Walking down the sidewalk, we held hands while his head was leaning on my right shoulder. His straight black hair covering most if his face, hiding the boyish features. As usual we walked down the block towards my home, in Which my parents are never at. What a wonderful home it is, white paint that toned to a grey with years of heavy rain, a roof with a few out-of-place shingles or just missing, and what is left of a lawn. We luckily made it to the house when it starts to rain, and we hide under the small crowded porch. "Bryan just wait here I'll open the door for us," "ok but hurry I'm freezing my ass off." he says with a slight smile, but hides it with the sleeve of his hoodie. I make my way to the back gate and lift the old rusty latch. When I walk in I trip over a bag of garbage that never got thrown out on wednesday, and by that time it was pouring and I was soaking wet. I felt a stinging pain on my left knee when I get up, the knee I landed on so I wouldn't eat it. I went towards the bathroom window, pulled a pen out, stuck it in the screen and lifted it out.

After I opened the window I squeezed myself through the somewhat narrow window, and ended up landing on my left knee... Again. I went to the door and pulled it open and let bryan in. "what happened babe?"He asked in a soft caring voice. "I tripped, hit my knee, it's just a scrape don't worry, and don't call me babe." "well take your clothes off your soaking." "but you'll see me in the nude." "Its not like I haven't already Garett" "fine then, but no peekin'." I said as I striped down to my black and grey plad boxers. "come on, off with em." "I don't wanna" I said with a smerk. "you'll get sick baby" " Bryan don't call me baby" "but why?" you know I don't like it" "ok" I slipped off my boxers and laid in bed getting warm. Bryan lied down next to me with his head on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. "do you think he'll ever come back?" "Gabriel?" "yes" "well I don't know he said he wouldn't, he didn't want to hurt you." "I know" "now stop thinking About him, and start thinking about Michael." "you know I'm mad at him Garret." "oh come on, it was one hit." "I know" bryan said as he drifted off to sleep, still on my chest. 

I laid there wrapped in the blanket, Bryans head on my chest, naked, remmembering Gabriel.  

Bryans first love, Gabriel, a punk, the style and the practice. Sophmore year he put a M80 in a toilet at school, everyone laughed, and he was busted, as usual. Spent some time in juvie, met some people, broke out to get "some real food" he said, said hello to Bryan, then went back. Dad left him when he was young his mother works a few jobs and he took care of his sisters. He and bryan were perfect together, but he left, he had too. Like I said he lives the life of a punk. 

I woke up, Bryan was making food for the both of us. I came from behind him "why are you naked?" "cause I want to be" "fine by me" we sat down at the square table for four, eating scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage, my favorite. " you and Michael going out today?" "yea" "okay, don't do anything stupid now" "no promises" I gave him a smerk and walked back to my bed, still nude, fell asleep. I woke around 4:00pm, Bryan was getting ready for his date with Michael and talking to himself about an outfit to wear. "Bryan choose a damn thing, you'll look good no matter what." "I want him to like it" "if he really loves you he shouldn't care what you look like" "I know bu-" the buzzing sound of the doorbell interupted our talk. "go your boyfriend awaits" a faint smile on his face, which was almost emidiatly covered by his jaket sleeve. 

Michael... Well... Not the brightest of the bunch. A bit of family problems, but worked through them for now. A trouble maker, skating, punk. I would say a sloppy made prototype version of Gabriel, but who knows.

"hi Michael how are you?" "I'm better now that I'm with you." I was watching them and saw that smile, but oddly, he did not cover it, which conserned me. "so you two going on that date?" I said walking in the living room still naked. "yeah, we were just leaving" "okay see you later, and I want him back before 10:00." "ok" 

We walked to micheals car and got in managing to sit in the wrapper covered seats, when he asks "Bryan why is he like that?" "who?" "Garret" "he just wants the best for me, and knows what's best for me" " if say so. So why was he naked?" " we sleep together... Sometimes naked." I looked down when I said that. " should I be worried?" "no trust me were just friends." the rest of the night was good and fun, we ate, drank some beer, and Shared some childhood stories. He walked me to Garrets door and we stood there for a while. "sooo Bryan... are we boyfriend and boyfriend?" "well if your asking me to be yours then yeah we are" "awsome" we both leaned in for a kiss, when... "so yeah you two together or not?" garret interupted us. "yes we are" "okay well bryan go inside I want to talk to Michael." bryan only nodded to me and left. "so what do you want to tal-" " okay first off I want you to treat him with RESPECT, secondly you better make him feel happy, and thirdly: don't ever break his heart or I will cut yours out. Understood?" "yeah" " don't give me a "yeah" or "yea", I want a yes or no." "yes I understand" "okay goodnight" I said as I shut the door in his face.

