At one time there was a luncheonette in Albany, NY called the Grill Pit. It is no longer in business, They served the best sirloin steak sandwiches on a hard roll at a reasonable price, and so the place was popular.  I use to stop there often.  The crowd was mixed with lots of single guys and gals who would hang out there.  They had older style stools that swiveled completely around at the lunch counter.  I often sat at the counter. There was one guy in particular that I would see there a lot. He had a nice body and was good looking.  He was a younger than me and had a nice build.  I was twenty-three and he had just turned twenty-one. He had smooth looking muscular arms.  His hair was jet black and somewhat wavy which peeked out from under his cap sometimes he wore a cowboy type hat. -  Piercing dark eyes and a killer smile.  I use to sneak a look every chance I got.  Girls hung around him and he acted cool.  One day he sat next to me at the counter. There were no girls around.  We exchanged a few words. He was friendly but on the quiet side.  At one point, he swiveled around on his stool to face me.   He was wearing fairly tight jeans and a tank top that showed off his arms and pecks.  I glanced towards his leg and a bulge was outlined in his jeans.  He made me nervous. There was this obvious gay acting dude by the name of Chucky Ray who uses to hang around the Grill Pit. He wanted to strike up conversations with straight dudes with hope of getting in their pants.  His father owned a neighborhood tavern and he would sometimes get guys free drinks when his old man wasn't around.  Before long Chucky stopped frequenting his fathers bar and was drinking around town in other places. So something must have happened. There was a lot of street activity centered on the Boulevard, which ran through a portion of the city.   A gay crowd of aging “starlets” would gather at a tavern called “Clancy's” bar. One day on my way home I stopped at the bar for a brew.  I knew a few people but not many.  I recognized Chucky Ray in a small group of guys. With him was the stud from the Grill Pit They were drinking and laughing.  I asked the bar tender if he knew who he was.  He said, “All I know is that his name is Tom - he has a killer butt and he's straight - sorry Justin.” What I knew about Chucky told me that if Tom was hanging with him, something had to be going on. Chucky never had much money so I figured that wasn't it.  There was some heavy weed around in those days...perhaps that was the attraction.  I couldn't figure it out. That was that - so I thought. Occasionally, I would see him walking alone down the street as I drove by and I would think to myself - “damn - he is something” I was on my way to work one morning and driving up the Boulevard when I saw him hitching a ride. I passed by him and then went around the block again.  This time I stopped at the light and he got in. I remembered that his name was Tom. I thought to myself - (Justin, this is your one and probably only chance so don't screw it up) I drove about a half block still looking at him. Not knowing what was going to happen - I came right out and asked him for sex.  He stared straight ahead which told me - this was not the first time someone had asked him that question.  I thought to myself - this is not a good sign.  Then he looked at me - “do you mean right now?  I said, “yes, right now.  He said, My name is Tom - okay” - “I'm Justin, I told him” I live only a couple of blocks away.”  We went to my apartment. The place was empty and my roommate was working.  My heart was thumping and I was a little scared.  I didn't know what to expect and I really didn't care. All I knew was that I had this dude and I was bringing him home. Nothing else seemed to matter. Once inside and comfortable I was all over him like a dog in heat.  He never objected.  I still get excited thinking about it.  Everything that morning was perfect.  Damn but I was pleased.  I thought I had landed in Oz. This one encounter began three summer months of sexual activity for both of us.  The sex got hotter far beyond anything I thought could ever happen to me with a guy like this but it managed to do just that. The first time that I picked up Tom hitch-hiking he wanted a blowjob and I wanted to do it. I gave him my number and he tucked it in his pocket - I'll call you I knew that would never happen. Hot looking guys like this never call they don't need to. I wasn't stupid but I pretended that it was a good idea. About a week later he called me. “ Want me to stop by? “ I acted cool about it.  “ Sure I guess that would be okay.” Actually I was excited as hell but didn't want to show it. He came over and we got undressed. We jerked off together, did mostly rubbing and touching.  He left. It was barely a few days later when he called again.  “Want me to stop by “ I said, “sure” This time we sat on the couch our legs touched and neither of us moved. He put his hand on my knee, squeezed a little and then told me to stand up.  