Timmy - Part 3

by Everett


I began to pretend that I lived with Marius and that he took care of me.

Maybe a month after the time Marius met his brother's daughters in Central Park, I was at his apartment on a Sunday. We made love like we usually did and afterward we stayed in bed and cuddled and talked and all. It was warm and nice. He said, "It's so cold out. Why don't you stay here tonight?" and I said, "OK," so I slept in his bed all night. That made me really happy. I know you already knew that but I wanted to tell you anyway. I mean - well, you know what I mean.

In the morning we had jelly toast and coffee and Marius said, "I guess I should get some breakfast things. What kind of cereal do you like?" and I said, "I like them all," and he said, "Good."

After we ate Marius said, "We'd better go," so we left. You could take the elevator right from Marius's floor into the garage and that's what we did. Marius said, "Do you want me to drop you off somewhere?" and I said, "I don't care," and he said, "How about my office building. It's not too far from where you live," and I said, "That's good." The garage attendant looked at me when we drove out of the garage.

* * *

Well, I can't tell you everything, but I can tell you this: I was spending a lot of time at Marius's. He'd say something like, "Shall I pick you up tonight after work?" and I'd say, "Sure." Some weekends I would stay with him at his apartment from Friday right through Monday morning.

Marius had stuff for breakfast and lunch but we usually ate dinner in a restaurant. Sometimes, though, he'd make dinner and we'd eat in. I liked that best. He was a good cook, too. I'd sit on a stool and watch him move around the kitchen. Once in a while he asked me to help, but not often. Sometimes we'd go out, like to the park, and just walk around but we didn't do anything else like go to a movie or anything.

Of course, we spent a lot of time in bed. Most of the time we had regular sex like I'm sure you know, but not always. Sometimes we'd do different kinds of things; like he had this dildo that he liked to fuck me with, and sometimes he'd pretend he was really mad at me and he'd call me names, like Whore and Street Trash, and he'd drag me to the shower and he'd piss on me. He'd make me kneel down and he'd pee on my head and he'd turn my face up and pee on my face. It was OK because I knew we were only playing and I could shower as soon as he was finished.

Sometimes he really would get mad at me when I didn't understand what I was to do or something, either when we were fucking or when we were out someplace, and then he would call me bad names for real. I didn't like that. As you probably can guess, I liked it best when we made love in the usual way, with me on my back or on my tummy and him fucking me long and slow. He'd kiss me and call me his baby and I'd hug his neck and say, "Fuck me, Daddy," soft in his ear; and then he'd come in me. We'd almost always cuddle for a while. That was the best.

I wished that he'd kiss me after sex - or before, whatever - but he never did. I mean, I knew people kissed when they saw each other just because they were glad or something, but Marius never did that. The only time he ever kissed me when he was fucking me. I really got into that so I guess I don't really have anything to complain about.

Anyway, I began to feel like I did live with Marius, but on Mondays I always knew that I didn't.

* * *

There was this one time when Marius told me he was having a party for some of his friends. He told me that he wanted me to stay so we could fuck the weekend away - that's what he said, 'fuck the weekend away' - but I couldn't go to the party. "All right," I said. "What should I do?"

He told me that I would have to stay in the bedroom and not show myself until his friends were gone. He said I could read a book but that I couldn't watch TV because then one of his friends or maybe all of them would know I was there and that wouldn't do. I didn't want me to mess up so I said, "Maybe I'll just go to the park and see if Rocko's there," but he said in his mean voice, "You'd rather be with Rocko than with me. Isn't that splendid?" I was worried maybe he would get even madder so I said, "No. Maybe I'll stay here and read a book in your bedroom," and he said, "That's my good boy."

Marius told me all about the party. Three of his friends were coming over to play bridge. He was going to have drinks and desert and he was going to have extra so we could have a snack after they were gone. I was still worried but I agreed. Then he told me again how it just wouldn't do if his friends knew I was there and I said, "I know."

When the doorbell rang, I quick got my book and went into the bedroom and closed the door. The people were kind of noisy at first but after a while all I could hear were low voices and low music.

