I decided, after the 'big dump' by my last boyfriend, three weeks ago, that I'd start going out again. Friends have been bugging me, a lot. In particular my friend Jason, who at one time was a fuck buddy for about six months. That was ten years ago and we're still the best of friends. So he called me last week and said that I had to crawl out of bed and get moving again.

'You're still too young to stay in and not at least take a LOOK at some cute guys,' he said. He always has a way of talking me into things, like when he talked me into joining the gym where the muscle studs go, when he knows I don't even like to work out with free weights. Another time he got me to dress up like a woman for Halloween. Earlier this year, when I was still dating the jerk that dumped me, Jason had me talked into going to a gay bachelor auction thing and got me to bid on a guy. He egged me on all night until we won him and then I was like 'now what do we do with him?' and Jason took him out a week after that, having spent MY money to get him. I guess it was for charity, so not that huge of a thing. But the guy was completely hot.

So anyway, Jason continually bugged me about heading down to a club to look at guys and watch the cute go-go dancers. I finally gave in and we made a plan for Saturday night. I said in advance, 'I am NOT picking up anybody - you're free to, of course, but don't involve me!' Boy, did he involve me and I did not regret it.

Jason made me drive (he DOES talk me into almost everything) and we set out around 10 p.m. Saturday. He even picked out my clothes - just jeans and a t-shirt but one that he thought made my chest look nice. He spent ten minutes fluffing my hair different ways and, on our way out the door, looked down and said 'You're wearing THOSE shoes?' after which he marched back into my bedroom closet and picked out different ones.

So we set out, getting to the club around 10:00 and it was PACKED. Wall to wall, mostly sexy, sweaty hot men, dancing, kissing, feeling each other up, drooling at the dancers, sitting in a corner looking forlorn ('please pick me up, pretty please'). I hadn't come to this club in at least six months or so and I had forgotten how incredibly packed the place got and how many really hot guys were there.

We ordered drinks, my usual gin and tonic and Jason's usual screwdriver and amazingly found a table towards the side of the stage/runway/poles/whatever they're called. A few guys came up to Jason during the first half hour, hugging him and saying 'where have you been lately and who is your friend?' which made me blush and I was glad it was fairly dark in there. After that, we sat and listened to music and gawked.

Around 11:00 - I remember because I looked at my phone before that moment - a very sweet looking guy came to our table.

'Are you guys a couple? On a date? You both look bored!'

'No, no and not really,' I said.

'Oh, good,' and he grabbed Jason's hand and dragged him out to the dance floor. Jason looked behind his back as they walked away and shrugged his shoulders and gave me a 'well, he grabbed me' look.

I watched them writhe and dance for a while, the guy seemingly drunk the way he was pawing Jason. Jason loved every minute of it. Jason is a die-hard single guy. He spent his twenties sleeping around a lot, including the 'Saturday night and I have no date' times where he'd come over and we'd fuck. Now that we are both 31, even Jason is thinking that he ought to stop being so slutty and look for a nice boy. That boy will be lucky, as Jason has a huge cock.

So I sat and nursed my gin and tonic while I watched Jason flirt and while I was considering getting up and going home and watching some porn online, a guy came over to me. The first thing I noticed was that he wasn't very typical of the crowd there. He was dressed a little formal, I thought, for this place and its goings-on. He had on a suit, not a business suit or anything, but a really cool looking jacket and trousers, very narrow, pinstripes, looking like the fashions in the GQ I looked at last time in the dentist's office. Under his jacket he had a black button-down shirt. No tie. He was cute - nice eyes, no facial hair, almost jet black hair, short but messy and curly (styled that way, I'd guess) and his ears pierced.

'Uh, excuse me, is anyone sitting here? I can't find a stool or a chair anywhere and I really need to sit down...,' and he smiled broadly at me, his hand on the back of the bar stool/chair next to me.

'Well, my friend was sitting there but it seems like he's rather preoccupied with someone right now, so sure, have a seat!' I tried not to stare at him but he was getting sexier the longer I looked at him. His smile was fantastic.

'Thanks! Oh, hey, my name is Noah,' and he extended a hand to me.

'Hi, I'm Tom,' and I returned the handshake and smile.

'Do you come here often? Oh God that sounded so creepy...sorry,' he looked a little embarrassed.

