The village bar

by JorgeJog

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When I was able to sit up and resume my position, Tony said to me:

“Dinner is ready. Come and serve it to us, doggy. And I hope you're a good cook, because that's going to be one of your jobs from now on.”

We went to the kitchen and they both sat down at the large stone table, while I served dinner. It was a risotto that smelled divine and looked delicious. However, of course, I only served their portions and immediately returned to my kneeling position, only getting up when I had to fill their glasses or reach them something. They were chatting animatedly about a thousand things, while ignoring me completely, except to occasionally give me an order.

At the end James picked up the leftovers and put them in a bowl. Then, to my dismay, he began to spit on them, passing the bowl to Tony, who did the same, filling the food with disgusting spit. Not content with that, James unzipped his fly and started pissing into the bowl. After thoroughly wetting the food, he poured the rest of his piss into a glass. Finally, he mixed it all well in the bowl and put it on the floor at my feet along with the glass of piss.

“Eat your dinner, slave!” he ordered. And then, laughing, he added: “I hope you like the special toppings we put on it, hahaha...”

I was about to take it, but Tony stopped me by slapping my face and telling me imperiously:

“No hands! You're a dog, remember?”

Overcoming my disgust, I leaned over and stuck my mouth in the bowl. I could barely taste the risotto amidst the strong taste of James’ piss and spittle. I thought I was going to throw up, but I closed my eyes, desperately restrained myself and kept eating. I also had to slurp, like a dog, the glass with the rest of the piss. In the end, also stimulated by my hunger, I managed to finish the disgusting mixture and the piss in the glass. During the whole process the two giants were keeping an eye on me, watching that I didn't leave anything behind, and, of course, laughing out loud at my predicament. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.

After this they sat down to watch TV, ordering me to lick and massage their feet in the meantime. So I did and spent a good time in heaven, intoxicated by the smell and taste of those gigantic male feet. I think I accomplished my mission well, judging by the moans of pleasure from my masters who, apart from that, used my face and body as footrests as they pleased. Finally it was time to go to sleep and my masters had new orders for me:

“Doggy, you will sleep here” Tony told me, pointing to a rather thick round rug. “Tomorrow you will wake up at half past eight, prepare us a bath and breakfast and then come in to wake us up, understood?”

“Yes, Master” I answered. They went out and I lay down on the carpet. It was only a little more comfortable than lying directly on the floor, but I was exhausted and my heart was much more at peace than the night before, so it didn't take me long to fall asleep, albeit after setting my cell phone alarm for 8:30. Before that, however, I heard the two bears fucking in their room, between loud noises and panting, feeling really sad that I wasn't participating in it.


I awoke promptly and carried out my masters' orders. I filled the bathtub with hot water and prepared coffee and toast. When everything was ready, I went into my masters' room. There was a strong smell of sweat, of sex, of ‘macho’. Anyone would have found it repulsive, but I found it incredibly arousing. I gazed at their powerful naked bodies on the big bed and my mouth watered. However, I merely woke them up by whispering in their ear. I didn't want to do anything without their permission. Tony sleepily woke up and ordered me:

“Go to the bathroom, doggy, and wait for us there...”

So I did and took my position in the middle of the bathroom. I had to wait a long time. My knees were already starting to give out when at last the huge naked figures of Tony and James appeared through the door. I gasped when I saw their huge hairy bodies, exuding power and strength from every pore. Then Tony said to me:

“Doggy, we're going to give you a drink, and we don't want a drop to go to waste, so whatever falls you'll have to lick it off the floor, ok?”

He brought that incredible cock close to my mouth, I closed my lips around it, feeling a shiver of pleasure, and prepared to swallow. However, just as the powerful stream of piss started to come out, Tony pulled away and started spraying my face with the filthy liquid. It took me a while to react, however, I immediately crawled towards him to grab his cock again so that nothing would fall on the floor, but he again pulled away and continued to spray my face. At the same time I felt another squirt on my head and saw that James was pissing on me as well. His cock was also really nice, slightly longer than his husband's, but less thick. I struggled desperately to catch the liquid, but they kept teasing me, all the time moving away from my mouth, so that all the piss spilled on the floor and on my body, soaking it completely. All the while they laughed out loud watching my poor attempts to swallow.

