As he laid in bed, his legs were very tired. Jim had just finished his eagle scouts project, building a bridge in the creek. Sounds stupid right? But it worked, so now he was done with scouts forever! Wait, damn, he just said he would help his scout master out with a camping trip! 'Fuck, fuck fuck...' he thought as he undressed for bed. As he did, he remembered about the girl at school! 'Aww man, she wanted to hang out today! But I don't know why? She never really liked me, all my friend says she's just playing me. So whatever, if she wants me, then she'll understand. If not, then whatever.' He took off his XX large t shirt that covered his 260 lbs body and his size 42 pants. As they dropped to the floor, they showed his round, ass, cover it his tighty whites. As he took those off to reveal his chubby sausage laying at 6 inches, he laid in bed, full commando and started to close his eyes. And he laid there, thought about sex, and how much he would never get. While wishing about all the things someone would do to him, his sausage began to rise, as it always did while he laid to go to sleep. The began to rub it up and down, but fell asleep with it in his hand.

He woke up the next morning, not looking forward to the 8 hour drive ahead of him. Outside he heard the car horn honking at him. He quickly let go of himself, got dressed grabbed his bags and ran downstairs. As he left, he grabbed his keys and phone and rushed out to Scoutmaster Adam's car. Still honking the horn of a huge Ford Exploder, Adam called out, 'Pack a jacket too? Suppose to be cold tonight!' 'A scout always come prepared,' said Jim. 'Well lets get going then!' Adam hollered as Jim shut he door as soon as he was inside, then speeding off into the morning. They drove, talked about school, life, college, everything a scoutmaster and scout would talk about. 'I'm really glad you came to help me out, the other boys look up to you and your better than any of the other dads!' Adam said with a jolly laugh. His body jiggled when he laughed, with a 46 inch waist and all 300 lbs behind the bellowing. This caught Jim by surprise. 'Really? They look up to me?' 'OF Course they do! They're always asking you for advice and they wanna hang out with you!' Adam said with a hand on the shoulder. ' I guess I just don't view myself that way...' Jim frowned. Adam looked at Jim, and slapped upside the head. 'Lighten up Jim! Don't get down, you said earlier, your just not sure what the future holds for you, right? All kids that turn 18 feel the same way! And you've had 2 months to recover from that! So just set your fears aside for today. I brought apple pie!' Jim thought for a second, and began laughing, 'You would be able to win me over with pie!' They both laughed and joke as the finally got to the camp site.

Once on the site, Jim and Adam made the hike to the camping area, which took about an hour. Once the got there, they began to set up their tents. 'Now we want to set each one up exactly right, cause the kids will be using these tomorrow, and we wanna know if they will stand up in the winds and rain.' Adam said. Adam began to regret this decision to come, because he was beat tired! But he was having a fun time with Adam, So he tried to make the best of it. Of course, right after this thought, they both heard thunder. 'Craaaaaap..' moaned Jim as he hurried to finish his tent up. Adam had just finished his, and came over to help Jim finish up. The put the tarp on the top of the tent and saw the wall of rain coming their way. They quickly jumped into the tent and zipped it up only seconds before the rain started pounding on the tent. 'That was close!' Jim said, out of breath. Adam chuckled, 'A little rain never hurt anyone, but lets hope it stops soon, I want some apple pie!' Jim laughed, and heard his phone go off, he answered to find out it was the hotty from school! 'Hello? Oh hey, how are you? I'm ok, just and camp. Huh? I said camp, I'm helping a friend out this weekend. No, it's a guy, why what's up?' Adam listening, knowing exactly where this was going, let out a small giggle. 'No, it's not that I didn't want to-, wait, what do you mean? I just- Hello? Hello?...' Jim slowly hung up the phone. Adam waited a few seconds before asking, 'Everything peachy?' Jim smiled after a second, saying 'You know, I really hate girls. They really know how to fuck with us, you know?' Adam quickly responded, 'I thought that was the point?' chuckling at his own joke. Jim caught off guard, let out a smirk, and then began slowly laughing, until he was in tears laughing. 'That why I like you! Your so laid back, and can make me feel better about anything!' Jim said to Adam. Stroking his goatee, Adam said, 'One day Grasshopper, you too will know the ways of the woman.' Jim sighed and said, 'Whatever, I don't need them. I'll just hang with you! Fuck 'em, right?' He said with a nudge to Adam. They laugh and made fun of girls for the next hour or so, until the rain finally stopped.

