It was a hot summer day and it happened on the mediterranean. I was walking on an isolated area of the beach wearing nothing but my speedo. I noticed a boat from a distance and couple of men trying to push in in the sea.

I approached the men. They were at the same age about 20 some. One of them was wearing a tank top, but what startled me was that he was in his underwear instead of his speedo. And that he was fully erect and his balls and dicks were visible. He had a huge dick with about 10 inches long. Looking at his tank top, I could see that he was well built an had a hairy abdomen. He did not bother to greet me first, but he looked at me strangely when I looked at his dick and I noticed that it made him harder!

Next to the man there was another young stud in his underwear. He was half erect. What made me crazy was that the way the guys did not care to be in their almost see through underwear. And that they were full of male energy, eroticism, and hotness.

Turning to the left of me there was another man in his short. He was trying hard to push the boat with the other man. I did not hesitate to join in. Yet it was noticed that I started to have an erection on my own. I tried to hide it but my speedo was small and tight. They all looked and smiled. Strangely, they said nothing.

While helping the man on my left, I decided to go to inside the beach and pie. I did not want to pie in front of them. So I jumped in and swam for few meters. I turned to look at the guys. Suddenly, the man who was on my left bent over completely. He was wearing a short so I did not care first, but I saw something that made me so horny. His short had a large hole in the backside that was totally unnoticed first. When this man bent he spread his legs and exposed his ass hole to me.

I saw the most beautiful ass hole with a well defined muscles and hair cracks. It was totally covered with hair and yet I still could see the anal entrance. The man did not bother to wiggle his ass and scratch it with his finger before he stood up again.

I returned to the shore and stood behind him. I could not hold it any more so I put my hands on his shorts. He did not mind. He turned around and kissed me. Then he asked me to get into the boat with the other two guys.

Inside the boat, the man sat behind me and spread his legs wide open. He asked me to eat his ass. It was a moment of heavenly delight when I started to eat and sniff his butt cracks. It smelled manly sweat and sea salt. A perfect combination of an aphrodisiac. Then I noticed that the other two guys came to join us without taking their underwear first.

While rimming my man's ass, another one started to rimm mine. Then he took his underwear and asked me if he could sit on my dick while I am rimming that hot ass. I could not believe my self. Shortly the third man started to rimm me. I was plugged in from three sides. My mouth was in that heavenly butt of manliness. I was fucking the tall one while I was tongue fucked by the third one. All inside the breath of the sea. We all came at the same time.

We took our under wear and threw them in the water. We were in the middle of the sea wearing nothing at all. I was told that they were going to reward me by taking me to a small island and spending couple of days there having nothing but sex and wearing nothing at all. This is going to be another hot story.


R Joe

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