I stood in front of him and he unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. The pants dropped to the floor and he wrapped his arms around the back of my legs and pulled me in closer to him. He whispered, “ tell me when you're getting close”. I slid to the floor stretched out - I was about to cum. He took his mouth off and finished jerking me off. He cleaned my chest with a tissue and then he left. I thought to myself - “ what the hell was all that about “ We began to see each other often. Tom would ask me, “ did I cum a lot?” “Yes, pretty good,” I would say.  The next time he asked me that same question “ did I cum a lot?” He wanted to look and touch it. He was intrigued with cum. Often we jerked off together. He would put cum it in his hand and rub it on my chest. Sometimes he would lie on top of me. His chest was warm and muscular. I began to look forward to doing this with him. His build was spectacular. He usually lay on top of me and I would look up at his thick lips. It was awesome. Having sex with Tom was always hot, oh man was it hot.  It usually ended with one of us standing and the other sitting or lying down.  The exception was during a  fuck session when my legs and feet could be anywhere. Tom began getting more comfortable around me.  I could sense it. One time I had his dick in my mouth. He was getting close when he told me to hold it. He jumped to his feet and shot into his hand. He didn't miss a drop. He motioned me back down.  I thought here comes another sticky chest rub - no, not this time. He showed me his cum filled hand and brought it to my mouth. I sat upright and he told me to taste it. So I did.  He said,” get it all dude” and put his fingers in my mouth so I could lick them until all the cum was gone.  I wiped my hand across my mouth, “Christ, that was a lot of cum”.  Tommy flashed a huge smile.  I knew he was pleased with what I just said.  I had discovered his weakness - so I thought.  I started to cum myself from being excited but stopped in time. He asked me if I had shot off yet and I mumbled “ no, not yet” I stopped in time. He relaxed and laid back with his legs spread and wanted me to rub his chest and fondle his cock and balls. “Touch me Justin - just touch me” My hand worked its way around to his butt, which was smooth. Nothing was soft. He was solid, round and firm. Dressed in his clothes he looked great. Without them he looked incredible. He rolled on his stomach and I kissed his thighs and licked some sweat off his back. Everything was tempting and I put my face everywhere.  I rubbed a finger near the crack of his butt - “ Put it in”  he muttered. -  I did. He wiggled a little, “ try two”     I did that also. He flipped around sat up and looked at me. “ grab the lube, Justy I want to get fucked - I know you want it”  I said - “Really?” - I did want it. I wanted it all.   Later he took a long shower and left. That was Tom's way - Have sex and leave. I didn't care. I received a phone call at work the following week. It was Tom wondering if I could do him a favor. I said, that depends.  He was at Golds gym and just finished a workout and needed a ride.  Tom had a driver's license but no car. He got around town on a bike or he used his thumb to catch rides. Looking the way he did he never waited very long for a ride. I told him that I couldn't get away from work.  He spoke softly into the phone, 'I have a present for you, so please pick me up - 'what kind of present I asked.  He didn't answer.  'Come on Justly, do me a favor you know I always take care of  you  The words were right on and I like how he said it.  I went to pick him up. He uses to call me Justy sometimes. At first I didn't like it because it sounded childish until I learned that was his way of being close without being tender or romantic. When I met him outside the gym he was caring a brown paper bag. He got into the car , 'here this is for you I opened the bag and peeked in. It was a marijuana plant that didn't look too healthy. I just stared at him - 'are you nuts, why would I want this  I didn't smoke pot but he did. He was growing this at home in his closet under lights and it wasn't doing well. He wanted me to keep it and nurse it back to health. THEN give it back to him. “okay but I really don't like doing this - Never mind Justin, “I really do have something for you, it's between my legs, can we get out of here?” I drove back along the Hudson River and pulled into an deserted rest area. We sat in the car and he pulled down his shorts and his cock flipped out. He took my head and pushed it down to his lap  'smell it dude' I didn't shower after my workout and I saved my sweaty balls for you. 'smell it, how does that smell?'  I begin to get aroused. “Smells good, I replied, really good”.    It was erotic. He asked me to tell him what it smelled like and I said 'muscle and sweat.  He began to get hard.  