Sometimes when you're in the locker room after a good game and everyone's still running on adrenaline. Things start to escalate.

It was Saturday and the lads were all standing around laughing, with towels wrapped around their wastes or just their jocks holding in the family jewels. We were all so excited. We'd won the match. The championship was ours!

I sat still on the bench with all my gear on, being careful not to move. The

adrenaline pumping through my veins was now pumping through me cock. It was so hard, almost painful and I didn't want anyone to see, but sooner or later somebody was going to realize I was still dressed. It just so happened to be sooner.

"Yo, Edwards" shouted Adam from the other end of the locker room "Why're you still dressed?"

Everyone within in hearing range and that was literally everyone looked over. Confusion on their faces and curiosity in their eyes.

I just smiled, like it was no big deal. But a heat spread over my cheeks and neck. I was blushing and Adam noticed.

"You've got a boner, don't you?"

The boys green eyes glittered. He was enjoying this. He pushed off from the wall he leaned on, muscles rippling as he moved towards me. His cock and balls swayed as he walked. My eyes tracked the movement.

A tent appeared in my pants, my dick had just got harder and now if my blushing hadn't already given it away, people's vision would.

Adam moved closer. He stopped to stand only a few centimeters away and I could feel the heat radiating off his body. It was intoxicating, I leaned a bit closer trying to absorb it. I saw Adam's cock twitch.

He looked down at me. His eyes swirling with an intensity that could only be teenage lust. I was sure mine were swirling with the same emotion and a small smile graced my lips.

He hunkered down until our faces were so close I could taste the mint off his breath.

"I want you" he whispered "I want you here and now, in front of all these people. I want you to take me for all I'm worth and fuck my brains out. Do you understand?"

I nodded and he grinned, his white teeth dazzling me before he leaned in to kiss me such force and intensity a moan escaped me. His tongue darted out, seeking an entrance I happily granted before we battled for dominance.

Tongues swirling in a glorious war that ended with my cock twitching and leaking precum.

I wanted him and I wanted him now.

To be continued...




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