Just two weeks into my second semester of university, I became the luckiest guy on campus. I had my first threesome with my room mate Thorsten and his fuck friend Crystal. Thorsten and I had been having sex every now and then for about two months. (My second cock story) We had made a pact after our first time, that we would have sex when there were no girls around, which wasn't very often. None-the-less we managed to find the time to suck each other off and have about three full on fuck sessions.

Most of my classes were in the afternoon except for film history, which was in the morning. It was a bit of a drag getting up so earily, but I could always nap after class or better yet, 69 with Thorsten then nap.

Thorsten didn't have classes on Thursdays at all so he and Crystal would fuck on Wednesday nights. She'd stay over but would be gone before I got back from my morning class. This was great for Thor and I because our other room mates were in class all day. Thursdays were to become our fuck days.

One Wednesday evening I heard Crystal leave early. I went to Thor's room to find out what happened and ended up sucking his cock. I knocked on his door.

"Yeah, door's open." he said.

I opened the door and discovered Thor on the bed naked stroking his hard cock. "What happened?" I asked. "

"She's got pissed at me for calling her another name." he said with a laugh. "She stopped riding me and stormed off."

I sat on the edge of the bed. "Looks like she left with out you finishing." I said.

I took ahold of his cock, leaned over and licked his shaft. I tasted and smelled Crystal's pussy on his cock.

"Can you taste Crystal on me?"

"Yes." I said

"What's it like?" he asked

"It's a fine combination. The best of both worlds, mingling on your dick."

I started to give Thor head and massage his balls. He began moaning right away. I knew he was close. I knew his cock and body signals. I sped up the pace of my sucking. I wanted his cum to mix with her scents.

"I'm going to cum." he growled. Thor grabbed the back of my head and blasted a large load into my willing mouth...

But I digress, I was telling you the threesome story. I had just got back to the dorm when I hear.

"Hey, Pat come in here." Thorsten said

I opened his bedroom door, expecting him to be lying on his bed naked cock in hand waiting for me. But what I saw was him on the bed and Crystal sucking his cock with her perfect ass in the air. Her legs were spread a little exposing her sex to me.

Crystal was a hot, curvy, blond friend of Thor's. They had dated for a while in the first semester, but decided that it was better for them to be friends with benifits because Crystal did not believe in monogamy neither did Thor.

"I love the view." I said

"She's got a tight little pussy pal. Why don't you come in and fuck this girl doggie style, while she sucks my cock?"

"You don't have to ask me twice." I said,

I stripped off quicker than I ever had. My cock was swelling. Crystal's ass was near the edge of the bed so I got on my knees behind her and stuffed my tongue up her snatch. She pushed back onto my face when I started licking. Her pussy was sweeter than what I had tasted on Thor's cock the week before. (Yes it was only a week after she stormed out that she came back. She aways came back after their fights.)

"The only thing though Pat, is she wants to watch us have sex too."

I stopped tonguing her for only a moment. Thorsten must have told her that we had had sex.

"Don't worry Pat, I'm not going to tell any one." Crystal said as she let out a little moan. "I just want to watch Thor get fucked by you. "

"I didn't mean to tell her about us. It sort-of happened by accident..."

"He called me Pat when I was riding him." she said

I had to laugh. We were all laughing.

"I thought Pat was a girl at first, -not that I mind he can fuck who he wants. But you should remember who you're fucking when you're fucking them."

"I will from now on." Thor said

"I'll believe that when I see it. Anyway, later that day I figured it out. You know I've pegged him don't ya?" Crystal asked

With my face full of pussy and ass I grunted a, "Yes."

Tonguing her made me grow to full mast. I inserted a finger into her pussy and slowly began to finger fuck her while I stroked my now fully hard cock. I stood up so I could watch Crystal sucking Thor, it was truly a beautiful sight.

"Time to fuck this little sex kitten." I said.

"Give it to her, Pat. No comdom required, she's on the pill."

I rubbed the head of my cock over her pussy lips teasing her. She was trying to push back onto my cock but I wouldn't let her, until she said. "Fuck me Pat. Treat me like a slut."

"Take this you little slut."

I slipped in with one fluid stroke. I was balls to ass deep in her slick, tight pussy. As I penetrated; Crystal arched her back, tilted her head back and she let out a loud moan.

"She likes that." Thor said.

I began to fuck her, slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed. It was only a couple minutes until I was pounding away. Thorsten moved into a 69 with Crystal so that he could lick her clit and my shaft and balls. I was in heaven. I fucked her pussy with great gusto while Thor licked her clit as best he could. I reached around her cupping her tit in my hand and rubbed the nipple. With my other hand I grabbed hold of her long blond hair and pulled her head back. I began pounding harder. Crystal was grunting with lust.