After night had fallen, Adam and Jim had sat down for silver turtles and apple pie. Half way through the pie, Jim thought about the girl and what she had said over the phone. 'So what if I'm hanging out with a guy instead of you? I can do that! Your just jealous!' He began to wonder about life and sex and the meaning of it all. He looked at Adam and asked, 'So, women, huh? Can't live with em, or without, right?' Adam , taking a second, said 'Oh, you can!' and smiled at Jim. Jim asked, 'Aren't you married?' Adam said, 'Nope I'm not marriage material as some would say.' Jim paused, and finally said, 'I'm sorry. But I mean, you' know? Haven't you?' Adam shook his head. Jim sat in astonishment. 'Never?!' 'Never.' Adam replied. 'I can tell you haven't either,' he continued. Jim, paused and said 'Yea, that obvious?' 'No, just I can tell.' Jim sat and thought about all the times he was rejected and finally snapped, 'You know, all I want is to get laid? You know! Every time I get close, I just...' Adam waited to hear the rest, 'You just...?' Jim, frustrated, said 'I just...' pausing again, 'I couldn't get it up, ok?! Whenever I get with a girl, we start to make out, and then I feel her up, and she feels me, and I'm stone cold. So they call me gay and a queer....all that stuff.' Adam asked, 'Well, do you like when your with a girl?' Jim started to think he was giving the wrong impression to Adam, stating, 'Of course man! I love the way a girl looks! The booty! All that stuff!' Adam said, 'Ok, calm down. No need to try and convince me.' Jim felt bad, 'I'm sorry...I just don't know how I feel. I think I'm gunna head to bed. Good night.' Jim strolled off to his tent to lay in bed. He changed into his pajamas and laid in his sleeping bag, and listened to the sound of rain lightly tapping and the wind blowing against the tent.

At the brink of falling asleep, Jim awoke abruptly only to find a small leak in his tent. It seems the tarp on top of his tent had been blown off. And to make things worse, its was raining much harder, He unzipped his tent to try and find the tarp, but the wind had picked up too, blowing into his tent and getting rain everywhere! Before he could zip back up, the zipper broke and water was getting everywhere! The tent quickly broke down and Jim jumped out and called out for Adam! Adam poked his head out of his tent and saw what was happening, and called for Jim to join him inside his own tent. Jim quickly ran inside, Jim was shivering and wet, Adam said 'Take your clothes off and throw them outside, you can have some of mine!' Jim did so very quickly and before he knew it, he was naked inside the tent, with no clothes, Adam was looking around and finally said 'Uh oh, I left my extra clothes outside in the rain accidentally!' So there sat Jim, naked in Adams tent, exposed and all. Adam quickly looked around and said, 'Here, use the extra blanket!' Jim put it on and it covered only his top half. He sat Indian style, so he wasn't aware that his sausage was well exposed and aiming right at Adam. Adam saw this, and stared for a second. He quickly took off his own pajama pants and gave them to Jim saying, 'These are warm , they'll warm you up.' Jim became aware of his pointed cock, and quickly tried to cover up, but then he saw Adam taking off his pants, and realized that he wasn't wearing a pajama shirt, so Adam was completely naked now. As he watched him undress his cock became more and more thick, and he became confused and stopped thinking about anything else. He got snapped out of it when Adam said 'Can I help you?' with a big bear laugh! Jim began to stutter, and Adam said, 'its ok, you don't have to explain, don't worry about it. Lets get you warmed up. Adam then began rubbing Jim's arms and legs and Jim was in shock! He was feeling really good, especially for being wet and cold. Occasionally, he would peek over at Adam's cock, and saw that it was smooth and getting bigger, probably about 5 inches, maybe 6. After looking, his cock got rock hard! Jim was confused, but didn't feel embarrassed about this situation, like he thought he would. Once warmed up, Adam said, 'Ok, you'll be ok, lets just share the blanket and try and get some sleep. Jim had been speechless this entire time, and still was. Adam laid down and turned away from Jim and he fell asleep. Jim laid on his back, and spent the next hour looking up and down Adam smooth and chubby back.

