This is another rewrite from of old. I just hope that you like it.


It was at the local pool; I done my regular twelve lengths and was leaning against the side, treading water and looking around for any talent which seemed in rather short supply that morning. I turned to pull myself out of the water when there, right in front of my nose just back from the edge of the pool were two of the most beautiful feet I had ever seen. Feet are my business and these could have been carved by Praxitiles or Michelangelo at their height. They were mythical. The toes were straight but not too long there were no distorted joints, the curve of the arch was not exaggerated, the nails were neatly cared for and heels smooth. It took great strength of will not to reach out and touch them to prove that they were real. I looked up and saw nicely defined legs and a well filled pair of Speedos. I was in love.

He was looking round, but fortunately not down or he would have seen an abject slave, then he moved away. I was straight out of the water and following him as he made his way to the changing rooms. By serendipitous coincidence his place was near mine and when I caught up with him he was reaching into his locker to retrieve a pair of spectacles. He put them on and realized he was being watched. He turned and I gave him my most open and warm smile.

"Hi", I said. "I didn't mean to startle you but do you know that you have very beautiful feet?"

The smile left his face and his brow knitted, "I have what?"

"You have two of the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. I'm a reflexologist and podiatrician and such things are part of my trade."

"Oh.", he lightly blushed, grinned shyly and said, "No one has ever said that to me before."

We introduced ourselves and talked of general things whilst we showered and changed. It took a lot of control, but I didn't want to frighten him off, so I made no move despite the fact that he was very nicely hung and I noticed that he checked me out too.

While we were dressing I asked if he was rushing off anywhere. He said "No. I only came here because I had nothing on this morning and needed the exercise." So I asked him back for coffee.

In my apartment I asked him if I could examine his feet. He allowed me to take each in turn and work on them. The great thing about working on people's feet is that if you know what you're doing they get spaced out. I knew and he did.

I carefully took off his jog pants as he cock was obviously very erect and I felt a damp patch might embarrass him on his way home if I didn't. And there was the prettiest seven and a half inch cock, asking for attention. I sucked his toes and licked the soles of the beautiful feet before going down on him. In what seemed no time he was cumming. His thick spunk filled my mouth and overflowed onto his pubes. I swallowed and swallowed but he came again and again. When he stopped I tongued him clean and moved up and for the first time we kissed and I shared some of his cum with him

After a moment or three as he held me, he said "Fuck me, please... No one ever seems to want to fuck me perhaps because I'm virtually blind without my glasses.

When you saw me this morning I was trying to locate where the changing rooms were. You have made love to my feet and my cock, please make love to the rest of me."

We went through to the bedroom and stripped off. He lay down put his face in the pillow and raised his neat butt.

"No." I said, "I want to look at you when I fuck you and I will be close enough so that you can see me too."

I turned him over, rimmed him, sucked on his balls and then my tongue probed deep into the hidden recesses of his virgin hole till he was open and ready. I rimmed him for a while till he was calling on me to put my cock where my tongue was. I lubed him, rolled on a rubber jonny and raised his legs onto my shoulders. I bent forward and kissed him as I pushed my cock against his welcoming rosebud. I didn't want to hurt him so entered him slowly and gently, easing it through the sphincter. He gave a sight gasp of pain which turned into a groan of pleasure as I felt my manhood slide deeply within him and soon his muscles were squeezing and begging for more as I fucked him. Our mouths were locked together and we bit on each others lips till they were bruised and tasted of blood. Our moans were getting louder, I had to break from our kiss as I felt the cum surge from my balls and spurt deep inside him. He felt it too with a triumphal cry of, "Yeeesss". I went on riding him, fucking like I had never fucked before. The jism spurting from me and filling the condom so much that I could feel it being forced back down my cock. Then he too came and though not as much as his first it spattered over us both until I collapsed on top of him. As I de-tumesced I felt his passage regret my withdrawal; I slid out of him, and he slipped down remove the condom and carefully licked me clean. My cry of pleasure brought him back up to kiss and silence me.

I have a feeling anyone in the neighbourhood must have heard our cries of ecstasy but perhaps they were all out at work.

He only went back to his place to get a toothbrush and his spare spectacles. Now I share my bed with two of the most beautiful feet in the world, and I get to play with them, which we both love. He gets fucked a lot, and we love that too.




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