At the age of 21 and fresh out of junior college, Tommy was a university freshman and anxious to join a fraternity. He had applied at several which appeared to be a good choice and one that seemed a bit mysterious: ΘΣΡ (Theta Sigma Rho). The few members of ΘΣΡ he had seen on campus were fit and muscular men and seemed to be close friends as well as fraternity brothers. This had triggered Tommy's interest. Little was to be learned about the fraternity. No one on campus seemed to know much about them except that all of them were varsity athletes and competed on most of the university's collegiate teams. Other students told him they threw great fraternity parties. Tommy thought it might be nice to be a member and live in a house full of hot varsity athletes.


Tommy was a swimmer and had won a number of medals and trophies competing on his former school's swim team. He was scheduled to try out for the university's swim team and felt he could make the team. He was six feet tall with sandy hair, hazel eyes and a slender, tightly muscled body competition swimming had developed. He had very narrow hips, tightly rounded butt cheeks, nicely shaped pectorals, long arm and leg muscles and the sculpted abdominals commonly seen on swimmers. He worked out in a gym to enhance his competitive advantage.

Tommy also was nicely hung and displayed a very generous bulge in his speedos. He had always been aware of other team members and onlookers staring at his bulge, regardless whatever pair of speedos he wore. He had never shaved his abdomen like so many other swimmers; he was proud of his only body hair, displaying a thin treasure trail of sandy hair descending from his navel all the way to his pubic hair, which was so bushy some of it always protruded above the waistband of his speedos. That treasure trail was like an arrow, drawing the eye directly to his big bulge; a great indication of Tommy's nicely large balls and meaty, uncut, seven inch flaccid cock. When hard, his cock was a proud ten inches long with the shaft swelling until it was noticeably fatter than his cock head, his large balls making a perfect companion to this big cock. Both his cock and balls were hairless and stood out proudly from his densely haired pubic bush. His tight butt cheeks and generous genital package made for a really great sight as the speedos stretched around his butt and gathered his meat up front into that noticeably big bulge topped by a fringe of pubic hair.

Try Outs

The day came for Tommy to try out for the swim team. All the applicants were there being evaluated by the coach and current swim team members. Tommy noticed the coach watching him and talking quietly to some of the team members. He thought he recognized a few of them as members of the ΘΣΡ fraternity. They were all showing a bulge as big as or bigger than his own and Tommy couldn't help but look at those bulges. The guys noticed him looking and looked right back at his crotch, but he didn't seem to get any other reaction from them. Tommy finished the qualification trials, left the pool and went back to his dorm room. Later he received a call from the coach telling him he had qualified and would be joining the university's swim team. He received a confirming email from the coach and beamed with pride and excitement at making the team.

Rush Week

Rush week came along and Tommy had received invitations in response to some of his fraternity applications. He visited those fraternities and other fraternities holding open houses, but was unimpressed by any number of things such as sleazy members, haughty attitudes, nasty living conditions and the like. Then he received an unexpected invitation from the ΘΣΡ fraternity. He decided to see what they had to offer and accepted the invitation to visit.

The Theta Sigma Rho house was a quite large Georgian style brick building. It was very well maintained and very nice inside. The small group of candidates was given a tour of the house. Common rooms were spacious, clean and nicely furnished. Each dorm room had 1 or 2 bunk beds with ample desk space for studying. Additionally, there were a couple of large guest dorm rooms with a number of bunk beds for alumni and other visitors to use. Tommy was impressed. Perhaps he had found the right fraternity.


Tommy knew that as part of the rush week selection process some unusual requests could be made of the candidates. He was surprised, though, when the candidates were escorted to a back room and told to strip for inspection. Several of the candidates thought this was too much to ask and left hurriedly, leaving only Tommy and 2 others. All three of them stripped and were told to stand in the middle of the room. The president of the fraternity came in accompanied by a couple of other members and walked all around them looking closely at their bodies and very closely at their genitals. One member stopped in front of each candidate with the president in front of Tommy. He cupped Tommy's balls in his hands, saying "Nice big balls. They must make a lot of juices." Then he stroked Tommy's cock a bit, getting it semi hard and said "Big fat cock there. Love the really fat shaft. Some guys must find it hard to take." then he smiled and winked at Tommy. Tommy blushed. The president then said to all three of them "Thank you for coming here tonight. We will meet and let you know our decision by tomorrow. You may get dressed now. Good night gentlemen." He turned and left the room. The three of them got dressed and went back to their dorm rooms. Tommy left puzzled by the odd inspection he had just undergone.

The next day Tommy received an email and a phone call from the president of Theta Sigma Rho inviting him to join the fraternity. He was thrilled and accepted the invitation. The president told him to come over to the house that evening for a final interview and orientation meeting.

The Pledge

When he got to the fraternity house, he was pleasantly surprised to find the other two candidates there. They met in the living room. The president started things off by telling them they could leave at any time if they felt uncomfortable about becoming a fraternity brother. There would be no repercussions if they chose to leave. The president proceeded to tell them about the fraternity. He began by explaining that Theta Sigma Rho was small and very exclusive; only varsity athletes were invited to join the fraternity. He said the fraternity would be honored to pledge them to the brotherhood. They were told about chapters on other university campuses and how visits would be welcomed at any other house. Then he explained that ΘΣΡ was an extreme, sexually oriented gay fraternity and that anyone uncomfortable with that should excuse themselves now. He further explained that in spite of the strong sexual focus, all frat brothers maintained a 3.5 GPA or better and played on one or more of the university's varsity teams. No one left. The president asked if all three of them were still OK with that and gave them more time to consider their decision. Again, no one left.

Then all of three of them were asked to recite a lifelong pledge to Theta Sigma Rho and were welcomed as fraternity brothers.


"Now," the president said "I can explain everything I can about Theta Sigma Rho." He went on to tell the pledges that the name Theta Sigma Rho stands for "The Semen Ranch" and is identified by the Greek letters ΘΣΡ. Milking cocks and collecting, storing and using semen is what we do. Because of that, we keep our affairs very private, never letting anyone else on campus know what we do. Fraternity brothers frequently refer to one another as "ranch hands" or "ranchers" and their herds of cows for milking are the ranchers in this house and other hot men within the student body. He welcomed them as the newest ranch hands. He then gave a sign and the other brothers entered the room. It was the largest collection of muscular athletes in every shade of black, brown, yellow and white that Tommy had ever seen in one place. All of them were wearing nothing but a jock strap with a large ΘΣΡ logo on the front of the waistband, their ample genitals clearly outlined in the bulging pouches; their hard bodies and firm, round butt cheeks on full naked display. The three new pledges were introduced to all the members. He explained they had been selected for membership based partly on the size of their genitals, particularly the size of their balls, since big balls make large quantities of semen when guys get milked. He continued by saying that all of the fraternity brothers have big balls; almost all of them have big cocks, too. They probably are the guys whose big baskets you've noticed on the swim team, wrestling team or track team. Members are athletes on all teams where uniforms are by and large tight fitting and which are known to display big genitals prominently. Showing off our genitals in this way advertises the fraternity to potential new pledges and to other sexy, hot guys for invitations to fraternity parties. The president handed each of them a packaged jock strap, asking them to strip and don their ΘΣΡ jockstraps as new fraternity brothers. Tommy eagerly donned his new jock strap and admired the large bulge his genitals made when they easily slipped into the pouch.