I knew he heard what he was looking for. I was going down on him when he stopped me. - 'come on” pulled up his shorts and got out of the car. We walked the bike path, which ran along side the river and came to a clump of trees and bushes. He took my hand and headed for the bushes. We got inside and he backed me gently against a tree and put his hand down the front of my pants. He fondled my cock and held it for a minute, unzipped everything and pulled my jeans down to my ankles. He dropped to his knees and sucked in my dick to the back of his throat. My cock got harder. I held on to his hair as he choked and wrapped his arms around my legs, pulled me in closer to keep me there. He stayed deep throating my cock and holding me tight. He had done me that way once before. It was awesome - totally awesome.  After a blowjob like that, I was too weak to play anymore so we left. I dropped him off at the corner of Hudson Place. 'take care of my plant dude'  I answered, 'I better not get in trouble'  He stuck his finger at me like a pointed gun and walked away. He turned back just once and gave me that confident grin he was famous for. I drove away with a marijuana plant sitting on the floor of my car growing in a paper bag and an empty set of nuts.  It felt good. Tom and I spent time role-playing. The words he would say never bothered me. In fact, I learned to like them. The first time I watched him at the Grill Pit - I wanted him.  I wanted to devour him but not keep him.  Most of the time, but not always, I would make the first move. Admiration  fed his ego. There was a reason behind his need for gay sex.  He was an alpha male around girls and his gym buddies.  Alpha males have huge egos which need feeding.  Girls used him for dates, sex and popularity.  They failed to tell him how desirable and hot he was the way he wanted to hear it.  But I did.  An alpha male thrives on worship.  It can be something as simple as smelling or tasting. When I discovered that we clicked. With the right moves and the right words, I could go anyplace and do anything to him...Except - kiss. He told me.  “I'm straight Justin and I kiss women.  I live with a girl and we fuck. She sucks okay but not as good as you.  I told him that we know how it should feel and girls just slide and slobber - he agreed.  He didn't want to kiss men - that was “fag shit” and he wasn't into guys.  I answered, “ yeah, so I noticed”. Kissing Tom was not what I wanted anyway. We never said another word about kissing after that. Except for getting off together we had very little in common. When he was telling me something he would call me dude.  When he wanted something he would call me Justly.  I knew the difference. When I rubbed his back, butt, legs, or feet I could lick or kiss anything and I did just that.  His charisma  ruled his thinking. He looked good and he knew it because he used the gym regularly. Tom liked drawing attention to him while pretending to be humble and cute. Always the hogtie who set the rules and seldom looked for sex - .It found him.  He could find sex faster than most guys - straight or gay. It didn't take me long to realize that a guy like this was looking for worship. I don't believe he thought of it as worship. Tom didn't recognize what pleased him by name but I did.  I was more aware of what he wanted than he was. It was something a gay guy could tell about him. Women couldn't do that. He was searching for someone to play by rules that his body demanded. He chilled out with his straight buddies and with girls for pussy. There were gays who knew him by name and would brag they had sex with him but no one really believed it.  Tom thought “gay” would hurt his image around town and he didn't trust anyone. He did trust me.- It took a while but he did trust me.  His moves were clear and the heat intense. At the time, I never thought of these moves as “Hot” I thought we were just a couple of horny guys. Now when I think about it I know it was “hot” unbelievably hot. We would lie together naked fondling each other. Tom wanted to be touched and I knew that. I told him what he wanted to hear.  It wasn't difficult and I liked doing it..  Sometimes he would slide his cock down my throat.  Sometimes he would sit on top of me.  When he was about to cum he would stand up and fill his hand where he could look at it and I could handle or taste it.  It pleased him, so it pleased me.  He would ask - “did I come a lot?”. He liked hearing about it. “Yeah dude, you came a lot”.  Saying it turned us both on. In the beginning Tom would top and he was good at it. It wasn't long before he turned into a bottom and I was getting inside him regularly.  I asked him why wanted to bottom and he told me that women can't fuck a guy that way but another guy could and he liked it. So there we were top or bottom it didn't make any difference to either of us.  Tommy preferred to bottom. I was driving up the boulevard one night on my way to a gay bar uptown. I stopped at a rough biker bar called “The Harley” that was popular. I went in and it was crowded but I found a spot at the bar. There were guys and some tough looking gals in the back drinking, shooting pool and horsing around. They were all together. In the group I spotted someone who I thought was Tom. It was dark, smoky, and loud music was playing one song after another. I was about to get out of there when someone set a bottle of beer in front of me and said, 'It's on me'  It was Tom. I said “I thought that was you shooting pool' -  he looked straight ahead - 'You checking on me?' He had been drinking and a little surly. I said, 'that's bullshit - I don't even know your name, you're probably an asshole'  He broke a grin - 'you might be Justin” I answered, 'No way dude, my name is Sam.  