A day of running errands around town,  knowing that I would be very close to Romantix, an adult video arcade on Whittier Blvd.  I put something special on before I left and after a my errands,  I drove the few blocks to Whittier.  Parked in the back lot of the adult arcade and went in.  

After looking at their dildo's and women's lingerie and other stuff.  I paid my $6.00 for a pass into the video arcade.  I looked in a few empty booths, who's glory holes had been covered with a thin piece of metal and then found one that was not.  I went in and put my  dollar in the video machine and as I sat down I noticed that there was a mans erect cock protruding through the six inch hole in the wall separating my booth from the booth next door.  

I switched channels on the video machine unit I found what I wanted to see, appropriate for the occasion and then turned my attention to the mans cock.  He was feverishly masturbating with about two thirds of his member protruding into my booth.  I watched and then slipped off my shorts leaving nothing but a pair of black lace boy short style crotch-less panties that came with small garter belt attachments to attach and wear stockings.  

I had not worn silk stocking because I don't think that I could pull that off in public with my running shorts and a T shirt.  LOL.  The guy had withdrawn is cock and was obviously interested in looking at me.  I turned so he could see my shaved cock and balls protruding from the slit in the crotch of the hot little panties and then I turned so he could see the red ribbon drawstring tie in the rear of the panties.  As I continued my turn he reached through the hole and gently grabbed my cock.  He pulled me towards the Glory Hole but I wouldn't let him put me into his mouth.  Touching me was enough, he didn't deserve anything more.  I saw a light come on in his booth and he let go.  I then took up his position as the voyeur and watched him give three men blow jobs one right after another.  

The last man to enter his booth was Caucasian, nicely dressed and as he pulled his rather large cock from his trousers I became more interested in that it was a great looking piece of manhood.  I watched him get sucked to completion and as he finished so did I pumping my cum all over the floor and wall.  After recovering, I gathered my keys and phone and explored yet one more booth.  I once again dropped my running shorts to the floor as I knew I was being watched, I gave him a good look at my cleanly shaven manhood and my pretty lace panties.  

I heard him say Oh your beautiful. as he reached through the hole in the wall.  I allowed him to hold my swollen cock in his hot hand, the smell of cum in the booth was intoxicating but I would not let him suck me off.  He gently felt my cock and cradled my balls in his hand with his face pressed up against the wall I realized that he was masturbating as he held me.  

I cooed loud enough for him to hear me over the video that was playing in both of our booths and continued to make little erotic sounds to encourage his efforts until I knew that he had blown his load  I was aroused but not fully erect but the girth of my cock apparently was enough to satisfy my new friend.  I waited for him to get dressed and leave his booth before I dressed and departed my booth.  Once back in the store proper, I noticed that there was a nice looking guy admiring me as I took one more look at the lingerie and left for my car.  It was odd to have a guy look at me in that way but it was pretty flattering and exciting being devoured by another man.  I felt a little residual cum dripping from my cock and down my leg. 



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