The president then said "Now that you are pledged and you are wearing your new fraternity jock straps, you have to learn our secret handshake." He went on to describe how to greet another ΘΣΡ brother. A mock penis shaft is created by moving the index and ring fingers under the middle finger of the right hand as the hand is extended in greeting. The brother being greeted grasps all three fingers and gently strokes them once or twice as though stroking a cock, then the hand is grasped in a normal handshake. It is a quickly done and not easily noticed handshake. All three of them were given some time to practice the handshake.

They were shown to their dorm rooms and told they could move their belongings in the next day. Tommy was pleased that his dorm room was one of the rooms with a single bunk bed. He was told he would meet his roommate after meetings for orientation and house rules.

The Jock Strap

The president told them that the jock straps were custom made to the fraternity's specifications and that wearing them was a distinct privilege. All of the jock straps were exclusive to Theta Sigma Rho and only fraternity brothers could wear them. They were made with an anatomically correct pouch so that the wearer's genitals fell naturally and free hanging into the pouch, which was made with plenty of extra room in front. It was designed without any internal push-up or enhancing straps or padding, just natural support with plenty of room to comfortably hold and encase the fraternity brother's large genitals. The webbed material was made from extremely soft, stretchy fabric with several styles of pouch available: the standard webbed pouch and a variety of other non-webbed styles and colors. A sheer, see-thru pouch was also available. The jock's pouch was so soft it felt like there was no pouch there at all, yet it enfolded the wearer's cock and balls, clearly displaying the profile of the balls, cock shaft and cock head.

The fraternity maintained a large inventory of these jock straps; any number of them available free to all members. Most of the brothers preferred the standard webbed pouch and wore only the jock strap any time they were in the house. Almost all members wore the ΘΣΡ jock daily as their favorite underwear. Many of the fraternity brothers wore their jeans low enough to expose the jock strap waistband and logo. The exposed ΘΣΡ logo in front easily identified a fraternity brother walking around campus or in a locker room. It was a good way to notice and acknowledge another fraternity brother.

Fraternity Brothers

Because all members were athletes, every one of the fraternity brothers was a muscular campus stud. Each of them had a well developed body and was hung better than other students on campus. They all had very large balls and carried them in low hanging sacks. Their balls averaged half again larger than other guys on campus, mainly due to being milked several times every day. Most of the members also had huge cocks to match their balls. Genital size had been enhanced by long term consumption of supplements and chemicals in pill form and as a powdered additive in their food they ate. Other supplements were designed to increase their testosterone levels and semen volume by up to 300%; they were always horny. Their balls would produce huge loads of semen and those large cocks would deliver it for use. Brothers were all cum junkies and had a major fetish for cocks and balls to the point of actually worshiping them. Members would cup a guy's genitals in their hands and fondle, nuzzle, lick and kiss them as they prayed at the holy fountain of cum.

Every member was also quite an exhibitionist and loved any opportunity to show off his oversized genitals and the genital bulge in his crotch. Frat brothers would wear tight fitting Levis and trousers around campus, displaying an unnaturally large basket wherever they went. Their team uniforms for campus sports all put their crotches on prominent display; their cocks and balls clearly outlined in front. The genital display advertised the fraternity to students interested in joining and helped identify other hot and sexy students for possible invitations to their parties.

Around the house they all preferred to wear only their ΘΣΡ jock straps. A few of the brothers wore colored pouches, but most of them preferred the plain webbed pouch over all. One brother wore a sheer pouch all the time. He should have, because he had large and what others considered to be a beautiful set of genitals. He always had them on display and easily attracted sexual advances, few of which he refused. He was a major contributor to the semen collection.

The house was filled with sexual electricity with every brother's muscular body and round butt cheeks on full display. There was a lot of affectionate fondling of bulges, butt cheeks, pecs and nipples around the house. With all the sexual activity at the fraternity house, every frat brother had learned to easily take large cocks down the throat and up the ass. Every one of them also loved to be milked; milking was a several times a day activity. It was a house full of horny, testosterone driven, muscular athletes all in their early 20's and at the pinnacle of their body's semen production.

They all had heard about Tommy from members who were on the swim team and the tales they told about this new swimmer. Frat brothers had been observing that hard body and giant bulge when the team was training and competing. All of them felt he would be a good fit for the fraternity.

When Tommy pledged to the fraternity, everyone wanted to see that hard cock of his. They had seen fat cocks before, but never one as big around as Tommy's erect cock. A lot of them wanted to feel it down their throat or up their ass. Many of them would get their wish.


The president said "Now for your initiation. Tonight the ranchers of 'The Semen Ranch' are adding three new bulls to our herd of prime beef. But the three new bulls must undergo their first milking before they can join the herd. We ranchers will milk the semen from the three of you until your bull balls are drained dry." The three of them were then led to the basement of the house and told to stand still. Their jock straps were removed and each of the frat brothers then fondled their genitals, every one of them cupping the balls in their hands and kissing the ball sack and cock in worship. At the end of this ceremony, all three pledges had rock hard erections. The pledges were then tied at the wrists and ankles. Then ropes were fastened to their tied wrists and ankles and their bodies suspended horizontally from the ceiling so that they were hanging face down about 5 feet above the floor. A wide leather band supported each of them at the waist. Their genitals were left hanging loose and free, their hard cocks and ball sacks swinging like pendulums above the floor.

A dairy milking machine was brought in, turned on and each of their cocks was sucked in by a milking cup. The sensation was incredible and Tommy began moaning as the machine got him harder as it sucked on his big cock. Soon he let out several loud grunts as he unloaded giant spurts of cum into the milking cup. The sucking didn't stop, getting him hard again in a very short time. He unloaded again, groaning loudly all the while. This continued until he had shot four loads into the machine. Then his cock went limp and he could cum no more. All three were returned to an upright position and left standing, but still hanging by their wrists. The president congratulated them on their multiple orgasms and had the milking cups removed. Then he summoned what he called a "cleaning crew" and three of the big, strapping brothers stepped up to them. They knelt down and went down on the three initiates, sucking and licking all over each cock until every drop of cum had been sucked out of the cock and every bit of cum residue had been cleaned away. They also licked their pubes, ball sacks and under Tommy's foreskin to clean up any cum that might have made its way there. All three whimpered a bit as their cocks were sensitive from all the orgasms. Their cocks were left shiny and clean.

