My name is Robin and I am a gym bunny. I really take exercising very seriously and have a good physique. I am five-foot-ten-tall; I’m blond and blue-eyed, and according to most people, I’m very good-looking. Sadly my sex life is practically non-existent. The problem is that I like ultra-masculine men and they seem to be few and far between. A further setback for me is that I am very conscious about my sexual orientation and shit-scared that anyone will find out and expose me. In my workplace that wouldn’t be advisable. 

Chat rooms on the internet are where I mostly get my rocks off. The guys I generally like are ‘straight’ or bi-curious, but most of them, however, always seem to live a million miles away and therefore, hook-ups are mostly out of the question. 

I mostly spend Saturday evenings at a gay bar in a neighbouring town, but still shit myself that I may be found out. I always take a train to this town and if needed, take a taxi home later. The expense is well worth it because I can let my hair down. Unfortunately, nine out of ten times the guys that engage me at the bar smell like they have been pickling in cologne for a week, which is a real turn-off for me. 

One night, I thought I had hit the jackpot at the bar when a rough looking Neanderthal man invited me home with him. The problem was that he had erectile dysfunction and he spent the entire night on his stomach. Although I don’t mind being versatile, from time to time, I am very much a receiver and prefer the passive role in bed. Of course, I never have any objections when a large dose of domination is also thrown in. 


Fortunately, my bad luck finally came to an end one wonderful Saturday evening at the bar when an uber-looking thug, with his two equally rough looking friends, walked into the bar. Both his friends also got my lust-alarm ringing.

As observed the tough trio from the other side of the bar, I was bristling with horniness. I could clearly see Uber’s neck tattoos, a sleeper-ring though his nose, and half inch wide earrings stretching his ear lobes. Masculinity just oozed out of him and he had a sexy; ‘don’t fuck with me,’ attitude.

After they had got their beers, Uber glanced in my direction and gave me an interested smile. Shortly after, he moved in my direction.

“I’m Spider,” he said, extending his right tattooed hand that displayed a bright coloured spider.

“I’m Robin,” I answered before we exchanged a few pleasantries.

“Where’s your daddy?” he asked after a short while.

“I don’t have one,” I replied, blushing.

“Well, tonight we need to correct that situation,” he stated, with a ‘menacing’ glare.

I nodded coyly, relishing his masterful gaze. His brown eyes were so dark that they almost appeared black. Leaning forward, he clamped my head in his hand before he began licking my lips.

As his mouth moved to my ear he whispered, “I’m not a webbing spider, I’m a nesting spider,” he said, before he fervently commenced nibbling on my ear.

We chatted a while longer afterward, before excused himself and headed back to his buddies. After a brief exchange with them, he returned to me.

“Let’s drink up and get going,” he manfully instructed.

Once outside, he produced two helmets from the huge side compartments on his large motorbike, and shortly we were on our way.

Spider’s home was in a rougher part of town. The house was not very well looked after and if weeds are considered proper plants, his garden was overflowing. Inside, things didn’t improve either. It was abundantly clear that our boy was a bit of a slob. Empty bottles, dirty dishes, and brimming ashtrays adorned the living area. Against one wall there were what appeared to be five waterless fish tanks, side by side. Each one contained one or other species of tarantula. After he fetched two beers I was given a brief lecture about each arachnid they contained. Thankfully, I was not overly sensitive to these creatures, but they did look ominous.

In the bedroom, the untidiness perpetuated. I was, however, totally intrigued by the headboard of his bed that was a sawn-off nineteen-sixties Chevy. The headlights were the bedside lamps and the grill was fitted with speakers. Proudly Spider turned on his sound system before sensual R & B music began to play.

As I stood at the foot of the bed scanning the room, Spider removed his leather jacket, boots, jeans, and shirt. Only wearing his boxers I looked at his body. Spider had a well-proportioned sturdy body, covered in tattoos. His plump nipples formed part of two large spider bodies. Both his arms were sleeved with tattoos of skulls, spiders, and spider webs. On the front of both his thighs and on the back of his calves, another four spiders were tattooed. On either side of his body he had two large daggers, and under his bellybutton, the word ‘spider’ was also tattooed in a gothic script.

