His first weeks being away from Linda were miserable. His first night away after he left, he stayed in an old YMCA in some town that he couldn't remember its name; one of the last of the YMCAs still fulfilling the original mission of providing young men with a place to stay. It was old, it wasn't fancy, but it was warm. Jim was surprised to discover the place--he had stayed in many Ys when he was in the service--and more surprised to find so many men in the place. Many, he surmised, were permanent residents.

When he was checked in, he went into the lounge for free coffee and doughnuts before going up to his room. The lounge itself was something out of the past, with old but substantial chairs and sofas and floor lamps, and woven rugs placed throughout to give the effect of separate gathering areas. There were men of all ages reading and watching television. He observed them and those coming and going for a short while then went up to his room.

His first order of business was a shower, after the long day's drive to put as many miles as he could between him and the situation that had all but destroyed his life. There was no shower in the tiny bathroom off his room; only a toilette and sink to wash up. His room was on the fourth floor, the shower was on the second. He took a towel and headed down to the second floor, in his shorts. It was a small community shower built to accommodate eight men, with a small, closed-in dressing area. He hung his towel on the peg just outside the shower and went to the last of the four showerheads on one side. He was standing aside, adjusting the showerhead, when someone else came in.

"Is there any hot water?"

Jim looked around to see a tall, lean but muscular young man adjusting the shower opposite his.

"Yeah, I think there's plenty," Jim said.

"Good, cause I've been hitch hiking and I just wanta soak under the shower spray and get warm," the youth said.

Jim adjusted to the right temperature and moved under his own shower spray. It felt good, even comforting. He took in the young stud across from him with discreet glances, with appreciation for the way he was put together....the way his muscles rippled and glistened in the dim light, his narrow waist and powerful thighs, and the way his upper body seemed to explode out of his waist. He noticed his manhood as well, how it swung majestically, long and meaty and he found himself wondering.... He quickly tore his eyes away and tilted his face into the shower. Just the two of them, it could be as dangerous as it was tempting.

"Are you a resident here, or just passing through?" the young man asked.

"Passing through," Jim replied. "How about yourself?"

"Same. I'm heading to my next duty station."

"You're military?"


"That explains the haircut, and the obscenely healthy look," Jim said.

The young man laughed. "Well, the Navy does tend to keep us in shape. What's your name? Mine's Asher."

"Jim. Glad to meet you, Asher."

"I can't find that there's a damn thing to do in this jerkwater town," Asher said. "How about you?"

"Well, I haven't gone looking, but it didn't look too promising, driving in," Jim said.

"I was gonna say, how about you, I see you're married but do you ever mess around when you're alone on the road?" the man said, as if he were finishing his sentence.

"I haven't been on the road all that long, but what do you mean by messing around?" Jim asked.

"You know....messing around with other guys."

Jim hesitated, unsure where it might be leading. Then he replied, "You're pretty bold."

"It's the only way to be. I see something I want, I go after it. So, are you going to answer my question?"

"Uhhh....well, I have on occasion. It just hasn't been on the road."

"You wana mess around a little....you and me? I spent most of the day on a damned bus before I started hitch hiking and all that bouncing around has made me horny as fuck."

"You wanta define messing around?" Jim said, laughing. He definitely wanted to fuck around with this guy but he wanted to do it on his own terms if possible.

"I don't know....I come to your room, you come to mine....whatever happens. Or, fuck, right here if you want," he added, looking all around. When Jim seemed hesitant, he said, "It'd be safe, I don't think there are many guys staying here. What do you like to do?"

"Like you said....whatever happens," Jim said. "How about you?"

"I'm straight, but......." he replied.

"Then it ain't gonna work out. So am I," Jim said quickly.

"I was going to say, but in a pinch, I've been known to bend with the wind," the sailor said.

"Why don't we stop dancing around the issue. Do you suck? If I do?" Jim asked.

"Yeah. I'm not an expert at it. I mean, I can't deep throat or anything like that. Not opposed to oral, I just never learned how."

Jim turned off the water and walked out of the shower to get his towel. He dried off haphazardly and wrapped the towel around his waist. He didn't invite the guy to his room, but the guy followed him out of the shower as he expected he would.