Everything was going along OK until one of his friends had to go to the bathroom. He opened the wrong door and there I was sitting in Marius's big chair holding my book. He looked at me and said, "What's this?" and I said, "Oh, shit." He laughed out loud and the other men said, "What's funny?" Then the guy closed the door and I just sat there. I couldn't read any more after that.

There was more talking in the living room. Then Marius opened the door and said, "The jig's up," and he told me to come into the living room. His friends all looked at me and he told them my name and all. One of the men asked Marius, "How long's he been living here?" and Marius said, "He doesn't live here. He's just a rent boy; a whore." He glared at me and I said, "I'm sorry, Daddy." He said real mean, "I'm not your father, you whore," and his friends looked at each other and said, "Maybe we'd better be going," so they left. I knew I was in for it then.

Marius told me to go to the bedroom so I did. After a while he came in and said, "You've done it now, you little whore." I said, "I didn't do anything. That man opened the wrong door by mistake." Then he did something he never did before; something I thought he would never do: He hit me. I could taste blood in my mouth but I didn't say anything. He said, "Take your shower, Whore. It's time for bed," so I did. When I went into the bedroom Marius grabbed the towel I had around my waist and said, "Whores don't deserve to wear anything," and he threw it into the bathroom. Then he said, "Sit in that chair until I come back."

Marius took a real long shower and I sat on the chair with my knees under my chin and my arms around my legs. I wished I had my bathrobe on but Marius didn't tell me to wear anything so I didn't. When he came into the bedroom he put on a clean pair of pajamas and turned out the light and got into bed. He didn't say anything to me the whole time so I just got up and started to get into bed. He said, "What the fuck do you think you're doing, Whore?" and I said, "Nothing. Just going to bed," and he said, "You sleep there, Whore," and he pointed to the floor at the foot of the bed. I said, "What?" and he said, "You stupid shit. Do as you're told," so I put the covers back and lay down on the floor where he'd pointed. He said, "You don't deserve to sleep in my bed. Some day you may learn to do as I say and not embarrass me in front of my friends." I said, "I'm sorry, Daddy," and he said, "Shut up, Whore," so I did.

I didn't think I'd sleep where I was because it was chilly and all but after a while I did.

Marius woke me in the middle of the night stroking my hair. He said, "Are you awake?" and I said, "Yes," and he said, "Do you want to get into Daddy's bed?" and I said, "Yes, I do." I started to get up but he put his arms under me and lifted me up. I knew he was strong like I already told you but I didn't think he could lift me up from the floor but that's what he did.

He put me down on the spot where he had been lying. It was warm there and it had his smell. Then he lay beside me and pulled the covers up and put his arms around me. I turned on my side so we could spoon the way we liked to do and he held me close to his body. He knows I always get hard when we spoon like that and he moved his hand to my crotch and squeezed my cock. I said, "Do you want to fuck me, Daddy?" and he whispered in my ear, "Would my angel boy like that?" and I said, "You know I would. If you want to," I added. He squeezed my cock again before he wriggled out of his pajama bottoms.

I was still on my side when he moved against me again. His cock was soft when it first touched my bottom but I felt it grow and get stiff. He reached over me and opened the jar of lube that was on his night table, and he spread some all around my asshole and on is cock, too. Then he put is cock head in my ass crack and pushed, but it wasn't right at my hole, so I put my hand back there and guided it. When he was at the opening, I wriggled my butt and he pushed some more and it went right in and I said, "Yes, Daddy."

He kissed the back of my neck and pushed some more. I moved my hand to his butt and tried to make him go in deeper. He did, but then he pulled out a little, too. The next time he pushed, it went in deeper and he kept doing that, out and in a little more, until at last he was the whole way in. I was still holding on to his ass and tugging when he started his fucking motion. I moved my top leg forward to give him more room. He fucked me harder and I know I must have moaned. I mean, it felt so good - so right. I know you know what I mean; what I felt. You know, if you're lucky. Marius was fucking me and I was happy again.

