I'm Toby an 18 year old gay guy 120 lbs. (54Kg). 5'8" (1.73m) smooth slim athletic build, out to my friends and family. I live at home with my parents and my brother Brad. Brad is 20 years old 5'10" (1.78m). 145 lbs. (66kg). Athletic build. My sister and older brother have flown the nest and live with their respective partners. For many years all through high school and since leaving school my brother has had a close buddy. His name is Malcolm he is a 20-year-old black guy, 6'2" (1.88) tall, and 210lbs (95kg) Narrow waist, and broad shoulders, muscular body. He played quarterback position at football for his school. He works out and exercises regular to keep fit.

My brother Brad and Malcolm have always been close buddies, doing lots of stuff together. Girls have always been their main interest. I know they have done threesomes and stuff with girls. Brad is the only one in my family that has a problem with me being gay, always picking on me, calling me a fag; he is ashamed to have a gay brother.

Malcolm has no problem with the fact that I'm gay, we get on well. I like it when he comes over to our house and we mess about in the swimming pool. He may be a good quarterback; I am a better swimmer than he is. Fooling about in the pool is ideal for touching (contact sport lol). No one would think it out of the ordinary for 2 guys fooling about in the pool. Malcolm is really nice to me. In the pool he touches me at every opportunity and wrestles me under the water. I love being able to touch him. I could see he had a massive boner sometimes when we were messing about in the pool. My cock was always stiff when he was touching me. I like the thought that I was making Malcolm horny. Brad always looked annoyed when I took up so much of Malcolms' time.

My mom was quite liberal and outgoing and accepted the fact that I was gay. My dad being a military guy was stricter, with old fashion attitudes, he was slow to change. My mom was gradually getting my dad to accept the fact I was gay. She always fought my corner. Being good at sport and outwardly straight confused my dad. At first he thought it was a phase I would grow out of. My mom must be winning because he said to me recently, no matter what, you are my son and I will always be proud of you.

It was mid June, temperatures where high. My parents decided to go on vacation to Canada where it was cooler, to stay with some relatives for a few weeks. As much as I love my parents it would be a break for me, to be free of their restrictive control. Just Brad and me home alone.

It was a few days later the doorbell rang. I only had my white cargo shorts on when I opened the door. Malcolm stood there, he knew my parents were away. He was only wearing a tight fitting pair of shorts, and he was bear footed. "Brads not home, just me here," I said. "Good," said Malcolm, as he stepped in and closed the door behind him. He put his hands under my armpits and lifted me up. I automatically put my arms over his broad shoulders and my hands behind his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist. He ran his left hand down my back and into the inside of my shorts and over the cheeks of my ass. His right hand held me firmly behind my neck. He carried me upstairs to my bedroom (He obviously knew where my bedroom was,)

I could feel the warmth of his body and his heart beating as he pressed into me. Malcolm was physically strong. I lowered my legs and stood there stroking his arms and shoulders. Wow I just could not take my eyes off him. I was enjoying this longed for moment. I could see his cock tenting in his shorts. He made me kneel before him. He teased me by slowly taking his time to lower his shorts. When he did eventually. I was eye level with his big black cock and big hairy ball sac. His cock was rock hard and sticking up at an angle with a strand of pre-cum hanging from his pee slit.

"You like caramel milk shake boy?" He asked. "My favorite," I said. "I've got loads of thick tasty milk shake in here," he said. As he lifted his large hairy ball sac up with his hands. The strand of pre-cum with the large tear shape drop on the end was within inches of my mouth. "Open your mouth boy," He said. I opened my mouth just in time to catch the teardrop of pre-cum on my tongue. "Do I taste good? He asked. "Mmmmmmmm delicious," I replied. Fuck it tasted good, thick textured salty pre-cum. Pre-cum was dripping out of his pee slit onto my tongue as he pulled the foreskin back on his uncut cock. "That's a starter now for your caramel milk shake," he said. I opened my mouth wide as he wiped the glans of his cock over my lips, smearing them with pre-cum. He was stroking his cock as he made me take the whole of his mushroom head in my mouth. "I haven't cum for a whole wk, so I'm gonna drench you in my juices." He held his cock with one hand and held the back of my head with the other, as he made me take more and more of his cock down my throat.

