You know, being behind bars for 3 years of your life for robbery, you get used to being a caged animal. Your no longer a person but a number in the system. The life you once had is no longer reality but a distant dream. So what does one do to keep their sanity, work out as much as they can! This is something that keeps your mind from drowning in that dark abyss of prison life. Day in, day out, lift and crunches. This is life, this is the norm, until the end is in sight.

I still remember the day that I was able to roll up and grab all my belongings. You want to leave, but there's a huge part that wonders if your able to live in the real world, a world that you haven't been apart of for a long time. What's it going to be like? Will my family still be there? What about my friends? Am I going to be able to get a job? Where am I going to live? Prison life, you didn't have to make any decisions, but now, your faced with an uncertain future.

All these thoughts and memories are going through my mind as I'm sitting in a room with no windows awaiting my first job interview. Thinking about what I've been through, the ugly room that was painted gray, the dirty linoleum floor that obviously see's a lot of traffic, thinking about anything that will take my mind off of being nervous.

"Zach Wilson?" A deep booming voice says to me, shaking me from the past and back into the present.

"Yes sir, that's me." I reply

"My name is Trenton and am the Asst. Manager that will be giving you the interview today. Follow me to my office and we will begin."

My first thought is, what the fuck is up with this guy, it's not my fault that your stuck with me or that your having a shitty day. I need this job, I need some form of income to live on, even if it's a stupid cashier position for a big company that "prides" itself on customer service.

As were walking down this long hall that seems to have no end in sight, I noticed how this guy's pants are pretty form fitting. Calves and thighs are pretty muscular, you can tell through the fabric of his Khakis, they flexed with every confident step this guy took. Hmmm, not bad. As I continue to stare, I start to notice his ass. Each step he took, it was like a perfect, round, hard globe trying to free itself from the confines of his pants, begging to be slapped. What the hell am I doing tho? I'm checking this guy out before he starts my interview. Concentrate Zach, think of the task ahead.

We finally reach his office and wow, was it small. His desk barely fit between the walls and his computer took up most of the space. There were 2 ratty chairs facing each other and maybe 2 feet of space between them. And what is up with this place not having windows? It reminded me of my old prison cell, but at least it had more space then this dark lil dungeon Trenton called an office.

"Sit down Zach and I'm going to read through your application before we start."

I sit down in the chair as he closes the awkward door behind him. Trenton grabs some paperwork from his desk then squeezes in front of me into his seat, my right knee inches from his crotch. Damn, if he leans forward, I'm going to be feeling a lot more of him and lord help me then.

"This room used to be a storage closet, so it has no vents to cool the room off. With two bodies in here, it's going to get warm pretty quick."

"I don't mind heat Trenton and at least you have an office to call your own." I weakly offer

For once, I see him grin. He starts to read his paper work on me and I cannot keep my eyes from his body. He was around my height, so I would guess 6'2. He had short messy looking dirty blonde hair, amazing blue eyes, a square jaw with 5 o'clock shadow. His chest was broad, arms pretty powerful looking underneath his long sleeved shirt, stomach that looked like it v'd down into his pants. My eyes finally looked down at his crotch and man, this guy's pants left no room for imagination. You can see the outline of a pretty long and thick looking cock that snaked down half way down his legs. I gulped at the thought of trying to suck down that beast. I looked back up and to my horror, Trenton was looking back at me.

"I'm supposed to make you feel comfortable by telling you about myself first. I'm a volunteer fireman, I've been married for 10 years and have 8 kids. Now your turn Zach, let's start with your stint in prison."

".......well....Yes, I was in prison for 3 years and the reason for my incarceration was robbery. I was young and hanging out with the wrong crowd. I wanted to fit in somewhere and feel accepted. This is no excuse and have accepted full responsibility for my actions. I realize that nobody forced me to do what I did and that in the end it was me. I have learned from this mistake and ready to be a productive member of society."

Trenton continued to stare at me, which made me feel more self conscience. I was also beginning to sweat up a storm. This isn't going as well as I wanted, I gave a typical after school special type of answer to his question and started to sweat through my nice dress shirt.

