Brayden and I had been together since college. I have always been a rabid fan of rugby,

and we met at a club tournament. He was captain of his club team, and I was there watching

and supporting friends on a rival team. He caught my eye almost immediately. My team lost by

one point, but I had to fake my displeasure. I was really glad that Brayden had scored three

trys, and had even scored a drop goal in the last minute to put his team ahead for good.

We exchanged phone numbers, and he called me that evening, inviting me out for brunch the

next day. He stopped to pick me up, but we never made it to brunch. When he met me at the

door, he was wearing a light gray silk shirt, crisp linen slacks of dazzling white, and grey

deck shoes. He actually had his back to the door, as though surveying the rolling expanse of

lawn at my parent's estate. His slacks stretched across his bubble butt, inviting me to look


When he turned around, I was treated to the sight of the shirt open to the navel, with a

covering of blond hair cascading down from just below his neckline, and it narrowed to a

treasure trail as it vanished beneath the last two visible buttons of his shirt.

My eyes traveled back up the luscious body, and focused in on his gorgeous face which

was topped by another thatch of mid-length blonde hair and deep blue eyes which seemed to

pierce through to my soul. His skin had a ruddy complexion, and the three days growth of

beard framed his square chin and ruggedly handsome features. His mouth was moving, opening

and closing, but I didn't hear what was being said. I watched the full lips move sensuously

up and down, and I imagined what it would be like to become overpowered by them.

"Are you going to invite me in, or will I need to ask a few dozen more times?"

I finally hear the words that were escaping from his lips, gathered my wits, and invited

him in. Like I said, we never made it to brunch. And I almost didn't make it to any of my

classes that next week, and the same could be said for Brayden. I've been told that in the

animal world, few animals mate as voraciously as rabbits. One of those animals which surpasses

rabbits is the mink. Yes, Brayden and I fucked like minks that week. Every imaginable

position. Every imaginable time of the day and night. Every imaginable location throughout

my parents' house, including the front porch (at night with the lights off) and my parents' bed.

My parents were away on an extended vacation, somewhere on a Mediterranean island, so the house

was ours to use. Again, and again, and again.

I wish that I could tell you that this match was made in heaven, but almost as soon as the

novelty of the relationship wore off, Brayden began to abuse me. When he was struggling with

his business classes, or when his rugby team lost, or when he wasn't feeling good, or when he

saw someone else that he really desired, he would come home to me and beat me.

It began with our sexual encounters, and he said he was just getting carried away "in the

moment." Then the beatings began outside of sex. He began to accuse me of infidelity, at the

same time that he was beginning to sleep around with other guys and girls that he desired. Yes,

Brayden was an equal opportunity whore, sleeping with women as well as men. I was beginning

to fear catching something from him, as I didn't know if he was being safe. Since he had never

been safe with me, I doubted that he would be safe with others.

Then, about two months after we met, Brayden's team went to the state's college Rugby

championship. Rugby was not a sanctioned sport at any colleges in our state, so the title

would be just for pride, but as captain of his team, Brayden really wanted to win. Oddly

enough, the team they were playing was sponsored by a college not fifty miles from us, yet the

teams had not met during the season. It was my first time seeing the Blue Shirts in action

against my Scorpions, and I was looking forward to the action. Rumor had it that the Scorpions,

captained by a guy with just one name, Demetriou, were tough and skilled. Brayden would have

his work cut out for him.

A few days before the match, the tension was getting to Brayden and when he came home,

the beating was intense. I ended up in the emergency room, with Brayden telling the attending

doctor that I'd fallen down the stairs and he'd found me unconscious. I had a concussion and

bruises, with a hairline fracture of my left forearm. No one could prove Brayden wrong, and

I was afraid to speak up. At six feet two inches and two hundred ten pounds, Brayden towered

over me by seven inches and outweighed me by fifty-five pounds. At this point in our

relationship, I feared him.