Now and then he would pull his cock all the way out to let me breath, opening up my throat more each time he thrust back in. His cock was so hard it felt like having an iron rod thrust down your throat. As his cock got deeper it made me gag more, saliva was spilling down my chin and onto my chest. I had my hands on his hip and thigh just incase I needed to push him away, should he thrust too deep. Even though at times it was painful it was an erotic experience to be controlled and used in this way.

We were both absorbed in the pleasure of enjoying each other that we were not aware of the noises we were making. Suddenly the door to my bedroom swung open. "What the fuck are you doing?" It was brad he had returned unexpectedly. He must have heard me moaning and yelping. I went to get up Malcolm prevented me from doing so. Malcolm turned and looked at brad. "Either fuck off or sit down and watch the live show," he said. I could not believe what he was saying. I looked over to Brad; he had his mouth wide open. He just fell into the chair and sat there watching.

Malcolms cock was too big for me to take it all. I was sucking up and down the shaft of his cock as he stroked it. He suddenly gave out a animal type cry, his whole body shuddered, as I felt the first squirt of his milk shake hit the back of my throat, making me pull away from his cock. He held my head firmly with both hands and thrust his cock deep down my throat squirting a second lot of juice. I was swallowing as much as I could, as quickly as I could. The juice filled my mouth and spilled out down my chin. My nostrils were full of cum juice. He pulled all the way out, and squirted 3 or 4 more times over my face and into my mouth. "Hold it in ya mouth," he said. He squeezed the last drops into my mouth. "Look brad what I just fed your brother." Malcolm grabbed me under the chin so Brad could see. I gained the impression brad was just going along with it. "Man I didn't know you were into this stuff," said Brad. "Anything that gives me pleasure I'm into. Your brother is a pretty boy and sucks my cock well."

"Malcolm, said Brad, remember we have to hook up with your brother at the mall at 5, and its 4 already." "Oh yeah man, I forgot the reason I called over here. I got distracted," he laughed. Malcolm bent down and kissed my forehead. "No time to fuck that sweet ass of yours boy." They left to meet Malcolms brother at the mall. I lay back on my bed relishing the taste I had in my mouth. And thinking about the gorgeous guy that had just fucked my face.

Later that day I got a call from Brad telling me they were on their way back and to get ready. Guess it's ok for me to be gay now. They turned up half an hour later. Brad got a can of beer for himself and Malcolm. "Brad, strip your brother for me," WHAT THE FUCK!! I thought. My jaw dropped. Brad didn't look too happy about what he had just been asked to do. "DO IT MAN," shouted Malcolm. Brad reluctantly moved towards me and pulled at my shorts, unbuttoned the top button and unzipped my zipper, my shorts fell to the ground. I just could not believe Brad was doing this. I stood there naked while Malcolm sat there drinking his beer and looking at me. Brad looked uneasy with the situation. I was feeling nervous. Malcolm downed his can of beer and asked Brad to get him another. He stood up and walked, over to me. Malcolm ran his hands over my chest and hips. "You're a very fuckable and pretty boy," said Malcolm. Brad came in with the beer. Malcolm was stroking my torso, butt and legs while drinking his beer. My cock was hard and sticking up at an angle. My legs were trembling.

Brad was about to sit down when Malcolm said, "Brad come and undo my shorts for me." Brad looked shocked. "Come on man I know you want too." Brad obeyed. "Now massage my cock and make me hard so I can fuck your brother." Brad looked at me; I could see that look of indecision come over his face. The desire to do what he had all along wanted to do for many years was too overwhelming. My brother was soon on his knees and all of a sudden more than keen to play with Malcolms cock and make it hard. Was this really happening is my brother gay too!!

Malcolm soon had a massive hard. He knelt down and looked into the eyes of Brad. "Buddy I know you always wanted to play with my cock." Malcolm stood up and lifted Brad to his feet. "I have no problem with that," said Malcolm. He kissed Brad on his forehead. Malcolm pushed Brad to one side and told him to strip. "What you and me do makes no difference to our friendship," said Malcolm to Brad. Wow is that the reason why Brad is so annoyed with me he's sexually attracted to Malcolm.

