There he was... beautiful as ever. Timothy Jacobs. Just his name sent shivers down Isaac's spine. I mean who has that kind of name? Isaac was watching him like a hawk. The sun was relentless that summer day and the breeze coming off of Lake Tyson felt awesome, that is when the wind was blowing of course. Isaac did not mind though because if it got too hot Timothy would just take his shirt off and that was always a show that Isaac wanted to see.

How did things come to this? These feelings that Isaac was having had gone away for a long time, but now they were all of a sudden back, and back with a vengeance. Was it because Timothy and Ellie had broken up? Isaac did not know, and frankly he just did not care. All he knew that when he had these feelings before it was because he was a kid and had a crush on the guy that was always there for him when home was just too tough. Now his 'crush' was turning into something more and Isaac was scared. Scared because the feelings that he had for Timothy probably would not be returned. For all Isaac knew, Timothy was just going to date another girl and eventually get married to a girl and have kids.. with a girl. But at that moment all of Isaac's worries subsided because at that moment Timothy took his shirt off, just as Isaac had expected.


Let's back up a bit to when this all started. Isaac was eleven years old trying out for the basketball team. Tall for his age, Isaac did fairly well in the tryouts and made the team. He noticed that everyone of his friends' parents were there cheering their kids on to do well. He was proud of himself for doing so well at the tryout, but he still would have liked for his mom to be there. Even though she married the scum of the earth, he still loved her and he wanted her to be there. Instead, he ended up waiting for her after everyone had already left. He didn't have a cell phone so he could not call her and ask her where she was. That is when Timothy came out of nowhere.


Isaac jumped in surprise. He thought he was the only person left in the gym.

'Man, I saw you today at the tryouts. You were awesome!'

Now had this been a thing that Isaac was used to he probably would have laughed and said something like 'Thanks!' or 'I tried my best.' However Isaac did not really have any friends. It wasn't that he was weird or anything, he was actually a pretty nice guy, people just didn't talk to him. So his reaction to the very nice compliment to the very good looking boy was a startled whimper.

'Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. Hi! My name is Timothy, Timothy Jacobs, you can call me Tim if you want, most people do.'

(Which Isaac would NEVER do)

Isaac grabbed and shook Timothy's extended hand and replied, 'Hi I'm Isaac'

'Hey Isaac, ummm are you waiting for someone?'

'Yeah I'm waiting for my mom, she is supposed to pick me up but I don't know where she is.' He said a looking down to his feet.

'Do you wanna call her? You can borrow my cell.' Isaac looked up at the smiling Timothy and took the black flip phone and dialed his mother's number.

'You can tell her that your new friend Timothy and his dad will take you home if she can't right now.' Timothy said with a dazzling smile.

While the phone rang in Isaac's ear he studied his new friend. Timothy had tanned skin and for a middle schooler, his arms were pretty lean and muscled he was wearing a plain black v-neck and tan cargo shorts with white tennis shoes. Then Isaac looked into his eyes. Timothy had the deepest green eyes that Isaac just wanted to get lost in. He almost got too lost to hear his mother answer the phone.

'Hello?... Heellloooo??'

'Sorry mom, hey where are you?'

Turned out that she had forgotten that his tryouts were that day and apologized. Isaac explained that he had made a new friend that had offered to take him home if that was okay with her. Of course she said yes, and that was the start to Isaac's infatuation.


Now, five years later Isaac was watching his best friend with hungry eyes as Timothy's lean muscular torso showed every muscle that Timothy had been working on. The sweat from the hot sun was starting to glisten on Timothy's chest and muscled back.

Isaac was too busy watching Timothy to even realize what Timothy was actually doing. Once he did start paying attention he noticed the white volleyball bouncing back and forth from Timothy to one of their other friends, Jackson on the other side of the net. Then everything started to get hazy as Timothy looked at Isaac, beckoned him over to the game with a simple jerk of his head, and (Oh, God!) actually winked at Isaac.

Isaac knew nothing about volleyball, but he was willing to learn if he got to spend more time with a shirtless Timothy in such close proximity. It was at that point that Isaac knew he would never feel this way about a girl or anyone else for that matter. He wanted his best friend, Timothy Jacobs.



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