My name is Roy Jenkins. I am a thirty-four year old bi-sexual male. My son, Brad is eighteen and my dad, Don is forty-nine. Yes, we all started families at an early age. Here is my story.

I never married my son's mother and when he was a year old she was arrested for felony drug posession with intent to deliver. I filed for full custody and got it.

When I was eighteen, with a two year old son of my own, and my dad was thrity-three, I came out to him that I was bi. I couldn't bring myself to tell my mom, but dad and i were close and I felt that I could tell him everything. He accepted it with a smile and said, 'Son, so am I.'

'Dad, your bi? You have sex with men?' I asked.

'Yes, son I do as often as possible. I have since I was your age but yur mom knows nothing. This will be our secrets.'

Well, one thing led to another and Dad and I began having sex together and joining some of his friends for sex. Dad and I got much closer.

With Mom and Dad's help, I raised Brad on my own. He and I became almost as close as Dad and I. Dad and I would find time once every week or so to go off and get a cheap motel room in a nearby town and have several hours of hot sex, sucking and fucking each other.

At twenty-eight, I was transfered halfway across the country with my job. I only saw my parents about once a year on vacation. Dad and I would manage to slip away maybe once during the vacation time for our rondevous.

A year ago, Mom was diaognosed with cancer and given maybe a year to live. We were all devistated. However, Mom accepted it and was strong as usual.

As we feared, Dad called and said that Mom had passed away. I took two weeks emergency leave and Brad and I went home for the funeral and to help Dad out.

Dad met us at the airport and drove us home. We talked and decided on the arrangements. Mom was buried on monday morning and all the friends had brought food to the house and everyone met there afterwards. By three that afternoon we were finally alone, just the three of us.

Tuesday, Dad and I began handling the legal affairs and Brad went off with his cousins. Dad and I got home and I went to the basement that had been my room growing up although there was bedrooms upstairs. I liked the privacy that the basement afforded me.

There was a bath in one corner with toilet, large shower, and sink. Dad had built a wall seperating the laundry area from my space and closet space on one wall. My bed was on the opposite wall, hidden from the stairs. That way, if I was jerking and anyone started down the stairs, I had time to cover up. There was also a floor drain in the center of the room. Dad and I liked that because when Mom was gone we would go down there and have sex on the floor and any cum or piss that was there could be washed down the drain. Yes, Dad and I were also into water sports.

I lay on the bed remembering the good times when I heard the door open and saw dad coming down.

'May I join you?' he asked.

'Sure, Dad.'

As dad approached the bed, I sat up and he sat next to me. I looked at him and without a word, he leaned toward me and kissed me. I eagerly kissed him back, our tongues exploring each others mouth. Before we realized it we were both naked and on the floor near the infamous drain. We hosed each other down with our urine and soon were in a sixty-nine, each of us moaning with pleasure. We soon both climaxed and swallowed. and as we sat up and began kissing, I saw him standing there watching us.

'Oh, shit!' I exclaimed. Dad turned around and he saw him also.

There near the bottom of the steps stood Brad.

'Son, how long have you been there?'

'Long enough to see you both going at it and climax.'

'Son, I'm so sorry. I never wanted you to know about us. Please forgive me. Forgive both of us.'

'Dad, I'm glad I found out. It's okay.'

'What? You're not upset?'

'Fuck no. In fact I'm relieved. Dad, I've been wanting to tell you that I'm gay but never knew just how. Now it doesn't matter. We all three have something in common and I think it's great.'

'Brad, you're gay or bi?' I asked.

'Totally gay, dad. I have been since I was sixteen. I just never knew how to tell you or how you'd react.'

Dad and I stood and I looked at Brad and said 'Come here.'

He came down the last few steps and walked over to me, as Dad and I stood there naked. I looked into his eyes and he read what I was saying. He leaned forward and we kissed. A hot wet tongue exchanging kiss. We seperated and he turned to his grandfather and did the same. It was so fucking hot to see my son and my dad kissing.

When they seperated, Brad stepped back and looked down at our cocks, smiled and said, 'Now I know where I get my size from. You two are hung.' Dad and I both have about eight and a half to nine inches when hard.

He looked back up at us and said, 'When can the three of us get together?'

'What? You want a three way?' Dad said.

'Fuck yea. I've always thought you were both hot as hell. I've fantasized about having sex with both of you.'

'Later. My gun needs to reload,' dad said.

'Mine also.'

'But can we all go naked?'

'I don't see why not,' Dad said.

Brad smiled and began stripping, throwing his clothes on the bed with ours. He was a beautiful sight to behold. Well built, muscular and hung.

dad picked up his clothes and said, 'I better take mine just in case anyone stops by. You two can run down here if they do.'