Malcolm turned to me and told me to get down on my hands and knees. Brad stripped off as Malcolm straddled me and spread my legs apart rubbing his cock head over my man pussy he leaned into me. The head slipped in making me jolt and scream out, the thickness of his shaft was stretching my pussy hole my sphincter after a forceful thrust surrendered to the large mushroom head of his cock. He let it rest inside me, letting my inside get used to his big cock before he thrust deeper into me. At each resistance he gave me time to relax until the whole of his cock to the base was up my ass.

Malcolm looked over to Brad and said, "Don't just sit there, make yourself useful, get over here and suck my balls while I fuck your brother." Brad got down underneath us and started sucking and licking Malcolms balls and hard shaft. I could feel Brads tongue on my ass and inner legs now and then when it slipped off the shaft of Malcolms cock, and balls.

It was obvious that Malcolm had control of Brad. He was going to turn Brad into his white boy bitch too. Brad loved every moment now the gay in him was free. His hands were all over Malcolm. It was not long before Malcolm moaned and convulsed shooting his whole load deep into me. Malcolm was breathing heavily as his cock slowly shrank inside me. Brad was licking the juices that dripped from Malcolms hairy balls. Wow this was a surreal moment. Brad moaned and his body shuddered. It was then I saw his hard cock shoot its load, with out him touching himself.

Malcolms cock slipped out, spilling juices out my pussy. Malcolm stretched out and lay on his back. Brad and me were tongue fighting to lick Malcolms cock and balls clean. Malcolm reached over for his cell phone so he could make a call to his brother Theo. "Man I need help here I've got 2 white boys in need of caramel milk shakes and cream fillings. Get over here quick."

I never thought I would have to do what I did next, tell brad how to prepare himself to be fucked by a guy. Malcolm is 100% a top. Brad was about to have his first cock up his ass and lose his virginity. I left Brad in the bathroom to prepare himself for Malcolm. I got Malcolm another can of beer.

He told me that his brother Theo was coming over to give me a caramel milk shake and some cream filling. He likes fucking white boys and as long as you do as he tells you, you should be all right. The doorbell rang I wrapped a towel around my waist and answered the door. Wow an Adonis of a guy stood there. He had long dreadlocks down to his shoulders. Theo was one of Malcolms older brothers, he was 28 years old, about 6' 4" (1.93m) well over 240 lbs. (109Kg). Theo stepped in as I closed the door behind him. I could tell by the look in his eyes that what he could see pleased him. He had those lustful penetrating eyes. He stretched his hands out and loosened the towel around my waist letting it fall to the ground. "You the boy that likes caramel milkshakes and cream filling?" He asked as he smiled at me. "I love them to bits, my favorites," I said. "So where do you take delivery?" He asked, laughing, as he looked me up and down. "I'll show you," I said. As I turned round I felt his hand stroke my back and pinch the cheek of my ass. "Boy you have a hot looking ass, my brother fucked you already uh." He ran his fingers through my hair. "I like blonde hair boys, man you are so pretty." I was shaking and finding it difficult to walk properly. The messages to my brain were not coordinating due to his touching and the stuff he was saying.

Brad and Malcolm were too involved with each other on the bed to take too much notice of us entering the room. It was too cramped for 4 of us on the bed. Theo told me to get in a kneeling position on the floor. I watched as he peeled off his T-shirt revealing his muscular smooth toned torso, and well-developed triceps and biceps. He had massive broad shoulders. My hard cock was oozing precum. As I looked on, he unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. He pulled his shorts down revealing his curly wiry black pubic hairs. His cock was semi hard as it flopped out his shorts. Even semi hard it was big and thick. Wow he had a large hairy ball sac that hung low. I could see he had tattoos all over his body. His nipples were pierced with large gold rings. A large heavy gold chain hung from around his neck. He had a gold stud in each ear. His skin was a deeper black than Malcolms. His glistening body showed off the muscles of his body. He had well formed hairy thighs.

He was the most handsome guy I had ever seen. He looked down at me with those lustful penetrating eyes of his, and said," hold my cock." It felt heavy and warm in my hand. I pulled the foreskin back exposing the shiny glans of his cock that formed the large mushroom head. Sticky shiny precum covered the pee slit. "Lick it," he said. I licked the salty precum out his pee slit. It made him shudder; he held his cock with his right hand and placed his left hand at the back of my head, slowly snaking his cock into my mouth.

