This Job Sucks 

You've heard it a million times before. "I'm not gay, I like girls but for some reason I want to suck a cock." That's me. I think women are beautiful. I like everything about them: their shaped, the way they move, the musical way they laugh, their smell, their taste, the funny little noises they make when they orgasm, everything about them. I'm attracted to women, not men. I don't find men attractive at all but for some reason I’m obsessed with cock and cum. I have incredible fantasies about being a cum slut, a dirty, cum loving whore. I watch videos of groups of men cumming all over some woman's face and all I can think is ‘you lucky little bitch.’ I also want to be fucked. There is something so incredible about the thought of just lying down and getting fucked. I tell ya, women are so lucky. But I'm not gay... honest.
 I didn't think anything would come of this because I don't meet many people and would be too shy to try and hook up with someone from a singles site or anything. But things got interesting when I applied for a job at a gay adult book and video store. I was thinking it would be a position for a sales clerk or something of that sort, so I show up for the interview just like I would for any other. When I met the owner, he led me to the back of the shop, through a door marked ‘employees only’ into a dimly lit corridor, and then though another door into a small booth. The only thing of note in the booth was a small stool, and 6-round holes cut into 3-of the four walls. I knew instantly what those holes were and my jaw dropped in surprise.
 "Here we are,” said the owner, “This is where you'll be working.”

"You mean... " I stammered. "You want me to be a... a glory hole attendant?"

 "Yes, that's what you're here for isn't it?"

 "Actually,” I answered, “I thought I was applying for a clerk’s position or something."

 "Oh sorry, you should talk to Carl, my partner then. He handles that side of thing. I'm in charge of the back room here, so when you made an appointment with me I assumed,” then he kinda trailed off.

 "Well never mind," I said, beginning to calm down from my initial shock. "Is there a clerk’s position open?”


 "And how much does it pay, if you don't mind my asking?"

 "$8.50 an hour."

 "And how much does this job pay?" I said, gesturing to ‘the what’ I knew to be fuck and suck holes.

 "$25 an hour plus tips."

 "Plus tips, eh," I murmured as I nodded thoughtfully. Not really considering it but wanting to seem interested to be polite.

 "Yeah but I should warn you, you'll be very busy. We get a lot of business Thursday Friday Saturday s. and since we give away a coupon for a free session with every purchase over $100, almost all of the customers come back here.”

 "Really?" I mused, my mind suddenly reeling at the thought of a ‘session’ in the booth. I pondered for a second or 2-more and then surprised myself by saying, said "Alright I'm in."

And that was it. I had no idea why I'd agreed to the job. It was like some other person took over and accepted without consulting me. That and the $25-an hour plus tips, I suppose.

Well, cut to the chase. Thursday night I'm seated in the booth, nervously waiting and wondering what I'd gotten myself into. I'd been in there about 10 or 15-minutes when my first client arrived and announced his presence by slipping his cock through glory hole number one. I took one look at it and all my misgivings melted away. I quickly slid off my stool and down on my knees in front of it just like the horny little cocksucker I now realized that I was. The first thing that I noticed was his musky man smell. For a second or 2-I just stared at the stranger’s cock. It was uncut and about 6-inches long and about half hard. I touched my lips to the head and when I opened my mouth it slipped right in. as it got rock hard, I heard a moan of pleasure from the other side of the wall. The feeling of that warm cock slipping into my hot, welcoming mouth was indescribable. It was hard, but yielding. It felt very smooth and warm in my mouth. I could feel it throb and twitch as I worked it into the back of my throat. Eagerly I started to suck hard, really working it. My head bobbed back and forth as I worked the guy’s cock in and out of my mouth. The guy started to buck his hips, fucking my face. My mouth quickly filled with saliva so I paused long enough to spit. I couldn’t believe how incredible his cock looked, all wet and glistening with my saliva. I quickly took it back and continued to pump it. 

I was making such loud lewd sucking sounds that they must have been able to hear it out in the hall because another dick sprang into view in glory hole number two. I didn't pause in my sucking but fumbled for it with my hand and jacked it while I finished sucking the first one. 

God, I couldn't believe I was really doing this. I also couldn't believe how much I was enjoying it or how it was making me feel. I felt so fucking dirty kneeling there with an anonymous stranger’s cock in my mouth, another in my hand and the prospect of many more to come as the night wore on.

Amidst these thoughts I continued to suck vigorously. I was amazed at the amount of suction my mouth was capable of making. My cheeks were collapsed and sucked in. there was an incredible pressure on the cock in my mouth, drawing it into the back of my throat so much that it was almost an effort to pull my head back. Now and again I would pull back too far and it would come out with a loud "Pop." But I quickly took it back in and worked it some more. I don't know how long I worked that cock but after a while I had to stop just to gulp in a few breathes of air. When I leaned back forward to continue sucking, the first squirt of cum spewed out and hit me on the lips. I quickly opened my mouth and took the rest of the guy’s huge load on my tongue. When he was done I slurped it back into my mouth and continued to furiously suck. Now I had a mouthful of cum as well as cock. The cock and cum filled my mouth completely. I was delirious, almost drunk with the feeling, the taste and the smell. It felt so smooth and warm. 

I opened my mouth to take a quick breathe of air and cum mixed with spit spewed out and ran down my chin. There was one final moan from beyond the wall and the cock was unceremoniously pulled out of my mouth and disappeared through the hole. I knelt there for a second, gasping for air, feeling disappointed that my prize had been taken away, then I suddenly remembered the other cock in my hand. As I turned to look at it I discovered that all the other glory holes in my booth were filled. Five cocks in all were waiting for me. 

