"Ok Mr. Baker, here's all the boxes from the attic you wanted down." I set a bunch of dusty old boxes onto the kitchen floor which were in place with more similar looking boxes. The smell was bad, but a window cracked open helped relieve the smell. I smiled at Mr. Baker as he came around a wall composed of similar boxes. Mr. Baker opened the top box and noticed that old books were once hidden from him in these boxes. The box was put on the table, with two others.

"Check the next box Chris, I'll check these over here." Mr. Baker weaved himself into the room of boxes and began to analyze every piece of every box's treasure.

After opening a few boxes full of old electronics, clothes, and other items, a small black box was on the floor all alone.

"Mr. Baker, what's in this box?" I asked, pointing as he rounded the corner.

I was helping Mr. Baker as a community service project, and needed to get hours. I liked Mr. Baker, especially because he was on my street. He was by far the nicest old person, and even his appearance was the only thing that made him old. He still drove a nice car, and wore nice clothing. I had asked one day and I was told that Mr. Baker was "Older". I still found a part of him to be, sexy. He walked over and opened the box. A bunch of small dildos and some rather large were placed in a single row in this box. They weren't old and the variety was amazing. Some were vibrating, there were a few butt plugs, and a few anal beads as well as plain old dildos.

"Oops, well, I guess this box was suppose to be for someone else." Mr. Baker chuckled as he picked up a long, pink double dildo. I smiled and laughed as well, and reached for a more realistic dildo. My hands played with the dildo as Mr. Baker thumbed through the box for something other than sexy toys. He looked up and noticed that I was jerking the dildo off. He swallowed hard and asked me for the dildo.

"Ohh, sorry. I've never felt one before. Here." I handed him the toy. He placed it neatly in the box.

The attic was clean and we were both tired. I rested on Mr. Bakers couch while he got us both a drink. I took my shirt off as the room was hot. Sweat covered my body, and my white skin drew his attention. After a moment of relaxing I thought it was best for me to get going.

"You can stay for a bit, I don't mind having company." Mr Baker said before I could get up. He glanced at my stomach.

"Well, if it's not that big of a deal." I said, with an innocent smile on my face.

"Com'on out back, I've got something to show you." He waved me up as he rose up and walked to the porch door. I followed closely with my drink. Mr. Baker opened the door to reveal an indoor jacuzzi in it's own room. The water bubbled as I glanced at it, then him.

"Well, let's get in."

The room was very cold because the windows were open allowing the winter air to creep in. The jacuzzi steamed up, taunting me.

"I don't have a swim trunk." I acted as if I really want to join him, but saw no other way of doing so.

"That's ok Chris, just wear your boxers."

"Well, ok." I took off my pants and noticed Mr. Baker staring at me. He turned around when I caught him. I giggled and entered the Jacuzzi slowly. The warmth took over my cold body and I began to enter a relaxed state of mind. I smiled as I watched Mr. Baker now stripping to his boxers. He entered across from me into the jacuzzi. Mr. Baker reached over and opened a wine bottle with two wine glasses in his hand. He poured some wine out into each glass, and handed me one. I accepted it with a smile. I drank a sip and began to love the flavor. Mr. Baker copied me but drank more than I had.

"Thanks for helping me again Chris, I always liked you. Since you were a kid I asked your Mom and Dad if there was anything I could do to help them raise you."

"Well thanks Mr. Baker."

"Please, call me Tom, Chris. No need to be formal."

I smiled at Tom as I drank a bit more wine. My glass got empty fast as Tom offered the refill it.

"So, why did you choose to help me Chris?"

"Well, Tom, I kinda like hanging around with you. I feel a vibe when we are together that is nice. Plus I really like you."

Tom took a sip from his glass, and said, "Well, I really like you too Chris."

I winked at him as I set the empty glass down. My foot rubbed against Tom's leg as I looked at him. He had a big smile as he began to rub my leg with his foot. I giggled as he moved over next to me. His arm reached behind my back and rested on my shoulder. I leaned towards him and rested my head on his shoulder. My hand also rested on his thigh, gently squeezing.

"I think you're sexy, Tom." I looked into his eyes as he looked at me. He leaned down and gently kissed my soft lips. My tongue ran across his lips as ours touched. His tongue did the same, as they danced within our mouths. I stared at him with a look in my eyes. My hand glided up towards his cock. My fingers ran softly across him as he grew harder.

"I'm glad you came over today, Chris." Tom said in a soft voice.