I could hear Brad and Malcolm moaning and breathing heavily on the bed. The bed was shaking and creaking. I heard Brad shouting, ' fuck man it hurts take it out, aahhhhhhhhhh!' Brad was having his man pussy stretched, and it was excruciating pain for him. I heard Malcolm say, 'relax man y'all get used to it.' Brad screamed out some more as Malcolm penetrated him deeper. Then I heard Brad moaning in pleasure as Malcolm shot his load into Brad.

I looked up at Theo. He had a wide grin on his face. He was being turned on by and enjoying the live show that was taking place just in front of him. Theo looked down at me, "Boy you are not going to get your milk shake till you take all my cock to its base down your throat." I had my hands on his hairy thighs. I was looking up at him as he thrust his thick heavily veined uncut cock deeper down my throat, "that's it boy." I felt the thickness of his cock sliding down, expanding the sides of my throat, and making me gag. I pushed on his thighs and pulled away in an attempt to slow him down, so I could take a deep breath. My saliva was dripping of his cock.

He grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, forcing me to look up at him through my tear-laden eyes. "That's not how it works sissy boy you don't get anything from me for nothing. I told you, you have to take it all and satisfy my needs. Put your hands between your legs and don't move them or I'll tie them behind your back."

I knew I at to get control of my gag reflex muscles in my throat so I could take his big black cock and give him maximum pleasure. He held my head firmly as he thrust brutally deep down my throat. I was spitting up copious amounts of saliva, which lubricated my throat and his cock. He gyrated his hips making his cock move from side to side in my throat. He looked down at me with those penetrating eyes. "That's it sissy boy you doing good just a little more and I will be all the way in you." I could see there was about an inch to go. He thrust deep, the last inch slipped down my throat, he held my head against his stomach, and my nose was pressed up against his wiry pubic hairs.

I inhaled that erotic musk aroma that only black guys have. He pulled his bbc all the way out, giving me the chance to quickly inhale. I could hear Brad starting to moan and yelp again. Malcolm was fucking brad for a second time. I looked up at Theo as he stood over me with his legs spread apart. His hairy balls were stroking my chest as he moved his cock up and down the inside of my throat. The sensation of having his cock sucked and watching my brother being fucked by his brother made his cock spasmodically jerk in my throat due to him being excited.

My jaw was aching from being stretched by his thick cock. His cock was rock hard, if I had bitten down on it I would have busted my teeth. Theo pulled on my ears and stood on the balls of his feet thrusting with the whole of his body. I was inhaling quickly as he pulled the whole of his cock out my mouth and thrust back in, all the way to the base. This went on for awhile until he thrust all the way in and held my head tight up against his stomach. Two more trips all the way down my throat was all it took for his cock to explode it's load of sperm laden milk shake in my throat, mouth, nostril and erupt out my mouth like molten lava out of a volcano. He pulled his cock all the way out it was laden with his white globules of cum. It was still spitting when he fed it back in my mouth. He squirted 5 or 6 times into my mouth and over my face. All the time he was fucking my face Malcolms juice was spurting out my ass. I was so excited I just could not hold it in.

Malcolm and Theo told Brad to get them a beer. Theo looked over at Brad then me and said, "ok boys entertain us while we drink our beer. We want to watch you wrestle." For about 30 minutes brad and me were made to wrestle to amuse them. If we got into a long hold, Theo would get up and whip the nearest bare ass with his belt. Making us scream out and separate. We both had several welts on the cheeks of our ass from Theo's belt.

Theo said, "stand up and face your brother Toby. Now put our arms around each other." He came over with some thin rope and tied us tightly together around our waist. I could once again see a concerned look on Brad's face. All Brad wanted was to be fucked by Malcolm his long time buddy. Theo his older brother was taking control. Malcolm just looked on. He told Malcolm to tie us with the rope around our chests, just under our armpits. Brad and me were now well and truly bonded together. I was shit scared, Brad could see that in my eyes. Brad asked Malcolm "what's going on." "Shut it," said Theo. It was obvious that Theo liked to be in control and boss his brother about.