He rolled us over until I was on my tummy. I lifted my ass a little and he fucked me slow, going as deep as he could and sort of grinding against my butt, and I wriggled it for him some more. He whispered in my ear. He said, "You are such a sweet boy. I love fucking your beautiful ass," and I turned my head so he could kiss me while he fucked, and he did, too. Hard.

I could feel his cock getting bigger in me. He pushed and ground until he started his low moan. I wriggled my ass some more and he started to shoot his load deep. I squeezed my opening and he shot some more. He pushed and shot until he pumped his whole load up inside me. Then he stopped fucking, but he kept his cock buried up in my ass. I squeezed again. He was arched over my body and he stayed that way until his breathing became slower. He took a deep breath and sighed. Then he lowered his body on mine. I turned my head and we kissed again. He put his arms around me and I put my hands on his arms 'cause I wanted to hold on to him for as long as I could; maybe forever, but I knew I couldn't do that. Then he turned us again back to our spooning position and he relaxed his whole body. I could feel him relax, and that's how we fell asleep - all cuddled together.

* * *

This next time I'm going to tell you about was a Friday. I had stayed all night with Marius which sometimes happened after our usual Thursday date. It was raining hard and it was cold for April. Marius told me to put on my own clothes so I did. When he was ready to go to work we took the elevator to the garage. He gave me some money for lunch and all and asked me if he could drop me someplace. I said, "That's OK, Daddy," and he said, "Don't call me that when we're not in the apartment," but he wasn't mad when he said it. I said, "I'll walk."

He said, "Richard and I are going to the opera tonight. When will I see you again?" and I said, "I don't know. Any time you want." He thought about that and said, "Would you want to come by tonight? I don't have any other plans for the weekend," so I said, "OK," and he said, "Meet me here at the garage entrance. I should be here around midnight," and I said, "OK."

I couldn't find Rocco any place all day. It was so cold and windy and rainy I hoped he was inside someplace. I just hung around and went to a movie to get out of the rain and all and then I went to Marius's garage. It was before midnight so I just hung around.

Marius didn't come at midnight like he said he would. The garage attendant came out and said, "Hey! You. Get away from here." Then he looked at me and said, "Oh! It's you. Are you waiting for Mr. Wilson?" and I said, "Yes." He was nice then. He asked me if I wanted to wait in his little office out of the cold and I said, "Yes," so he said, "Come on in." We mostly listened to jazz music on his scratchy old radio and he told me some pretty interesting stuff about some of the singers and all. He knew a lot. At least I guess he did.

It was after one o'clock when Marius drove into the garage. He was surprised to see me in the little office talking with the garage man and wouldn't talk to me in the elevator. I was nervous about that.

When he closed the door of his apartment he said, "What the fuck's wrong with you? Are you trying to embarrass me in front of the whole fucking building?" and I said, "What?" He said, "What's with you and James?" and I said, "Who's James?" and he said, "The garage attendant, you stupid shit," and I said, "Nothing. He was just being nice." He stormed across the room and said, "Did you suck his cock? Did he stick his big black cock up your pretty white boy cunt?" and I said, "No." Then he called me names like whore and slut but he didn't hit me.

He said, "I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Have you had a bath today?" and I said, "No," and he said, "Well, go take a shower and try to get all those other men's filthy germs off you." Then he said, "You know where to sleep tonight," and I said, "Yes, Daddy," and he screamed, "I'm not your fucking father, you street slut. Don't call me that," and I said, "There were no other men," but I didn't look at him when I said that.

I went into his bathroom and tried to take as quiet a shower as I could. Marius was asleep when I went into the bedroom. At least, I think he was asleep. I laid down on the floor at the foot of his bed and covered myself with my towel. It was damp and all but I was glad that it was big. It was good being inside after spending practically the whole day out in the cold and rain and I slept until the sun woke me in the morning. "Good," I said to myself. "The sun's shining."

I wrapped the towel around my waist. Marius was already up and in the kitchen having toast and coffee. He looked handsome in his brown pajamas but I didn't tell him that because I could tell he was still mad at me for spending all that time with James and all. The coffee smelled good and I asked if I could have some and he said, "You know where the mugs are. I'm not your fucking servant," and I said, "I know that."