"What floor you on?" Asher asked as they walked toward the stairs.


"Good, so am I."

At his room, Jim let them in and the sailor closed the door behind them and locked it. He took off his towel and boldly reached for Jim's.

"I'm straight, but you are hot," he said as he began running his hands over Jim's smooth muscles.

"Hot enough to make you bend a little?" Jim asked.

"Yeah." He continued rubbing his hands over Jim's upper body. "Fuck, you're solid, too."

Jim doubted the guy's straightness, but as he put his hands on the young man's body, he wouldn't have sworn to his own. Their cocks touched and their bodies came together as their mouths found each other. Actually, Asher's mouth found Jim's, but Jim responded. Jim remembered what he had walked away from--Mike and Brad--and wondered that he didn't have the will to walk away from this young, hung sailor.

When Jim responded to his kiss, Asher took charge. Jim let him maneuver him to the bed and they toppled back on it with Asher on top. He pressed his weight on him, writhing against him.

"Fuck, you feel good," Asher whispered.

"So do you."

"Let's see if we can make each other feel better," the sailor said as he writhed vigorously on top of him. "I love the feel of a woman under me, but damn, there are times when a man's body feels just as good," he said as he moved down till he was off the bed and on his knees between Jim's thighs. He played with his balls with one hand and jacked his cock with the other. "Damn, you're hung," he said as he stroked the thick hunk of meat. Then he leaned in and began licking it. After a few moments he pulled the cock toward him and took it in his mouth.

"Ohh, Fuck," Jim moaned loudly. Yeah, this guy was as straight as a quarter moon in August.

Asher sucked him hard, pulling on the rim of his cock with his tight lips and then plunging downward with his mouth. He tried several times to deep throat him but each time he choked. "Damn, I wish I could handle all of this," he said.

"I can show you how," Jim said as he rose up. "Take my place on the bed," he told him.

Asher stretched out across the bed and Jim moved around to the other side and pulled him across further till his head was hanging over the edge of the mattress. "Let your head down, relax." Then he shoved his cock in his mouth, straight into his throat.

"Oohhhnnnnnn," Asher moaned with pleasure as he was suddenly impaled on Jim's big cock, with his balls resting heavily against his forehead. He reached up and gripped Jim's butt.

He fucked the sailor's throat for a moment. "And this position, we can both make each other feel better," he said, and with that he leaned over Asher to complete the sixty-nine position.

Asher cried out around Jim's cock, choking on it as he thrust his cock up into Jim's mouth. The room heated up and the two men heated up and began to sweat. Beads of sweat dripped off of Jim's forehead as he devoured the young sailor's cock. They got close several times but mutually managed to help each other hold off.

"You let me know if you gotta cum, but I'd like for this to last a while," Asher said.

"Same here," Jim said as licked the drool off of Asher's cock. "Listen, how much wind would it take to bend you to the idea fucking?" he asked.

"Depends on who you're talking about getting fucked. I don't know if could handle this horse cock of yours."

"Have you ever been fucked?" Jim asked.

"Once, but I was drunk," Asher said. "I don't think I liked it."

"Getting drunk could be arranged," Jim said.

"I don't think we could smuggle beer into the Y. I'd be up for taking a break and going to a bar, but I don't wanta stop what we're doing and get dressed," Asher said. "I'm kinda liking this big hunk of meat."

"I can make you want it, if you'll let me," Jim said.

"Anything short of rape," said Asher.

"Don't forget you said that." Jim had the green light.

As they resumed sixty-nine, Jim purposely let his spit run down the sailor's cock and cascade over his balls. When it ran into the crack of his ass Jim used it slicken the inner slopes of his butt and deeper to massage his asshole with the warm spit. When he pressed his fingertip against the hole he felt Asher wince a little and clench his butt muscles.

"Relax, and push out," Jim told him.

Asher moaned around his cock and did as Jim told him. When he did Jim massaged his hole in tiny circles. "Consider this your first time. Being drunk doesn't count," he said. As Asher kept pushing out, Jim easily shoved his finger inside.

"Ohm, fuck!" Asher groaned.

Jim smiled as he gently rubbed the man's prostate and felt it come alive. It quivered and palpitated anxiously.

