I wanted to try my hand at an SM storyline with fictional characters that taps into what it is like to be a Master or a slave. So this brief introduction is to test the waters before committing to anything of greater length. Your feedback and votes would be appreciated and if there is interest in the topic, (or interest in my ability to write about the topic) I will continue further. Thank you all in advance.

Patrick had served one master prior to his current Master and they could not have been more different. His first master had been cruel and vindictive. Being a master had been merely a status symbol and a means for his own self gratification, he cared not for the pleasure or wellbeing of the slave. Patrick had been a mere toy to be used and abused with no reward or satisfaction, yet such was Patrick's yearning to be a slave he had allowed this man to be a complete and utter bastard for a whole year.

The SM scene had seemed so alien to begin with, wrapped up in mystery and cloaked with secrets. That which allowed the likes of his previous master to do what he had done and get away with it for so long, when you don't know the rules you can be mislead and hoodwinked by those who promise to be experienced.

It was when Patrick had met Master Adam that he had realised how foolish he had been and how serving a Master could be so much more, the connection that had grown was beyond anything Patrick could describe. But first and foremost, the two most important things is that he trusted and respected Adam, he may have been a younger man, younger by far than his previous master, but he exuded authority without even having to say a word. His mere presence had an air about him that gave him that quality of control.

Patrick felt the coarse black rope tighten around his body as the finishing touches to the full body rope harness were put in place. A shorter piece of rope was used to restrain Patrick's wrists behind his back, three loops around both wrists before the ends of the rope were passed between his wrists and around the loops creating a hand cuff structure that would not tighten, only restrain.

Bungee cords attached to the rafters of the ceiling were hooked at key points to the upper harness before Master Adam began to wrap short pieces of rope several times around each thigh, ending each with a small loop and a knot that would not slip or tighten under strain.

Patrick felt his Master taking the weight of his lower body and lifting him from the floor as the front bungee cords took up the weight of his upper body. Another two cords were pulled down and one attached to each rope loop from his thighs and as his Master slowly released Patrick became suspended in mid air, it was like floating looking down at the floor just three feet below.

Patrick was at the perfect height to suck cock or get his arse and body used in whatever manner his Master wished, helpless to move other than to bounce from the momentum of the cords that suspended him securely from the ceiling.

The bungee cords were on a pulley system allowing his Master to raise him higher if he wished, and in the past he had suspended Patrick over 7ft high allowing for party guests to walk under him as if he was a naked human ceiling fixture. A long rope of changing colour LED lights wrapped around his body giving theatrics to the display, and small pull chords attached to his nipple rings and to a parachute around his balls for added entertainment for the guests should they wish to be more interactive.

But today it was just himself and his Master Adam and Patrick was suspended in readiness to be used for pleasure. This was not used in the negative fashion but used in a willing manner. Master Adam did not take control as such, you as the slave offered him control, and with the control you offered up he showed you vast pleasures of the mind and flesh.

SM sex is not like vanilla sex. SM sex is planned, schemed, played mindfully like a game of chess, and Master Adam played the game well, and Patrick was honoured to call him Sir!

Patrick felt chains connected to his nipple rings with small weights attached that pulled at his nipples gently as the weights swung freely. The weights seemed insignificant but Patrick knew with the motion of his body and enough time they would begin to feel like heavy lead weights.
A slow gradual build up of discomfort would occur, which in turn his body would respond to and adjust to as it produced chemicals to fight back. But ultimately Patrick would give in and be overcome by those small weights, it was inevitable for them to win as much as he tried to fight it, but until they won he would lavish in the sensation they offered.

A firm hand struck Patrick hard across the left buttock and he felt his whole body shift forward before swinging back to where the sting had originated. Patrick groaned as a second slap landed on the right side, harder than the previous and making him jolt forward again. But like a toy ball on an elastic string his body was catapulted back.

Patrick's attention was drawn to the weights that bounced around from his movement, tugging and pulling but for now creating a feeling of pleasure making his cock rock hard. Then his attention snapped back to his arse cheeks as two strikes came at once, one hand on each cheek coming down with force making Patrick cry out
"Thank you Sir!"

The next few slaps were gentler but Patrick knew better than to get complacent, for at any moment another strike could come that would have him cry out again. Patrick felt his body being tugged back as his Master grabbed his thighs and the sensation of his Masters warm mouth nestled at his hole made Patrick sigh as he motioned his hips back to welcome the sensation.

His Masters warm breath from his nose travelling up the valley between his cheeks as he felt the moistness of his Masters tongue delve inside his opening, tender in its movement as it explored within his fleshy walls. Patrick groaned deeply as the hungry mouth of his Master continued to lap and lick that which his Master owned, that which he could do with as he pleased, and for now he wanted to feast.

Patrick could feel a cool wet trail of saliva dribbling down from his now sodden hole, down to behind his balls where it pooled before finding its natural path over and around before dripping to the floor below.

The welcome mouth was slowly withdrawn until all he could feel at his damp opening was his Masters soothing breath as his pursed lips blew onto the area making Patrick tingle and quiver.
"Oh Sir" Patrick gasped knowing that it was only a matter of time before his Master switched gear. This was just the calm before the storm, the pleasure that would pave the way for what was to come.

Pleasure, pain, pleasure, pain, both in balance, not too much of one or the other but just enough to get the response from Patrick's body, pleasure making any pain bearable and pain making any pleasure heightened tenfold.

It was about tricking the mind and reading body language, sensing how far you could push and then giving reward in return. The ultimate reward for the slave was the amazing rush and euphoric feeling at the end of each scene, at the end of each journey that the Master chose to take you upon. A unique story that unraveled, unpredictable in its content but all leading to the same ending.
There in the comforting safe arms of his cherished Master.



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