We went upstairs and sat and talked openly about what each of us liked. It turned out we all loved sucking and getting sucked, fucking and getting fucked, rimming, kissing and making out. Brad was a little shocked that dad and I liked water sports.

'Do you just piss on each other or what?'

'No son, we both drink from the tap also,' I said.

'Fucking hot. I've tasted my own but never really drank any. You'll have to teach me. I'd love to watch you piss in each others mouth.'

'You will, don't worry,' Dad answered.

That night after we ate, Dad looked at us and said, 'Anyone ready to go to the basement?'

'Yea,' we both said. We locked up and turned out all the lights upstairs. We headed for the basement. The thought of having sex with my son and watching him and his grandfather have sex was turning me on and by the time we reached the basement I was totally hard.

It must have had the same effect on them because they were hard also.

When we reached the basement, Brad asked us to stand side by side. Dad and I did, and Brad dropped to his knees and began sucking our cocks, first mine a while then Dad's. It was fantastic, watching my cock disappear down my own son's throat. After a while, dad stepped back and said, 'I think it only right that you two get to know each other intimately first.'

He stepped over to the bed and sat down to watch. Brad and I began kissing and soon were on the floor in a hot sixty-nine. It didn't take eaither of us long to climax. As I eagerly swallowed Brad's huge thick hot load, my own bean to erupt. Brad swallowed hungrily, devouring every drop. With traces of the other's cum in our mouth we kissed. Dad looked at us and said, 'Fucking hot guys.'

After a few minutes, I looked at Brad, who was already hard again and said, 'You ready to fuck your old man?'

'You bet.'

I lay on my back and raised my legs and Brad got into position. Dad tossed him the lube and he was soon buried balls deep in my ass. I was in heaven. He fucked like a pro and soon filled my ass with his hot huge load. It felt wonderful, spraying all up in my poop chute. It had made me hard again.

When Brad saw I was hard, he said, 'Now fuck me.'

I did and again I floated off into the heavens. All the while dad watched and slowly stroked his cock, keeping it ready for his turn with his grandson.

I fucked like a mad man and soon filled my son's ass with my hot load. When I finished, Brad looked at me and said, 'Dad, that was great. You can fuck me anytime and as often as you want.'

'Wait till you grandpa gets ahold of your ass. You ain't been fucked yet.'

Brad and dad both began laughing.

I motiond for dad to come over and said, 'Brad, you were wanting to watch this. Get ready.'

Dad knew what I meant and knelt down and opened his mouth. I aimed my cock and began pissing. Dad reached up and took my cock in his hand and when his mouth was full he stopped the flow long enough to swallow, then opened up again and let the flow return. He did this several times, and toward the end he aimed the stream over his face then down his chest.

'Mother fuck that's hot,' Brad said. 'I want to be pissed on.'

'In time,' I said.

We sat and made out a while when dad looked at Brad and said, 'My turn, boy.'

I watched as my son and my father got on the floor, kissing and making out and eventually working their way into a sixty-nine. I watched as the hungrily sucked each other's cocks. I could tell that they were both close and then it happened. Brad climaxed first soon followed by dad. The each swallowed ever drop of the delicious nectar fed to them. when they finished, dad looked at me and said, 'Damn Roy, I thought you shot big loads. Brad's got you beat.'

After a short while Brad looked at his grandfather and asked, 'You ready to get fucked grandpa?'

'Fuck yea. Come plow this old man's ass.' Dad quickly raised his legs and after lubing them both up, Brad entered his grandfather's ass.

'Oh, fuck, that feels good. Fuck me, boy, and don't be gentle.'

Brad began fucking like a guy getting his first piece of ass. He was a wild man and dad was loving it, begging him to go harder and deeper.

Brad soon climaxed and dad loved the feeling of the hot teen cum spraying up his ass. 'Oh, fuck, that was good,' dad said.

'Now it's my turn, grandpa. Let's see if you're as good at fucking as dad said you were.'

once in position and lubed, dad entered his grandson's ass and began his assault. He pounded Brad's ass hard fast and deep.

'Oh, fuck,'Brad yelled, 'he's going to make me cum again.'

As dad exploded up Brad's ass, Brad's cock exploded, untouched, all over his chest and stomach.

When it was over, Brad looked at me and said, 'Dad, I hate to say it but he's got you beat.'

'I told you so.'

Dad slowly pulled out and looked at me and said, 'Come help me get this boy cleaned up.'

I got up off the bed and walked over and knelt down. Dad and I began licking Brad's load off his stomach and chest.

'Man, is that ever fucking hot to watch. Get it all.'