The president opened the collection chamber of the milking machine. Scooping out three shot glasses of their just deposited cum, he made all three of them drink it. They grimaced a bit as they drank, but found the salty-sweet taste not as bad as they had feared. He told them "You will grow to enjoy the taste of cum and will look forward to drinking it. Semen is full of proteins and chemicals that are good for the human body. You will drink it every day and enjoy it just as much as all of the ranchers. We will leave you here under the care of a few ranch hands, tied as you are, until we return in four hours for another milking." He turned and left the basement. One of the members left behind told them he had to get something from upstairs. He returned in a little while with three protein shakes and had each of them drink one. They were delicious. He explained that the shakes contained lots of proteins and supplements to boost their testosterone level and semen production to enable them to perform at the next milking. He also told them that the rich, frothy texture of the shakes was the result of a good dose of protein rich semen.

Four hours later the rest of the fraternity returned. The president said "Now for your second milking. There will be a third milking in another four hours." He turned on the milking machine and increased the force of the sucking. The milking cups sucked their limp cocks in and began to vigorously suck on their cocks. They all got hard quickly. In a short while all three of them began moaning and groaning loudly all while they shot multiple loads into each milking cup. When they ran dry of cum and went limp, the milking cups were removed. Again, each of them was given a glass of cum to drink. The cleaning crew approached them and made sure their genitals were all sucked and licked clean and shiny. The three initiates were exhausted from all the orgasms.

Three chairs were brought into the basement area. The seat of each chair consisted of two leg supports on either side of a U-shaped gap that ran from the front of the seat to a point where genitals could freely hang into the gap. It allowed someone to sit comfortably with their genitals hanging. Each of the three was made to sit, their legs spread and tied to the chair legs, their arms tied behind the back of the chair and their cocks and balls dangling below the chair. The president told them he would be back for the final milking in another four hours. They were given another protein shake and could feel their libidos recover as the wait continued.

Another four hours went by and the entire fraternity joined them again. The dairy milking machine was turned on and the intensity of the sucking increased even more. The milking cups were slipped through each chair's U-shaped gap, sucking in all three of their cocks and roughly milking them until they got hard and had delivered several loads of cum into the milking cup. By then all three were really exhausted, their balls ached and their cocks were all red and swollen from the rough milking and multiple orgasms; their cocks so sensitive they could barely be touched. They whimpered loudly as the milking cups were removed. Tommy's cleaner this time was an extremely muscular black wrestler with a bulge his jock could barely contain. He had very large and full lips that were so soft Tommy could barely feel his over sensitive cock slip into his mouth. Even the wrestler's tongue was soft to the touch and the warm moist interior of his mouth was very soothing. This guy was an expert cleaner, running his soft tongue all around Tommy's cock, under his foreskin and over his ball sack, making sure no cum drippings were hiding anywhere. As he pulled away, he whispered to Tommy "That's a great cock, man, and some tasty cum, too. I love the way the fat shaft fills my mouth." He planted an affectionate kiss on the head of Tommy's cock, then winked and smiled at Tommy as he left. Tommy could see that cleaning his cock had given that black man a huge erection. He would remember that. They were given a final glass of cum and protein shake to bolster their energy. All three of them were ready to collapse, exhausted from their ordeal.

Then the president said "Take them up to their rooms. It's been a long 8 hours and they need sleep. In the morning we will continue with the orientation." They were untied; their jockstraps returned to them and they were led upstairs to bed. They slept like they had been knocked out.

House Rules

In the morning, they joined the other brothers for a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausage patties. After breakfast, the president sat them down to explain the rules of the house and all chapters. "As you may have guessed, the main focus of Theta Sigma Rho is milking semen. Every fraternity brother is also seriously into cum and we hope you will become as serious about it as well. All of us are cum junkies; we collect it for our own consumption and for sale to numerous customers in the cosmetics industry and to a few research labs. Any cum left over from your initiation will be added to the gallons of semen we have already collected. The bulk of that semen will be sold for profit; the rest will be used by our kitchen in the food you eat. The scrambled eggs and the sausage you just ate each had a good sized dose of semen in them. Semen contains only about 10% sperm; the rest consists of enzymes, vitamin C, calcium, protein, sodium, zinc, citric acid and sugar. It is a very healthy supplement for the human body. The fraternity makes a lot of money selling semen and has managed to live quite comfortably on the profits. All that cum has paid for this house, its upkeep, the food you eat, the hired housekeepers, groundskeepers and all the jock straps you wear."

He went on to make clear the regulations governing life in the frat house. "All ranch hands are required to contribute semen as often as possible every day. Milking at any time of the day is strongly encouraged if you are horny or get turned on by another ranch hand or just need to cum. All cum will only go into a condom, a milking device, a semen collection container or someone's mouth. Absolutely no sperm is to drip on the floor or be flushed down a drain or toilet. In an emergency, cum into a drinking glass and either drink it or empty it into a container. Every drop of cum will be stored or used, there will be no cum stains anywhere in the frat house. If someone shoots a load all over their torso or their partner's face, all of it must be licked away. No cum rags are allowed nor will they ever be tolerated.

If you are prone to wet dreams, we have a large supply of reservoir tipped condoms you can wear at night. Just suck the condom dry or empty it into a semen container when you get up in the morning. If you fuck someone in the ass, both of you must wear these condoms to collect your cum. The guy you fuck must not shoot his cum anywhere else. No cum is to make a stain by leaking out of someone's ass. If you forget to wear a condom, or your condom breaks, leaking cum must be eaten away or collected into a glass for drinking or storage. Afterward, you can take his condom and either drink dry or empty it into storage. Reservoir condoms are useful for solo masturbation by hand, for mutual masturbation or circle jerks with other ranchers. Simply remember to drink or empty the contents into one of the semen containers which are always nearby and located all around the house. Occasionally, one of the ranch hands will request one or more of the filled condoms be saved for him. Just tie them off and place the filled condoms in the small box beside the door of his room. A box for filled condoms is mounted on the wall next to every dorm room door.

There are other devices you can use for solo or mutual sperm collection; you will find out all about them in due time."

Pledge Year Responsibilities

He continued with "During your pledge year you will always be available and ready to carry out requests made by other ranch hands at ΘΣΡ. You will help them any way they need your service from giving blow jobs, masturbation, installing their milking hardware or anything else they might need. An important part of your daily duties will be to empty the semen collection containers from around the house into the main storage container in the basement. You will also be responsible for keeping the kitchen well supplied with semen and to provide it for ranch hands when they need it for drinking or seasoning."

He went on with "All through your pledge year, you will be assigned to the cleaning crew and will learn to suck cock like a professional. All members of the current cleaning crew are pledges who will train you in the various ways to clean cum residue from genitals. Once you are trained, the trainers will be released from their pledge duties; you will take over those pledge duties until next year. This is intended to instill a greater appreciation for the taste of cum. We want you to build up the same fetish for cum we all have. Our fraternity brothers have a reputation for giving the best blow jobs on campus. Cum is always available in storage for your use. You are encouraged to use and enjoy as much of it as you see fit.

There are rotating duties that all members must perform. One of the more important is kitchen duty. You will be assigned to help the cook in any way he needs assistance. All ranch hands rotate into the kitchen crew to help prepare meals for all of us. You will learn to cook with semen and how to mix cocktails and protein shakes using semen."