Theo made a call on his cell phone and made sure we heard what he was saying. "Hey man how is it with you." He looked in our direction, "I got two white boys for you to fuck if you're interested, ok, get over here." He told them the address where to come.

Brad said "look man this is not funny untie us, this is beyond a joke," "I'm not joking," said Theo. Theo walked over to Brad and grabbed him under the chin, starring into Brads eyes he said, "shut it. Tell your boy to shut his fucking mouth Malcolm," shouted Theo. The tone of Theo's voice was making me tremble with fear. I could tell by the look on Malcolm's face he didn't like having to tell Brad to shut up.

Theo stroked our backs and butt. "Which one of you boys am I going to fuck first," said Theo. When he touched me I trembled even more, which made him laugh. "I can't make my mind up," he said. He spun a coin. Looking at me he said, "if it's tails I fuck you." It was tails, I felt his fingers dig into my man pussy and stretch it, I gave out a loud yelp. Brad was looking into my eyes as Theo thrust his big black cock into me. The doorbell rang, Malcolm went to let the guys in that had come to fuck us. One was Malcolm and Theo's brother with 3 of his homies. They greeted Malcolm with high fives. They stood around watching Theo fuck me. I felt his cock throbbing as his body convulsed and he squirted his load into my ass. They all watched as Theo pulled his big vein cock out my ass. Beads of his thick sperm juice, were dripping off the shaft. Theo wiped his cock on the cheeks of my ass.

They were 4 black guys, all had tattoos and pierces, all looked like thugs. I was sweating with fear. I whispered to Brad, "what we going to do man." "We just got to let them do what they want with us. Hope they don't rip our asses and make us bleed with their big cocks," said Brad with a look of fear on his face. I had never been so scared in my whole life yet I also found it exhilarating. We just stood there tied together helpless to do anything about it.

Theo said, "there all yours, lets see you boy's fuck the shit out of them." Malcolm and Theo sat down drinking their beers watching events unfold. The four newcomers circled us grinning, smiling and poking us with their fingers. They striped off revealing their well-toned athletic bodies. It wasn't long before their hands were all over us I could feel Brad's hard cock rubbing against my hard cock. We were both inhaling and exhaling rapidly and sweating.

I could feel the hot breath of the guy that was pressing against my man hole. His cock soon slipped in. the guy that was penetrating Brad looked at me with wide-open eyes. He spat in my face and said, "I'm going to fuck you when I finish with your brother." We were both fucked multiple times. Their Juices were streaming down the inside of my legs, the same must have been happening to Brad. We were both moaning in ecstasy, even though fear was streaming through our veins. We were both roughly handled. My hips were sore from being pounded and having my hips rubbing up against Brads. I had finger bruises and scratches over my shoulders arms and back. My legs were getting weaker and weaker.

Malcolm and Theo joined in. I felt Brad's cock throbbing on my stomach as it shot its warm juices. A few minutes later I shot my load. I thought Brad would be terrified by events, him only just losing his virginity. They fucked us late into the night. Only stopping when they where tired and had drained all the juices out their balls. Neither Brad nor me could walk from all the pounding our asses had taken. I had been shit scared I was still scared what were they going to do to us next.

We were both so weak that when they let go of us we slumped to the ground still tied. I looked up Theo had a 7" knife blade in his hands. He kneeled down near us. 'FUCK NO, IS HE GOING TO KILL US.' I was struggling to get free and shouting 'NO THEO! NO!' Theo was laughing. I closed my eyes. I felt the ties ease as Theo cut us loose. He was laughing and so were the other guys as he looked down at me and said, "you think I was going to kill you?"

What happened next took me by total surprise. Malcolm walked over to Brad lifted him up threw his arms around him and said man that was fantastic then kissed him, Brad and Malcolm then looked over to me and grinned.

Malcolm walked over to me picked me up and threw me down on a chair. He said, "I've been fucking Brad for some time. So have my brothers and the other guys. He made out he hated you so no one would know he was gay. Now your legal we wanted to bring you into the circle too." I said, "so this was a set up," yeah said Malcolm. "Brad wanted to scare the shit out of you, and we wanted to fuck you." Malcolm looked down at his BBC and said, "I got lots more milk shakes in here for you."



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