"Oh, fuck, it never felt like this," Asher moaned.

"Who fucked you anyway, it doesn't sound like he knew what he was doing," Jim said.

"Another sailor. We went on liberty together."

Jim kept massaging the tiny love nut till Asher was writhing his butt around on the bed, and next thing, he was asking for it.

"Fuck, I'm ready," he gasped. "You can fuck me anytime."

"Turn around and bend over the bed," Jim told him.

Asher scrambled to turn around and stand beside the bed, bent over.

"Did it hurt the first time?" Jim asked him as he was lubing up his cock with spit.

"I don't even remember that part," Asher said.

"This'll probably hurt a little but I'm going to make this time one you'll remember," Jim said. He shoved two fingers back inside the man's ass and worked them around, causing him to groan loudly again. Then he inserted his thumbs worked them back and forth and pulled his hole open wider.

"Fuck, man, just give it to me, it feels like I'm opened up enough to drive a truck in there."

Jim pulled the hole wider and set the head of his cock in it. Then he let the sphincter muscle wrap around his cock head and shoved forward.

"Awwwh, fuck!" Asher groaned He groaned again when Jim buried his cock deep inside him.

"You okay, sailor?" Jim asked.

"I will be as soon as I get used to that battering ram you just shoved in me."

"You said to give it to you; you said there was room for a truck," Jim reminded him.

"A pickup, not a goddamn semi."

"I can pull out," Jim said, knowing he would not want him to.

"No! Fuck, no, I don't want to go through that again," Asher said.

"You can start moving, that'll help get used to it faster."

"Start moving?" Jim said, laughing. "It's called fucking. You can't say it?"

"Fuck me, dammit. There, I said it, so do it. Start moving that big cock in and out of my ass."

Jim fucked him, bent over the bed. He fucked him onto the bed, and across the bed. When he was off the other side of the bed, supporting himself on his hands, Jim pulled him back and they straightened on the bed. Then he fucked his head and shoulders against the head of the bed. Sweat broke out on the sailor's face and chest.

"Geezuss, how long can you do this?"

"When do you have to report back to your ship?" Jim asked smartly. He felt like a complete stud once more, fucking this muscular, sexy young sailor, who he thought should have been fucking him. He damn near fucked him a new asshole. For certain, he fucked him sore.

"Listen, I don't like to pull out," he warned.

"Don't, then. My ass could use some soothing lube," Asher said.

"Too much for you, huh," Jim said as he picked up the pace. His loins slapped against the man's spread butt in a staccato rhythm, matching Asher's gasping moans through his labored breathing. When Asher reached for his cock, Jim brushed it away. "No, if it's feeling that good, I'll get you off this way. Just close your eyes and let it build up, I'll make you explode."

"Oh, fuck, I know you will," Asher groaned.

A dozen strokes later, Jim was pumping his cum deep inside the young sailor's ass. Seconds later, Asher was pumping his own load all across his stomach and chest. Only then did Jim allow him to take hold of his cock and jack his climax to a close.

They lay in the aftermath, glistening with sweat and cum. Jim let Asher's legs down and straightened back on his haunches. I hope that was better than the first time," he said.

"Fuuuccckkk!" Asher whimpered as he spread the streaks of cum all over his chest. "You're twice my age, honestly, I didn't think you could hold up like that with me."

Jim laughed. "Be warned, as soon as we go down and shower again and rest up, we're going to see how well you hold up with me."

Asher held up well. The two lay in the narrow bed, naked and warm together.....cuddled would be the only way to describe it....till they were both soon hard and Asher was turning the tables on Jim. He fucked him in every position Jim knew, and for those hours that he was in the arms of the young sailor, he forgot who he was, and his past that he was trying to run away from.

Jim was lost. Not geographically; he was somewhere in Arizona and it didn't matter where. He was lost in his head. The night with the sailor was behind him and he missed Linda. He tried to block Mike out of the picture, but he couldn't. It should've bothered him that when he thought of Mike, he didn't picture the younger stud with Linda, but with him.