The semen containers scattered throughout the house were also custom made to the fraternity's specifications. These were half gallon refrigerated containers with an insert that could be removed for emptying; a Teflon coating allowed semen to slide out of the insert without sticking or leaving very much residue. They were easily emptied, but still needed a thorough cleaning and disinfection before their next use. The cleaning crew would replace them nightly with clean inserts, then empty and sanitize the collected inserts. There was always a lot of semen in every container. This was one very horny and sexually active fraternity.

The refrigerated main storage container in the basement was identical to the smaller containers upstairs in the house. It had a very large capacity and took a little more than a month to fill; it filled up rapidly. There were 24 fraternity brothers and their nightly milking contributed about a half gallon of semen every evening. In addition, other milking activity and the smaller cum containers added almost another gallon per day. The pledges would monitor the level of collected semen and schedule pickups from customers when enough had been collected. Every month their customers would receive between 40 and 50 gallons of semen.

Milking Devices

For milking up to four contributors and for solo masturbation, there were several semen collection chambers that could be used. These included a number that looked like vacuum pumping cylinders with condom like semen collection sleeves inside. Others could be secured to the cock shaft just below the corona, while others were threaded and could be screwed onto the head of a flow through penis plug. Solo collection containers were made of light weight plastic and had a capacity for four to six ejaculations. They were easily emptied and cleaned up quickly. Along with reservoir condoms, they were the preferred containers for masturbation.

Over the years, Theta Sigma Rho had accumulated a vast number of milking devices, hardware for connection to the device, penis connectors, semen collection containers and many types of mechanical milking machines. They had quite a large inventory of devices all available like a lending library to any of the brothers. A ranch hand could check out one or more devices as long as it was returned clean and ready for the next use.

While reservoir condoms were commonly used to catch and contain semen from hand milking, multiple ejaculations tended to fill them up quickly. Milking by hand could be used to store semen in small light weight plastic containers capable of containing cum from a number of ejaculations.

These solo devices included clear plastic spheres about three inches in diameter. Each sphere had an opening big enough to slip over a cock head; the opening surrounded by a stretchy rubber ring that clung to the penis shaft just behind the corona. A guy could beat off several times into the sphere and not fill it up. They were also handy for mutual masturbation sessions.

Another solo milking container was a clear plastic cube about four inches on each side with a small, threaded opening on the bottom side. This opening allowed the threaded tip of a two inch long, flow through penis plug to be screwed into the cube. The penis plug would be inserted and multiple ejaculations could easily be stored with no danger of filling the cube. The attachments on a few of the cubes had been modified so two guys could attach clear hoses and be milked at the same time. Each cube had a hose connection on the top to allow semen to be blown out of the cube.

The penis plug is an important accessory and is used to connect the penis to various solo and group milking devices. House profits provided every fraternity brother with his own set of flow through penis plugs. The penis plug was T-shaped, hollow, two inches long and made of flexible silicone. The T's crossbar was a dime sized flange that sat flush with the cock head, preventing the plug from sliding into the urethra. Above the flange a hollow threaded tip protruded, allowing attachment to solo semen containers or to connection hoses. The plug had a bulge in the two inch shaft that helped hold it in place inside the urethra so it wouldn't be blown out by a forceful ejaculation. The threaded tip could easily be screwed into to a solo container or would allow a thin, clear plastic hose to slide over the threads for connection to a remote collection chamber.

Two or more milking subjects generally used the hoses for group milking. However, a single person could connect to one of the smaller containers to save weight at the end of his cock. Remote collection chambers were clear, capped gallon sized jugs with 12 covered hose connecters and a vacuum pumping coupler. As many hoses as needed could be attached for group milking. Ejaculations could be achieved by hand stroking or by an automated means. After a group milking, most of the hoses would still contain a lot semen which could be cleared from the hose(s) by attaching a vacuum pump to the fitting on the collection containers and sucking all semen from the hose(s) into the container. All hoses and containers were clear to facilitate cleaning. Additionally, clear equipment allowed the frat brothers a bit of titillation as they watched each of their loads of man milk move its way along the hose and into the container.

Other electrical and mechanical devices that worked extremely well for hands free milking included:

• Automated flesh light devices, mechanical cock stroking devices, vacuum devices, vibrators and prostate massagers.

• E-stim devices were available and could be attached in numerous creative ways to stimulate or masturbate hands free. These were very popular devices and used frequently.

• A number of milking cylinders were available. They resembled the milking cups on a dairy milking machine, but were made of clear Lucite with a clear, condom like sleeve inside. Throughout the milking, everyone getting milked could plainly watch each of the multiple orgasms as veins would bulge and every cock swelled up before shooting its load into the sleeve. There were two hoses attached to each cylinder. One hose on the side of the cylinder near the head end connected to a pulsating vacuum that caused the sleeve inside to expand and contract, stroking the penis to climax. The second hose at the head end of the cylinder evacuated semen from the condom sleeve, connecting to the collection chamber at the other end. A vacuum pump built into the machine would stroke the cocks; drawing all ejaculated semen from each condom like sleeve through the hose and into the collection chamber. Most of these milking machines could milk groups of up to 12 people at a time; they would collect between a quart and half gallon of semen at a 12 man milking.


A number of the fraternity brothers were majoring in chemistry. Some of them were graduate students working on advanced degrees in biochemistry. Over the years, several of their research projects had developed testosterone boosters and other supplements which increased an individual's semen production by 300%. These two types of supplement combined to increase the volume of a normal male ejaculation from about 2 teaspoons to 2 tablespoons (6 teaspoons) of cum. Loads this big took a lot more time to pump out of the body and generally involved lengthy orgasms with a variety of noisy vocalizations. Just 2 orgasms would load a condom with cum to a depth of about 4 inches. With 4 loads of cum, a guy could just about fill a half cup measure.

These supplements were patented and the patents were held by the fraternity. Handsome royalties from the patents made a significant contribution to the fraternity's coffers. The supplements were in powdered form and were easily added to food or dissolved in beverages.

Current research projects involved working on combinations of chemicals and herbs with the goal of increasing testicle size and the ability to naturally create larger semen volumes without supplements. Fraternity brothers had been test subjects; a number of them had experienced some testicle growth, while others experienced little to no size increase. The chemists kept working to perfect the testicle growth formula, but had yet to get reliable results. However, any increase in semen volume was hard to determine due to the effectiveness of the supplements the fraternity brothers continued to take.

The Kitchen

The cook had been employed by the fraternity for many years. A former fraternity brother, he was very familiar with all house activities and had personally developed many of the recipes using semen as an ingredient. His meals were all delicious and diners were completely unaware that semen was the primary ingredient in almost everything being served.

Tommy was assigned to kitchen duty one week and learned that cooking with semen wasn't all that difficult. Semen has properties almost identical to egg whites and can be used in any food that calls for egg whites. It can be whipped like egg whites and the whipped froth would easily fold into scrambled eggs, omelets, whipped cream, meringues, puddings, batter for pancakes, waffles, pastries, cakes and biscuits, frosting for various uses and many other food items. It could be added to sauces and even fried. It added a frothy texture to any smoothie and added richness to dairy products such as coffee cream and anything used for a cream sauce. It was an excellent binding agent for ground meats like meat balls, hamburger and meat loaf. Meats could be dipped in semen and breaded before cooking. Breaded chicken and pork chops were a house specialty. It made killer French toast. Uses were as many as one could imagine.