The night before the game, he gave me a black eye and made my nose bleed and swell. I

looked like a walking mess when I went to the game. As the team approached the sidelines to

warm up for the game, I came forward to give Brayden his good luck kiss. He grabbed me and

tried to rape my mouth. There was nothing sexy or lucky about what happened there. I felt

like I was being put on display, and being abused at the same time. When Brayden had finished

with me, I quietly walked to the far end of the bleachers and sat alone, feeling very dirty at

that moment.

I put my head in my hands for a few minutes and asked myself what I was doing here. Why

was I continuing to stay with Brayden? Was I afraid he's come for me if I left him? He knew

where I lived, knew what classes I was taking at college, and even knew where I liked to hang

out. There was no getting away from him. I felt trapped.

I raised my head and gazed out over the field, wiping away the few tears that I dared to

cry for my situation. What met my eyes was a hulk of a man across the field, staring straight

at me. When I say hulk, I'm not describing an unattractive man; on the contrary, he was very

attractive. But taking in his size, the word "hulk" was all I could use to describe him.

This was Demetriou.

I would learn later that he was six feet six inches tall, and weighed two hundred and

sixty-five pounds, putting Brayden at a disadvantage in a match between the two of them.

Demetriou was taller, heavier, and as I was to learn very soon, even more skilled than Brayden.

The Scorpions were able to go out to a short-lived lead at the start, but soon began to

lose ground. Brayden was having a bad game, and was getting frustrated. I worked my way down

the bleachers so that I was sitting with the bulk of the fans behind the Scorpions bench. I

cheered my team on, hoping that they would be able to come back. I cheered Brayden for every

small, positive thing he did, in hopes of encouraging him and the team to victory.

Near the end of the second half, Brayden took himself out of the game for a short period

of time, and he paced behind the bench while regaining his composure. As he walked past me, I

reached out to touch his shoulder so that I could get his attention. I wanted to tell him I

loved him, and that I knew they'd come back to win. As I reached for him, he saw me out of

the corner of his eye, and he brought up his arm to push away mine. He caught me off-guard,

and sent me sprawling over the bleachers. He turned without even looking my way, and checked

back into the game.

The scene had not gone unnoticed by someone from the Blue Shirts team. Demetriou. He'd

taken himself out of the game soon after Brayden had, trying to match his rest so that Brayden

couldn't get the upper hand when returning to the match with a second wind. He saw me being

pushed away, and being ignored by Brayden. When Brayden checked back into the game, Demetriou

re-entered himself.

Those last few minutes were a punishing onslaught by the Blue Shirts, as if they were not

trying so much to win as much as to embarrass and punish the Scorpions. They scored twice in

the last five minutes, when the game was no longer in doubt. The last score saw Demetriou

score a try by going right through Brayden. He pushed him down, face to the ground and stepped

on him as he went over the line. Demetriou was trying to make a point, and he did.

When the match was over, both sides lined up to shake hands. Both captains positioned

themselves at the end of their lines. When Demetriou approached Brayden, he took away his hand

and refused to shake. Instead, he walked around Brayden, and headed for me. I was standing at

the sideline now, and Demetriou approached me confidently. He reached out, wrapped a strong

arm around my shoulders and pulled me toward him. He reached down, and gently buried his

tongue into my mouth, caressing the insides around my tongue with his. I have no idea how long

he kissed me; I was totally gone, unable to put together a coherent thought.

I felt Demetriou pick me up and hold me on his hip with one arm. When he broke the kiss,

he looked around for Brayden, walked over and spit in his face. Brayden did nothing.

Demetriou carried me into the Blue Shirts locker room and there he undressed me. He undressed

himself,removing his jersey while I stared at him in utter amazement. Neither of us was aware

of the other teammates in the locker room, and none of them dared to intrude on Demetriou's


As he removed his pants, a well-worn jockstrap came into view. It looked as though it

had not been washed for many games, maybe never. Within the pouch was a tool of gigantic

proportions, straining to be released. Demetriou approached me, and seeing that the pouch was

at mouth height for me as I sat on a bench, I opened wide and sucked the jockstrap into my

mouth. I soaked the jock with my spit, and then sucked all the flavor from the jockstrap that

I could. I mouthed the dirty jock, and the huge slab of meat held within, for what seemed

like hours. It may have been only ten minutes, but it was long enough to allow those watching

us to stiffen, groan and begin shooting loads all over the locker room floor.