At last the two squirts went out and James told me, while giving me a hard slap:

“Have you seen the mess you made, you dirty faggot? You know what you have to do, lick it, come on!”

Without hesitating, I lowered my head and started to lick the filthy liquid off the tiles, while they looked at me with amusement. I was like that for a long time, thinking that I was never going to finish, while my tongue became the texture of a scouring pad, when Tony said to me:

“Enough, doggy. Finish cleaning with the mop and get in the bathtub. You're a mess, hahaha...”

So I did while they got out of the bathroom. Before they got out, however, Tony opened my chastity cage and carefully pulled the plug out of my ass, ordering me to wash myself thoroughly. I scrubbed the entire floor and got into the tub. I had been quite puzzled by the order, as I had thought the bath was meant for them. I was sitting there washing myself when James came in again. I went to get up, but he stopped me and said:

“Hold still slave, enjoy your bath.”

Then, to my surprise, he sat on the edge of the tub and stared at me. I, uncomfortable, continued to wash myself sitting down, when something totally unexpected happened. One of his huge hands was placed on my head and, before I could do anything to avoid it, he violently plunged it into the water. I was so taken by surprise that water came all over me and I started coughing. However, the powerful hand did not let go of my head and prevented me from pulling it out of the water again. Its strength was unbelievable. I flailed desperately, but in the position I was in it was completely impossible for me to free myself from its death grip. I stayed that way for what seemed like a very long time, until, just as I was about to lose consciousness, James’ hand loosened the pressure and allowed me to pull my head out. I gasped for air, dead with anguish, only to feel a second later how the hand submerged me again. Again I was about to drown when the process repeated. James allowed me a second to breathe and again submerged me. This went on for several minutes, which felt like hours to me, feeling like I was going to die at any moment. Finally, the hand was completely removed from my head and I could breathe again. I gasped heavily, totally dizzy and with tears in my eyes, as I saw Tony staring at me from the doorway, laughing at my predicament with his husband.

James got up and ordered me to finish washing up and go serve them breakfast. I did so, dismayed and wondering how two such lovely people could be so terribly cruel...

I arrived at the kitchen where they were already seated, still naked, and I served them coffee and toast. The expression on my face must have been terrible, because Tony took me affectionately by the cheek and smilingly told me:

“Don't be angry, doggy. Let's give you some warm milk for breakfast.”

And, with a simple movement of his eyes, I understood perfectly what he wanted. I knelt under the table, totally forgetting my anger, and started sucking greedily on his cock. I used my best oral skills, while caressing his balls with my wet hands, and in a few minutes Tony, between loud moans, filled my mouth with his longed-for male nectar. Next, at a signal from him I moved on to his husband's cock and repeated the process, savoring with infinite fruition the tasty cum that flooded my mouth again soon after.

Then they let me have a piece of toast, although naturally I was not allowed to put butter, jam or tomato on it. The garnish was once again their spit. This time James even blew his snot on the bread. Despite the filth on offer, I ate heartily, I was starving. My masters finished breakfast and ordered me to my next tasks, while Tony put my chastity cage and anal plug back on:

“Now you are going to scrub all this and then you will do a general cleaning of the whole house. When you finish you go to the bar to help James. I have to go to town to do some business. Hurry up, as you'll have to be there before the lunch time. You have a little more than a couple of hours. Go! Get to work!”

Naturally I got to it quickly, while they showered and left the house. I had always hated house chores, but I was so keen on cleaning, I wanted my masters to be satisfied with me. At that time it had become the most important thing in my life. At lunch time I got dressed and went to the bar. Half the village was there, chatting animatedly among themselves and with James, who, as always, radiated that contagious sympathy and joy that captivated everyone. I hoped that no one would notice the bulge my chastity cage was making in my pants, even though I had put on a wide enough one to hide it. James then cheerfully announced to everyone that Tony was out and that I was going to help him, something that was welcomed by the villagers. I reached the bar counter and then James said to me in a low voice:

“I expect you to behave, slave. Any failure will be severely punished, and woe betide you if I receive any complaints about your behavior. Get ready to know what I am capable of...”