He walked a little tipsy back to his friends. His girlfriend was with him in the group. A few minutes later he half stumbled back and whispered, 'Let's get out of here'  I answered, 'Are you crazy, I'm not leaving with you c'mon Justin, 'I want to get off' - “ Not now Tommy, your girlfriend is over there and she will take care of you later” - to which he slurred  'Who, that bitch'  I thought, oops there's trouble in paradise. I left the bar and was almost to my pick up truck when Tom reached for the passenger door.  'c'mon Justly aren't we friends?” -  ' Not really Tom we are sex buddies'  I must have said the right words because he brighten up and got in the truck. Tom, I said - “your girlfriend is going to miss you”.  He told me that she thought he was going to pick up some weed.  “Say, Dude, did you call me an asshole.” - “Yep I did.” - he smiled. “Drive man - you got me hot” - “I haven't done anything' to which he answered 'well not yet anyway but you will, Let's get out of here” I headed up the boulevard and pulled into a parking lot of a closed furniture store. Everything was dark except for a few lights on the building. Tommy, unzipped his pants, took my hand and put it inside his jeans.  He was hard. 'this is for you- take it, come on dude, take it'  I had a terrible time trying to maneuver around in the front seat and things were not going well. I said, 'how about later, this is not comfortable'  He touched my face with his hand, 'Hold on man” and started to jerk his dick while I licked and told him how good he smelled. He somehow managed to get his feet to the dashboard and when he came he kicked. I thought his feet were going through my windshield.  He said, 'got to clean me baby'  He had never- ever used the word 'baby' before so I knew it was the booze talking. I told him that he was okay and most of the cum was gone. “No - the fingers, get the fingers clean”  He wanted me to lick it all. His girlfriend would look him over for cum stains when he got home. She even checked his underwear.  It was difficult to believe he would allow her to do that BUT it was his choice.  Chicks - I never would put up with that crap but his home life was none of my business. He cleaned up well and I felt good doing it for him. He expected it.  It pleased him so it pleased me. He always smelled and tasted good and he needed to hear that. I dropped him off outside the bar and headed uptown. I was almost there when I took a side street and turned around. The power was still with me and I was feeling good.  I went home. I never telephoned Tom.  He preferred it that way because his girlfriend knew his friends and she didn't know me. Tom always contacted me and I like it that way.  It was easy. One afternoon Tom called me and I took a long lunch break from the job. We laid on the bed with our shirts off but our shorts were on.  It was a hot summer day and the apartment was warm.  The air conditioning was not working well. He cuddled next to me and put his arm around the back of my neck. I just laid there. He glistened in the daylight and was moist with sweat but smelled hot and clean. He rolled over and his arm went across my face and he left it there. I was face to face with his armpit.  His biceps were bulging and he was getting aroused so I licked the muscle in his arm.  His dick was falling out of his shorts and he began to get hard.  Tom said, “Do my pits - lick me ” I buried my face in his armpit and began licking him. He stood up - raised his arm and leaned against the wall for support.  I knew what to do. He was moist and hot. It's difficult even today to describe the pleasure we both got from it.  It was awesome. The licking would repeat itself at another time.  I just knew it. The city was building neighborhood parking across from my apartment building.  Sometimes I would sit on the front steps reading my mail and watched the construction going on. I thought Wonder who will get the landscape contract for the new building. I would often think that way when I saw bare property that needed landscaping. The next time Tom called me was from his new job.  He told me he was working construction for the summer months AND he was across the street.  I asked, “on the city parking garage” and he answered, “That's it”  I wasn't sure if that was a good idea or a bad idea.  I had a roommate named Brian and I didn't want him to find out about him.  I knew that Brian would gossip around the bar scene and that was not good for me and especially for Tom. Behind closed doors we tried some hot (almost nasty) things together. We trusted each other. With him working across the street I was uneasy.   I had to think.                                                      Tom suggested that he stop by on Friday mornings around 7:00 am for coffee before going to the job.  