Demetriou looked up from my jock munching, and he beckoned his teammates to shoot on me.

About half had not cum yet, and many took the opportunity to approach, but not too close.

Just close enough to shoot all over my shoulders, neck, and face. When Demetriou had seen

enough, he held up his hand for everything to stop. Then he removed his jock to reveal a good

eleven inches of thick man meat.

He gathered me up in his arms, and carried me to the showers. Hands jacking cocks,

accompanied by groaning, followed us to the showers, but kept their distance. Before he turned

on the shower, Demetriou sucked and licked a mouthful of cum off my upper body, then turned me

around and spread the cheeks of my ass. He placed his lips on my ass lips, and proceeded to

lick and pull open my hole, just enough so that he could pack the mouthful of cum into my

quivering opening. He intended to use the cum of his teammates as lube for his first go round

at my ass, and I was loving the idea.

Demetriou's dark complexion and dusting of black hair across his upper body, arms and legs

contrasted with my smooth, slim, alabaster physique. His fucktool, with its size, looked like

it would never fit inside my shitchute. Its thickness made it appear like he was going to try

to shove a telephone pole into a hot dog bun, and the length almost guaranteed that I'd choke

on it as it tried to exit out my mouth on its journey from my ass.

Thank goodness that cum is slick, and the cum used as lube, provided by teammates, allowed

the head to slip in after several tries. It certainly felt like Demetriou was splitting my ass

in two, but I would not allow myself to scream, only groan with the pain. He reached down to

turn on the shower, and leaned in to my ear at the same time.

"I'm going to turn on the shower, and your body will be bathed in warm water. It will

create a soothing, healing environment for you. And for me. My goddess, when I first saw you

I knew I needed to have you. When I saw you being discounted by that weak excuse for a man, I

knew that you needed me, too. I won't say any more. I'll let me body talk for me, and you

will know of my love for you, my sweetness."

Demetriou began to slowly sink his cock into my love channel, continuing deeper until he

met resistance. He nuzzled and kissed my neck, then latched on to my shoulder and began to

bite down. I responded with groaning, and Demetriou pushed through the resistance, taking his

cock deeper than anything I had felt before. He was now in uncharted territory, deeper than

anyone had gone before with me. As I felt his wiry pubes crush against my ass cheeks, his

inward descent stopped. I wanted him to go further, deeper, but that was not physically


He began to withdraw, and I clamped down with my ass muscles, trying to hold him in. He

massaged my shoulders with his hands, letting me know that this retreat was just temporary.

He began to push back in, going deep. He then set up a rhythm of long dicking, mostly

agonizingly slow, but occasionally a quick jab was thrown in. Each slow thrust was

stretching my ass muscles, threatening to leave behind a gaping hole that would never close.

I was getting close to cumming, and told him so. He kept the slow, in-and-out pistoning

action at the same steady tempo, but reached around with is right hand to close his fist around

my cockhead. He squeezed a few times, and soon my cum was pooling in his hand. As I shot, my

knees began to buckle, and with his left arm, he reached around me and held me up. The muscles

of my love channel squeezed tight around his throbbing cock, and with a few quick, deep jabs, I

could feel him release a number of shots of hot cream into my gut.

When I was done, he brought his right hand up to his mouth and took about half of my cum

into his mouth. He swallowed it with obvious delight. Then he reached that hand back around

to my mouth, and fed me my own cum, having me lick all of his fingers and his palm clean.

While eating and feeding me my cum, he never stopped his relentless attack on my ass. And

the other guys in the showers continued to jack their cocks, some cumming for the second time.

A few had gone to their knees and were being fed cock by their teammates, but most continued

solitary ejaculation.

Demetriou's cock stiffened again. He began to pick up speed with his pounding, and I

began to regain my stiffness. Demetriou shouted for someone to suck my cock. Two teammates

responded, one on each side of me. They took turns taking my cock into their mouths, and

occasionally licked and sucked in tandem. The one not sucking my cock worked over my balls,

bathing them in spit.

