Being a full-time student and working two jobs has it's downside, you have no personal life. However, as the youngest for 4, I got the short end of the financial aid stick. I knew that I wanted to explore Education as a profession, but being a gay man I was unsure o whether that would be a good idea. It wasn't about me being unsure of whether I would be hot for a student, it was about whether I could stand them. As I explored this option with my advisor, she suggested that I do a field day at a school to see if it was something I could handle. I was unsure of how to go about setting something like that up, so she said she would take care of it for me.

A week later I was walking into the local high school, my day was to be spent with a teach named Mr. Olson. Having spoken to him over the phone several days prior, I knew where his classroom was, and what needed to be done when I arrived. I walked in and received my visitor's pass, and proceeded to the History department.

As I rounded the corner I caught a glimpse of a man about 6'4" tall, built like a lumberjack, with a full beard, and well fitting clothes. Disappointed I just missed a good view of the front and back vantage points, I proceeded down the hall to room 206. My pulse quickened slightly as I realized, my lumberjack man is in room 206. My palms instantly begin to sweat and my nerves are peaked. How in the world am I going to be able to spend a day with lumberjack man and not make myself known as a gay man.

I walked through the door and was greeted by the warm, deep, heavenly voice of Mr. Olson. "You must be my shadow for the day?" I replied nervously, " Yes sir, my name's Michael, I believe you spoke to Helen at the school?" He smiled warmly and said, "Yes, and cut the sir crap, I'm not that much older than you are. You can call me Tom." I reached out to shake his extended hand and realized that my hand was dwarfed by the massive hands of this stunning man. I held his hand longer than needed and looked into his emerald green eyes.

Hearing the sound of someone clearing their throat I realized that I was totally busted. My concern about being found out as a gay man was realized. What's worse, my cock was throbbing in my slacks, and I was thanking my lucky stars that I wore tight boxer briefs today. Releasing his hand, I blushed feverishly and averted my eyes. With a slight grin, he simply moved on in the conversation, asking me what my major was and whether I was serious about becoming a teacher. I explained to him that I was simply testing the waters.

Having gotten the preliminaries out of the way Tom explained to me that he would be teaching his 11th grade psychology and 12th grade anthropology classes today, and there were only 4 classes 3 of them before lunch. He instructed me to sit in the back of the room and observe while the classes were in session and I could ask questions between or in the afternoon during his prep period.

The students filed in and out of the classroom during the morning, and I realized that kids are getting bigger. There were a couple of the guys that could easily have been mistaken for college football players. As the bell rang announcing the end of the period before lunch, the students quickly gathered their things and exited the room. Tom walked to the back of the classroom, and I swore I could detect a pendulous object swinging behind his zipper. I glanced up at his face and was met with a grin and a wink.

Reaching the back of the room he grabbed a set of car keys off his desk and said, "Come on Mike, I am taking you to lunch, my treat." I opened my mouth to respond and was met with, "don't argue, it's my treat. I don't often get company in my classroom, so you have brought a welcomed distraction today."

I followed him out of the building like a lost puppy. As I did I was able to watch the mounds of his unbelievably gorgeous butt rise and fall with every step. I think Tom glanced back a few times but I was too caught up in the sight before me to notice or care.

We reached the parking lot, with me so distracted I couldn't have told you how we got there, and he walked over to a truck worthy of a Wyoming ranch. It was an F-250 long box. It was a big truck for this big, beautiful man. He unlocked and opened the passenger door and held out a hand for me to grab as I climbed in. Stepping up on the chrome running bars, I climbed in to this monster of a truck. I reached across the truck and unlocked the driver's door and opened it. Tom effortlessly climbed into the truck and looked at me with a crooked smirk. "Ya know, my mom always said if they reach across and unlock the door for you, they're a keeper. Although I am not sure what she'd think now." Throwing another wink my way, I blushed again.

While nothing fancy, the lunch at a little hole-in-the-wall mom and pop type place was delicious. The scene from the school lot played itself out again. For the keen observer it would have look like a date the way he doted over me. After climbing into the truck himself I felt one of his lumberjack hands clap down on my upper thigh. "Did you enjoy your lunch?" He asked, knowing the answer. I simply nodded like a dummy.

On the drive back Tom mentioned that there was only one more class today, that was right when we returned, the rest of the day was prep and study hall time. We got back just in time for the lunch bell to ring and the halls to fill with hustling kids. Fighting our way through the crowd to room 206 was a challenge, and Tom's hand soon found its way to the small of back gently guiding me along. As we walked I felt his hand slide lower until it was about midway down my ass.

Once in the classroom, it was straight to work. He began his lesson, which was already taught once today. The class went quickly, mostly because I could get the feeling of his hand on my ass out of my mind. After the bell rang, Tom walked over to the door and drew it closed, saying he wanted to be able to speak with me about my experience uninterrupted.

As I heard the door click, I realized I was now alone with Tom. My pulse raced, my palms were sweating again and I flushed. What the hell was I going to do with myself. I wanted this man in a way that I couldn't fathom. It was rare that I got this nervous around a guy. He walked over and sat in a chair facing me and asked what I thought so far. I blushed, hoping that he couldn't read my mind. He gave me that crooked grin again, then reach between my legs. He grabbed the chair and pulled me closer to him.

I was ready to run, I wondered if this towering hulk of a man was going to beat me up or something worse. I closed my eyes bracing myself for what I was sure was going to be a nasty right hook. Instead I felt the most wonderful feeling, The soft, warm touch of his lips on mine. My eyes shot open and I pulled back quickly, startled by this turn of events. Tom looked at me, reached over and grabbed my throbbing cock and said, Do you think you're the only one with this problem all day? Do you have any idea how much it taken to hold back?" I looked at him dumbstruck and responded the best way I knew how, by grabbing his shirt collar and pulling him into another kiss.