Next, after jumping onto his bed with his hands behind his head, he observed me.

“Move to the music… Strip for daddy,” he then ordered.

After a moment’s hesitation, I slowly began to sway to the music with him egging me on. I tried to disrobe as sensually as possible as he voiced his approval. Finally, when I was down to my underpants, I held still awaiting further instruction.

“Take it all off,” he commanded.

As I stood naked before him he let out a long sigh of approval.

“Flex for me, baby, show off your sweet body,” he lustfully directed.

As I did so, Spider moved forward and seated before me at the edge of the bed, he reached out and cupped my balls in his hand.

“I like man-sized cocks,” he said favourably. As he fondled my balls my dick stiffened. Spider’s hand then moved between my dick and balls as he stroked and fondled me.

Next, after placing his hands on my butt cheeks Spider pulled my knob towards his lips. Seconds later, I was balls-deep down his throat. As his tongue began to loll around my shaft I gripped onto his head. As our hands clamped onto one another we got into a steady rhythm.

Later, as my breathing became erratic, he pulled his mouth off me instructing, “Don’t ever cum until I tell you to.”

After a pause, we conjoined again as his mouth continued pleasuring me. Spider and I linked and unlinked a further five times before I got the green light. When I came it was the best release of my life and I almost fell over shuddering in ecstasy.

Looking up at me afterward, Spider said, “Fuck, boy… even yer cum tastes like honey.”

When he rose up off the bed, he embraced me again and commenced kissing me.

As our lips broke apart he ordered, “Bend over, boy, and spread them.”

After pulling my butt cheeks apart he sighed loudly. “Fuck, that’s the prettiest pink pussy I have ever seen.” Sniggering he continued, “It won’t be so pretty in the morning when it’s bright red and puffy,” he concluded, with a guffaw.

Next, after getting to his knees behind me he began to lick and prod his tongue into my hole. Following on that, he commenced sucking hard, as he pulled my arse lips into his mouth. Once they were slightly extended he began nibbling on them. Spider’s sucking now really got hectic as his teeth scraped my balloon knot. When he began biting my protruding lips I was afraid he’d wolf down my entire colon.

When he pushed me flat on my stomach later, he continued munching on my sphincter like of a berserk hog.

Spider’s right hand then added to all the excitement as it frantically slapped my arse. Spider then scooted up over me and plunged his cock straight into my puffy hole. Pinned, I gasped as he plunged his huge knob into me. The exquisite agony was mind-blowing. At last, I was being fucked by a real man and all the former wimps who had failed to satisfy me evaporated into oblivion. I grunted as he thumped into me, overcome with more pleasure than I had ever known possible. When I received his spunk I was begging him to bang the living shit out of me. After finally extracting his cock, Spider gave my butt a few more hefty slaps.

He then got off the bed and retrieved a cylinder from his cupboard. Returning to the bed he explained that it was a vacuum pump and that he was going to place it on my arsehole.

“Why?” I asked.

“Well… your arse lips need a bit of enhancement,” he replied, matter-of-factly. I decided to go with the flow and soon my pucker felt like it was being turned inside out. It wasn’t unpleasant, just strange.

“I’ll give you fifteen minutes while I take a smoke break,” he said before leaving the room.

After returning a while later, he removed the pump.

“Mmm… your rosebud is starting to look really great,” he satisfactorily concluded.

After being instructed onto my back Spider again thrust straight into me. Our second session lasted longer and his pummelling was a lot more intense. Each time I touched my cock, however, he slapped my hand away. “You’ll cum when I give you permission,” he stated, with authority.

Permission never came and when we finally fell asleep after another pump and pounding session, I was somewhat frustrated.