I eagerly moved on to glory hole number two. This cock was bigger and longer than the first. It jutted through the hole like the limb of a tree. Bending down, I opened wide and took it in. Incredibly it seemed to get even bigger in my mouth. I could barely manage it. I sucked as best I could as I worked my mouth up and down his stiff shaft. After an almost painful sounding moan the guy started pumping his hips. Caught up in the excitement, I started working my head up and down so hard and fast that my nose was banging against the wall.

I sucked him all the way out, still marveling at my awesome suction, then bobbed my head forward again taking it back in so deep that the swollen head was bumping against the back of my throat. I continued to grind my head forward, choking myself on the massive cock. I felt him throb and grow inside my mouth and knew my anonymous lover was getting ready to cum. I couldn’t wait to have this luscious cock spewing cum down my throat, so I picked up the pace, sucking even harder and deeper. I felt the guy thrust his hip against the other side of the wall and then the first spasm hit and buckets of cum suddenly filling my mouth. As a gush of thick, steamy cum hit the back of my throat, I swallowed quickly but not fast enough. When the second shot of cum filled my mouth, it leaked out of the corners and oozed down my chin. After a few seconds of this and I felt overwhelmed. I panicked at the thought of having to pull back and losing this fine cock but then my throat opened, seemingly of its own accord and I felt the cum go slipping down my throat in thick, slippery wads. I milked the enormous cock for about 30-seconds before it too was withdrawn.

I hurriedly moved on to the other waiting cocks and with 10-minutes had milked each and every one of them dry. The last one was removed and for the first time tonight I found myself alone and cock-less. I knelt there for a minute or 2, breathing heavily, licking cum from my chin and wondering when the next cock would appear. I didn't have to wait long. Number 2-appeared again in all its glory, hard again and ready for action. As I moved over and took it in my hand, a sudden and overwhelming urge came over me. I wanted that cock... in my ass. 

Without hesitation I dropped my pants and maneuvered my bare ass hole to the hole. The guy must have heard what I was doing because he withdrew his cock, and for a second I thought I'd scared him away. I positioned myself so my butt was flat up against the hole and waited. Seconds later I almost screamed as that incredible, huge, thick member thrust through the wall and stabbed mercilessly into my waiting un-lubed hole. Unbelievable sensations of pleasure exploded inside me as the huge cock plunged deep inside my ass. Tossing my head back, I let out a long, throaty moan. My head swam with ecstasy, as the cock was withdrawn slightly then thrust back in me. . Again and again it was plunged in and out as he the stranger pounded me faster and faster. Franticly, I pressed myself tightly against the wall, wanting nothing to come between that delicious cock and me. As the tempo mounted I began to beg to be fucked harder.

 "Fuck me!" I begged, "Fuck me harder, please!"

I was rewarded almost instantly as the fucking became a wild, furious hammering. I could hear the guy's body crashing against the wall as his hips pounded me. I too pumped my body back and forth to increase the feeling... the incredible feeling of getting fucked. Then it dawned on me, like a bolt out of the blue, I was getting fucked. Some guy I didn't even know was using my ass, using me like a whore and oh god I was loving it.

I was almost sobbing with pleasure as the monstrous cock reamed me. I continued to moan and beg for more and my moaning soon turned into a chant, a mantra of pleading. Pleading for cock...

 "Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me... fuck me."

 Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, a cock appeared in glory hole three, of the wall that I was facing. The room was small enough, that bent over like I was I could easily reach it with my mouth. So I quickly moved my head closer and hungrily gobbled it up. When my lips closed around it and I felt the head bump the back of my throat, I thought that I was in heaven. With a massive cock plowing in and out of my ass and another pumping in and out of my mouth, I couldn't imagine a more magical, but wonderfully nasty feeling. Sloppily and hungrily, I sucked away. Wanting to suck as much of it as I could into my eager mouth. I was getting pounded mercilessly from behind and face fucked too. I was delirious. 

I locked my mouth on the hot, quivering throbbing cock and let loose with a thunderous earth shaking orgasm. I wasn't even touching myself. I let out a loud moan and then it seemed like my whole body was cumming as I shook uncontrollably while tremors passed through my body. 

When I heard him gasp and the cock in my mouth pull back a little, I thought I'd hurt him somehow. Still wanting my mouth, my throat and my belly to be full of beautiful hot cum, I followed his cock back towards the hole. Then I fell his shaft swell up as he shoved the head back down into my throat. His cock spasmed and exploded, shooting what seemed like a gallon of warm salty cum into my mouth. , I swear I almost didn't feel the first shot because his cock was so deep in my mouth. It must've emptied right into my throat. But for the second and succeeding shots his cock head just inside my lips, so his next blast sprayed the inside of my mouth with his salty and sticky juices. I didn't have time to consider the taste before he shot again.  Instinctively, my throat opened and I swallowed back as much as I could. Suddenly he pulled back from me just as another full load burst from his cock, this time hitting my forehead. The next shot hit my cheek and then the last shot hit my chin. As his cum oozed down my face, I licked around the edges of his cock head, cleaning up the last remaining blobs of cum before this cock disappeared back through the hole.

In my excitement my ass clamped shut around number two’s cock, pushing him over the edge as well. I couldn't feel any cum because I already had most of it from his previous load but the cock thrust and jabbed and spasmed inside me. 

Totally spent, I collapsed to the floor, I was vaguely aware of number two’s cock, glistening wet and trailing cum slithering away slowly back though the glory hole. I was sorry to see him go, but I could barely move. I lay there, exhausted, shaking and feeling seriously fucked and used and still, unbelievably, incredibly turned on. Usually when I cum I come down completely, but this time I was still hot and ready for more. So soon after when more cocks began to appear, I crawled to my knees and let the whole, blissful experience continue.

The end…



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