It had been a long, tiring day for Mark Jones, Regional Sales Manager for Cuthbert and Sons Farm Equipment. After calling on several farms in the area, he finished the day with a large order from Mr. Henderson of Henderson Dairy Farms.

'Mr. Henderson, I'd like to thank you for your order today', Mark said to the handsome older man. 'We'll be sure and send the equipment out within the week.'

'Don't worry me none, son,' replied Bill Henderson. 'We been doing business with your company fer years, always done right by us'.

'Would you mind giving me directions to the nearest hotel?' Mark asked. 'It's been a long day and I'd like to rest up.'

'Ain't got one in town.' Henderson said. 'Don't get many visitors that don't got no family to stay with. Nearest one's about 3 hours away.'

'Welcome to stay the night ifin ya like. You'll have to bunk in with my boy, though, ain't got no spare room.'

'Well,' Mark hesitated, ' I don't want to put you out'

About that time, Mr. Henderson's son, Tommy, came out the front door.

'Pa, suppers on the table.'

Being on the road all the time, lifting demonstration models in and out of his car and using the exercise equipment at various hotels, has kept Mark in good physical condition. Compared to Tommy Henderson, though, he was a 98 pound weakling.

Twenty two years old, 6'4' with dark wavy hair and blue eyes. He had a 42 inch chest with a 30 inch waist. Dressed in a pair of coveralls and no shirt, Mark could see that Tommy had the hard, muscular body of a man who works hard every day.

'Come on in', Henderson said. 'Since his Ma died, Tommy's become a tolerable cook.'

After a wonderful dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and collard greens, Mark helped Tommy clean up the kitchen and it was time for bed.

Following Tommy to his room, Mark couldn't help but notice the remnants of Tommy's childhood scattered around. Model airplanes on the dresser, fishing pole in the corner and the Hardy Boys books in the bookshelf. He also couldn't help notice the one king size bed in the middle of the room.

'Hope ya'll don't mind, Mr. Jones, but I always sleep nekkid', Tommy said. Unhooking the snaps at the top of his coveralls, they fell to the floor leaving Mark to stare in astonishment at the fat, uncut cock swinging between Tommy's legs.

'Wha- wha - whatever you're comfortable with is fine with me', replied Mark.

Turning out the light, both men crawled under the covers. A few minutes later, Mark felt a hand running across his chest. Tommy slowly slid his hand over Mark's chest, across his stomach and down between his legs. Mark let out a small moan as Tommy grabbed his hard cock.

'You don't mind, do you?' asked Tommy. 'We don't get much call for company, and you're a right handsome stud.'

'What about your Father? Won't he hear us?'

'Won't bother him none. Pa sleeps through anything,' replied Tommy.

Pulling the covers down, Tommy slid between Marks legs and took his cock in his mouth. Licking the head and then slowly sliding his head down, until he had Mark's cock buried in his throat.

'Oh yeah. That's it, Tommy. Suck my cock!'

For a farm boy who doesn't get many visitors, Tommy gave an excellent blow job. He knew just when to concentrate on the head, and when it was time to take it all the way down.

After a few minutes of Tommy's hot, young mouth on his dick, Mark was ready to shoot.

Mark put his hands on the back of Tommy's head and thrust his hips up and down, fucking Tommy's mouth.

'Oh God! Oh God!, I'm cumming!' Mark yelled and shot load after load into Tommy's mouth.

'Oh, Tommy! That was great. But what about your Father? Do you think he heard us?'

'Naw, I told you Pa's a heavy sleeper'.

'I better go check' Mark replied. Getting out of bed, Mark slipped across the hall to the old man's room. Seeing him lying on the bed, Mark slipped in and yanked a hair off his ass to check and see if he was awake. When the farmer didn't respond, Mark went back to Tommy's room and crawled back to bed.

It wasn't long before Mark felt Tommy's hand again. This time he slid it between Mark's legs and was fingering his hole.

'I think now it's my turn' he said, rolling Mark on his back and lifting his legs.

Grabbing a tube of Vaseline he keeps in his nightstand, Tommy leaned over and gave Mark a passionate kiss while squirting an ample amount on Mark's hole. Nibbling on Mark's neck he started sliding his finger in and out, loosening him up and making Mark squirm.

Slipping a second finger up Mark's ass, Tommy had Mark moaning with pleasure, writhing on the bed.

'Get ready for it, boy. I ain't had a good fuck in weeks.'

Lifting Mark's legs to his shoulders, Tommy guided his 8 inch cock to Mark's hole.

Mark let out a gasp as Tommy's cock head penetrated him. Once Tommy had it buried balls deep in Mark's ass, he smiled down at Mark and said, 'You like having that cock in your pussy, bitch?'

'Oh God yes! Please fuck me! Fuck me hard!' Mark fairly shouted out.

Tommy started fucking Mark slowly at first, then picking up speed he shoved his cock in and out of Mark's tight ass. With every thrust Mark pushed back to take more of Tommy's huge dick.

Mark was delirious with lust. His hands were above his head holding onto the headboard, his legs on the virile young stud's shoulders. The headboard banged against the wall with every thrust Tommy made into Mark's hungry hole.

After what seemed like forever and yet not nearly long enough, Tommy pulled almost all the way out and announced 'here I cum, bitch!' Tommy pounded Mark's ass with his cock. His balls banging against Mark's with each thrust. He shot load after load of hot, young cum up Mark's ass.

As Tommy pulled out and laid back on the bed, Mark was sure they woke the farmer up this time.

'I better check your Father. I don't want him to be angry and cancel his order or report me to the company.'

Mark slid quietly back into the Father's room. The farmer was still asleep, but to make sure Mark pulled another hair from the man's ass.

The farmer rolled over and said 'Look, son. I don't give a fuck if ya'll are balling my boy, but don't keep score on my ass'.




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