Jim had never felt this way before, he was so turned on by Adam , even though he was like 10 years older than him. He had heard the rumors about scoutmasters, but figured that if Adam was one of those, he wouldn't have gone to sleep. He wondered what he should do. Should he talk to him, just go to sleep or what? He was confused in his mind, but all he wanted to do was jerk his cock off right then. As he thought, Adam started to snore and turn over, so he was facing Jim. Jim turned to face him. He couldn't help himself, so he took another peek downstairs. There I was, its was soft, but so smooth and...he wasn't sure. He thought about all the porn he had watched in his life, and realized he never watched any gay porn. So he didn't know what he could do with Adam's- 'Wait! NO!' He thought, 'this is wrong, what if somebody finds out! I'll be made fun off everyday!' He thought about what all the kids would say about him...' cock sucker, butt fucker, beard kisser,' and thought, 'Wait, maybe that's what they do...but I don't know...' He continued to look at Adam's cock, just laying to the side. He thought and thought, and finally, decided to touch it. He reached his hand out and gently touched Adam's balls, which were warm and smooth. Jim began to shake and got really excited, though he wasn't sure why. He then glided his hand along Adam's shaft and felt the juicy head. He wondered if he should stop and then he heard, 'I wondered if I could help you.' Adam said softly. Jim jumped and began to stutter again, trying to explain himself. Adam calmed him down and said, 'Shhh, its ok. I understand, of course you curious about everything.' Jim said, 'Whoa, I'm not a queer, ok? I was...uh...' Adam went over to him and said, 'How old are you?' Jim stopped for a second and said, '18 now.' 'Then you don't have to explain anything. You can do whatever you want. Don't feel like you need to explain.' Jim asked, 'Why aren't you freaking out?' Adam Chuckled and said, 'I told you I had never been with a woman,, you never asked about guys.' Jim was startled, but put at ease at the same time. Adam then continued, 'If your scared, I understand, but if you want to understand more, you have to ask me, and ill show you' Jim without a moments pause said, 'Show me Adam?' Adam pulled Jim down to were their chubby bellies were touching and said, 'let me show you.' Adam pull Jim even closer and he kissed him hard and long, until Jim was not thinking straight! (pun intended) He was kissing a guy! Even more, he liked it a lot! He was kissing him back!

Things started to get hotter as they kissed and rolled around the tent. Jim started right next to Adam, but soon found himself lying on top of the sleeping bag, while Adam held him close. Jim had just let go, laid there and felt Jim's lips on his. Adam started to feel around Jim's nipples, which were already rock hard, so he kissed Jim harder and squeezed them which Jim just moaned. Jim knew that his cock was already at full mast, and said, 'So what are you gunna do to me?' Adam looked at Jim for a second, and chuckled, saying 'You? I think you need to do something for me!' Adam jerked Jim's head right to his chest and Jim began sucking on Adam's nipples while he lead his hand around his big chubby belly! 'I'm gunna show you some new feelings tonight, and you'll be begging for more afterwards!' Adam grunted while Jim chomped away, ' What do you want?' Adam didn't miss a beat, he kissed Jim and lead his hand down and Jim touched the hottest set of balls ever! He couldn't realized that he was loving this! He began to fondle Adam's balls in his hand, which made Adam moan harder, and Jim felt both their cocks begin to reach full potential! Adam began to suck on Jim's neck, which made Jim phase out for a second, so his hand landed right on Adam's cock. This made Adam gasp and say, 'Jim, suck this cock! Use that tongue and don't be afraid!' Jim looked at his cock, and knew what he wanted! He went down and licked the tip of Adam's cock and tasted his cum, which tasted sweet and he wanted more!