I laughed. 'Once in a great while. My friend dragged me down here because I haven't gone out in a long time and he thought I needed this. I was contemplating leaving before you came over, actually,' and I must have looked pathetic.

'Well I hope maybe you'll stay so I don't look like a wallflower. Besides, I couldn't help but notice you. I love your glasses - what kind of frames are they?' Wow - a new pickup technique - eyewear.

'Oh, thanks. Yeah, I just got these - I have no idea what brand they are,' and I took them off and tried to see (I'm pretty blind) what the name was on the side.

'So, now I'll sound creepy - what is a cute guy like you doing at this club all alone?' he cocked his head towards me and gave me a sheepish smile.

'Well, I broke up with someone three weeks ago and haven't been in the mood to go out,' I managed to smile back, feeling my hands starting to shake a little, small beads of sweat beginning to emerge on the back of my neck.

'Oh...I'm sorry - I just went through a major break up last year and it sucked,' he looked sympathetic. 'What do you do?'

'Sorry about yours, too. Um, I am an all-around guy at a small book publisher. I edit, fact check, deal with authors, etc...You?'

'I'm a lawyer but very new at being one. I'm an associate at a huge firm and have been there two years and I'm contemplating a career change already!' he laughed.

'What would you do otherwise?'

'I think maybe make a blockbuster movie...do you think I could do that? Then maybe I could just quit working altogether,' and he smiled again. Cute, some sarcastic humor - I liked it....'So, Tom, can I buy you another drink and hang out? I'm no good at this stuff but I thought you were so cute I had to come over here.' He definitely made me blush.

'Sure, Noah, I'd like that,' and went to the bar to replace my gin and tonic and he came back with one for me and one for him.

'I like the same drink - funny coincidence,' he set it down in front of me and sat down again.

We continued making some small talk -about the bar, about our town, movies, music, TV, all the basic stuff aside from the weather. I kept an eye on Jason periodically and saw him making out with the new guy on the dance floor. I guess I know what he's doing later, I thought.

After about maybe a half-hour, I mustered up some courage from somewhere and said, 'Noah, would you like to go on a date? Maybe I can take you out for dinner or something?' and I mentally crossed my fingers and said a little prayer.

'Tom, I'd love that...I'll give you my cell number. But I hope you're not getting up to leave yet, unless you're about to invite me somewhere else,' and he blushed at that point and I felt some heat rising and maybe slight movement between my legs.

'Oh, um...yeah! Do you want to stay here or go get some coffee or something?' Thinking that I was too chicken to say 'let's go to my place and I'll fuck you silly the rest of the night' but maybe that would have been too presumptuous?

'Let's do it!' and he stood up.

'I'd better tell my friend I'm leaving...stay here for a sec,' and I made my way through the crowd. I found Jason and got him to extract his mouth from his new friend. 'I'm fine, hon. See you later,' he said before returning to his lip lock.

I headed back and got Noah and we went outside. 'Do you have a car? Mine is around the corner,' I offered.

'Actually, I took a cab because I was prepared to get drunk until I saw you,' he blushed again.

'Okay, follow me!' and I started thinking 'is my apartment a wreck? Do I have condoms? Is my bed made? Am I thinking wishfully here?' and as we walked, he grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I glanced over at him and smiled at him and squeezed him back. Heat was rising, I think I'm going to get laid. Hard on beginning.

We reached my car and he pinned me against the passenger door as I was unlocking it and started kissing me. Wow. He had amazing soft lips and skin and smelled incredible and didn't attack me with his tongue. Pinch me. I must be dreaming.

'Sorry, Tom, I couldn't help myself. You're just too irresistible,' and he pulled back and opened the door to get in.

I blushed and looked down and said to the street 'You're so gorgeous, Noah...and that was such a nice kiss,' and I kept my head down and walked to the driver's side as he got in.

I took a deep breath as I opened my door and got in.

'Coffee? Or are we skipping it?' and he grabbed my hand.

'I can make coffee at my place, you know,' and tried to look a little coy. Not good at that.

'Cool. I'm up for that!' Noah buckled his belt and settled in to his seat, looking straight out the windshield. Now I had a raging hard on and couldn't believe I was bringing home this hot guy. What's wrong with him, I wondered? Is he a serial killer? S&M dungeon master? Too good to be true, but fuck, maybe it's my night for a change.

We didn't talk much while I drove - he looked at the CDs I had between the two seats and mentioned some bands he liked that I had CDs of.