As usual morning came, bright sun blasting through my blinds, that were suposed to be closed. " why are you all dressed up Bryan?" "Michaels taking me out for the whole day" "ah so I finally get a day to myself, I'm starting to like him" when I said that I saw a smile, which, as always, was cover with the sleeve. "so what tome is it Bryan?" "it's 3:48pm" " hmm... Why have I been waking so late?" "well your not getting the rest your supposed to be getting." "yeah yeah, don't you have a boyfriend to suck" "very funny, but you know I'm not doing anything with him for a while." "yes we'll see how "long" the while is" I said under my breath. "huh?" "when is he coming?" "oh well righ-" a knock on the door we heard, and he practicaly ran to the door to answer for his lover. "wow great timming Michael" "Bryan if you want to know if he has great timing let's put him throught "The Test" I said with a smirk. Bryan shook his head and pulled Michael out the door. After they left I went and made me a nice turkey sandwhich with some Dr. Pepper and Barbeque Lays chips. I turned on the stereo and listened to my favorite song; "sleep" by Copeland, after which I played a few pieces on my keyboard, then when to sleep on the recliner. 

I was dreaming or well remembering about the past. Gabriel, when he was a sophmore, got in a fight with Marcus, a senior football jock. Gabriel broke Marcus' jaw and broke his ankle too, Marcus transferred schools and Gabriel... Went to juvie again. Gabriel would have killed Marcus if Bryan didn't interfear. Bryan was in tears "Gabriel stop your gonna kill him" he cried. Gabriel ignored him, until he pulled him off of Marcus. Gabriel took a swing at Bryan; Bryan shut his eyes knowing it would hurt like hell. Gabriel stopped though, he looked in Bryans eyes before he shut em', saw the love and fear in them. That day was the begining of a friendship and later a relasltionship.   

When I finally awoke from that dream or nightmare, whatever it was, I heard Bryan walk through the door. I checked the time, it read 1:56am, he should have been home 3 hours & 56min. ago. "Bryan why are you home so late?" " me and Michael we... Went to his friends" he giggled, smiled, and covered it with his sleeve. I walk toward him and kissed him, he put his hands on my shoulders and stuck his tounge through my lips. I broke free of him and stared at him. "your breath smells like it was drenched in liqueur" "so I dank a little bit" with an angered and stern tone I asked " did Michael drive you here?" he looked down and nodded. " I don't want you to ever see him again." when I said that his eyes widdend and began to tear up. I felt bad, but it's the best for him , he could have gotten hurt. Bryan cried himself to sleep in my bed. I slept on the floor as far away from him as I could, I was still mad at Michael and Bryan will most likely be mad at me.

"Bryan was awake first, like always. He made scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage, with a cold Dr. Pepper with a note under the coaster. The note read: Garret I know Michael shouldn't have drove or been drinking and I'm sorry for drinking. I love him so much, I wish you would try to like him atleast. "wow your barely reading that?" "barely woke up" "oh" " yeah, I don't care I still won't like him and I don't want you with him." Garret why can't you just give him a second chance?" he said with a sigh. "ah yes... Like you gave with Gabriel, right" silence filled the dinning room and a coldness followed it. "Bryan I'm sorr-" he ran out of the house before I could finish. I drank the rest of my Dr. Pepper and turned the shower on. I stood there, hot water flowing from my long light brown redish hair, dripping to my nose and down my abs to my pubic hair, down the shaft of my penis, to the head then finaly droping into the drain. When I finished with my shower I got dressed and left the house. I walked around the corner, went past a fence, and made my way through a large feild with  tall grass and headed towards a big tree.

I sat down against the tree and Bryan moved inbetween my legs and laid into me I wrapped my arms around him and leaned my head over his shoulder. "Bryan I'm sorry I didn't mean to" he kept his head down "why would you say that Garret? You know I love him so much. "I know, I was just angry" "I'm never going to see or hear from him again" "...six months ago he sent me a letter" "really?" "yes. Now let's go home so you can read it" he gave ne a nod and we were walking through the grass. When we got out of it we saw a truck pull up towards the fence.

We heard some guys laughing and saw a kid with a bruise and blood on his face, we stopped walking I turned and walked to the truck. They threw the kid out on the ground and drove off, I stared and memorized the plates. I ran to him and Bryan did too.  He had the most amazing emerald green eyes, black hair barely let us see his eyes. I picked him up and knocked out cold, limp in my arms, when we got to my house I gentely placed him on my bed. When he awoke he was frightened, confussed, and in pain. "don't move.

Now are you okay?" a slight nod indicating yes. "where else are you hurt?" "my ribs and my butt" "don't worry your safe now" I sat there and watched him, when he fell asleep I undressed him, I saw his ribs, they were bruised luckily. "he's got a nice body Garret" "yes he does, but it must be in pain with those ribs. I just don't understand why his butt hurts" a calm soft voice came from behind "they raped me" Bryan and I quickly turned. 

"I'm sorry, do you want to go to the cops?" 

"no I'm fine just take me home" 

"you sure? Your really hurt" " I'm fine" he said as he got up and fell back onto the bed. "no your going to the hospital." he didn't refuse or say otherwise.

I called John and he picked us up and took us to the hospital. He was admitted in, and his mother was called. We just looked at eachother when he laid in his bed.


"excuse me?" 

"my name"

 "oh." he said laughing. "nice to meet you Jay, I'm Garret." we talked for a hour or two then fell asleep.




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