He shouted for someone else to rim his ass, and again, two teammates responded. They

worked together to massage the globes of his ass, licking and biting at his ass lips, and

pulling his ass open as they probed his anal orifice with their fingers one at a time, then


When it became apparent that Demetriou was getting close to cumming a second time, he

spun me around, shoving the others to the side, and he looked me directly in the eyes. He gave

me a command that was loud and specific. "Fuck me!"

He spun me around his body, and I found myself lining up my cock with his hole. I'd always

been a bottom, and believe it or not, this god of a man would become the first ass I had fucked.

I hesitated for a moment, and the mountain of a man who was bent over before me looked back at

me, smiled, and then pushed back forcefully, jamming me to the hilt into his ass.

His ass was like a blast furnace. I thought my cock would be burnt to a crisp, yet the

hole was as moist as it was hot. Demetriou clamped down with his ass muscles and I thought I

was going to pass out. I never got the chance to fuck his ass, as I began to shoot right then

into the depths of his gut. I screamed an emotional release, and as my intense reaction began

to wane, it was followed in similar fashion by a screaming groan from the muscled god on the

end of my throbbing prick. He painted the floor with his manmilk while his groaning continued.

As my cock softened, it fell from his ass and he turned around to embrace me. He had been

sobbing and even the shower couldn't mask the tears flowing down his cheeks.

As he embraced me, cheers and howls erupted from the gathered throng. Guys approached us,

slapped us on the back and hugged us. More than a few grabbed Demetriou and I by the ass and

squeezed. A few even slipped a finger into my ass, and I saw them lick their fingers as they

turned to go to the locker room to get dressed.

Soon, only Demetriou and I remained in the shower. We still needed to get clean, and we

took turns washing each other. Shampooing each other's hair was a sensual delight. Finally we

were done, and we returned to the locker room to dry off. Demetriou took his time in drying me

with his own thick bath towel. I needed to use two of the gym-issue towels to get him dry. We

each dressed ourselves, but watched the other, a little sad that the beauty of the body was

being covered.

As we exited the locker room, Demetriou asked if he could take me for dinner. I accepted.

I really didn't want to go home and possibly face Brayden, if he had the balls to show up at my


Demetriou walked me to his car with his arm around me. He opened the door, and then

closed it when I had gotten in. Brayden had never opened the car door for me. Maybe Demetriou

was one of those old-fashioned, romantic guys that people love to fall in love with.

When he got in, Demetriou leaned over and gave me a long deep kiss. Then he looked me in

the eyes. I felt like I was falling into those soft, chocolaty brown eyes of his. The dark

lashes beckoned me to come, and I returned his kiss with one of my own, but mine was ravenously

sexual, and it told him that I wanted him. Deeply. Repeatedly.

Demetriou pulled back and blushed. I looked at him with a questioning look on my face.

It didn't take long for me to get my answer for his blush.

"I feel that I may have led you on."

Ohoh! I'm not sure that I wanted to hear what was coming next. Was this the world's

shortest relationship?

"I think I gave you the impression that I have a lot of experience, that maybe I'm a

player, and that I had to have you. Yes, I had to have you, but you need to know that you are

my first."

Wow! Instead of calling an end to our budding relationship, Demetriou was just coming

clean about his lack of experience.

"So, I was your first. From your actions, I thought maybe you had a lot of practice.

Let me tell you, you are good. I'm honored to be the first guy you fucked!"

Demetriou added, "Not just the first guy I are also the first to fuck me. I

was a virgin, and you took my cherry right there in front of the team. It was everything I

dreamed that it would be. I'm so glad that I saved myself.............I just wish I had not had to wait

so long for my heart to tell me that I found the right guy!"

Yes, I found a romantic. But I was a little shy about how relationships can play out. I

remembered how wonderfully my relationship with Brayden had begun, and how it had turned sour

fast. I truly hoped that I had found my true love, but I guess that only time would tell. be continued.....



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