"I told you it would get pretty hot in here. It looks like you have a wife beater on underneath your shirt, if you wish, you can take your dress shirt off so you don't ruin it." Trenton said

I looked around nervously......and the door was shut.....and I needed to cool off. Throwing caution to the wind, I stood up and started to unbutton my shirt, then put it onto my chair. As I'm standing there, I look down at Trenton whose licking his lips and back up at me.

"Zach, I'm not really sure if I should hire you. I'm not comfortable with you being a cashier and you were in prison for robbery."

"Trenton, please, please, please give me a chance. I'm a very hard worker and learn quickly. I will do whatever it is that you want me to do, it's pretty hard to find something being in my position!"

"Let me get this right, what I'm hearing is that you will do anything I want and that it's hard......being in your position. I'm going to put your theory to the test."

As I'm trying to think of what he meant, his mouth goes right for my cock. I can feel his hot breath on my dick, his tongue licking the front of my dress pants. Damn, that's all it took for my 7 inches to come alive. His strong hands rubbing my thighs, then travel around to my small ass where he starts to carress my cheeks. All I can manage is a gasp.

"You better not tell anyone this happened or I will kick your ass. I can also tell by your gasp that you will be my lil bitch, so if my lil bitch wants this job, he better do a damn good job of getting me off!!"

"Yes sir, I will be whatever you want me to be. I will SHOW you that I am the best man to take whatever you give me."

Just as those words leave my mouth, Trenton stands up and starts to take off my wife beater. His hands leave my ass as they start to explore my chest and abs. They felt rough, like sandpaper being ran all over the front of my body. I didn't mind, all I cared about was having this hot stud in every way possible.

"You have a nice body Zach........defined chest and abs, I bet you get a lot of attention."

"I never noticed." I say breathlessly

"Bullshit, don't play coy with me."

Just then, he grabs my right nipple and twists. I didn't feel pain and only lust. I moan and grab his head to my chest, he licks the nipple that he just twisted, looks up at me with a grin, then bites down.

"O god Trenton, go easy with the biting....that.......uhhhhh......"

Trenton sucks on the nipple and bites down harder, not as much pain this time around, only a numbing sensation. I forget to finish my sentence. He flicks his tongue over and over the nipple, sucks on it and bites down again. My cock is throbbing by this time and starting to ooze, leaving a small wet trail on the front of my dress pants.

Trenton moves to my other nipple and repeats the process all over again. His left hand leaving my chest and grabs my waist to pull me closer to him, his right hand slips into the back of my pants and he starts to finger my cute young bubble ass.

"Damn Zach, your ass is fucking tight, I can barely get my finger in there, I'm going to enjoy fucking the shit out of you. Better not scream as I ram you with this big fuck tool."

Fuck me? I really didn't think he would want to fuck me. O shit, he's going to split me in half and it's going to hurt. I've only been fucked a few times in I going to be able to be fucked? As if he sensed my fear, he lifts his face from my chest, grabs my head and kisses me. His tongue circling mine and tasting like candy. It was a kiss that made you feel light headed and made the world melt away.

"Dont worry, I will take it easy on you and you will be begging me to go deeper and deeper with this monster cock."

Trenton then whirls me around and forcibly pushes me up against the wall, my face feeling crushed by the cold concrete. He then grabs my wrists, pins them above my head as his other hand grabs the back of my pants and pulls them down over my ass. His hand then slaps my ass hard, no doubt leaving a red mark on my left ass cheek. I let out a low moan from the sting of it as he does it again. What is up with this guy, he must like inflicting pain on people.

His hand leaves my wrists and I was going to turn around, when he grabs my waist and pushes me back up on the wall. OK, he must want me to stay like this. I turn my head to the side so I can somewhat see what he's going to do. Just then I feel something wet in my ass, holy shit, what the fuck is he doing? My body instantly jolts forward and into the wall. I look down to see his head buried between my ass cheeks. Holy shit, whatever the fuck he's doing, he needs to keep it up. All I feel is something wet and long circling the insides of me. Never in my 21 years have I experienced something like. I kept pushing my ass back so his tongue can go deeper and deeper in me. Omg, this is fucking great!! As I'm thinking that this guy is rocking my world with his tongue, waking up feelings that I never knew that existed in my ass, I shot my man cream all over the wall.

