A Past Adventure

Well, since I haven't met anyone here in Oklahoma yet. I thought I would tell you about a past adventure I had.

At the spur of the moment my Gf had to leave town for the weekend on business. I was going to play as much as I could while she was gone. I'd been thinking alot about having 2 cocks in my face at once for me to suck. That was my goal. I even had thoughts of it turning into a 2 on 1 thing with me taking cock at each end at the same time. All the while not being sure if I would go through with either of these naughty thoughts.

As soon as she left I was on line trying to connect with someone I either seen or been in contact with. Since I don't get playtime on a regular basis, it had been over a month since I had been in contact with anyone. A couple of my regulars replied they were busy. It had been a couple of hours and nothing was happening. So i decided I would take a look at what was available at the adult video store. This video store is well known for glory holes in the booths. So there was always a cock or 2 hanging around to get drained. I don't suck cock at the video store, so I thought I would go into each open booth and leave my # and see if I got any takers. I then walked thru the store and browsed toys and movies. As I walked back through the booth section to the door, 2 booths opened and both the men looked me up and down as I walked out.

I wasn't a block down the street when i got the text. "I have a hard cock for you to suck." it said. I replied quickly I would text my address when I got home. My mouth was literally watering thinking of a hard cock between my lips. As I pulled into the driveway I got another text. "Saw you at video store. Large hot load for your mouth". I didn't want to miss this one so I replied with my address and "in 1 hour".

I had 2 cocks lined up! I texted the 1st the address and waited. He knocked on the door and I let him inside. He stood by the door as I shut it. I then turned to him, dropped down on my knees and started unzipping his fly. He reached down and undid his jeans and pushed them to his knees. I opened my mouth and he feed his hard cock to me. He had a nice above average cock, but very nice and hard. I sucked his cock down my throat and stroked it with my tongue. I asked him to take his pants all the way off and sit back on the couch. As I crawled between his thighs I licked his hanging balls up the underside of his twitching cock. He grabbed the top of my head and began to fuck my mouth. Thrusting into my throat as he pushed my head down. Faster he went. He and I both were really into it.

There’s a knock on my door. We both freeze with his hands on my head and his whole cock in my mouth. We had been going at it for an hour! What was I going to do? I looked up at the guy and said," Would you mind if another guy joined us?" "I don't mind." He answered quickly.

 I got up from knees and slowly opened the door. Was I going to go through with this? I wasn't sure until I heard the words come out of my mouth. " Do you mind me doing another guy's cock at the same time I'm taking care of you?" "Sure." I let him in. As soon as the door shut I was on my knees getting his cock out and into my mouth before I let my nerves get the better of me. Once I had it in my mouth, I reached out for the other cock in the room. It was tough at first to suck one and not forget to stroke the other. Lucky for me the 2 guys seem to get into sync and soon they were taking control of who I was sucking and how. I tried all the things I had thought about. Putting both cocks in my mouth together, having them slap and rub their cocks on my face, and even jerk them both off while licking their balls. I was loving it. Now I wanted them to both shoot on my face and feed me their cum. As I stroked their cocks I told them I wanted them to cover me in their cum. They both agreed. I went back to work on them both until 1 of them said he was going to blow. I laid on my back as they both knelt down on either side of my face. Stroking their cocks and sliding them into mouth on occasion. The 1st guy was ready to go. He grabbed my hair and lifted my head up as the head of his cock was right against my upper lip. The 1st shot covered my mouth and nose. It was so creamy and warm. He the stuck his cock into my mouth and shot a huge load into my mouth. I sucked his cock into my mouth and slowly slid it out. His cum running down my cheeks and chin. As soon as I released the 1st guy the 2nd was grabbing my head. On my knees now. He stood over me and pulled my head back. Suddenly he started to explode. This guy must not have cum in a year. My whole face was covered in his juices. His load quickly doubled the 1st guys that was still in my mouth. I swallowed the creamy goodness. Both guys started to rub the cum on my face into my mouth with the head of their cocks. I felt so much like a cumslut then. 2 cocks, my face covered in cum, and I'm wanting more!

After I licked each guy clean. They both left. There probably hadn't been 5 words spoken, (other than during sex talk) during this entire meeting. 2 strangers, no names. Just a hot time. The start of a good weekend. How far will I go the next time?



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