"I'm glad I did too." I kissed his lips again as he used his tongue again. He glared into my eyes after, and pushed my hand that was teasing him to grab his cock. I began to stroke him under the water as he removed his hand. I reached in his boxers after a few pumps and released him. My hands worked faster as he kissed my neck. I moaned softly as he nibbled on my tender skin. He stopped and sat back next to me. I took the opportunity to sit on his lap, allowing his cock to push against my butt crack as I did. His hands roamed across my stomach and abs, and even my legs as he felt the pressure of my body on him. Leaning my head back I rested it on his shoulder as he felt my body under the water. My boxers were taken off as Tom had removed them softly. His cock pushed against my butt. I bit my lip as I felt the pressure of it.

I moved to the side of Tom as he stood up on the edge of the jacuzzi. Slowly I floated over infront of Tom as my hands spread his legs. My eyes glared at his cock as I sat on my knees. As I leaned in Tom's cock grew even bigger. I encased him in my soft lips and felt him twitch at the heat. My tongue slipped under his cock as I let it slid deeper into my mouth. I stopped as it reached the back of my throat, and began to suck Tom. His hands made their way to my head as I worked faster. Saliva dripped down his shaft and over his scrotum. Tom pushed me to deepthroat him as I gagged. He allowed me to breath very quickly. I stood infront of him as he slapped me across the face with his big cock. I giggled as he stuck it back into my warm mouth. He controlled my head and made me go fast. He let me rest with his cock in my throat again. I held it for a few seconds as he let a moan out, until I again gasped for air.

"Your mouth is so warm Chris." Tom said as I jerked him off.

I smiled to him, "I didn't know you were this big, Mr. Baker."

"How about a role-play Chris? I know how much you like to have fun." Mr. Baker said this with a exotic look in his eyes. I continued to play with him.

"Ok, what do you have in mind?"

Mr. Baker stood looking at me, until he said "Could you call me Daddy?" I looked at him and smiled.

"Sure, Daddy." His eyes lit up as he had a whole new view of me. Tom pat the side of the jacuzzi next to him as if he wanted me to sit next to him. I rose up dripping with water and sat next to him with my legs angled towards him. He smiled at me and rested a hand on my leg.

"What do you want to do now, Daddy?" I looked innocent as my white body stood naked in front of him to enjoy.

"Well, maybe you could turn around and let me have some fun with you?"

"Ok, daddy, Just be gentle, my bottom is very tender." I rested my abdomen on the side of the pool and let my butt stick up into the air. Tom walked around and gently spread my cheeks apart to get a better look. He drooled a bit on saliva on my hole as his finger ran circles around it. Tom plunged his hand into the water and spanked me with it. The spank was loud and caused me to shake with pleasure. A moan escaped my mouth as he continued to use his finger to tease me.

"Spank me again Daddy. I've been a bad boy." Tom was overcome with excitment as I moaned this to him. His response was another wet spank on the opposite cheek. I bit my lower lip and turned my head so he could see my reaction. My eyes met his as Tom squeezed a cheek of mine with his hand.

"Why don't you stick that finger into me Daddy, or something else if you want to." Tom pushed his finger into me as I moaned back to him. He started off slow, but quickly sped up as each moan turned him on more. Tom began using two fingers to tease me now. My body quivered as he had begun to cause me to orgasm with them. His hand spanked me as he inserted a third finger.

"Do you like my warm tight hole Daddy?"

Tom removed his fingers and had gotten to his feet. His body rested atop mine as his hands rested on my hips. Toms penis quickly penetrated me shortly after. I moaned loudly as Tom spanked a cheek of mine. He thrust fast and using most of his shaft. An orgasm began to overtake my body as he continued this very deep penetration on me. My moans began to mimic his rhythm as the orgasm increased.

"Yes Daddy, right there Daddy, Oh my god your cock is so big for me."

My body shook with pleasure. I stuck my head up and Tom had begun to kiss my cheek. I moaned even louder as he thrust all of himself into me and held it. I bit my lip as Tom held my from shooting forward from the pleasure. His wet hand spanked me again. He pulled out quickly and spun me around to my knees.

My hands held my knees as I sat down infront of Tom in the water. His hand worked himself quickly staring at me.

"Cum on my face Daddy. Cover me with your warm cum." Toms penis entered into my throat and thrust fast. My mouth gargled as saliva drooled all over his shaft. His hand held my head in place while he used his powerful hips to push his penis all the way down my throat again and again. My face held a surprised look as Tom began to moan loudly. He thrust out quickly as a warm white jet of cum shot across my face. Five more strands followed in bursts after covering a large portion of my face. Tom moaned until he stopped jerking himself off. My mouth covered his penis as I stared up at him with big, exotic eyes. He smiled at me playing with his penis again. Toms penis left my warm mouth while he continued to stare at my face covered in his cum.

"Wow Daddy, I must have been really bad. I never have had this much cum on my face before."

Tom smiled at me and replied, "Well Chris, anytime you want to come over for being bad, I'll be sure to punish you long and hard."

I smiled at Tom while still on my knees. My mind raced with the idea of when I could come back over to enjoy his hard penis again.




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