Tommy learned a lot from the cook and was able to hone his appreciation for the subtle taste of semen in his food. By helping the cook, Tommy found he really enjoyed cooking and wanted to gain as much knowledge as he could about cooking, especially cooking with semen. So, he volunteered for kitchen duty frequently. He made sure the cook's semen container was kept topped off and that he always had plenty of fresh semen on hand. The cook taught Tommy well and over time Tommy became an excellent cook in his own right, retaining a lifelong use of fresh semen in his cooking.

The cook was the one who added the powdered supplements to the food. Almost all food that came out of the kitchen had powdered supplement and semen volume boosters added. It contributed greatly to the accelerated libido of every fraternity brother.


Parties thrown by the fraternity were well known around campus and were always very well attended. Everyone on campus wanted to be a guest at a house full of hunky varsity jocks. No one ever knew that all the dips and snacks contained a secret ingredient. Meatballs were always popular; a steady supply of them flowing from the kitchen. Many of the cocktails served at the parties, especially blended or shaker drinks, had been mixed using semen enriched cream. Bartenders wore only their ΘΣΡ jock straps while working, showing off their three B's: body, butt and bulge. The other brothers all wore skin tight spandex shirts and either tight jeans or trousers, prominently displaying their well muscled bodies and large baskets. This titillated the guests and allowed brothers to spot potential pledges as well as other men who seemed to have more than a casual interest in the display. Basically, the brothers were trolling like fishermen for hot and sexy men, either straight or gay.

Over the years, research done by brothers pursuing advanced degrees in chemistry had developed a unique and effective mind control drug. The chemistry majors would make the liquid in their lab, keeping the fraternity well supplied with the drug. It was used at parties to seduce unsuspecting "straight" men and other sexy men who seemed to be insecure about their sexual identity. Most of these men could be found hanging around the bar chatting with the bartenders. Their eyes would give them away when they spent an inordinate amount of time gazing at the bartender's muscular body, their gaze lingering longest on his prominent jock strap bulge and naked butt. Other single men would be watched closely as well to see if they were checking out their hosts' body and bulge more seriously than just out of curiosity. When a potentially hot and sexy candidate was spotted, a bartender would signal a couple of fraternity brothers, who would approach and engage him to gain his confidence.

Once any prurient interest in the male anatomy could be determined a few drops of the clear, tasteless liquid would be slipped into his next drink. The drug took immediate effect and was just like being hypnotized, the drug's high lasting close to 12 hours. Other party guests would be totally unaware that anyone was under the influence of the drug. Guys would appear to be normal and lucid, but were actually in a drug induced hypnotic trance and could be commanded to do anything. Once under the influence, they would be invited to join other guests in the basement lounge where they were told they would find drinks, good eats, great conversation and nice, big lounge chairs. Actually, there were 12 of the initiation chairs (the ones with U-shaped gaps) arranged in a circle surrounding a milking machine. The guys would be escorted to the basement, told to strip and then were tied to a chair just like a new pledge, all the while convinced they were sitting in a comfortable chair having a pleasant conversation with other party guests. Once no more candidates could be found upstairs, the milking machine would be turned on and the guys' cocks sucked into the clear milking cylinders. They would be milked dry amid a chorus of loud moans and groans, each of them cumming between 4 and 6 times. When all of them had been drained dry and gone limp, the machine was turned off, the cleaning crew cleaned up their crotches, they were told to dress and then taken upstairs to a guest dorm room furnished with 6 bunk beds. All of them were put to bed and given post hypnotic directives:

•They had gotten too drunk to get home safely on their own

•The fraternity brothers were kind enough to let them sleep it off

•They would remember nothing that had happened in the basement that night

•They would sleep in and wake up late in the morning

•This party had been one crazy night and they were anxiously looking forward to the next one.

The drug wore off as they slept and in the morning they would wake up with absolutely no ill effects and wouldn't be able to recall anything that had happened while under the drug's influence.

The seduced guys felt refreshed the next morning, profusely apologizing for getting so drunk; thanking everyone for taking such good care of them. Most of them said they hoped that while they were so drunk last night, they hadn't done anything wrong. The brothers assured them they had been very well behaved, doing nothing they shouldn't have. The fraternity then treated them to a hearty breakfast of cream cheese and salsa omelets, savory sausage patties and pastries. They had no idea that their own spunk from the night before was a major ingredient in everything served at that breakfast. They just thought the fraternity brothers were great hosts.

Once all the seduced guys had eaten and left for home, the fraternity brothers celebrated with brunch cocktails heavily laced with the semen milked from those guys the night before. No one on campus ever found out about the fraternity's habit of regularly milking all the ball juices from unsuspecting and supposedly "straight" students.

Daily Life

The morning after the orientation and house rules meeting, Tommy woke up to find the muscular black wrestler standing next to his upper bunk. He looked at Tommy and said "So you're the new guy in the upper bunk. Good to see you again. How's that gorgeous fat cock of yours? I hope the initiation didn't damage it." Tommy asked him "Why's that?" The muscle bound wrestler answered "Because you are lying at the same level as my head and if you'd just turn on your side I could easily slip your dick into my mouth and suck you off." Tommy got hard at the suggestion and rolled over on his side. The wrestler slowly drew the full length of Tommy's cock past his full, soft lips and into his warm, moist mouth as he gave one of the best blow jobs imaginable. Tommy actually came twice into that big wrestler's mouth. The big man swallowed the last of Tommy's cum and said "Damn! That was better than I could have imagined. The sample I got when I cleaned you was nowhere as good as the real thing. Thanks. Do you think you could return the favor?" Tommy replied "Sure. Just let me get to the lower bunk." Tommy moved down and sat on the lower bunk as the wrestler pulled off his jock, letting his huge, black cock and low hanging balls swing free. Tommy cupped those balls in his hands, kissed them, licked away a bit of pre cum leaking from the cock head and then sucked that huge black cock all the way into his mouth. The big black man cupped his hands behind Tommy's head moaning and moaning all while Tommy's mouth and tongue worked on his cock, Tommy's fingers tickling the wrestler's ball sack all the while. He finally let out a noisy groan as he filled Tommy's mouth with a large load of his sweet cum. Tommy gulped it down and sucked every last drop of cum out of his cock. The wrestler said "Thanks again. I've wanted that ever since I cleaned you up. You'll get many more chances to have my cock in your mouth because I've been asked to train you to be a cleaner. By the way, my name is Robert. It seems we're roommates; you're sitting on my bunk. I'm hungry, let's go downstairs and get breakfast." They pulled on their jock straps and headed down to join their fraternity brothers.

Robert found that Tommy needed little training to become a cleaner. Tommy's mouth was already very talented. However, he let Tommy clean his cock as often as Tommy wanted. Within a short time Robert was able to turn over his pledge year duties as a cleaner to Tommy.

