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 A lot of my  coworkers complain about all of the traveling required for our job. Me on the  other hand, I find it refreshing and I look forward to it.  I love seeing different cities,  meeting people all over the country and I am  not that put off by the hassle of flying these days either. Grin and bear it. It  is not really that bad. The worst thing probably was being away from home so  much. My lover traveled a great deal too, but as they say absence can make the  heart (hard on) grow fonder and that is true for us. 

  Don’t get me wrong, I still think my husband  is one of the sexiest studs I have ever laid eyes on, but let’s get real – with  all this traveling a man needs what a man needs and tonight I need a big dick  to suck.  Internet here I come. Maybe a  massage? Yea it has been a long week and I could use some hot “massage  therapist” giving me a rub down leading to ????? 

I logged on  to my favorite site that specializes in Men  for Rent. And tonight I wanted a man. A big rugged manly man all over me. At  least I thought that is what I wanted until I read this: “Your fantasy. My  reality.”  That was all the ad said. It was  not the wording so much but the innocent looking young man pictured in the ad.  So not my type, in fact quite the opposite. This kid looked like your typical  nerd, bookish twink, and a skinny little fucker. Nothing exceptional about his build  or his looks, except his piercing eyes boring into the camera and this obscene  bulge about to burst the seams of the thong he is wearing. There is no way that  thing could be real. What the hell I thought as I dialed his number, plus he  has over 30 reviews all 5 star and raves.  

 Yes, he had  time. Great. We agreed on a price. No problem. Scheduled an appointment.  I gave the room number of the hotel and we  were set. I had plenty of time to get a quick work out in and take a long hot  shower to get squeaky clean before he knocked on my door two hours later. 

I am stepping  out of the shower when I hear the knock on the door. Very prompt. Extra points  for being on time and professional.   I  check myself in the mirror one last time before answering the knock. Hmmm.  I still got it. Now it is time to see if this lil  twink hopefully has a muscle daddy fetish. I am 54 years old. At 6 ft. 2 inches  tall I tip the scales at a solid 225 lbs. Of lean rock hard muscles from years  and years of being addicted the gym. 

It is sort  of a thrill, I mean I know what this guy is supposed to look like if his  pictures are accurate but he has no idea what is waiting for him on the other  side. I have been surprised more than once, and I am sure I have surprised just  as many.

I open the  door and standing there is a preppy young man, dressed in a polo shirt, docker  shorts and slip on loafers, straight out of a coed college library brochure. Sort  of cute in a nerdy sort of way with a broad easy grin and large brown puppy dog  eyes. My cock starts tenting the damp towel on the spot. 

“My name is  Carson” he sticks his hand out as I let him in the room.

“Hello  Carson, My name is Jackson, but my friends call me Jax.” 

“Then Jax it  is, I hope.” As he steps into the room.  

He lays his  backpack on the chair and steps right up close.   He flicks the towel off from around my waist, and lays both of his hands  on my chest. “So big guy. What did you have in mind for the evening” he  massages the pecs and flicks my perky nipples with his thumbs. 

I don’t answer  at first, my eyes sort of close and my head lolls back just a little from the  pleasure he is giving my chest. His thumbs and forefingers are working magic on  the muscles. My dick rises and jerks with each flick of his thumb across the  rock hard nubs of my nipples.  

“Don’t you  worry.”  He talks with a surprisingly  deep voice. “I am pretty sure I know what you need already”.  He adds with a definitive tone and a much  more deliberate attack of each nipple between his fingertips. 

“Why don’t you  unwrap your present muscle daddy?”  

I open my  eyes for a second with a quizzical look.

“My clothes  big man.” He stops rubbing my nipples. “Start with my shoes”. And points down  towards the floor and his feet.