As the money began to run low, Jim knew he had to come to a decision, what he was going to do about where he was going--a destination. He would soon have to settle in someplace at least for a short period of time, long enough to find work to earn enough money to move on, if that's what he decided to do.

He didn't really make the decision; at least it wasn't a conscious one. When he left the motel the next morning, he turned in the direction of home. He had no real intentions of going back, but the car just headed in that direction, like a homing pigeon.

He didn't stop except for food and gas and a restroom. As the road signs brought him closer and closer, a plan began to formulate in his head. He decided he wasn't actually going back home; not the home he knew. He would find a place in another part of town, where he could be close by and perhaps see Linda from time to time and know that she was okay. If he ran into her, well, that would be okay too. She would know that he was still around and still cared about her. If he ran into Mike, well he didn't much care what Mike thought.

His non-plan took form and he found a small efficiency apartment about nine miles from where Mike and Linda now called home. The home he had bought and paid for. He took a job at the truck stop outside of town where he wouldn't be so likely to be seen by anyone who knew him; it was mostly truckers and travelers who stopped there. He frequented businesses where he'd never been before, places where it would be unlikely that he would run into Mike or Linda. He knew he couldn't remain anonymous forever, but he wanted to be invisible for as long as possible till he got his bearings.

Then one day he saw her pull into the truck stop. His heart skipped then thudded in his chest as she got out of the pickup to pump gas. Her short skirt pulled up dangerously high, revealing all of her luscious, shapely thighs. He noticed other guys at the pumps noticing her. He swallowed hard as he watched her. When she had filled the tank he called for Adam, the kid stocking shelves, to cover the register.

"I need to take a quick break," he told him. Then he rushed back to the restroom. He waited inside one of the stalls, sweat breaking out on his forehead. He waited for ten minutes then came cautiously out of the restroom and moved down one of the aisles where he could see outside. The pickup was gone. He went back to the register.

"You feeling okay, Jim? You look kinda pale," Adam said.

"Just got a little lightheaded. I'm okay now."

The rest of the day dragged on, one minute at a time, then suddenly hours had gone by, then time dragged again. He was finally on his way home, his head still spinning from seeing Linda. He had to see her. He had to know if she was okay, and happy. He wanted her to be happy, yet he hoped she wasn't; he wanted her back.

The next two weeks he "stalked" his/her house from a safe distance in his parked truck, watching Mike's comings and goings to learn his daily routine, and Linda's. Linda left the house first, nearly two hours before Mike and she came home earlier. It must be their work schedules. It took him a couple more days after establishing that before he found his courage to go up to the house.

On the appointed day, he didn't get there early enough to see Linda arrive home from work. It wasn't necessary; she would be home and he could have a couple of precious hours with her to talk if all went according to schedule. He hoped for more, but he would be satisfied with just conversation, and just to be able to see her and be in her presence again. He parked out front and went up to the door, his heart pounding in his chest. He knocked and waited, barely able to breathe. It felt funny, knocking on his own door that he should have had a key to. He felt faint as the door opened. But it wasn't Linda.

"Yes, sir?"

It was a boy...a handsome teenager, eighteen or so...standing there in a pair of too-small, dark blue athletic shorts and nothing else to cover his incredibly muscular, tanned body.

"Is...is Linda here?" he asked.

"No, she's getting her hair done today. She said it would take two or three hours. Can I help you?" the boy replied.

"No, I...I was in town and I just...stopped by to see Linda," he said, wondering why he was stammering.

"Can I tell her who was here?" the boy asked, shifting his muscular weight from one leg to the other, causing his stomach muscles to stretch and pull beautifully.

"Uh, yes...er, uh...no, I...I'll call back," Jim said.

"Are you a friend of hers?"

"Yes." He replied without hesitation.

"Listen, you're welcome to come in and wait, it's already been over an hour that she's been gone," he said.

Jim wasn't expecting the invitation, and he was still bewildered why he was so nervous in front of the boy that he didn't reply at first.

"Or you can come back, like you said," the boy went on.

"Yes...all right, thank you, I would like to wait if you're sure it's all right," Jim said finally.

"Sure, come on in," The boy stepped back and held the door open for him. "Can I get you something cold to drink? A beer? It's hot out today."