Weekend Life

Weekends were busy times as most of the brothers had varsity games and competitions that occupied their time. Tommy attended Robert's wrestling matches and Robert came to all of Tommy's swim meets. Tommy thought Robert looked so sexy in his wrestling singlet. His big muscles, very round butt and huge cock and balls all asked his singlet to stretch in ways its designer had never imagined.

Robert also liked to watch Tommy haul himself out of the pool, with his speedos clinging tightly all the way around his narrow hips. The fabric would be sucked fully into his butt crack, prominently displaying his round butt cheeks while the fabric in front clung tightly to his cock and balls. The wrinkles on his ball sack and his large, fat cock shaft and its head could be seen as clearly as if he were naked. This spectacle was very short-lived, as Tommy would pull the fabric out a bit at the leg, letting in enough air to break the vacuum. The fabric then relaxed leaving only the round shape of his butt and a spectacular bulge cupping his genitals in the front of the swimsuit. All this was crowned by the sexy treasure trail running from his navel down to the shock of pubic hair that always protruded above the waistband.

After competing, all the athletes would return to the house tired from their physical activity and horny from all the hot naked men in the locker and shower rooms. A dozen of them would fall onto chairs and sofas in the living room to watch varsity games on TV. A milking machine would be brought in; all 12 of them having a number of noisy orgasms as they were milked while watching TV. A number of the other brothers would unroll condoms and wear them covering just the head of their cocks, the rest of the condom dangling in front. They would then beat off into these condoms, passing each condom from guy to guy until their ejaculations made each condom bulge with 4 to 5 inches of hot cum. These distended condoms would be taken to the bar to make shooters with tequila, lime and fresh cum for everyone in the house. Other cocktails, snacks, and smoothies got their energy, protein and testosterone levels back to normal.

Dorm Life

School days were filled with class work. Milking happened as class schedules allowed. Most of the milking was solo with only a few two man sessions. At night, there was a lot of study time. Robert liked to study with one of the clear plastic cubes plugged into his cock head and e-stim rings on his cock shaft to continually edge him until they finally brought him to several orgasms. Tommy wondered how he could concentrate, but Robert always got excellent grades. Tommy liked the clear plastic spheres and would take breaks from studying to beat off.

When finished with his studying he would end up with a sphere more than half filled with cum and ready for emptying. Robert's cube was rather full, too. He would take them for emptying as the start of his daily chores as a pledge; often taking a drink of Robert's wonderfully tasty cum as he went. His chores would take a while to complete. Before going to bed, he would make the rounds to find anyone in need of a cleaner. A lot of great cocks found their way into his mouth while making these rounds and he developed quite a taste for cum, also becoming one of the best cock suckers in the fraternity. He always saved the last cleaning for Robert. Robert's cum was so sweet and flavorful that Tommy preferred it to anyone else's. They became great friends and sex buddies.

One night, he came back to the dorm room to find Robert standing there holding two condoms in his hand. Robert said "I want you to fuck me and then I want to get into that tight, round butt of yours." They both stripped off their jocks and put on a condom. Robert had the finest round and hard butt Tommy had ever seen. Robert had already lubed his hole and winced as Tommy's fat erection stretched his hole wide as it pushed into him. Tommy started fucking slowly, but began to fuck faster and faster as Robert's tight hole brought him to a screaming climax. Robert felt the fat cock's pulsing spasms as Tommy unloaded his cum into the condom, causing Robert to shoot a big load into his own condom. Then Robert grabbed the lube and rubbed it all over Tommy's manhole. He laid Tommy flat on his back, lifting Tommy's legs over his shoulders. Robert's huge cock slid into Tommy while both of them moaned in pleasure at the feeling. Tommy had never had a cock go so deep into his ass. Robert was as good at fucking as he was at sucking. He rode Tommy well and shot another load when Tommy climaxed into his condom and his hole clamped tightly onto Robert's cock shaft. They took off their condoms and cleaned each other's crotch, then traded condoms and sucked one another's cum out of the condoms. Both of them had just gone from being sex buddies to fuck buddies and insatiable cum addicts. Robert then planted a big kiss on Tommy before climbing into bed.

Freshman Year

Throughout his freshman year, Tommy spent a lot of time with Robert; they were eventually labeled "an item" by their fraternity brothers. Robert had no jealousy issues with Tommy's cleaner obligations as he had been there himself the year before and understood the requirements.

Tommy's frat brothers who also were on the swim team were wonderful in their ability to coach and give one another training pointers; greatly improving their competitive advantage and winning many swim meets as well as numerous ribbons and medals. Tommy became one of the top swimmers on the team, winning many medals and a few trophies. He was a star athlete and attracted a nice audience to his swim meets. Local TV stations began to broadcast the swim meets, increasing public awareness of the team's success and interest in Tommy, particularly with students on campus. Robert also had great success on the wrestling team. Many state competitions were won by his team and earned them respect and admiration among the students on campus. Robert was himself a recipient of many awards and trophies. He, too, had become a star athlete and experienced a lot of attention from the campus population.

With all the training and competition, both of them greatly enhanced their bodies. Tommy's body filled out and got a lot stronger and tighter, with the cords of his muscles visibly standing out when he competed. Robert got even more muscular and had been invited to join the university's bodybuilding team. He was flattered, but declined because he was just not interested in that sport and only wanted to become a better wrestler. He trained hard for his sport and was known all around campus as quite a hunk. Women on campus expressed a lot of interest in both of them, some of it sexual. The attention was welcomed, but unappreciated; Tommy and Robert were always courteous, but non committal to these advances. A few women would seem hurt by the gentle brush off until someone would quietly explain the relationship Tommy and Robert shared.

Tommy knew he had to select a major soon, but was unsure of his area of interest. He spoke to other frat brothers and got a number of good ideas. A few of the chemistry majors suggested he take a chemistry class to see how he liked it. Tommy signed up for a class and found he really liked chemistry. He also signed up for a class in biology and found he like that, too. When the time came to decide, he selected chemistry as a major with a minor in biology. Robert had already declared his major in political science with a minor in business. He thought Tommy had made good choices, as did those fraternity brothers majoring in chemistry.

Life in the fraternity house continued much as it had. There were always groups of brothers edging and milking one another, with fresh shots of cum always available at the bar. One of the brothers liked to make "devil's dick" popsicles that were just frozen cum on a stick, shaped like the condom they had filled. Tommy found that the supplements had increased his cum load by so much that he could fill a condom in about 3 or 4 loads. Supplements proved to be so effective that by the end of his freshman year, Tommy was able to shoot almost two inches of cum into a condom with each orgasm. Continued use of the supplements would gradually increase his semen volume, enabling him to fill a condom with just 3 loads. He preferred cumming into Robert's mouth without using a condom. Robert always reciprocated by shooting a giant load of his tasty cum into Tommy's mouth. This became their prelude before joining the other fraternity brothers for the nightly milking. Everyone happily recognized that they had become lovers.