The orgasm that rocked through Crystal shook the bed. Her screams were heard across the campus. A moment later I was filling up Crystals pussy with cum. Thorsten still licking us tasted our mixed flavours. I pulled out as Crystal moved to lay down. Thorsten took my softening cock in his mouth to clean.

"My legs are like jelly." Crystal said "The best fuck ever."

My legs were like jelly too. But, I couldn't sit yet, Thor was still cleaning my cock. In fact I was getting hard again.

"You're going to fuck me now right, Pat?"

"You'll have to give me a while." I said. "I think your cock needs some attention."

"You haven't cum yet. Poor boy." Crystal said. "Can we help you get off, Thor?"

"Hell, yes."

Thor proped himself up aganist the bed head while Crystal and I took up positions on either side of Thor. I took his cock in hand, stroked it few times and took it in my mouth. Crystal was watching closely. I started bobbing up and down.

"Watch what Pat is doing. You might learn a few tips." Thor said

"I am watching. It's so cool."

"Watch this. Pat, deep throat me."

The first time I sucked Thor's cock I wasn't able to take the whole thing. But, I kept trying every time I sucked him after that. It was after the sixth time that I was able to take it all. I slowly swallowed Thor's cock until my lips were at his balls.

"That' impreeive. I can't do that, Thor's to big for me." Crystal said.

"I can deep throat, Pat too." Thor said.

"When we first met I never would have guessed you'd let a guy suck your cock. And that you suck cock too... And anal. Which you still have to show me."

"We'll show you that later." he said

I was still sucking Thorsten, who was starting to moan. Crystal moved in and we began to lick his shaft together like it was a popcicle.

"That's so hot." he said.

I moved my hand up his thigh to his balls, then down to anus which I began to rub. I grabbed the lube off the table and with a couple fingers began lubing his ass. Crystal took care of his cock while I started to finger fuck him. With three minutes of our work, Thorsten was getting ready to blow. I moved into lick his cock with Crystal. Seconds later he erupted his cum onto our waiting tongues. Crystal and I cleaned his cock and began kissing.

The kissing turned into a whole make out session. Crystal layed back and I layed beside her so I could kiss and caress her lovely body. I worked my way slowly down her body, kissing every bit I could; her neck and shoulders, her breasts and nipples which were hard as steel, her tummy and navel which was ticklish, her feet and legs, then back up to her sex. I kissed all around her vulva, then starting at 1 o'clock kissed my way around her slit. I stopped at 11 o'clock, just before the clit. She was really moaning now. I ran my tongue up her lips, tasting her and myself on the way up to the clit. I landed perfectlly and started flicking my tongue across her nub. Her moaning intensified. I licked on. (Thorsten was finger fucking himself, getting himself lubed for my cock.) I rubbed two fingers across her lips as I continued to lick and suck her clit. Crystal was bucking nearing another orgasm. I pushed my fingers into her and hooked up to rub her G-spot. I only rubbed three times before she came. She bucked and screamed in pleasure that again was heard across the campus.

Thorsten ordered me on my back. He ran his hands up and down my body, took ahold of my cock and the engulfed it in his mouth. He started to bob up and down. Crystal was watching with great interest as Thor took my cock all the way lips to balls showing that he could deep throat, too. Thor was a expert cock sucker and it wouldn't take long before I blew.

"Let me see you take him in your ass Thor." Crystal said. "Fuck my boyriend, Pat"

Thor rolled a comdom down my shaft, stratled me and sank down onto my cock. I was fully in him. He started to bounce up and down. Thor didn't want me to cum too soon so he took it slow.

"That's so hot." Crystal said "You two are cock sluts aren't you?"

"Cock and pussy." I corected.

"My mistake. You do know how to please my pussy." Crystal said

While stroking himself Thor road me harder, grunting with pleasure. Crystal was getting so turned on she began rubbing her clit. Thor picked up the pace. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls watch as Crystal was full on finger banging herself .

"I'm going to cum." I said

"So am I." Thor said.

"Lets come together." I said

"I'm near too." said Crystal.

Thor and I blasted off together, a first. Thor's orgasm so powerfull that one shot hit me in the face the rest landed on my chest and stomach. My orgasm was the best I had fucking Thor. Crystal's came a moment later, her third screaming orgasm. Thor got off me and lay on the bed. With Crystal between us we fell asleep. Crystal ended up missing her class.

The three of us had sex together a lot in the three years of university. Then Crystal left to get her Masters of Education at another school.



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