"By the looks of this, I'm willing to bet you've never had a guy eat you out before. I'm surprised because this is grade A ass. Since you shot and now a lil relaxed, I'm going to fuck you good and have you shoot again." said Trenton.

I'm trying to catch my breath when I hear his pants unzip and fall to the floor. I then felt something like a summer sausage being smacked against my ass cheeks, followed by something wet and sticky. O shit, I'm not going to be able to do this, what the fuck am I doing?

"Relax and let daddy take over, I promise I will make you feel good....."

I feel his cock head rubbing up and down my ass crack, leaving a slime trail. As his cock head was comming back up, it stopped right at my ass hole, like a heat seeking missile finding it's target. I felt the head slowly ease in and back out, then in and back out. Trenton repeated this process a few more times as I found myself pushing my ass back, like it was begging to be fucked. Just as his cock head went out, I felt it slide back into me, inch by inch, stuffing my poor lil baby ass with a lot of man meat. It didn't hurt for the first few inches, but the more he got into me, I started to feel more pressure. He would stop and let me get used to it, then continue to slip inch by nail biting inch into me.

It seemed like an eternity, but then I felt his pube hairs hit my cheeks. Wow, I'm really surprised it was all the way in me. Even more surprised that my cock was already rock hard, aching and leaking tons of pre cum. He left it in me and then bit the lobe of my ear.

"God Zach, this is the sweetest, tightest lil ass I've ever been in. I'm not sure how long I'm going to last in you, but I'm very sure we will have a lot of opportunities together. Now get ready to get the shit fucked out of you cause I'm going hard and deep" as Trenton said through gritted teeth

Trenton then grabbed my waist with both hands, his hard cock exiting my asshole very quickly and slammed right back into me. O god, this feels amazingly good, his fat steel cock in me, hitting all the right spots. His pace quickened, slamming into me hard and deep, just as he promised. All I can hear is his manly grunts by my ear and me pulling on my own stick. My head is swirling with all sorts of thoughts but all I can keep thinking is me needing this cock, wanting this cock and wishing this moment could last forever. I loved the feel of a steel pipe in me, pumping me, drilling me deep and hard. His cock felt mammoth, it felt warm and I could feel its pulsating life against my tight man hole.

"Shit, get ready my sweet lil bitch, I'm going to shoot this load into you to the point you will be gagging on my nut for days!!" grunted Trenton

I felt a warm liquid surge into me, splashing all over the insides of me, filling me up to the point that it started to leak out of me. I could hear a few grunts from Trenton as he pulled my waist as close as he could to him, his body shaking and sweating. This was too much for me to bear, all this pleasure from this rock hard stud, this "straight guy" who just fucked the shit out of me, that I shot my load straight up into the air that it landed on my left shoulder. I felt my own hot cum starting to drip down to my chest when Trenton leaned over, licked it up and then kissed me once more. The kiss this time tasted salty and warm, Trenton swirling his tongue around in my mouth, making sure that I tasted my own juice.

"Damn, that was a wild fuck Zach......don't get it twisted tho, I still love pussy, but your ass is a close 2nd. And don't you fucking dare breathe a word of this to anyone! If you do, I will deny that it ever happened and you will never get this cock again."

"What makes you think that I would want that cock again? Don't YOU get it TWISTED cause the only reason you got to tap my ass was to show you what you could have if you hire me." I say as I'm pulling my pants back up.

Trenton grabs the back of my head and gives me another deep passionate kiss that makes me drop my pants back to the floor.

"Fiesty lil bitch ain'tcha? Play coy all you want, but no one moans as much as you did IF they didn't want this big monster cock. And yes, you are hired."

We both get dressed and I cleaned up the cum splattered wall. Both looking presentable, Trenton walks me back down the hall. As we get to the entrance of the store, Trenton shakes my hand and thanks me for my time. That someone else will be in contact with me in regards to my schedule and he looks forward to the new addition to the store.




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