facing a wall at a corner.  This lets me keep an eye out, but leaves my ass open for passing tops to grab and show they are interested.  I jokingly think of it as setting the cookies out.  It rarely disappoints.  I had been there for under 5 minutes when too tall came by.  I knew he was walking around the glory hole booths and could tell he was prowline for ass.  When he did come around the back where I was at he predictably stopped and his hand landed on my ass.  He deftly worked his finger in my crack and found it was prelubed.  He pushed his rough finger against my hole a few times and I just relaxed.  He leaned over my shoulder and growled "105" in my ear.  I knew that this meant to meet him at his room, number 105.

If you go to a bathhouse enough, the rooms begin to take on a personality.  105 definitely had a personality.  I had gotten dicked good in that room a few times, so I was excited.  I took my time getting there and found him just opening the door when I arrived.  I followed him in without a word.  He shut the door behind me and I realized it was really dark, more so then usual in this room.

I hit my poppers, lubed my hole and set my towel and stuff on the end of the mattress.  He was getting undressed and I knew what was next.  I dropped to my knees and he put his floppy cock in my mouth.  It tasted nasty, but I kept sucking it.  Any temptation to take it out of my mouth and ask what was on it was gone when he grabbed my head and started face fucking me.  He had not said a word to me since I got here and I could tell this was going to be a good fuck.  He was probably about 8.5, average thickness, but he had it crammed down my throat.  His bushy pubes were against my face and rubbing my nose.  Some guys have a smell to them and this guy was definitely musty.  I was beginning to choke a bit, but he didn't care, he was fucking my face working towards getting fully erect.

Just as quickly as he had started he stopped.  He pulled me up and pushed me towards the bed.  I hit my poppers hard and spread some lube on his cock.  I did manage to get two squirts of lube on his dick before he pushed me over the bed and began working his way in.  He wasn't particularly gentle the way some guys are.  He was here to fuck and it was really obvious that he was using my hole for that purpose.

He had one big hand on my hips, his cock deep in my ass, and then he took his other hand and put it between my shoulders.  He pushed me all the way down on to the mattress.  Meanwhile he was pounding my ass and finally getting more vocal.  Mainly consisting of moans and take it boy's. I was pinned down on the bed and able to just work myself around to where I could look back between my legs.  This afforded me the opportunity to periodically hit my poppers when he would pause.  Otherwise I was watching his legs come towards me and away from me as he proceeded to wreck my hole.

This went on for a good 20 minutes and he was tearing my ass up.  If felt like he was churning my insides with a stick!  I was still basically pinned on the bed.  He would periodically stop and his giant hands would swoop down and push my knees together, forcing my ass higher.  I finally figured out that this was more convenient for him because he was tall.  I had wedged my head against the wall to keep from being banged into the wall.  As he would push I would feel him push against me, pushing me into the wall and I could hear the other wall being pushed behind him.  For a second I wondered what others might think... and then I decided to egg him on a little bit.  Sometimes talking shit gets you a load of cum faster.

I told him he was tearing me up.  No response.  I told him to use that ass.  No response, no change.  I told him I needed a break soon.  No you don't, came the reply.  I quietly said, yes I do.  He leaned over me and said, "No, You don't! I'm not done with you, take it." and with that he was holding me down and seemingly doubled up on pounding my ass.  He was shoving it in and then working his cock around like he was going to find some sort of god damn prize.  For the tops reading this I promise you don't want the prize that this produces.  I muttered that I needed to stop soon.  He ignored me and just kept fucking.  Bang, bang bang sweep, bang bang sweep.

Finally he thrust in, moaned, and I felt his cock pulse a few times as he bred my hole and filled it with his seed.  He pulled out and stood against the wall for a second.  I grabbed my towel, poppers, and lube.  At about that moment the door opened which I knew was my queue to get the fuck out.  I wasted no time in leaving.  As I walked away the door to 107 opened revealing a very hot black guy.  He looked at me and looked me up and down.  I guess he had been watching me get fucked.  It's possible to stand on the mattress and see over the wall into the next room.  I paused to see if he was going to invite me in, and he retreated into his room, shutting the door.

My hole was drippy and I knew that it was time to go sit in the hot tub for a few minutes.


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