When I was in my early twenties, I had met this older guy in the park one night. While at first I wasn't really into him, he had a way of talking which was pretty convincing, and something about him made me horny. I never made it with him there, but he gave me his phone number, and one night when it was pouring rain I phoned him.

He invited me over to his place pretty much right away, and gave me the address. It was about a fifteen minute drive away from my place, and I stroked my hardening cock as I drove there, my heart pounding in excitement. He lived in an older apartment building, on the ground floor. The doors were on a sidewalk that one reached just off the street, and so I found his number and knocked.

He was in his early fifties, and had greased back hair which was liberally streaked with gray. His build was pretty stocky, and he looked me up and down and whistled as I walked into his place. He smiled and told me how hot he thought I was, then walked over to me and touched my ass. There was a look of pure lust in his eyes that turned me on, and my penis got harder.

This was making me even hornier, and so when a couple moments later he suggested that we go into the bedroom, I readily agreed. I took all my clothes off for him, and then turned around as he asked me. The room was pretty nondescript, a double bed, a table and lamp, which were off, and a wall of closet doors which were mirrored. In the far corner he had a soft lamp glowing, and the light from the street behind his place came in through the windows, which were covered with thick metal Venetian blinds.

His fingers ran over my ass, and I looked at him in the mirror. He had taken his clothes off, and I noticed that he was in pretty good shape. He got down on his knees behind me and started to lick at my ass. This felt so hot; I moaned and pushed my ass a little harder against his waiting tongue. His tongue was warm and wet, and I loved the lapping sounds he made as he licked my hole.

His hands went over my ass cheeks and spread them a little wider. He wanted to get his tongue as deep inside me as he could. My heart was pounding now, and I wanted it so badly. I stood up straight, but his hands reached up to the small of my back and guided me back to a bent over position. He moaned out loud.

Eventually he did let me stand up, and when I did I reached for his cock. It was a pretty good size, and I knew that I wanted it up my ass too. His fingers were probing inside me, and he wasn't about to lose contact with my ass. He put first one and then two up my ass and stood there watching my reaction. He smiled up at me as he pushed them deeper inside my ass.

He took out his fingers and walked over to the bedside table. Taking out a condom and a tube of clear lubricant gel he came up behind me again, and put a fair amount of the cold lube on my ass. His fingers played with my hole and he pushed them inside me to make sure I was all ready for his hard penis.

It wasn't long before he pushed his cock inside my ass. I gasped quietly. He was going slow, so it didn't take long to get used to the size of his cock in there. He started to move it back and forth, and I watched in the mirror. The look on his face in the semi-darkness was of complete lust. He asked me softly in my ear if I liked that.

It was a little humiliating to answer, but it made me horny to do so, and so I said yes, I did like it. That made him get harder, and I bent over more to feel his penis go farther up my ass. He said in a quiet tone, 'Darlin', you know how to fuck!'. I saw his smiling reflection in the mirror on the wall and that did it for me. I came in torrents all over the synthetic and scratchy top of the bedspread I was bent over. Being in my early twenties, I hardly noticed it at the time, and needed only a couple of minutes to get back into the swing.

He stopped fucking me, and pulled out of my ass slowly. It was humiliating to me, the amount of time he took, and the way his hands were still spreading my ass cheeks apart. I tried to avoid his eyes in the mirror, but in an unguarded moment our gaze met in the reflection and I blushed deeply.

He was the master of the situation, and put his arm gently on my shoulder, asking me if I wanted something to drink, and led me out of the room through the short dark hall into the kitchen. The place was pretty bare, but there was a table and a couple of vinyl covered chairs there, so I sat my naked ass down and had a beer. We talked for a few minutes, mostly about nothing. He was a cook at the canteen down at the local Navy base, and I had seen him around for a long time. He was a good fuck though, and as we sat there talking I began to think about another round.

