Tony had met Jo many years ago in a local gay bar, he had fancied him straight away as Jo was very handsome sporting a moustache and had a broad northan accent.

They had got talking and it seemed Jo ran his own firm up north but also had a small outlet here in the city so had to come down often to check on it. He had a flat near by and after a few drinks invited Tony back.

Tony didn't need asking twice and soon they were in Jo's flat drinking some wine, they made small talk then Jo reached over and kissed Tony hard, Tony responed and soon was led to the bedroom.

'Undress for me boy' Jo said and Tony obeyed excited by the sterness in Jo's voice, he had always been submissive and had a feeling he wasn't going to be disapointed,

Jo looked at him 'on your knees' he barked and Tony quickly did as he was told.He looked up as Jo removed his shirt to show off his hairy chest then undoing his zip he took out his hard cock and pushed it hard into Tonys waiting mouth.

Tony took it and sucked hard wanting to be a good slave to this hunk.

Jo then took his cock out and grabbing Jo by the hair made him look up then slowly pushing his cock back in he filled his mouth with piss and Tony took it all,the night went on and on and Jo had Tony begging for more and more until Jo turned him over and fucked him long and hard, coming with such force Tony felt he would burst but his own cock burst forth and the two of them lay back spent but satisfied.

This became a regular meeting whenever Jo was in town Tony knew he would get a good seeing too and was never disapointed,then one day out of the blue Jo asked him to run his shop as the guy that had been there had left and he needed someone he could trust.

Tony agreed feeling more for Jo and wanted to please him in whatever way he could.

He started work and as the shop was based in a market he soon got to know the other shop people and made a good friendship with Sophie who ran her own sweet shop,and so things went on smoothly and Jo was happy with how Tony worked and rewarded him with ever harder sex.

Then one day Sophie came into the shop with her boyfriend and Tony almost died, the guy was stunning,an ex public school lad with a smile that could of given Cleopatra a run for her money.

'This is Simon' said Sophie, Tony said hi and shook his hand and almost at once a friendship began.

Simon came to the market alot and everyone liked him,'Bet you would like to be had by him' Jo said one day, 'Wouldn't we all'Tony replied and that night as Jo fucked him he wondereJ what it would be like if Simon joined in.

A few weeks later Jo was down and said to Tony that Sophie was visiting her parents for the night so thought we could take Simon out for a few beers,Tony didn't need asking twice, to be in the company of the two guys he got turned on by was a dream although he knew Simon was straight he could still dream.

After work and Simon had said goodbye to Sophie the three lads made for the local bar and Jo got the beers in,both Simon and Jo sat next to each other and Tony never felt happier,he watched as Simon smoked even that was a turn on and every so often Jo would smile knowing his boy was excited.

'Your turn to get the beers in Tony' siad Jo and so he went to the bar, they were certainly downing them he thought as he made his way back to the table. He noticed Jo and Simon smiling and asked what was the joke,'Oh no joke'said Simon,'Jo was just telling me how you first met but I had always guessed there was more to you two' Tony felt funny 'Hope he hasn't said too much' 'Oh just enough' Jo butted in.

The bell rang behind the bar 'Time now' said the barman.

'That was a fast night' said Simon what next?'

'Well I have some beers in the flat if you want'replied Jo 'Why not' said Simon 'You up for it Tony' Tony agreed and so they made their way.

Once in Simon lit up and Jo got the beers.Simon blew out a long stream of smoke took a sip of beer then looked at Tony,'Fancy a kiss from me' Tony couldn't belive what he had heard and looked at Jo,'Get over there and kiss Simon,we have alot planned for you, why do you think we're here?'

Tony was excited and nervious but went to Simon who looked him in the eyes 'Its your dream come true' he said then kissed him long and hard.

'Now strip' Tony did what he was told and stood there in front of Jo and Simon naked and hard.

Jo took off his belt and tied Tonys hands behind his back then forced him too his knees 'Open wide boy Simon needs a piss' Tony obeyed and Simon emptied himself into Tonys waiting mouth and then Jo came and did th same,looking up Tony saw Simon kiss Jo while they pushed their coks into his mouth.

Tony was used in every way and loved it finaly being fucked by Simon and sucking Jo.

He was pounded from either end then filled with each mans cum while shooting his even though he had not touched it.

Jo led him to the bedroom and pushing on the bed he tied his arms to the bed posts.

'Simon and I are going to have a couple more beers then you are in for a night you wont forget boy'

Tony lay there and finaly Simon and Jo entered the bedroom and Tony got used beyond his dreams.

Unknown to anyone this relationship carried on and on and three men were very happy.




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