I reached my condo complex and he seemed impressed and said that he always wondered what these places looked like inside. Again, I thought 'oh, you'll see it all right.. at least the four walls of my bedroom.' I would be mortified if he knew the things I was thinking just then.

We pulled into my underground garage space and he held my hand as we headed towards the elevator. When the elevator came, some people came out and after we went in and the doors shut, he grabbed me again and started kissing me more aggressively.

'Wow, that was nice,' I said as I broke away.

'Tom, I should have asked before we left the bar...you're not a serial killer, are you?' and he smiled.

'I wanted to ask you if you were a dungeon master,' and I immediately felt stupid saying that.

He laughed and said 'I'm not good at it, but if that's what you want....kidding!' and I breathed out the breath I had just held.

'Whew. Glad we got that settled. Here's my floor,' and we got off.

We walked down the hall to my place and I thought I could hear my heart beating audibly outside my chest. Did I leave my bedroom a mess? Are there dishes in the sink? I opened the door and we walked in, Noah exclaimed, 'Wow! Nice place! Do you own this condo?'

'Yes, five years now. I do like it here, that's for sure. Have a seat - would you like something to drink?' and I headed towards the kitchen. Noah walked around, looking at my 'art,' pictures, furniture.

'I'll have whatever you're having,' he said in the direction I headed.

While I was getting drinks, my doorbell buzzed. Who could that be at 11:30?

'Want me to get that?' Noah asked.

'Nope, I'm right here,' and I ran over to the intercom.

It was Jason.

'Tom, please let me in, that guy was a fucking jerk - he tried to rob me! I gotta talk to you!' and I looked at Noah.

Noah nodded and said, 'Let him up, we have lots of time,' and he smiled at me.

'Um, okay...but I have company,' I said regretfully pressing the buzzer.

'It will be okay,' Noah said. 'Don't worry, I'm not leaving until I've thoroughly worn you out,' and he winked at me.

Jason burst into my door, almost in tears. He began ranting about his dance partner that he turned into a jerk and even tried to pickpocket his wallet. He was all nuts, waving his arms, almost shrieking about how pissed he was when he realized that, yes, I did have company.

'Oh, wow, Tom, I'm so sorry. I heard you say you had company and I totally wasn't thinking,' he looked embarrassed.

'Hi, I'm Noah,' and he stood up and shook hands with Jason.

'Well,' he said, 'Nice to meet you, I'm Jason,' and I could tell he was trying to flirt but not flirt. He definitely had his eye on him.

'Sit down and catch your breath, Jason,' Noah said, sitting down again.

All I could think of was, 'fuck Jason, I want to get laid!' instead of being a good compassionate friend. Sorry, my brain focuses on my penis when I get worked up.

He sat down and told us the whole story - the guy inviting him to dance, how he started getting friendly, how he started kissing him and saying dirty stuff to him. He felt the guy reach into his pocket and Jason knew what he was up to and pushed him away. The guy made it look like Jason was being aggressive with him and started telling people next to them that 'this guy's an asshole, he pushed me really hard!' but nobody listened, he said. So here he is.

'Wow, Jason. I'm sorry,' I said, this time genuinely concerned.

'Thanks. Sorry to crash your date, here,' he said to me.

'No worries, Jason, cool off for a while,' said Noah and smiled.

So we sat and chatted for about fifteen minutes and Jason calmed down and had a drink. He finally stood up and said, 'Well, I'll leave now so you two can get back to, ahem, your date,' and he started to put on his jacket.

Noah started to stand up. 'Wait, Jason. Maybe you could stay and play with us? What do you think, Tom?'

Jason and I froze in our tracks. Jason looked at him and said, 'you want me to stay and, uh, fool around with you? Or you and Tom?'

'Sure - if Tom doesn't object - we could have a great time,' and he gave me a sly look.

'A three-way? I've never done that or thought about it...' and I didn't know what to think. A three-way? Yow.

'Well, you and me have fucked lots of times, Tom. I mean, ten years ago anyway,' and he took his jacket back off.

'So the unfamiliar is only with Noah...it will be okay.'

They both stared at me, waiting for the monumental decision. If I said no, will I lose my date? I wonder if he's interested in me or now both of us?

'Well, I'm willing to give it a go, I guess,' I looked down at the floor.

