Martin and I were going on our first date since starting to see one another again. We had been dating for over three years, but took a year break when I moved to the city. I wanted to make it extra special and set up a ‘love tent’ in the corner of my bedroom that has a couch and a TV and a vanity with a big shag rug that makes a sort of min-living-room. When we got back from dinner and drinks, we headed up to the tent and started by making out, quickly leading to dry humping; we have only had sex twice since talking again.

I quickly pulled out his huge, thick, 8" cock, which was rock hard; I forgot how hard he would get. I really wanted the whole thing crammed down my throat as soon as possible; it curves to the left a bit, so it’s tricky, however I'm the only one that has ever been able to go balls deep, and he was more than ready to experience shoving his whole shaft into mouth. I can't hold it all in my throat for all that long, it blocks my breathing completely, but it drives him nuts, so I let him fuck my face as long as I can take it, plus a few seconds longer.

My cock was so hard I couldn't wait, I pushed him down on his back, tore off his underwear, and held his legs with one hand so that his knees touched his shoulders. With my other hand I held down his shoulders, and then his waist, while I pounded him. I was almost always the bottom, but he was really enjoying getting fucked, I groaned to him, “You’ve been bottoming and loving it, haven’t you?” he smiled and nodded his head.

I was fucking him so hard, that I didn’t notice how far I had him pushed up-against the vanity, so I backed off, he got up and I got on all 4 and he was trying to squeeze that monster head into my hole (it had been a while for me.)

He asked for lube, and I just pushed back on his dry cock, it hurt, but the pleasure was so much more powerful. He slowly, but with a lot of force, pushed in-and-out of me until he was able to fuck me. I reached back and grab his ass/legs with one hand to pull him in deeper, and with the other hand I felt his nuts and massaged his shaft as it came in and out. I took his dick’s beatings without ever touching myself, I love feeling his dick getting great pleasure from being inside me, I am his to enjoy.

I was picking up on his normal ‘getting there’ signs, so I told him not to cum because I wanted to fuck him some more, and he was close so we switched again, he tried riding me, but that wasn’t working, but I had to fuck him, so pushed him off me, stood up and grab his legs, pulling his tight ass up to my penis and began fucking him, he was basically doing a headstand.

After going at his loosing hole for a little while, I realized that my windows were open, so I closed them, that’s when he jump on my ass, shoved his still solid dick all the way in me as I grunted loudly. I was forced to take all of him. He started pounding me until he came, but I still wanted to fuck him (I had not cum yet) so we got on the bed and I choked on his huge cum drenched cock, he was apprehensive for a second, whispering, “Are you sure, It was just in you?” I answered him by running my hand over softening cock, then started tonguing the tip, slowly jerking myself on and off while I sucked his dick hard again. He never was the type to go twice in a row, but I was trying to get him there for about 20mins as he just sat back and allowed me to get my fill of his man meat. I could have gone all night, but my plan had worked, he asked me to stick it in him. I had been edgin on an orgasm for a while, my cock was throbbing, as soon as I entered that tight ass I knew I wasn’t going to last long, I flipped him over on his back, held his legs on my shoulders, and trusted with all my might until I exploded inside him, as I was cumming he quickly begged for me to shoot it all over him, I pulled out just in time squirt the last few pumps all over his chest. We held one another for a long time, getting back into the groove of cuddling.

That next morning I woke up with wood, dry humping his ass in my sleep. I also fucked him, again, in the morning. He turned over once he realized I was up, I felt his giant boner flop onto my leg and that’s all it took, I reached over to scoop out a glob of lube and topped him, as I slid in and out of his already tighten ass, I told him that he better not get too use to this, my ass was already aching with jealousy, we both smiled, happy to be together again.


Phantom Phallus

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