Terrified, I nodded and began my work. I wondered what the people who admired his charms so much would have thought if they had heard those dreadful words. I spent a few minutes taking orders and frantically serving beers, soft drinks and snacks. I had no experience in that, but I put all my energies into doing it right, especially after James’ terrible threat. It seemed that I wasn't bad at it and I was even starting to relax a bit, when, while I was taking the order to a group of older ladies, something totally unexpected happened to me: the plug in my ass started to vibrate!

Immediately my whole body tensed up, as the contraption began to massage my prostate. I felt an infinite pleasure, which I had to try to conceal as best I could. I looked towards the bar counter, at James, who smiled back at me. I didn't see his hands, but he evidently had the control of the plug in them. I looked at him with a desperate pleading expression, but the only reaction I got was a wider grin and an increase in the speed and intensity of the vibration in my ass. I began to sweat profusely as my face broke down in pleasure, pain...I didn't know what feeling at that moment.

“Are you all right, son?” one of the ladies asked me. I pulled myself together as best I could, nodded and went on with my work. I felt myself dying of shame and, at the same time, I was overcome with a terrible fear of failing in my task and receiving the tremendous punishment promised by James.

The next hour was dreadful. The plug would start and stop at the will of my cruel master, who almost always sadistically chose the most inopportune moments, such as when I was taking an order or when I was carrying a tray of drinks, to start it up. In the end I managed as best I could, only once knocking over a bottle. The mess and public embarrassment could have been much worse. I was either very lucky or very clever, or both. Finally it was time to finish lunch and the bar was emptying. Then James ordered me privately:

“Go home and spend the afternoon studying. At dinner time I want you home again.”

And he dismissed me, slyly slapping me on the ass. Before that, however, he said to me, giving me an infinite sense of pride:

“You've behaved well, slave, you're a good dog!”

I left the place with a heart full of satisfaction, despite the terrible time I had had. I studied, in fact, all afternoon and, at the usual time, I went back to my masters' house. We had dinner, they their wonderful food and I their excrement, and, when we finished, Tony said to me:

“Well, doggy, it's time to try your little ass.”

I shuddered with fear and desire as the two bears undressed and Tony slowly pulled the plug out of my ass and lubed it once more. Next, he had me suck his cock on all fours until it acquired its full glory and he positioned himself behind me as his husband's cock took its place in my mouth.

I felt his amazing tool penetrate deep into my loins. Fortunately the plug had me fully dilated, otherwise I think I would have broken completely. I felt his power, his hardness, and I felt so full of cock that I knew with certainty once again that this was my place in the world. Tony began to move inside me and the pumping of his magnificent cock took me to unknown heights of pleasure. I began to have what seemed to be orgasm after orgasm, amazed. I had no idea a man could be multi-orgasmic. If my own cock hadn't been caged, I think I would have died of pleasure.

At one point Tony pulled his cock out and swapped positions with James. A new cock entered my ass, again sending me to heaven, in that incredible mixture of excruciating pain and pleasure, as Tony's huge cock went all the way down my throat, fucking my mouth mercilessly. They kept changing positions every few minutes, which seemed to me an incredible length of time, what those big men could take! In the end they both filled my mouth and ass with cum and collapsed on the couch. I felt my legs weaken and fell to the floor, also shattered by the exhaustion and the incredible sensations.

“That was great, doggy” exclaimed Tony, and then he added for my peace of mind: “Just know that we are totally healthy, that's why we didn't use a condom. If we didn't have that certainty, we wouldn't have done it. I already told you that we would never put your health in danger.”

I thanked him infinitely and, after a while of TV and foot massage, Tony announced that I would sleep on my dog rug that night, but I would do it inside his room, which I had earned. So I fell asleep, at the foot of his bed, listening to the deep breaths of my two gods and feeling like the happiest man on earth...

To be continued...

by JorgeJog

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