Jock Party

A couple of Robert's fellow wrestlers were frat brothers in addition to the couple of Tommy's swim teammates. They would get together to talk about their teams and teammates. One night, Tommy suggested that both teams should be invited over to the house for a private party. They could party with them before using the mind control drug, playing with all those stud bodies and milking them dry for a "special" supply of private semen. All of them had wanted to have sex with various team members and everyone eagerly volunteered for cleaner duties that night. This idea was suggested to the entire frat house. Everyone thought it was a great idea; they began making plans.

It was billed as a "jock party for jocks" and all the guests were encouraged to wear only jock straps at the party. When the party night came along, the cook made sure all the party food contained an extra dose of semen to help make all the guests good and horny. Cocktails were also made with an additional shot of semen to help elevate libidos and make the guests hot and horny. Instead of just the bartenders, all the fraternity brothers added some titillation by prominently displaying their large bulges in their ΘΣΡ jock straps. With a houseful of jock strapped wrestlers and swimmers, hard bodies and naked butts, there was a lot of masculine sexual electricity. After much eating and drinking, the guests gradually got very horny, with some of them noticeably aroused in their jocks.

The next round of drinks served to the party guests contained the mind control drug; they were quickly under its effect. All these stud athletes were told to take off their jocks and stand there naked. They all moaned softly in pleasure as the fraternity brothers satisfied some long term fantasies by stroking and fondling their bodies before kneeling to worship their cocks and balls. Most of the jocks were leaking a lot of pre cum by then and were all given a minor cleaning before the milking. Milking machines were brought in and the moaning and groaning really began. Each of the jocks was so horny and full of cum their noisy moans were almost shouted as each of them delivered about 5 to 6 huge loads into the machines. It seems that every athlete's testicles were very full of semen and in need of a thorough draining. Exhausted after so many orgasms, the wrestlers and swimmers were ready to collapse. The brothers all lined up for cleaner duty on these studs before returning their clothes and putting the athletes to bed with the standard post hypnotic directives for when they woke up. A semen laden breakfast in the morning really helped these varsity athletes recover their libidos. All the wrestlers and swimmers went home with what they believed were great memories of the party. The fraternity now had a large supply of testosterone rich cum from varsity jocks. They stored it separately from other semen and saved it for special occasions. Many cum cocktails were made from the new supply to celebrate the success of the party.

Tommy's party suggestion had proven to be so popular that subsequent parties were held for other varsity teams; track, football, basketball, gymnastics, bodybuilding and baseball among them. Eventually there were almost no athletes on campus who hadn't had their cock in a fraternity brother's mouth and/or contributed their ball cream to the fraternity's private store of varsity semen. The varsity athletes all looked forward to the private fraternity parties and never missed one of them. These parties also proved to be an excellent pledge recruiting tool.


Homecoming weekend was always special because many of the alumni fraternity brothers would return for a visit. The fraternity would arrange for housing and plan parties for the visiting alumni. Quite a few of the alumni had gone on to very successful careers in major sports. Alumni played on teams from every major sport including the NFL, NBA and MLB. Others had competed successfully in the Olympic Games as well as professional track and field, swimming and diving competitions. Quite a few of these pro athletes had made generous contributions to the fraternity's finances. Theta Sigma Rho would host private receptions for the visiting pro athletes in addition to well attended house parties. The cook always made sure the alumni were served any special dishes they requested, especially dishes with a hearty load of semen.

All of the visiting alumni inquired about milking activity and made sure they were included in any sessions. Tommy and Robert were impressed to see nationally known athletes had not lost their fetish for milking or their taste for cum. It was a thrill to see these pro athletes naked and contributing their man juices to the fraternity. So many frat brothers wanted to meet and touch these athletes that quite a few milking sessions turned into mutual masturbation sessions. One big, strapping NFL wide receiver took an interest in Robert's huge cock, while an internationally known track star was drawn to Tommy's big fat cock.

All the tight, muscular bodies and large genitals combined with the fondling of one another's bodies added an exciting element to any mutual JO sessions. Many big loads of hot semen were shot into anxious mouths and condoms as well as collected that weekend. Memories of the weekend were a patchwork quilt of hot bodies, huge genitals and full condoms fat with cum being sucked dry or emptied into semen containers. One of the frat brothers saved cum filled condoms from the pro athletes, using a sharpie to write the name of the athlete who's cum was in each condom and then freezing each of them for future enjoyment. The bar served a lot of tequila cum shooters and sperm cocktails for everyone, great food kept coming out of the kitchen and there was lots of sexual activity. The fraternity made sure all the pro athletes left happy, fully satisfied and with a generous supply of fresh semen and new ΘΣΡ jockstraps.

Under Graduate Life

Tommy easily survived his pledge year and turned over his duties to a new pledge the next year. He and Robert were inseparable and known as one of the best looking couples on campus. They were counted among the group known as BMOC (Best Men on Campus) by the student body. Both of them had ideas about ways to improve life at the fraternity and decided to run for office when house elections came around. Robert ran for treasurer and Tommy ran for secretary, both of them winning election to office. They enjoyed working with the other officers to run the day to day affairs of the fraternity. They became well known among chapters on other college campuses. When they eventually ran for house president and vice president, they easily won office. Tommy had been elected president and Robert became his vice president. The fraternity ran like clockwork under their leadership and they were reelected the next year. They continued active participation in the fraternity throughout their college years.

Tommy had noticed a substantial increase in his semen volume by the end of his freshman year. He often had long conversations with brothers getting advanced degrees in biochemistry. He wanted to know more about how the supplements worked to make such an increase in volume. He was told to expect a slightly larger increase over time and that he would be shooting gigantic loads of cum by graduation. Their talks really piqued his interest and helped him to decide to work toward a doctorate in biochemistry. He was particularly interested in perfecting the testicle enlargement work on which their research was currently focused. They told Tommy that their research was kept secret so that any success would not be stolen by the government or anyone else. Tommy asked why the government would be interested. They told him that any growth hormone, supplement or chemicals had potential applications for the military; they didn't want the government interfering with their work. As an example, they told him their mind control drug had never been patented for the simple reason that patent applications were public information. The CIA, NSA or some other agency might try to take over and control their work once the patent application had gone public. Tommy swore secrecy to them and asked them to mentor him in his quest for a doctorate. They welcomed him aboard.

Both Tommy and Robert continued their sports competition with great success, gaining national recognition for their achievements in the pool and in the wrestling ring. During championship competitions, they would be interviewed by the media and their competitions would be broadcast nationally. They were recruited by professional sporting teams and organizations, but declined any invitations. Tommy wanted to become a biochemistry researcher and Robert wanted to pursue a career in business.

They eventually needed a larger room to house themselves along with their trophies and sports awards. So, during these undergraduate years, they moved into a larger dorm room. Bunk beds were replaced by a queen size bed and they put up a wall of shelving to hold all of their awards.