When I awoke at six-thirty the following morning Spider was snoring loudly. After exiting the bedroom I looked at the living room and decided to do a clean-up. Upon closing the bedroom door I got to work and when he emerged at nine a.m., he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Why did you do this?” he asked.

“Well… I had a great evening and just wanted to say thanks,” I replied.

“Fuck… this is unbelievable… Is this my house?” he then asked with a disbelieving laugh.

“Do you mind if I vacuum the lounge before I tackle the bedroom?” I asked, “I didn’t want to wake you earlier.”

Shrugging and gesturing with open arms, he answered, “Be my guest.”

When I eventually finished he said, “The boys aren’t going to believe this.”

Picking up on my quizzical expression he countered, “Torque and BG, my best friends, will be joining us later. They are bringing lunch.”

“Lunch…?” I incredulously replied.

“Sure… you’re staying the day,” he stated, matter-of-factly.

At a little past twelve, his two friends who lived down the road arrived with fried chicken and pizzas for lunch.

They were both were stunned by my transformation of Spider’s home. After formally introducing us, Spider explained that not only were they his best friends but that they were business partners as well. They owned a motorbike franchise. Torque was the mechanic, BG the main salesman, and Spider took care of the financial side.

When I extended my hand in greeting both burst out laughing. “Fuck that,” BG exclaimed, “We don’t shake hands” before embracing me in a man hug. My hug from Torque soon followed.

I took to both of them instantly. BG (Big Guy) was an over six-foot-six-tall and weighed two hundred and sixty pounds. He had a handsome chubby face with naughty eyes. Torque was more serious looking, with an open hanging mouth that made him look slightly dopey. Later I would learn that there was nothing stupid about him and that he was a mechanic, par excellence. Apparently, there was nothing he couldn’t repair.

Shortly we were seated at the table, scoffing the food they had brought. As we were finishing off our lunch, Spider enquired how their previous night had been.

“Shit… absolutely shit,” BG answered. “You were the only one that got lucky last night,” he stated. “My fucking balls are so full right now, that they are practically hanging on the ground,” he concluded, looking at me with a horny grin.

“Mine as well,” Torque chipped in, also glancing at me salaciously.

“Well… maybe Robin can help you guys out,” Spider suggested.

I felt like a contented lamb about to be led to the ‘slaughter,’ as three pairs of eyes fixed me in a lustful gaze.

“Cool, but in that case, I‘m definitely first up, guys,” BG stated emphatically.

“Sure, and don’t worry Robin,” Spider said laughing, “I’ll be sure to clean up the dishes after all your efforts this morning.”

Next, after gripping me by the arm, BG ushered me towards the bedroom. Foreplay was not his forte and before I could process the situation our clothes were removed and I was on my stomach.

Grunting in my ear he said, “Brace yourself… baby, my nuts are full of cream.” My puffy arse-lips were prized open as he began banging his fat knob into me. “You’re a fine looking bitch,” he growled, as his ample butt banged the hell out of me. “You’re going to be drowning in cum when I’m finished with you.”

As he humped me Torque entered the room. “Hurry up BG,” he announced, “I need some of that arse.”

“Fuck you Torque, wait your turn,” BG answered playfully, as he thumped into me. When he came a few minutes later, he exhaled a throaty rumble in my ear.

After getting off me he offered my body to his buddy, saying, “Churn my fucking cream bro… fuck this boy.”

Torque was in me in a flash and humped my arse ferociously. They were both taking their frustration of the unsuccessful previous evening out on my butt. I was in heaven and loved the attention of the three macho males that had opportunistically entered my life. It simply didn’t get better than this!

When Spider completed my troika of pleasure later, I thought I was in nirvana. BG then opted for the first helping of dessert as he sucked three loads of cum out of my arse and finally, I was also allowed to cum as Spider and Torque gave me a collective blow-job.

When we got back to the lounge afterward I mentioned that I had better get going shortly. “You ain’t going anywhere,” BG stated. “We’re all heading to our place in a short while,” before concluding, “we’ve got something special to show you.”