'Oh goody! You'll have such a fun time you won't get any sleep,' and Noah leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

'When will I have another chance to be with two such hot guys?'

Jason and I looked at each other and I'm sure I was blushing; he certainly was.

'Okay, that's settled! Your room back here?' and Noah started walking down the hallway.

We followed him and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. But, Jason's right, he and I have slept together a number of times - I know his body, what he likes, and vice-versa, I'd hope. So I began to think of Noah being odd man out, more or less. At least that gave me more confidence somehow.

We entered my room and Noah was already unbuttoning his shirt and leering at the two of us, so we followed and did the same and then he plopped down on my bed and patted it. 'Okay boys, let's party!' and as I sat down he grabbed me and began to kiss me aggressively, his tongue exploring my mouth. He was such a great kisser that I got really into it and for a moment forgot about Jason. Jason was kneeling behind Noah, running his hands all over Noah's back and chest and Noah grabbed one of his hands while he did that so Jason could squeeze his crotch through his pants and he murmured a very quiet moan into my mouth. Noah started doing the same thing to me and that was nice. Then Noah broke away from me and turned to Jason and started kissing him. It was a little weird for me at first, me thinking, 'hey, he's mine! ' and then remembering that nope, he was both of ours now. I shook it off and started unbuttoning Noah's trousers and he was doing the same to Jason as they made out. As soon as I loosened Noah's pants, Jason put his hands down the back of them and started squeezing Noah's ass, which caused him to pull Jason into him much closer and I could tell he was trying to grind his crotch into Jason's.

Jason then broke away from Noah and crawled over to me and started kissing me. I forgot how nice he kissed - it had been years since I was last with him - and then remembered how fucking great he is in bed and what a huge cock he has. Noah, meanwhile, took his trousers off and was down to briefs. He started pawing at my pants while I kissed Jason and then Jason pushed me back on the bed and Noah took down my pants into my boxer briefs and Jason started biting my nipples while Noah grabbed my crotch and started stroking me a bit through the fabric and it made me definitely moan and that made me switch into sex mode and I was fucking horny, I realized.

Jason broke away from chewing on my nipples so he could take his pants off and then all three of us were down to underwear. I looked back and forth at the two of them, well, I really just stared at their crotches and thought, fuck, I get two cocks tonight! How lucky we all are and it made me relax more and go with the flow. This isn't really a big deal.

I was still lying back on the pillows and suddenly Noah was taking off his briefs and his cock bounced right up out of them and damn, it was nice - cut, thick, lots of black curly hair. I guess I forgot to mention that Noah has a hairy chest, but not a lot of hair, but enough to rub it against your face when you're moving up to bite his nipples. I was distracted with looking at his cock and hadn't noticed that Jason had taken off his underwear, too and my eyes traveled that way and I thought, again, fuck, I had forgotten how big this boy is. He has to be towards the 8-inch territory, maybe bigger, thicker, great huge balls, no hair on his chest, just a nice little line down to his pelvis.

While I was admiring Jason, who had begun stroking his cock while looking at us, Noah pulled off my boxer briefs in one big motion and then there we were. Before I could make any moves, Noah took my cock in his mouth all at once, startling me briefly but then making me moan sort of loud. While he was sucking my cock, he reached over to start stroking Jason's, who moved closer. He repositioned Noah then so he was on all fours. Jason went underneath him and started sucking Noah's cock and continued stroking his own at the same time. We were all audibly moaning by that point.

After a little of that, Noah pulled Jason down on his back and climbed on him for a little mutual sucking for a few and I crawled behind him and admired Noah's incredibly cute round butt. So I decided to explore and I definitely startled him as I started putting my tongue between his cheeks and licking up and down and then stopped to focus on his hole. I wondered if at that moment I could fuck him while Jason is sucking him from underneath. So I got up and found my box of condoms and tossed them on the bed. I stroked myself while I used the fingers on my other hand and some saliva to play with Noah's hole. I stopped briefly and put on a condom and went back to what I was doing. I found a position, sort of where my knees were on either side of Jason's head and started moving my cock up and down between his ass cheeks. He started moaning a lot louder while he had Jason's cock in his mouth. I eased my cock in his hole, and he sort of gasped as he felt me going in. Fuck, he was tight and it felt so good. I hadn't fucked someone in a while and I felt warm inside. I got all the way in and he was moaning more. Jason let go of his cock and Noah let go of Jason's. Noah raised himself up on his knees a bit more and I kept fucking him. Jason started watching us while he stroked his own cock and then said 'I want some of that ass,' and he slapped it. He got a condom and put it on and came near me. I pulled out and let him fuck Noah for a while. Noah was clearly having the time of his life, the way he was moaning and then sort of laughing and then uttering stuff like 'oh god, oh fuck me,' while Jason continued.