Post Graduate Life

Robert graduated with his bachelor's degree in political science and went on to study for a master's degree in business administration. The next year, Tommy graduated with his degree in chemistry and began his pursuit of a master's in biochemistry. As the frat brothers had predicted, Tommy's semen volume increased from 300% as a freshman to almost 350% by graduation. He was able to shoot close to two and a half tablespoons of cum with each ejaculation. His grad work in the research lab would focus on the ability to naturally get this kind of volume, without the use of supplements. Research into testicle size and enlargement became his prime focus. But first, he had to get his masters degree. Tommy studied hard and graduated cum laude with a masters in biochemistry.

Robert had graduated with his MBA a year before and spent a year taking a few courses while he waited for Tommy to get his masters. The two of them decided to continue their education and go for doctorate degrees in their majors. Robert had strong business acumen and felt a doctorate in business administration would be very beneficial to his planned business career. Tommy looked forward to the research work and the desire to perfect a testicle enlargement compound. Both of them enrolled for advanced studies to pursue their doctoral degrees.

Throughout these years, they had remained active in the day to day running of the fraternity house. As former officers and senior members, they were often asked to consult with and advise the current fraternity officers. They also acted as ambassadors to other campuses when those chapters sought advice and counsel.

Growth Compound

Tommy had decided to be his own test subject for his research studies, so he had the powder and tablet supplements eliminated from his diet, weaning himself off of anything taken to enhance his semen production. He even asked Robert to consider being a test subject when the time came for human testing. Robert agreed to help him any way he could.

Tommy threw himself into his studies and research, working long hours on both. The only respite from his lab work was school work, training and swimming competitions, as well as the sexual activity with Robert and the fraternity brothers. He worked toward a goal of developing a compound made completely of natural ingredients which would not compromise any medical blood test or athletic drug testing protocol.

Initially tested on lab rats, he was able to ensure the safety of his compound. A few of the rats experienced some testicle growth, but not enough for positive results. Once he had established that his compound was absolutely safe, he switched to chimpanzees as test subjects. Here he had subjects whose bodies would react more closely to human bodies. Also the chimps were very sexually active guys and made it easy to prove testicle growth and increases in semen volume. After a great deal of testing, Tommy eventually achieved consistent results that matched his goals; the chimps testicles had doubled in size and their semen volume had naturally increased to three times their initial volume. All the chimps somehow realized what had happened to them. They began groping and playing with one another's balls and beating one another off in a testosterone based sexual frenzy; chimpanzee cum could be found all over the lab.

Tommy felt his new compound was finally ready for human testing. He took all the scientific measurements of his testicles and their current natural volume of semen and then began dosing himself. Robert became his official observer, watching for anything out of the ordinary in Tommy's health and well being. No change was ever observed, except that Tommy's balls and his loads of cum kept getting bigger and bigger. When the growth cycle reached its final plateau, Tommy stopped taking the compound and confirmed his goal had been reached by repeating the scientific testicle and semen measurements; his testicles were now twice their original size and his semen volume had tripled. He waited several months to see if there had been any reduction in his gains and found none. Even his lab chimps had experienced no loss of size or semen volume. Tommy's bulge in speedos had doubled in size, showing more of his pubic bush because the extra large bulge pulled the waistband much lower.

Tommy felt confident enough to ask Robert to take the compound. Robert's trust in Tommy overcame any misgivings he might have had about being a guinea pig. After all, he had seen the changes in the chimps and in Tommy and felt confident with the results. Robert began taking the compound, which Tommy had now produced in tablet form. Robert's balls were big to begin with, but turned out to be gigantic at twice the size. His wrestling singlet looked like it was really straining to contain his balls. Tommy loved that Robert could shoot three times as much tasty cum into his mouth. Tommy put Robert and himself through rigorous blood, saliva, and urine tests to see if any trace of the compound could be detected in the human body. He also put the lab chimps through the same body fluid tests. The only lasting effect he could identify was a natural increase in testosterone that tended to make one rather horny. No trace of the compound was ever found, making it safer to use than other growth drugs such as HGH. An athlete would not have to worry about the compound adversely affecting their career in sports. The increase in testosterone would naturally improve their competitive edge. Tommy noted, though, that any athlete who took the compound should be forewarned that he would most likely have to explain his natural testosterone level to people conducting drug tests.

Tommy was so proud of his achievement. He finally shared his successful testing results with his biochemist fraternity brothers. He asked them to keep knowledge of the compound just as private as they had kept knowledge of the mind control drug. Every one of the fraternity brothers excitedly volunteered to be a test subject. Tommy happily took them up on their requests. When no adverse effects were ever detected, Tommy made the formula available for the fraternity's private manufacture and use. The fraternity soon made the compound a requirement for all pledges. Not one pledge ever objected to getting super sized balls and eagerly took the compound.

Theta Sigma Rho soon became known all around campus as a fraternity of really hung athletes. More and more students began attending varsity sporting competitions partly due to the obvious bulges the frat brothers just couldn't hide. Every fraternity brother was envied for his giant balls and his ability to shoot huge loads of cum. Their jock strap bulges were almost obscenely large, making it easier to troll for new pledges and sexually confused "straight" men. Profits from their semen storage and sales were greatly increased from the enormous amounts of man milk collected at their nightly milking. Multiple orgasms into a condom made that condom look like a large, fat, white sausage. Many new recipes and cocktails were created with the availability of so much extra semen.

A few of the fraternity brothers decided to experiment with the semen volume supplements to see if they could make their loads of cum even bigger. Because Tommy's compound had already increased their semen volume by three times, the supplements turned out to be relatively ineffective and the brothers gradually stopped taking them.

Tommy's doctoral thesis and presentation on natural increases in organ growth and performance earned him his doctorate in biochemistry. At the same time, Robert earned his doctorate in business administration. Both of them graduated with honors.

Life after College

Tommy was hired by a local biochemical company to research new ways to apply his organ growth techniques to body healing. Applications he was researching included restoration of organs damaged by accidents, surgery or cancer, organ replacement surgery without bodily rejection; there was a constant supply of new projects. Robert was hired as a manager at the same company and easily worked his way to a position as a senior manager. Tommy's research produced some very successful products for the company. He was becoming one of the company's lead researchers.

They bought a house out in the country, yet close to the campus and lived quietly. Both of them kept close ties with the fraternity and hosted a few of the fraternity's famous parties. They also mentored fraternity brothers who were majoring in their fields of expertise. Study sessions at their home always concluded with a milking. The students and any friends they brought along happily deposited a large semen contribution into the house's semen stores before returning to campus. Tommy was glad to see that all of the fraternity brothers now had giant balls and shot huge loads of cum. It made him feel good that his testicle growth compound had become so successful.

With semen stores regularly refreshed by parties and study sessions, Tommy continued cooking with semen, perfecting his culinary technique and developing new recipes. He became quite a chef. He and Robert enjoyed hosting office parties without any of their guests knowing just what was in everything they were eating and drinking. Their office parties were always well attended.

They remained with the company for their entire careers. Tommy retired as head of the research department while Robert retired as the company CEO. They had long, rewarding careers and left the company feeling pleased with their many successful business achievements as well as having a long, loving life together.


Tom L.

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