The passion of the kiss intensified and soon we were battling tongues trying to dominate each other. He grabbed me by the back of the knees and pulled me onto his lap. My legs straddling his waist, my rock hard cock pressed tightly against his stomach while his was felt against my ass.

Softly grabbing the sides of my head he pulled me back and picked up his phone, "Sue, it's Tom Olson, I have an unexpected appointment this afternoon, I am going to need to leave a bit early. I will see you tomorrow." Giving him a questioning look, he said, "Had to call the secretary here and let her know I have to leave, don't want an unexcused absence!" He said winking and smirking. Standing up with me still straddling his waist he said, "Mike did you drive or take public transportation?" I told him that I had taken the bus. He set me down, grabbed my hand and started leading me out of the classroom and the building.

As we climbed into his truck he groped my ass and said, "I can't wait to ride your ass." Shocked at that, I just smiled and chuckled nervously. He climbed in the driver's side and started the truck up. Before pulling out of the lot, he reached over and grabbed my hand, guiding it to his tented crotch. I gasped out loud when I felt the tree trunk of a cock he had hiding in his slacks. He leaned over, and as he spoke his beard tickled my jaw, saying "you like that don't you baby?" I simply nodded.

We probably broke every driving law there is, as he drove toward his house. Soon we were there, a gorgeous old Victorian house, surrounded by trees. The house fit this beautiful man. I knew there were areas in the city that were wooded like this, but this felt like we were miles from civilization. I realized at that moment that my hand had not left his cock since we drove away from the school. Releasing his cock only so I could draw down the zipper, he kissed me deeply, moaning into my mouth. That beautiful cock sprung free from his slacks like a jack in the box, obviously having broken free from the fly in his precum soaked boxers.

Without making an attempt to get out of the truck, I leaned over and swallowed his cock. He yelled out in surprise, as my lips stretched down the first 6 inches of shaft. I was turning into a cock slut before his eyes. Taking more and more of his shaft into my mouth and throat until finally all 9 inches were buried and my nose was resting in his bush. Reclining his seat all the way he back thrusting up into my mouth to encourage the sucking to continue.

As I sucked this massive cock I knew that my dick needed to be released before I filled my boxer briefs with cum. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, as I knelt on the front passenger seat, while not missing a stroke on Tom's cock. I almost immediately feel his meaty fingers snaking their way down the back of my pants and into my underwear. I feel his finger gingerly working around my hole and applying just the right amount of pressure to make me moan around his cock. Soon he pulls his cock out of my mouth and tells me to climb over the center console. I slip off my shoes, pants and underwear, before climbing over to straddle his hips.

I feel his blunt cock head slip between my cheeks. I let out a deep moan, knowing that I am going to ride this massive cock. I feel the familiar sensation of lube being applied to my ass, and think to myself, " this guy is prepare, and I am going to get split in half." Quickly pushing that out of my mind I decided my need to get fucked outweighed my fear of the pain.

I slowly sank down on his massive cock, feeling the bluntness of the head and drawing a deep breath. As the head popped through my ass ring, I yelled out in pain. He stopped to let me get used to the behemoth I was trying to take. After about 10 slow minutes of slowly inching in, I was ready to take his cock.

Looking into his eyes, I saw pure lust. Grabbing Tom's shoulders I pulled almost all the way off. I quickly sat back down on his cock, letting out a loud moan. Tom grabbed my hips and started pounding my ass. Because of the unusual position and the tight space, Tom suggested we switch positions. I climbed off and turned so my back was to him. Gripping the steering wheel I rode his cock hard. Feeling myself getting closer and closer to shooting, I yelled out, "Fuck Tom, I'm gonna come!" He started really fucking my tight ass, "Me too baby, I'm gonna breed your hot ass."

My breathing gets shallow as my load fires from my cock. I moan like a whore with each shot. Soon I feel the familiar pulsing feeling deep inside my ass and hear the roar of wild animal. I feel my ass fill with hot cum, feeling the slick feeling of his cock sliding in and out. Pulling myself up off his cock, we stumble out of the truck. Feeling his copious load running down the insides of my legs, I realize we are standing naked from the waist down in his driveway. Quickly we moved into the house.

Once inside the door, Tom pressed me against the wall and started kissing me deeply. I could feel his cock starting to lengthen again. He lifted me and carried me over the kitchen table. Gently laid me on my back and slid all 9 inches back into my already cum filled hole. Slowly he made love to me, staring into my eyes while he thrust deeper. I reached around and gripped his furry ass while he rode me deep. I was lost in his emerald eyes. Soon I saw a familiar glaze come over them, he was quickly reaching his orgasm. Leaning down he slid his tongue into my mouth kissing me again. Then pulled away and took my ear between his teeth, growling he said, "I am gonna fucking come in you again baby, I've never fucked two loads into someone so close together."

His head flew back, and a howl escaped his throat. I felt jet after jet of hot cum shooting in my already dripping ass. Looking down at me with what can only be described as loving eyes it was his turn to blush. He looked almost sheepish, "What?" I asked. He said, "It has been so long since I have made love like that, I haven't felt that good in a long time." I reached up and stroked his face, "It was amazing, you are a great lover."

I would like to say that Tom inspired me to be a teach, but unfortunately that's not the case. I decided to go into Marketing and currently work as a Marketing Manager for a technology company. There is however, a teacher in the family. I am not sure if I believe in love at first site, but Tom sure does. By the weekend, I had moved into his beautiful Victorian. At least once a month we make love on the kitchen table for nostalgic reasons.



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