Noah was stroking his own cock underneath and clearly getting close to exploding. I said, 'Noah, have you ever done two cocks at once?' and Jason gave me a surprised look while he continued.

'Fuck, I've never tried but I really want you both so bad,' he managed to mutter between panting and moaning.

Jason pulled out and said, 'Noah, I'm going to lie down. Then sit on my cock and lean forward into me a little. It should work.'

So they did and Noah enjoyed a little ride for a few moments and then I got behind him as he leaned into Jason's chest and made sure I was good and lubed and Noah and Jason stopped and Noah was straining to look at me. I put my cock near his hole and nudged it a little and felt my cock touching Jason's cock and the three of us all moaned almost at the same time. I slowly kept moving in, which was really hard - I felt all this intense pressure on my cock but I got about half way in. Fuck! It was so tight that we really couldn't move but we didn't need to because Noah, who had been balancing with one arm and stroking himself with the other yelled 'Fuck! I'm coming!' and shot his load all over Jason's chest and face and the headboard and wall behind it and he kept howling. I had already exited the moment he came to that point.

He finished and Jason was laughing his head off and Noah climbed off him and he and I started laughing. 'I can't believe how much fun that was,' Noah said. 'But we're far from being over yet!' Jason and I were still both hard and we looked at each other. Noah interrupted and said, 'Tom, will you let Jason fuck you?' and I nodded. Jason took off his condom and got another and I took mine off. He had me get up on my knees and started stroking himself more with the condom on and as he moved towards me, Noah began playing with my ass. 'I want to rim this tight little ass before you fuck him,' Noah said and he dove right in, licking me up and down and then focusing on my hole and flicking his tongue in and out of me. I was clearly moaning and stroking myself and I felt myself getting up there. He stopped and Jason plowed right in, pushing that big salami right inside me all at once. He was gentle at least. 'Shit!, ' I yelled, 'I forgot how huge that thing is,' and he started fucking me, really slowly, thrusting in and out. Noah went on to the side and took over stroking my cock for me. I was really in heaven, hanging my head down so I could watch. Jason pulled out and put me on my back and he leaned over me and I held my legs up.

Jason entered me again and Noah pushed his hand in between my thigh and stomach and resumed stroking me. It was going to be over very quickly, however, as I felt like there was a big thunderstorm building up between my ass and my dick. I was squeezing my eyes shut at that moment and I grabbed my cock away from Noah and pumped It furiously as Jason thrusted just a little harder and faster. 'Oh god, I can't...' and I trailed off as my cock started exploding, hitting my chest, the headboard, the wall, and Noah, who had his head right next to my chest. I got cum in his cute curly hair. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had, even better than ANY I had with my last boyfriend.

Jason went back to fucking me as I nursed my now twitching, sensitive cock. He began to fuck me harder and faster than before. He pulled out momentarily, but still had the tip of his cock touching me and then rammed into me really hard screaming 'Ohhhhhh' and he came, pretty hard, it felt like, and he kept ramming into me I don't know how many times and finally pulled out and collapsed on my chest. I stroked his head and kissed it. He reached up and touched my face and smiled at me. Noah moved in and kissed us both sweetly.

We all lay down together across my bed and everyone sighed and it was quiet for a few moments.

'That was so much fucking fun,' said Jason. Noah and I nodded. 'Let's watch some TV and get some drinks and...' Noah interrupted me, '...and do this again in a little while?' and he smiled at us. We both said 'fuck yeah!' almost simultaneously and Jason channel surfed, lying down and he cradled Noah's head a bit on his chest and kissed him. I went to get drinks and when I came back, they were in the same position. I joined them on the other side of Jason. God, it had been ten years since Jason and I fucked and after what just happened I made a mental note that maybe we should again since we're both single and then I started to think about how we do really love each other as friends so why shouldn't we...and then I shook my head a little to get that thought out of the way. We zoned out for a bit, sometimes kissing each other.


Now you'll have to wait for the second act... Talulah



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