"Well, yes, thanks, a cold beer sounds good," Jim said. He almost said he would get it himself, he knew the way to the refrigerator, but he caught himself. While the boy went into the kitchen, Jim stood looking around at the familiar surroundings. The only thing he could see different in the living room were new lamps.

"You can come on in here if you want," the boy said from the kitchen door.

"All right."

He went into the kitchen to find the teenager bent over getting a beer out of the refrigerator, his broad back spread out like batwings and the top of his ass crack showing where his shorts were tugged down. He rose up and twisted the cap off the bottle and handed it to Jim.

"I think I'll have one myself," he said, and got another beer out of the fridge. He twisted the cap off and leaned his butt back against the sink counter and took a long draw from the frosted bottle. "What's your name?" he asked. "In case Linda doesn't come right back, and I have to tell her who was here."

"Cory," Jim replied. He didn't know why he lied; Linda wouldn't know anyone named Cory.

"I'm Adam, Mike's brother," the boy said, putting out his hand.

Jim took it, marveling at the size of the boy's thick fingers, and the bulging bicep that flexed when they shook.

"So, how do you and Linda know each other?" Adam asked.

"From high school, originally," Jim replied. He didn't know why he had lied to the boy about his name; Linda would be back soon and she would call him Jim and it would all be out in the open. But he wasn't thinking straight; he was surprised and so confused that at the moment he wasn't even thinking about Linda as much as he was about this young, muscular, teenage stud in front of him. He was having a hard time keeping his eyes off of him and he kept having to look away to avoid being noticed. He kept thinking back to the sailor in his room at the Y. That long night of unbridled man to man sex had shattered his self made image that he was totally straight.

The kitchen was exactly as he'd left it. He found himself wondering about the bedroom, but kept looking back at Adam.

"Are you here for the summer, perhaps to go to college in the fall?" Jim asked.

"No, I just came for a couple of weeks for a visit, to see Mike, and he told me he'd met this great chick he wanted me to meet. He didn't tell me she was older than him, but she doesn't look it."

"No, Linda always held her age very well," Jim said, again forcing his gaze upward, to the boy's broad, naked chest, up from those tight, sexy shorts that molded so nicely around what looked like a naked bulge underneath. He glanced back down to reaffirm that the boy wasn't wearing a jock under his shorts; he could make out the outline of his cockhead. It was a barely a split second glance, but the boy noticed. Jim looked back up to see Adam looking right at him, then he glanced down at himself, then back up at Jim, this time with a tight, curious smile.

"I, uh....I guess I ought to go up and change out of these shorts before Linda gets home. I've had them so long they're almost indecent," Adam said as he shifted his weight to the other leg, causing the bulge to shift noticeably, and also drawing Jim's attention back to it. "And I don't expect Jim would like me running around like this in front of his woman," the boy went on. "Actually I was just about to get in the shower, and I slipped these on to answer the door." Again, when Jim looked up, Adam was looking at him, his smile broader now. Jim quickly tilted his beer up and chugged it down. It was more a nervous gesture than thirst, and it only served to worsen the situation.

"Can I get you another one?" Adam asked, reaching out to take the empty bottle.

"No, I...thanks, I've had enough," Jim said. He looked at his watch. "Maybe I should be going, and call back later, and you can finish your shower."

"I think I will go back up and shower," Adam said. "You're welcome to wait in the living room, turn on the TV. She could be home any time, if you're not in a hurry," Adam said as he slid his beer down his bare stomach. It was such a sexy move that grabbed Jim's attention, and for the third time he was caught looking. Adam laughed softly when he looked back up. "Or, you can come up and keep me company while I shower and we can continue our conversation, about Linda," he added.

Jim swallowed hard and quickly tilted his beer up to wash down the lump in his throat. It was an outright invitation if he'd ever heard one. "I guess I...could...d-do that," he stammered. "I really hate to miss her."

"Great. Are you sure you don't want another beer to bring along?" Adam asked.

"No, this is fine," Jim said.

What the hell am I doing, Jim wondered as he followed the boy up the stairs. It wasn't working out at all like he'd planned, and it wasn't going to end well, unless he could be out of the house before Linda got home. He should have just left, but there was little doubt why the boy had invited him upstairs, and he was helpless but to follow. He thought of the young sailor again at the Y, and wondered why he was doing this; he had come to see Linda.

