The following is a true account of an orgy I had with two of my fuck buddies. The names have been changed for discretion purposes.

Back in the late 90s, I was seeing a married Pakistani man whom I shall called Mo. He was 6 feet tall, hairy as a grisly and horny. We had been fucking and sucking for several months when I decided to call a former boyfriend of mine and invited him over for a three-some romp.

Mel came over to my house early that day, before Mohammed to get some one on one free time with me. He and I placed the thick blanket on the bedroom floor and stripped naked. In no time, he was on his knees and his mouth was full of my uncut Vietnamese cock. To be fair, we lay down in 69 positions and mutually sucked each other's hard cock. Mel's cock is cut and about 6 ½ inches hard. His body is covered in soft brown hair with the belly harboring most of the forest.

We wanted to save our cum for Mo so we took it slow until my Pakistani grisly bear showed up. This was Mo first time ever to have sex with two men at the same time. He was nervous but horny enough to remove his clothes in no time. I know what Mo likes so I told Mel that we should try to stay soft so that Mo can put both of our cocks in his mouth at the same time. Mo went on his knees and swallowed both of our flaccid cocks into his mouth as me and Mel pressed close to each other as possible. Mo's mustache tickled my growing cock. Since he had not met with Mel before, Mo concentrated on his new found cock. Mo proceeded to suck Mel's hairy dangling balls as I bend down to suck his small cut cock (Mo is a Muslim, so he was circumcised) which was protruding from the dense forest of thick long pubic hair. Mo was moaning and groaning as he devoured Mel's cock. It seems that Mo just could not get enough of Mel's cut meat.

For the next hours, we three men were on the floor doing all kind of nasty sexual fun on top of my thick blanket. We all tongued kissed each other's face and eventually both men simultaneously licked my body from head to toe. My uncut Asian cock was hard like a firm cucumber. The two men were in love with my foreskin and took turns to nibble and tonguing my skin. Mo was like a dog in heat. Being a married man with little time off, this suck and fuck fest was a treat for him. I was loving every second of it as I was sandwiched between two hairy bears.

I then proceeded to suck Mel's cock, deep throat it until his pubic hair tickled my nose. Mel was sucking Mo's cock and Mo was sucking on mine. The moanings from us three men were loud and nasty.

Yeah, suck that cock you married slut. Deep throat me you hairy stud, I yelled and moaned out loud as the men did their sexual duties.

I then pulled a small chair next to our blanket and Mel sat on the chair and Mo, still on the blanket, positioned himself on his belly to suck Mel's cock. I, on my back, went under Mo's hairy crotch and feasted myself on Mo's cock and balls. The sight of Mo's bushy black forest of ass hair drove me insane. His ass hair was at least two inches long and covered every part of his buttocks and asshole. I used my index finger to played with and fingered fucked his tight hole. My cock was wet full of precum as I jacked it hard with my left hand (I am a left hand jo person). My throat was sucking Mo's cock deep into my mouth and Mo's was sucking and licking Mel's cock.

With little warning and a low moan, Mo's came first, squirting his cum all over my lips and face. As Mo was coming, his sucking of Mel's cock became frenzy and wild. In no time, Mel stood up and faced fuck Mo's mouth and shot his cum deep in Mo's mouth. Some of the cream got caught in Mo's thick black moustache. After both of my bears came, they started to lick and suck my face and tongue. I could tasted some of Mel's cum from Mo's moustache Both tongue, at one point, entered my ears and that got my cock so hard that I squirted cum all over my belly.

Exhausted, we wipe ourselves clean with the comforter and parted way. I am sad to say that Mel now lives in Canada and I have lost touch with Mo so this hot orgy with these two men did not repeat.

I hope all readers enjoy this true story. I will write more including my latest threesome.




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