A short while later we made our way to the house that BG and Torque shared. Their place was very tidy compared to Spider’s home. Apparently, BG was actually quite fastidious.

As we sipped our beers we all made our way down to their basement. Upon arriving downstairs I observed a very sturdy looking sling in the middle of the room. A funny thought went through my mind as I stood there. If anyone had told me twenty-four hours earlier that I would be in the company of three butch guys, having had my first foursome, never mind a threesome, and that I was about to be fucked on a sling, I would have told them they were on drugs.

In no time we were naked and my ankles were secured to the chains of the sling. BG moved up first and pushed his dick into my backside. As he fucked me Spider commenced face-fucking me. With the action underway, I felt warm liquid on my body as Torque began pissing all over me. BG and Spider then both extracted their cocks and joined in. Torrents of golden sap irrigated my entire body as they moved their knobs from side to side. Once done, BG again entered my arse and Spider continued face-fucking me.

While sucking Spider I glanced in the direction of BG and observed Torque’s head behind him. BG held still for a few seconds before Torque entered him from behind. Once in, Torque began to supply the momentum needed as BG enjoyed his double stimulation. BG didn’t last too long before seeding my backside and moving aside.

Thereafter, Torque entered me and unloaded into me a few minutes later. Spider then replaced him immediately also shot his load.

Announcing that he was going to enjoy the next helping of dessert, Torque then knelt behind me. Licking and sucking on my hole he instructed me to feed him the well-churned cream. As he suckled on my puffy pucker, my head was turned from side to side as I cleaned BG and Spider’s dicks. My reward for this was to have my head covered in piss as both guys expelled the last bit of juice from their rejuvenated bladders.

After a quick shower afterward, I joined the guys in the lounge. Again I mentioned that I had probably needed to get going, only to be informed that I was staying the night.

Later on, we had leftovers from the huge amount of food the guys had brought for lunch. After a few more beers the guys once more suggested a visit to the basement.

BG got on the sling first, and I finally got to butt-fuck someone else. As I got going Torque moved up behind me and entered my arse. At the other end of the sling Spider then placed a long wooden platform under BG’s head. Then, after mounting the platform with his legs over BG’s chest, he lowered his backside onto BG’s head. Spider then smeared his manhole on BG’s face before BG’s active tongue went into overdrive as he began rimming Spider.

When Spider gripped hold of his knob he commenced spraying jets of piss all over me and BG’s body. As I grabbed hold of BG’s cock he also let rip a stream of piss.

I was so turned on by now with my double stimulation, that I began seeding BG’s butt. Torque instantly replaced me in BG’s backside and as I moved to the front, Spider invited me to replace him in BG’s mouth.

Next, BG moved my body forward and began prodding his tongue into my butthole. After taking hold of my knob I began hosing piss all over Torque and BG.

By now, Spider had moved behind Torque and was really giving his nipples a working over. With his tits clamped in Spider’s vicelike fingers, Torque began to howl with pleasure and pain before unloading into BG.

When Spider replaced Torque, BG once more moved my body backward and after consuming my cock, encouraged me to skull-fuck him once more. Torque then returned the favour and started working Spider’s nipples very hard. As Spider’s tits got brutalized he went ballistic in BG’s backside.

Spider and I shot our loads simultaneously before Spider knelt behind BG afterward to enjoy his turn for dessert. Torque, meanwhile, moved to the side of the sling and began spraying us all with piss. When we finally got up after the session, we all towelled ourselves off.

Having to be up early the next morning, it was decided that we should head off to bed. BG was insistent that I should sleep in his bed that night and that Spider could join Torque in the other room.

“Are you trying to steal my boy?” Spider joked.

“Correction… our boy,” BG replied, stressing the pronoun.

It took a long while before BG and I finally fell asleep, because he was all over me like a rash. There seemed to be no end to this guy.


Nowadays, I spent a great deal of time in their part of town. My gay bar and internet nights are well and truly ended. 


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