"So, I get the feeling there's more to you and Linda than you're telling," Adam said with a sly grin as he slid the clear glass shower door back and turned on the shower.

"It's no more than I said," Jim lied again, then asked, "How well have you come to know Linda?"

"Oh, we've shared a couple of beers, having a good time talking," Adam said. He undid his shorts and shoved them down, leaving them lay on the floor.

Jim felt a jolt in his stomach at the sight of the boy, now totally naked, his thick cock swinging in a gentle arch out over his hefty balls. He watched his tight, round butt flex as he stepped into the shower. He slid the door shut and began soaping up. Suddenly Jim was tongue tied. He lowered the lid and sat on the stool, taking in the once familiar surroundings of the bathroom. Linda's stuff was still there, much as it had always been. His own stuff was gone, of course, replaced with the choices of another man.

"You're an athlete," he said finally, speaking over the sound of the shower.

"Yeah, football and wrestling," Adam said.

"Well, you've certainly got the body for both," Jim said.

"Thanks. I've been told I've got the body for a lot of things," Adam said, laughing.

"Whoever told you that would be right," Jim said. He was feeling more at ease, watching Adam soap up his groin, trying to work up the courage to say something that would bring the boy out. He watched him jut his loins forward into the shower spray to rinse off the soap. When he was clean he pulled on his cock several times, then suddenly, he slid the glass door back.

"Look, mister--Cory......."

"My name is Jim," he blurted.

"Oh. How come you told me it was Cory?" Adam asked.

"I don't know....in case I didn't stay, I didn't want Linda to know I'd been here, I guess," he said.

"Well, I was going to say, Jim, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. If you like what you see, it's available."

Jim swallowed hard again, taken aback by the boy's brashness. He shifted his eyes away from Adam's deep blue eyes and they fell to his magnificent cock, being drenched with the shower spray, water running off of it like he was taking a piss.

"You wanta get in here with me, you can," Adam said. "There's time before Linda gets home."

Jim hesitated, unable to find his voice.

"That's okay, if you don't want to take the chance, I can get out," Adam said as he turned off the water. Then he stepped out of the shower, his muscular body dripping wet. "You wanta hand me a towel?"

Jim took the towel off the rack and handed it to him. Adam took it from his hand, making sure their hands touched. But he didn't dry off. He dropped his arm and let the towel hang at his side. Jim felt strangely at ease with the boy, perhaps because he was in familiar surroundings, in his own bathroom. Adam just stood there, waiting, and Jim was afraid if he hesitated longer he would loose his chance at this gorgeous teenager.

"Yes," he whispered huskily as he slid off the toilette stool and went to his knees in front of the boy. Adam jutted his hips and twisted them back and forth, causing his big cock to swing in front of Jim's face.

"Somehow I knew this was gonna happen, when I answered the door," Adam said as Jim took his cock in his hand.

"How? How did you know?" Jim asked as he stroked the big cock to make it expand. Godd, was I so obvious, he wondered.

"The way your eyes raked over me, like you didn't even know I was there, but you knew my body was there. I'm just starting to pick up on stuff like that," Adam said.

"You've got a beautiful cock. You are beautiful," Jim said.

"Not to brag, but I sort thought you thought so," Adam said with a soft chuckle that made his abs ripple. "But my cock needs more than visuals, it needs some tongue and mouth."

"Yes," Jim whispered again, and took the thick cock into his mouth.

"Aaaawwwhhhhh," Adam moaned loudly, tossing his head back. "Goddddammm! You have got tongue!"

The boy's loud groans spurred Jim on, he sucked harder, slobbering over the warm, live cock, choking as he tried to shove it into his throat. Finally, he eased back off of it.

"I'll take you, just give me a minute to get used to your size," he said. "Have you had your cock sucked before?" he asked.

"Not like this," Adam said. "Only other times, it's been girls doing it, or trying; it was more a cock licking. They sure didn't do it like you."

Jim went back down on the big cock, determined to show the boy what getting his cock sucked was all about.