Jim opened his mouth and took all of Adam in his mouth! He tasted his skin and the cum and it was delicious! He began tasting all of Adam balls and sausage and he liked it a lot, so did Adam , he put his hand on top of Jim's head and pushed it down until Jim was deep throating him all the way inside his wet hot mouth! Adam grunted, 'Oh yea boy, suck it harder! That's right boy! Show this scout master what he taught his boy!' Jim loved this dirty talk, even if it was silly, but he couldn't focus on that much because he could feel Adam hard assuage getting harder and harder, which only made him hornier! Adam began shaking and screaming, 'Oh yea! More boy! Harder, harder!' and Jim knew what was coming, so he let go of holding Adam's cock and grab Adams nipples and squeezed and twisted as hard as he could! Adam yelped and screamed, 'OH YEA BOY! IM, IM' then Jim felt a rush of cum shoot straight into his mouth, which he gobbled up! Adam was moaning and grunting as he shot more and more cum, straight into Jims mouth, and Jim didn't miss a single drop. When Adam was finally dried up, he said, 'Wow boy, that was excellent for a virgin!' Jim looked at Adam and gulped, '*gulp*, well it helps to have a great time doing it!' Adam looked at Jim, And panted, 'Then your going to love this!

Adam kissed Jim and tasted his cum drenched lips, and moved around the tent, until he was lying on his back, fully exposed to Jim. 'Time for you to earn you Riding badge boy!' Adam said while it put his legs in the air, exposing his bare ass for Jim to pounce upon! Jim didn't need to be told twice, so he went over to Adam and looked right at him, then went to suck Adam's nipple while he slowly drove himself inside Adam's hot, tight ass! It went in so smooth and just ate his cock up until Adam was basically 'woofing' and barking at Jim, 'YEA BOY, THAT'S THE SPOT!' Jim had never felt this type of feeling before, and never thought he'd be looking at his scoutmaster while feeling it! His sausage was barely big enough for Adam, and it felt so wet and tight while he pumped away! He got into such a rhythm, that he couldn't hold in his moans and grunting, so Adam woofed, 'Ya having fun boy?' ' OH, MY....GOD...I, *grunt* LOVE THIS!' Jim moaned every pump. Jim started to pump harder, and deeper, which got Adam even more excited, to the point that he was sucking Jim's finger and moaning louder and louder! Jim saw how much this turned him on, so he grab Adam's cock again, and jerked him off while he slapped his huge ass with the other hand!! With all this excitement going on, Jim quickly felt himself about to cum, and grabbed one of Adam's hands, while jerking him off, and GROWLED as he filled Adam's ass with his cum!! Adam felt this explosion inside of him and felt his own orgasm, while it shot all over Jim's chest! Seconds later, Jim's knees gave out, while he fell on top of Adam's chest. Adam hugged him long and hard, and snuggle and smooched while they fell asleep in each others arms.

Jim woke up that morning, with the biggest erection he had ever had! This may have been by the incredible fucking last night he thought at first, but he soon realized that Adam had been going to town on it before he had woken up. He quickly felt himself letting go and shot what little cum he had made while sleeping into Adam eager and open mouth! Jim laid there and panted, out of breath, while Adam said, 'Well, there's my breakfast, you hungry?' Jim and Adam laughed as they took their time packing up, talked about how Jim's life and how life could change for him now. They ignoring anything and everything that wasn't each other.

The next two weeks went by without meetings between Adam and Jim, due to conflicts. Jim started a job at a indoor pool and Adam had scouts to deal with. Two weeks after camping, Adam got a call from Jim, and they caught up and talk about everything, which was nice for Jim because he didn't want things to get weird between them. Jim said, 'It's great talking to my big sugar daddy, but I need some lovin!' Adam said in a playful but sad tone,' But I'm out of town for the next week!' 'I know, and that's why I wanted to talk.' Jim said as he aroused Adam's attention. Jim added, 'You want to be experienced and have my own life, right? Yet, I want to be with you, even though I can't...' Adam said, 'Of course I do!! If you find another sexy guy, and if its right, then you should see if it works out!' Jim paused and said, ' Well, that's why I'm calling, I keep seeing these guys at the pool, showering and I wanted to I should go up to talk with them.' Adam chuckled deep and loud and said, 'GUY-S?!'

To be continued... J



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