After my Business was done, a hot tall shirtless muscle dude came in to piss. He nearly took my breath away, so tight were his jeans over his bubble butt, so rippling were the muscles in his back. The sound of his zipper was like a run of musical notes. He propped himself against the wall and let out a huge sigh. Then came a golden stream that went on and on and on. The guy must have drunk a whole six pack to piss that long and one could smell it all the way across the room. As he finished he shook his cock, over and over, seemingly well beyond the need to sling out the last drops.

By now I was enchanted, although frightened as well, because I had never done anything in a situation like this before. I was surprised, then, by my sudden impulse to make a move. I would probably not been able to screw up the courage to do so except that his overwhelming masculinity made me abandon caution. So, as he stood up to stuff his cock back into his jeans I cleared my throat. At first he seemed not to pay attention, so I ventured a little cough. He stopped dead still and I cleared my throat again. Then he turned around, his dick still showing behind his open fly. He saw me sitting on the toilet, my jeans around my ankles, and he glared directly at me and sneered. I licked my lips and the next thing I knew he was standing over me, his dick head scarcely two inches from my lips.

I looked up and saw his sculpted muscles, his shaved head, and his facial stubble, and two beautiful blue eyes and just gasped. He arched an eyebrow, grinned and stood close enough that his cock was resting against my face. Then I looked down at his luxuriant bush and male organ. Was it the strong fertile odor or the foreskin that enclosed his cock head that registered first? I was practically numb with excitement.

Then he cupped the back of my head with his left hand while with his right rubbed his cock head first on my lips, then around all over my face. As he did this, his cock rapidly hardened and he pressed the head firmly against my lips. I opened and then learned what it is like to have a super macho man's cock in my mouth. Still cupping my head he thrust his pelvis forward and I found out what it is like to have a large cock enter the top of my throat. He was so powerful that I was afraid at first that he was really going to hurt me, but then I discovered that getting my face fucked was thrilling.

Despite the pleasure in what was happening I began to fear that someone would come in and catch us in the act. So I sucked as hard as I could in order to speed him to a happy conclusion. He grunted deep inside his throat, gasping for little breaths. All the while he fucked my face faster and faster. I was close to gagging and had hard time breathing, but still I loved knowing his cock was in my throat. Then he pulled out all of a sudden and asked if I had finished wiping my ass. When I nodded he jerked me up, wheeled me around, bent me over, and pressed his cock head against my pucker. I tried to protest, only half reluctant to lose my virginity, but he spat on his hand, wiped it on his cock and pressed hard against my sphincter. Then, grabbing my hips, he thrust in. The pain made me cry out, despite my fear of our getting caught. He whacked me really hard on the side of my right bun and told me to shut the fuck up.

I guess I have to admit at this point that I had dreamed over and over that something like this would happen, that a man of super dominant maleness would introduce me to the ecstasies of adult sex. So despite the pain of his large cock in my tight ass chute, and despite the weird pressure it caused in my ass, I loved what he was doing to me. Then, grabbing my hips again he began to thrust fast and with deep strokes, to the hilt, grinding his crotch against my ass. In a few moments he shuddered and growled and the next thing I knew he was spurting his man juice in my behind.

He came and came, and still he was thrusting deep inside me. Then he began to soften and pulled out. He grabbed my hair with his left hand and held my head down so that I was still bent over. With his right hand he began to jerk me off hard, over and over, the pleasure was considerable and I lost count after about ten blows of hot cum. I begged him to stop, but he wouldn't let up. Then I began to struggle and tried to get loose, but he held me fast. He asked if I'd had enough and I whimpered 'Yes sir.' Then he pulled me up, turned me around and planted a hot kiss on my lips and thrust his tongue deep in my mouth.

He held the kiss and I melted in his arms. When he pulled off he just got away leaving me standing there with cum dripping down everywhere. After washing everything, I pulled up my jeans, and got out as soon as I could.



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