When we had him clean, dad told him to kneel down. I knew what was coming. Brad knelt and I think he knew what was coming also. Dad and stood on each side of him and began pissing. We pissed on his head, in his face and on his body. Brad was opening his mouth and letting as much as he could flow in and swallowing. I was proud of him. When we finished, he smiled and said, 'I'm available for that anytime. That was fucking hot.'

We all showered in the shower there in the bgasement then hosed the floor down, washing the piss and cum down the drain. We went back upstairs and all got into dad's king size bed.

As we lay down, I said to dad, 'Dad, I feel guilty about us all sleeping in what was your and mom's bed. It seems like a betrayal to her memory.'

'Roy, don't feel that way. There is something I think you ought to know. Her last words to me were 'Don, I know about you and Roy and what you two do together. I've known for years, but I let it go. You always kept me satisfied and I saw how your episodes together made you both so happy. You're a young man still and you need him. Let him take my place and keep you happy.' I'll never forget those words. She would want you and Brad here in bed with me.'

'Dad, she knew?'

'Yes, but for the life of me I don't know how. She wouldn't say.'

'Do you hink that's why she would always find an errand to run when I was home?'

'Probably. It sound like something she would do.'

'I can't believe that she knew.'

Nothing else was said, and we went to sleep. We awoke the next morning and after we all kissed each other good morning, Brad looked at me and said, 'Turn around dad so we can sixty-nine. Grandpa, while we're doing that I want you to fuck me again.'

So it was, Brad and I sucking each other's cocks and Dad fucking his grandson's ass. With my son sucking my cock and my close up view of my dad's cock going in and out of my son's ass, it didn't take long for me to shoot my load.

The following days were spent getting everything in order and sex at night.

Before we knew it, it was time for Brad and I to leave. I decided to throw out an idea I had and see what dad would say.

'Dad, why don't you retire and come live with us. You got plenty of time in with the phone company.'

'In a couple more years I'll have thirty years in and maybe I'll consider it then.'

Brad spoke up and said, 'Please, Grandpa, you're all we have left. Come live with us.'

'We'll see son.'

We left and returned home. We'd talk to dad every couple of days. A few months later, he said that he was going camping with some buddies of his and would be away from a phone, but that he'd call us as soon as he got back.

A week later he called and we talked. He said he was thinking of taking some time off and coming out for a visit. We were delighted. We asked when.

'Oh, in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know.'

Two weeks later dad called and asked us to meet his plane that Friday night. we said we would.

We met his plane and as soon as we reached our house we stripped and had a hot three-way. Brad shocked his drandfather when dad said he had to piss and Brad gladly accepted it and drank it all down.

The next morning dad asked if we could go for a drive. We said yes and asked where he wanted to go.

'Just follow the directions I give you.'

'Dad, what up? You're acting strange.'

'You'll see in time.'

I followed dad's directions and soon we were on the outskirts of town in a wooded area. At last he said, 'Pull into that drive.'

When I did and parked he said, 'We'll have to walk from here.'

'Who's place is this?' Brad asked. dad didn't answer.

We went through the gate and the drive hadn't been used in ages. It was completely over grown with brush and small trees. We made our way back to a neat ranch style home with a pool that was green.

'Boys, there is some work to be done but this is our new home.'

'What?' I asked.

'That week I told you I was camping, I was actually out here looking for us a place. I wanted something private. I'm planning on curving the drive so the house can't be seen from the road. the fence will be electrified and the gate will be remotely opened. We'll get the pool cleaned and with the woods all around us we can go nude all we want inside and out.'

'Dad, then you are going to retire?'

'Yep. It's effective in two weeks, but I had enough vacation time left that I'll be here until then. I'll have to fly back for a few days to get all the furniture packed up and movers lined up.'

'What about you're house there?'

'I've got it rented out. They move in as soon as I move out.'

'Dad, that's fucking great.'

We went inside and as we looked around dad said that it was a foreclosure and he got it dirt cheap. We each chose a bedroom so that if any of us had a guest over we could have our privacy. However, most nights we'd all be in dad's bed.

During the next two weeks dad had the new drive cleared and the pool cleaned. The grassy area arouond the house was mowed and by the time dad moved out it was completely ready.

We moved in and ecame one happy family. Dad asked if either of us had friends that we'd like to invite for a party.

'I assume gay friends?' Brad asked.

'Of course. Everyone naked. Sex whenever and with whoever.' We both said that we knew of several. The party was planned.

When the guest arrived they were astonished that dad, son and grandson all had sex together. They all insisted that we have sex for them to watch. We gladly oblidged. It was a wild evening with sucking and fucking and pissing every where you looked.

That was five years ago and we have parties almost every weekend. Dad, Brad and I are still very active together. Brad just graduated college and took a job here in town. Everyone calls us the 'Family Lovers' but we just say that we are three generations of males that enjoy man sex.




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