I liked the idea. Friday was a good day because Brian was away and Tom knew it. When together we talked mostly about pot or sex - so this seemed a good way to exchange some normal conversation for a change.  I agreed. When Friday rolled around, my doorbell rang at 7:00 am.  It was he.  He stood in the doorway with his hand leaning against the doorframe and a white hard hat tucked under his arm.  He stuck the hat on his head and walked towards me.  He was wearing fairly tight work jeans and work boots.  I followed him into the kitchen without taking my eyes off his butt.  It was something. This was the first time that we were talking like friends, just a couple of straight guys over a cup of coffee.  It didn't last too long before I ran my hand over his knee .  He said, “No dude. Coffee remembers? We are having coffee”. He smiled and I smiled then my hand went back to the cup.  We liked each other. Just like clockwork the following Friday I was sleeping naked when the doorbell rang at 7:00 am. I threw on a pair of jeans but no shirt. Tom came in and leaned against the work counter in the kitchen. I faced him and he ran his hand across my bare chest.  I said, “coffee dude, remember coffee?”   He lifted me on to the work counter and whispered, “fuck the coffee”  My jeans came sliding down and he put each leg on his shoulders and just looked at me.  I felt like a French hooker. “hey dude you should see your balls from this angle”  Ilaughed and slid off the counter and grabbed his hand.  Tom - “did you ever see the bedroom in this place” - “Why don't you show me was his answered”.  A few minutes later we were filling Tom's hand with cum.  The rest is history. After that morning I didn't hear from him again for several weeks.           The finishing touches were going on the parking garage.  His summer job had probably ended.  On Friday the doorbell rang.  It was 7:00 am. I had just awaken and was wearing under ware and no shirt. I opened the door and there he stood - “got any coffee dude?” He asked.  Be ready in a minute I told him. My hunch was correct about the parking garage.  This was Tom's last week on the job. The water for the coffee was bubbling away and I went into the bathroom to splash some water and brush my teeth.  I stood in front of the mirror and I could see him behind me.  He put his arms around my waist, laid his face against my back and held me for a moment.  Then my under ware came down and he was touching me.  I could feel wet lube in his hand.  He bent me over the sink and gently pushed his cock inside me.  Tom had a pretty big dick and the position he had me in didn't feel so good.  I didn't like it - but I took it. After taking a quick shower he left.  His hair was still wet under the hard hat. He was down the stairs and out the door into a beautiful sunny morning. I turned off the coffee. The phone rang.  It was my gay neighbor across the hall. His name was Paul and he was a friend of mine.  Not a close friend but still a friend.  Paul said, Hello, “do I have Justin's whorehouse?” I answered “okay nosey, what do you want? - “the scoop man - the scoop. Who is this guy?   I can set my alarm lock by him. I couldn't see his face but he looks hot as hell from behind.”  I said “a friend - just a friend and nothing is going on.”    Oh come on < mon ami> this is Paul you're trying to bullshit.”  “ Nice-Paul-nice and good try but I have to get to work”.  We hung up the phone.   I went to work that morning but instead of feeling uplifted I was uncomfortable. Something didn't seem right. The phone calls stopped and I didn't see Tom again after that morning. Several years passed and I was approaching my thirties.  Life was good.  I had a job that I loved and good friends. I was at work compiling a list of shrubs to bring to a customer for a landscape project.  I was expecting a call from the customer with additional information.  The call came and I picked up the phone.  It wasn't my customer.  Instead a man's voice asked me if Justin Balancier was there  I answered - “speaking” - This is a voice from the past - do you know who this is?  I said - Tom Winfield.  “Justin -  how the hell did you know it was me?  I told him he was easy to remember.   We did a few minutes of nonsense chatter.  He was living in Mass and if I could get away for lunch he would tell me about it.  “Sorry Tom - I'm working on a landscape job and can't get away - maybe tomorrow.”  Tom was here only for today with family.  He was going back to Mass in the morning.  I thought for a minute about what to do.  I began getting aroused just talking to him.  I asked him where he wanted to go for lunch.  He answered, “Let me surprise you”.  The way he used words brought back memories.  I liked hearing them again and I wanted to see him. I went to the office mgr and told her that I cracked a tooth that morning.  I called the dentist and he wanted to look at it this afternoon in case it was something serious.  She was so sweet - “You go ahead Justin and get it taken care of”.    I felt like a sneak making up that story but I still did it. I was no longer living at the apartment in town. I had moved to the suburbs just outside of Albany.  