I actually passed out from too much too long too big cock. Maybe that Chuhi on a MT stomach didn't help. I had a lot of fun sucking and swapping in the mist sauna with some hot J cocks. One boy was pre cumming like mad, very tasty I savored him as he fucked my throat and rubbed his cum all over my lips and face,he eventually came a bucket in my mouth and I sucked him soft then swallowed my mouthful and licked him clean. He faded away. By then there was a guy next to me watching and wanking on his big stiff cock so I took him down to the root and swallowed. He was sitting I was naked on the floor kneeling with 3 guys with hard cocks behind me tweaking my nipples squeezing my balls probing my ass hoe and working my hard throbbing drooling caged cock. My guy came in my mouth and I let it dribble out and then licked his cock balls and hairy ass hole clean while he slowly softened. When he left I sat facing the 3 guys behind me and they took turns holding my head and face fucking me. I kept the 2 not in my mouth hard with my hands. 3 nice cocks very hard. One guy shot a big hot load of cum down my throat the next shot in my mouth while the third came all over my face at the same time. I smiled up at them said Domo as I licked my lips and rubbed all the spilled cum all over my hairy body. They left and then I did a couple rounds in the shower steam and HOT tubbs to heat up cool down.

Then went down on a cute local boy with an uncut 8 inch fatty for a good half hour in one of the big futon rooms. Ass waving in air getting fondled and prodded by many mystery men, whoever wanted some. A lot did. I could have had a lot of cock in my ass, but no domo. I don't bareback with mystery men.

I was starting to feel a bit hammered so I went into hyper suck mode all the way to the root swallowing around his cock. He held my head down as he thrust up hard into me, almost gagging me with his cock until he came. Whew. I left him a sloppy mess and crawled away looking for some quiet place to nap and recover a bit. I didn't make it as soon as I stood up I hit the deck. Where am I ? O yeah in a Japanese bath house dark futon room. I crawled into the first open bed space. Crashed. By the time I was OK my 3 hours was almost up so I did more shower tub sauna no cock and beat it .

Funny I didn't cum there myself though I was edging for hours but I did have some good memories to beat it to back in Yoko.




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