He asked me again if I had sucked James off or if he had fucked me and I said, "No." He said, "Listen to the street slut," and I said, "I'm not a street slut," and he said, "Exactly where did I find you?" and I said, "All right, but I'm not a slut any more."

Then he asked me what I do all day while he's at work and I said, "Nothing. Just wait for you to get home," and he said, "Don't lie to me. How many men have fucked you this week?" and I said, "Only one." He said, "My! How pure! Only one filthy old pig," and I said, "No. Only you." He didn't say anything for a while.

When he spoke again he was still angry but his voice wasn't as loud. He said, "How about Rocko?" I was surprised and said, "Rocko's my friend," and he said, "You mean 'fuck buddy'," and I said, "No, I don't." I could tell by the way he was looking at me that he didn't believe me so I said, "Honest."

Then he said, "Exactly what do you do when you're waiting for me to get home?" and I said, "Nothing. Just hang around." He said, "What did you do yesterday?" and I said, "I went to the movies," and he said, "And you didn't go off with some guy and turn your pretty ass up for him?" and I said, "No. I already told you that." Then I said, "I haven't had sex with anyone but you since before we went to Boston." He looked at me real hard and said, "Is that the truth?" and I said, "Yes," and he said, "I wish I could believe that."

I didn't know what to say right away so I sipped my coffee. Then I looked at him and said, "If you want me to be your special boy . . ." I stopped and started over. "If you want me to save myself for you, that's easy. I can do that. But if you don't want that then I can go away."

He looked at me but he didn't say anything so I said, "I can't make you believe me, but I haven't had sex with anybody else since before we went to Boston, and I don't want to either. I just want to be with you. I want to be your special boy." After a while he said real low, "My angel boy?" I wasn't sure if he asked me a question or what, but I answered anyway. "If you want," I said.

He didn't say anything so I said, "There's only one thing," and he said, "What's that?" I hoped he wouldn't get mad again but I wanted to say what I wanted to say so I said, "I don't know why you get so mad at me sometimes. I don't like it when you get mean." He sort of glared at me. Then he backed off and he said, "Ground rules, huh?" I remembered this teacher I had in sixth grade always talking about ground rules so I knew what he meant and I said, "Yes. Ground rules." He said, "I don't really mean it," and I said, "Yes you do - at least sometimes you do." Then I said, "OK, sometimes I know you're not mad at me when you do mean things," and he said, "Like pissing on you." and I said, "Yes. Like pissing on me." He kind of laughed at that and I laughed with him. I didn't think I'd laugh that morning but I did.

But I wasn't finished so I said, "I really didn't like it when you hit me," and he said, "I know. I'm really sorry I hit you. I only did it once." "You shouldn't have done it at all," I said. "Ever." "I know," he repeated. "I really am sorry I ever hit you. It was something I did that I wish I could undo, but you can never take back something like that." I could tell he was sorry so I just looked into my coffee mug and took another sip.

Then he said, "Anything else?" I hadn't expected that so I said, "I don't know." Then I said, "Yes. I don't like it when you call me slut and whore," and he said, "But you are a whore, aren't you?" and I said, "I guess, but I don't feel like it when I'm with you." After a while he said, "OK. I will only call you names when we are playing games," and I said, "That's OK."

He went to the coffee pot and filled his mug and lifted the pot to me. I nodded and he filled my mug to the top.

Then he said, "I'm almost afraid to ask if there's anything else." I thought real hard and finally said, "Well, I wish I didn't have to leave your apartment when its really cold and raining hard and all, even when you go to work." He thought about that and said, "That's a big one, don't you think?" and I said, "I guess."

Then he asked me something that really surprised me. He said, "Do you love me, Timmy?" I mean, that really surprised me but I didn't have to stop and think about the answer. "Yes," I said. "I do." Then he put his coffee mug on the counter and took mine from me and put it beside his and he took my face in his hands and turned it up to his. His hands were warm from the coffee and so were his lips when he kissed me.



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