A light bulb  goes off in my head. It is my lucky day I think to myself.  I got hold of a dominant little fucker...  I drop to my knees and lift his left foot off  the ground.  I massage his calve as I  take the heel of his loafer and start to slide it off. His legs are totally  hairless and surprisingly strong with lean corded muscles disguised as being  skinny. I take my time and remove the show slowly and reveal his large feet a  little at a time. Once I have the loafer off I rest his bare foot on my thigh  and I raise the leather shoe to my nose and inhale deeply. The smell of leather  mixed with clean damp feet shoots through my body. I moaned out load from the  aromatic high.  

He rests his  hands on my shoulders and raises his bare foot up my torso rubbing my abs and  pecs on their way to my mouth beside his loafer. I drop the shoe to the floor  and grab his foot and start to lick. I lick the arch underneath, over the heel  and back up the top side on my way to his long veiny toes.  I suck each one in my mouth one at a  time.  I treat each digit like a small  cock and suck it down and slide it in and out of my mouth before moving to the  next one.  Once I have them all nice and  wet I slip all five delicious toes into my mouth and try my best to swallow  them all.    

“Good boy.” He  muses my damp hair “now the other one”. He places his hands back on my shoulder  and lifts his left foot.  I take the same  amount of deliberate time with his left foot as I did the right one. Being more  into it now I do notice how hot his feet actually are.  Perfectly manicured. Trimmed nails. High  arches and veins all the way from his ankle to each long toe. 

When I have  totally serviced his perfect feet he lifts under my arm pits prompting me to stand  up.  He reaches into his shorts pocket  and hands me a bottle of very expensive poppers.  He nods at them and waits. You don’t have to  ask me twice, I take a hit so deep I am seeing stars before I come off the  bottle. 

“Turn around.”  He is standing mere inches from my body and I can feel his breath on the back  of my neck as the full effect of the inhalant settles in. His fingers run  across both shoulders, around the back of my arms tracing each triceps, back up  my neck and down the center of my spine. My entire body is on giant goose bump  from the touch of his fingers as he slides them lower into the smooth crack of  my hairless ass.  

“Tell me what  you want muscle daddy” His voice is deep but softly whispering in my ear. His left  hand has snaked around to my chest and tweaking my nipple as his right finger  wedges deeper into my smooth ass. 

“I want you”  My head rolls back making contact with his behind me.

“I am right  here.” He swats my smooth ass cheek with a sharp open palm. “Now tell me what  you need” he is rubbing the red stinging area with his soft hand.  

“I want you  to fuck me” I answer with urgency. I arch my back thrusting my ass against his khaki  covered cock and pushing me pecs out further into his hand. The intense rush of  the poppers along with this young stud totally playing every nerve ending in my  body is out of this world. I can already feel my cock jerking and a steady  stream of precum is trailing out of the tip of my cock and stringing all the  way to the carpet. 

“Good Boi”.  He nibbles my ear as he speaks.  “Now let’s see if you can handle a real man”  he uses my shoulders to turn me around facing him and raises his arms over his  head and gives me a nod – permission to remove his shirt. 

Standing eye  to eye we are both about the same height. His eyes are deep set and intense as  I lift the shirt tails up his smooth torso revealing more of the same lean  tight body, shredded and almost zero body fat, yet great tone and muscle  definition. Where my body is made up of muscles bulging from years and years  slinging weights in a gym, his looks as though he spent equal amounts of time  swimming judging from the ultra-lean muscles and definition. ‘This stud needs  new pictures’ I think to myself as I toss the shirt to the chair beside  us.  

My hands run  over his tight shoulders down his smooth chest and begin the trail down his abs  on my way to the grand prize still hidden in those cargo shorts. I pause at the  top button and wait for any signal, he is very much in control and I have not  gotten permission yet, but he nods his approval. 

I lower to  one knee as the top button is released. I settle in as close as I can to his  crotch revealing the zipper tooth by tooth. As bad as I want to free the hidden  pouch, the seduction of revealing it slowly is very exciting for me. 

When the  zipper is opened all the way, he wiggles his narrow hips and his shorts slide  down his legs. 

I literally gasp out loud! 

To be continued



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