Neither of them heard the back door open, nor the footsteps coming up the stairs. Adam saw him first, appear at the open bathroom door, but made no indication that they were no longer alone. Then the intruder announced his presence.

"Well, hello, Jim."

Jim snapped his head around, the boy's cock being jerked from his mouth with a loud suctioning noise, and found himself looking up at Michael!


"Having fun with my little brother?" Michael asked. "My, my, what would Linda think?"

"Michael, I....." He started to get up but Michael's hand on his shoulder kept him on his knees.

"Don't let me interrupt. Go ahead with what you were doing." Then he asked, "This the first time you had your cock sucked, Bro?"

"First time like this," Adam replied.

"He's good. I know," Michael said.

"Yeah, I sorta figured out you two know each other, but how?" Adam said.

"That's Linda's husband," Michael told him.

"No shit!" he said, and as he slapped his cock against Jim's face, he added, "Why didn't you just fuckin' tell me?"

Jim ignored the boy, kept looking at Michael. "I didn't come back to cause any trouble," he said.

"I didn't expect you back at all," said Mike.

"I didn't expect I would either, when I left, but I had to come back. I couldn't stay away. You know how I feel about Linda."

"Yes, but she doesn't feel the same about you."

"I'm living out away from town," Jim said. "I just need to see her, even if it's from a distance, to know she's all right, and happy."

"Oh, she's happy," Mike said. "I make her happy, don't I, Adam?"

"She sure comes out of the bedroom with a big smile on her face," the boy said.

"You said from a distance. In my house isn't from a distance," Mike said.

His words cut Jim to the core; calling it his house, when he never put a nail or a dime into it. "All else you've done to me, please don't call it your house. Or has Linda signed it over to you?"

"No, and I've never pressed her on it. But she refers to it as our house." He motioned to his younger brother, standing there with his big cock in his hand, stroking it. "Go ahead with what you were doing, Jim. Suck his cock. Then I might let you suck mine. You remember my cock, don't you, Jim? It's a little bigger than Adam's, in case you don't remember. Not much, but a little."

"It's huge," Adam said. "At least an inch longer than me. Man, I would love to see him take you, Mike. He does pretty good taking me but I'd like to see how he handles your big hunk of meat."

Mike smiled and reached for his belt.

"Look, I really need to be going, before Linda gets back," Jim said as he started to get to his feet.

"But you said you wanted to see her," Adam said.

Mike put his hand on Jim's shoulder to keep him on his knees. "Yeah, she's the one you came to see," Mike said as he unbuttoned his fly. "Get back on it," he said, motioning to his brother's cock. 'It's not good to leave a guy all hard and throbbing like. Causes blue balls. Go ahead, finish sucking him. Then you can show him how you handle mine." He clasped his hand around Jim's head and pushed his face to his brother's cock.

Why can't I fight him, Jim asked himself. No wonder Linda went for this big, young stud. No wonder Linda doesn't want me back. I'm a better man than this. I should've stood up to him right from the start instead of letting him use me like his whore, letting him take my wife. He wrenched free of Mike's hand and stood up.

"Tell you what, Mike. You suck your brother's cock, and he can suck yours, or you can jack off together or whatever brothers do. But I'm leaving. Tell Linda I was here. Tell her I'll be back. This is not over, Mike. You don't have her for good. You might think you do, but I will see her. I will get her back.

Mike laughed. "I's over for you, man," he said. "You might see her around, but get it through your head, you are out of her life. I'm her life now." He laughed again. "Why, hell, Jim, I was just getting ready to introduce her to Adam, here. I mean introduce him to her, in bed. I've seen how she's been eyeing him. Once we both have her, at the same time--that's one of these in her pussy....." He waved his cock around then nodded to Adam's cock. "And one of them in her ass, fuck, dude, she'll forget you ever existed."

In a split second flash, Jim's fist lashed out and hit the man squarely in his face. His smile vanished and blood gushed from his nose as he stood there with a shocked look on his face.

"Hey...!" Adam yelled, but before he could move Jim swung a fist around and decked the boy, sending him flailing through the open shower door.

Jim grabbed a towel and wiped the blood off his hand. "Tell Linda I'll be back."

The End

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