The hotness of sitting at the table naked with this guy was making my cock hard again, and just as I was about to suggest we head back into the bedroom there was a knock at the door. Henry (that was his name) got up and answered it. I thought it was kind of weird that he didn't put any clothes on first, but he was evidently not surprised to see who it was, and he asked him in.

I stood up and turned to the bedroom for my clothes, but Henry told me it was ok. I stopped and turned to see a guy a few years older than me, in his late twenties standing there, eyeing me up and down with a growing bulge in his jeans. Henry introduced him as someone he made it with from time to time, and said that he had called earlier, and said that he might drop by. He hadn't thought he was going to show up by the time I had called, and a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush (this with another smile).

Henry then asked if I would be into a three-way, and since my own cock was totally erect by this point I said yes. My heart pounded as I walked ahead of them into the bedroom. The other guy, whose name Henry hadn't mentioned, was tall and thin, and took off his clothes quickly as he entered the room. He had a hairy chest and ass, and a nice looking cock. I wanted that up my ass as well.

Henry pushed my head down to suck the other guy's cock, who himself stood just in front of the bed. I took it in my mouth and began to suck on it slowly. I looked sideways from time to time to see the reflection in the mirror, and to keep tabs on Henry, who was at that moment getting out some more lube for my ass. He knelt behind me and licked my hole again for a couple of minutes first, and I heard the breathing of the newcomer above me quicken at the sight of my ass being licked. I could well imagine what was to come, as could he.

I felt him flex his cock in my mouth, and push it farther inside. Henry continued to lick my ass for a while, then stood up, lubed my ass and slid his hard penis into me. I groaned, and felt the hands spread my ass open for him. The other guy above me put his hands on the back of my head, and started to move his hips back and forth.

Henry fucked me for a few minutes, and then the stranger said he wanted to have a turn. Henry took some time out, and sat on the bed watching as I took the second man's penis up my ass in front of him. He stroked his hard cock and made lustful comments under his breath, most of which I couldn't make out. My new top had a different way of fucking me, and a different motion entirely, and this whole scene was making me so uncommonly horny.

I came again, this time with more vigor, but pretty much in the same place as last time. Again Henry guided me away from my clothes and into the kitchen. The three of us sat around talking. Henry and Ed, the other man, did most of the talking. I pretty much just sat there looking at Ed's cock to see if it would get hard again. I didn't have to wait long, and Henry, who had been watching my cock get hard, suggested another round.

I got on my knees on the bed, and they took turns fucking me up the ass. I kept looking at myself in the mirror, and that really turned both of them on. They told me I liked watching myself take it up the ass, and that I loved taking it just as much. Ed came a couple of times, once while fucking me, and then Henry did the same. I came again as well, at about the same time as Henry, and by that point I was starting to get a bit sore. It was time to go.

I started to feel a little shy when I left, and stepped out of the door into the cool night. The atmosphere in there had been pretty steamy. Ed stayed on, and I had walked about halfway back to where my car was parked when I wondered if they were getting it on. I walked back and slipped around the back of the apartment building. My cock was hard once again, and since Henry's place was on the end of the building I didn't have too far to go.

I got to the window and looked inside. Sure enough, there was Henry fucking Ed up the ass. Ed had his legs in the air, lying on his back, his mouth open and gasping as he got fucked. It was too dark to see how hard his cock was. Henry still had the same look of lust on his face, and once as I stood there even looked right at me, though I was pretty sure he couldn't see me where I was.

I watched for a while more, and then jerked off. Ed took it up the ass in a couple of different positions, but he seemed to like taking it on his back the most. When I came, he was getting it as I was, on his knees at the edge of the bed, facing forward. That made me shoot pretty quick. I walked slowly back to my car, now acutely aware of how my ass felt, and the rawness of the sides of my penis where I had jerked off. I felt as if I could go back for still more, but contented myself with reciting Henry's phone number in my head for another day. I can still remember it now, some 15 years later.


Jethro Maki

[email protected]


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