'Ugh she pisses me off. God we've been dating for months now and she won't put out. I'm gonna use a condom not like I would get her prego or anything....' Tommy said to his friend Tyler

'I hear ya man. I've been with Ashley for like 8 months now and she won't either. I need to get off by something other then my hand pretty soon.' Tyler replied back

Tyler looked at Tommy his sandy brown hair clinged to his forehead from sweat from their workout and he emerald eyes were glowing bright. Tyler and Tommy were always best friends but Tyler always felt something more. He never even considered that he was gay he just knew that it was odd how much he really liked Tommy.

They walked out of the weight room. Nobody else was left in the school except the janitors. Tommys dad was the head supervisor of maintenance so he allowed Tommy to basically have free roam throughout the school.

Tyler kept thinking about this hot piece of muscle and sex walking next to him. Tommy was really cute. His 8 pack abs were always bulging tight against his t shirts. He was still pretty thin but Tyler knew that if he went against him he would get his ass beat.

Tyler kept thinking about this as he was stripping down. He turned to talk to Tommy when he saw him standing there. His Abrcrobie Briefs tight against his bulge that Tyler had seen so many times during the showers for football and hockey which they were both in.

'Well man I'm gonna get in the showers see you in a few' Tommy said

With that Tommy slid down his briefs and walked past Tyler slapping him on his jockstrap exposed ass.

'Why do I still wear this thing. I know its Under Armor but why. Everybody else wears like compression shorts or briefs like Tommy. Oh yeah thats why' Tyler thought to himself. He looked down to see his growing nob.

Tylers cock had been known around the district for its giant size. It was about 6 inches soft so he had to have something really tight to keep it down. He never wore boxers because during the day he didn't want it to make a reappearance.

He pulled off his jock. Wrapped himself in his towel and walked into the showers. Tommy was standing the whole way at the end so he decided to take one in the front corner because he knew what would happen if he stood next to me.

'Hey man I don't bite so come down here as long as that python of yours doesn't eat smaller 7 inch dicks for dinner' Tommy yelled out to Tyler

'Shit' tyler thought to himself

He walked over and stood next to Tommy. The warm water was hitting his ripped muscles and Tyler knew his dick was starting to grow. He just kept thinking of the worst thoughts possible but in the back of his mind he was still thinking about Tommy. He could feel his dick growing larger and larger and larger.

'Dude what the fuck!? your gonna poke my god damned eye out with that thing.' Tommy screamed at Tyler. Obviously talking about his dick.

'I'm sorry man I can't help it like I said I haven't gotten off in a long time' Tyler said

'Well thats no my problem. Get some porn, get a fag to do it. your scaring me with that. Are you like 3/4s man 1/4 horse dick?' Tommy asked

'I don't know dude. I just want to get off' Tyler said

'Well dude I don't care if you jerk in the shower we do it all the time.' Tommy said to Tyler.

'When? I do every sport you do and I never see you guys do it.' Tyler asked

'Yeah you always leave before we start. Dude we all love being naked and playing around with each other. Why do you like run in and run out?'

'Dude your fucking gay. Why do you like being naked around guys?' Tyler said back.

'Why shouldn't I? I mean we all have the same parts. Its not like we were sucking each others dick. Well that one kid will suck us off if we want. I think hes a fag but I haven't had him suck me off yet.' Tommy said

'Still weird though. Like don't fag like fuck in the ass?' Tyler said

'Yeah dude. You haven't ever touched back there?' Tommy said

'Um no why would I?' Tyler asked

'Dudes its amazing. Like I can't believe you've never fingered yourself. It feels amazing. Like you feel filled. Its hard to describe' Tommy said

'Hm I'll have to try that later' Tyler said

'Why dont you try it now. Like I'll show you how. I fit like 3 fingers up mine and it felt incredible. I shot so hard' Tommy said

'Whatever man this still feel weird ' Tyler said

Tommy eased Tyler down on his back. He grabbed his muscular legs and pushed them back towards his head.

'Dude do you shave your hole?' Tommy asked

'No man. Why would I?' Tyler asked

'Most guys do.' Tommy said

'I like some hair. Guys aren't supposed to be like slip n slides so I like to have some hair on me.' Tyler said

'Yeah I never thought of that.' Tommy said 'Okay I'll start out with one finger and then you increase it. I use spit for lube but you can use actual lube if you like. It hurts a bit at first so just wait a minute.'

'Okay are you sure this will help with my.....situation?' Tyler asked glancing down to his dick.

'Dude I never shoot as hard as when I finger myself. Its like so amazing' Tommy said

Tommy licked his finger and pressed it against the outside of Tylers hole. He rubbed around and around Tyler began to moan each time he put more pressure on his hole. His dick was leaking pre cum like a garden hose.

'Okay I'm gonna push one in now. Like I said it may hurt a little' Tommy said

Tommy pressed his index finger in Tyler

'OHHHHHHHHHHHH' Tyler yelled

Tommy quickly pulled out as fast as he could.

'Did I hurt you!?' Tommy yelled

'Get your finger back in there. That was amazing. you hit something inside me and it felt like i was orgasming.'

Tommy smilled. He knew it wasn't going to hurt. He knew that Tyler was going to go nuts just like he did. Now it was time to get exactly what he wanted. To be in Tyler and Tyler in him.

Tommy pressed his finger in again. Rubbing around the same area that he did before. Tyler kept moaning each time harder and harder

'Okay I'm gonna put another one in now' Tommy said

Tommy licked a second finger and began to slide it in. Tyler winced a bit in pain but is face soon began to turn to pleasure.

'Oh my god. That feels.....ahhh..ahh....harder' Tyler moaned

'Do you want my cock inside you?' Tommy asked

'Will it feel even better then this?'Tyler asked

'Yeah dude.' Tommy said

'Put it in me now. I want more!' Tyler said

Tommy smiled. He had always wanted this. He knew Tyler did too but he couldn't figure out how to get it. Now he had him right where he wanted him

Tommy grabbed some water off the floor and put more spit on his dick and Tylers expanded hole.

'its going in' Tommy said

Tommy slowly slide his cock in. Tyler was wincing in pain as Tommy slide the head in but it soon became pleasure.

'oh my god. Fuck me now Tommy. I want more of you' Tyler screamed out in pleasure.

Tommy pushed in deeper and deeper and deeper. The faster he went the harder Tyler moaned. Tommy reached down and grabbed Tylers giant dick jacking it off.

'Tommy I'm cumming............'

Tyler exploded sending cum above his head then when he pushed his dick towards Tommy, he bent in half and began to swallow Tylers cum. This pushed Tommy over the edge and he began to unload his cum into Tylers ass.

'Tylerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr' Tommy screamed.

Tommy collapsed on top of Tyler. Their sweaty bodies together. Tyler could feel the cum flowing from his ass.

'You guys don't really jack off together do you Tommy?' Tyler asked

'.....No we don't' Tommy said his head hanging low.

'Then why did you tell me that you did?'

'I just wanted the chance to have sex with you. I'm really sorry you probably hate me now' Tommy said

'Nope I'm just glade feelings are mutual. Now lets get this cum out of my ass. My parents are in Bermuda all week so tell your parents were working on a project for the next few days. I have plenty of clothes you can wear at my house.' Tyler said with a smile.

Chapter II- cumming in Tommys ass soon :)



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