I gave Tom the address. See you in about an hour was the last thing he said before hanging up.  I left work and went home. When I got home there was a car in the driveway.  Tom had beat me to the house and was waiting.  He got out of his car and walked toward me.  His appearance had changed and it was for the better.  His hair was cut short almost shaved to his head and he was nicely dressed.  The jeans, the cowboy hat, tank top and boots were gone.  He was slightly older looking and mature.  I was facing a different man - there was no doubt about it.  He shook my hand and said, “dude it's good to see you again. You haven't changed a bit - you're still a sexy looking Frenchie.”  I told him he looked cool, no better than that - he looked great. I said, “married life must be agreeing with you”.  He mumbled - “well sort of”... We sat on the stonewall in front of the house with our legs dangling like a couple of teens and talked about everything.  He married his girlfriend and they had a six  year old boy in school and a younger daughter who was back in Mass.  His girlfriend was from Mass so after they got married she wanted to go back home.  Tom's family was still living in Albany. He was in Albany to attend a funeral for his uncle who had passed away.  I told him about my job and he pretended to be interested but I could tell that he was not. We talked about the things we did when we were younger.  “Boy, we pulled some crazy shit didn't we Justin - harmless but crazy.” I don't know how crazy it was I said - “I kinda liked it.  You were a good teacher Tommy” - “Me, He Blurted out.  Hey, I was the one who got seduced.  Remember dude - hitchhiking” We laughed - we were reaching a comfort zone.  Our legs touched like they did years ago and neither of us moved.  Tom looked at me - “do you want to go and do one?  One what? - I asked.  Dude, don't play dumb with me” - “I said - Oh, come on” We hopped off the walland I ushered him into the house. I went into the kitchen and prepared a couple of drinks.  We each had a taste for scotch so that worked out fine.  We sat on the sofa still talking and getting re-acquainted.  I went back to get refills for the drinks. When I returned Tom was lying on the sofa with his shirt off and his hands behind his head. I thought to myself - “Oh no - not that again”.  But I was wrong he was just getting comfortable. I couldn't keep my hands to myself any longer.  I kneeled on the floor and started touching his chest.  I can't explain the excitement that was going through me at the time.  “Want too? -  He asked”- “Try to get away I said.”  I led him to the bedroom and for a brief moment the clock went back in time.  He sat on top of me and bent down and kissed my cheek.  “What's that for I asked” - “Oh shut up - that's all you're going to get” and flashed the smile that had been missing for so long. “Will you fuck me Justy - touch me and fuck me.”  I knew this was the missing link from his marriage. He made soft noises and moved closer to me accepting every thrust. I felt very much at home being inside him.  After it was over he jerked off and shot it on his leg.  I licked him clean like I had done so many times before and told him he had cum a lot.  He seemed content just hearing it again.  In my heart I felt a little sorry for him.  I didn't think he was a happy man.  Here was a dude who had everything - maybe he still did. I believed he could handle anything - but it was something that I would never know. The next thing that happened was not a pretty scene.  I was in the kitchen and Tom was on the phone talking to his wife.  He had enough scotch to give him courage to call her.  He was talking to her about having a three- way sexual workout. This must have been something they did because she seemed receptive to the idea - he said “I want to do it with this guy. Yes, I know him and he's an okay dude - he's gay and you will like him.”  She seemed okay with the idea UNTIL he told her - “I want him to fuck me while I am fucking you.”  Everything became quiet and Tom hung up the phone. He realized he had just exposed his clandestine life to her. His wife didn't like what she just heard.  He left immediately.  Tom was gone for good this time. I could feel it. The years passed and I settled comfortably into my forties.  Last year around the holiday Season, I was walking through the mall filled with Christmas shoppers.  I passed a seating area where folks could stop to rest.  Gathered at a bench was lady with two children and a man who was sitting next to one of them.  As I walked by the man looked up and our eyes met.  For a split second I was locked in time.  It was Tom.  He saw me and quickly looked away and I kept walking.  I stepped on the escalator going to the second floor.  I wanted to look over the railing from above and watch them.  When I reached the top I peered over the railing to the area below.  The bench was empty and they were gone. Riding the escalator back to the ground floor I stared at the empty bench and thought to myself - “There goes some memories I will never forget  - and sometimes that's all there is”... End



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