I lived with my Hispanic buddy Luis, we have lived together for 2 years. We are kinda friends with benefits not in a relationship. Luis is 23years old, dark complexion and brown eyes. 150lbs, (68KG) 5’10"(178cm) tall. I’m Steve Caucasian 20 years old Blonde hair blue eyes. 120lbs (54kg). 5’ 8"(173cm) tall.

Luis was upset when he came out because his brother Manuel had had very little to do with him since. He could not accept that Luis was gay and living with a guy. Manuel is 20 years old about 140lbs (64kg) 6’ (183cm) tall. Dark complexion brown eyes. Dreadlocks and gang tattoos.

Luis and Manuel had grown up in a deprived part of town where drug dealing and violent crime were rife. Luis worked his way out of it. Manuel chose not to, being influenced by the thugs he mixed with. "He likes to be thought of as a big guy taking no shit from anyone. I fear that one day his body could be found in a ditch," said Luis.

Manuel had text asking if he could call. "You want me to be out when he calls?" "No, no you are my friend, no need to hide." Knowing Manuel’s violent history made me feel nervous. Turning against his brother because he’s gay told me he must be homophobic. Luis missed his brother’s love.

The doorbell rang. Luis looked at me and said in excited tones, "he’s here he’s here". Wow! I thought when Manuel stepped in; he’s gorgeous looking and appeared to have a perfect physique under what he was wearing. Luis and Manuel hesitated for a few moments before throwing their arms around each other. It was obvious they were pleased to see each other after a longtime. They were talking excitedly and both were very emotional. After hugs and chatter Luis pointed at me and said, " this is Steve." It was a quick glance and nod. He ignored me most of the time. When he left he had an intense look of hatred on his face when he looked at me. . Luis looked at me raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders. Later Luis apologized. I said no problem as long as you two guys get on.

Manuel called several times over the next few months. When Luis was not in hearing distance he made it obvious that he didn’t like me by being verbally abusive. Even accused me of turning Luis into a gay. I put up with the homophobic abuse for Luis sake. I never told him.

As the months passed I found that Manuel’s attitude that he showed towards me, instead of it making me hate him it physically excited me. I was succumbing to his sexual attraction the allure of his hyper-masculinity causing my heart to beat faster. The angry look the physical threats. I was experiencing the same out of control feeling and attraction that a thugs bitch gets when turned on. I’m sure if he knew it would annoy him.

Now and then a smile would escape from his face only to be quickly replaced with a scowl when he realised he was smiling at something I had said. He even said "I see why Luis is happy, you are good for him." The expression on his face told me that he had difficulty in accepting that fact. I was beginning to see a good side to Manuel.

Farewells progressed to high fives then one day unexpectedly a hug. When Manuel first hugged me I could see the real pleased look on Luis’s face. His comment after Manuel had left. "That pleases me to see Manuel hug you that tells me he accepts you. A big step, for him and you." Manuel was mellowing towards me. The gradual coming together of two opposites. Helped by the coffee and meals I prepared for him. After starting off hating me now I think Manuel and I are forming a friendship! He was more relaxed more natural towards me. I was still very conscious of Manuel’s violent nature.

Manuel would only visit when Luis was at home. So I was surprised when he called one day when Luis was away for a few days due to work. From the start he taunted and teased me and was tactile in a playful way. Friendly tussling developed into wrestling. He dominated me totally using his powerful legs to put me into a scissors hold. I wriggled and squirmed to get free. It was futile he was stronger than I was. I enjoyed having his strong arms and legs round me.

He was enjoying the way he dominated me and controlled me. I tried to conceal a raging hard cock I had. Fuck he would go ballistic if he found out. He held me tight and stared into my eyes as we lay there on the floor. "Do you like me, am I making you horny? He asked. I inhaled deeply and smiled. I was taken aback by what I heard him say. I knew what I wanted to say but did not dare say it incase my reply sent him into a rage. "WELL!" He shouted at me as he moved his hand down towards my crotch brushing over my hard. He smirked as he said; "I thought so". I inhaled deeply I felt scared, Luis wasn’t here should I need his help.

He reached out towards me with his hand. I instantly backed my head away thinking he was going to hit me; instead he ran his fingers through my hair. "You scared?" "Yeah, you scare me," I said as I stared at him with wide-open eyes. "No need to be, I got to like you and your blue eyes," he said as he continued to run his fingers through my hair. "You wanna see my cock?"

Manuel didn’t wait for a reply he unzipped his zipper raised his ass slightly and peeled his jeans and briefs down to his knees. His big fat cock sprang back against his stomach and twitched excitedly. It was 8" plus of twitching cock. Precum started to ooze out the pee slit and drip onto his stomach. "Man I’m horny let’s see how good you are at sucking cock." I took hold of his cock in my hand; it was so thick I couldn’t get my hand all the way round it. The big dripping pre-cum mushroom head mesmerized me. I licked over the slit probing it with my tongue. Manuel gave out a deep sigh as waves of pleasure assailed through his body making his legs shake uncontrollably. His cock tasted wonderful. I placed my lips around the mushroom head. The size of it stretched my lips. I strained to take it as deep as I could before I gagged. I wanted to please him.

I gently squeezed the shaft of his cock with my fingers as I moved my lips up and down the shaft. Taking it deeper each time. I was determined to take it to the hilt. I applied more suction and went at him even more aggressively. Eventually I was down to the hilt, kissing his pubic bone. He pushed his hips up vigorously to meet my mouth. His cock swelled in my mouth as cum rushed up his shaft with so much force that cum squirted down my nose and out the corners of my lips. I felt his hand on the back of my head as he pressed my head hard down on his cock. "Eat it all bitch". It was impossible for me to swallow it all. Strong jet after jet of cum filled my mouth. I pulled away so I could inhale he pulled my head back down on his cock. I continued to suck him until he finished ejaculating then I licked the spillage off him.

I sucked and lick his cock until he was hard again. He stroked his hands over my shoulders, down my back and over my butt. I was so sensitive to his touch that I could not stop trembling. He undid the buttons of my shirt and peeled it off, then he removed my jeans. I was naked. He striped. It was the first time I had seen him naked. He had a high level of muscle tone with a lack of bulk, thin waist and powerful legs. He was covered in tattoos some gang related. His large thick cock and hairy balls swung between his legs as he moved towards me. "I like your blonde hair," he said as he stroked his hand over my head. I was trembling with a mixture of excitement and fear.

He reached out and held my hard cock in his hand. "I’m gonna milk you, my cock needs lubricating for when I fuck you." I inhaled deeply and shuddered. The thug was now going to fuck me. He looked into my eyes and said, "hold my cock. When you cum I’m gonna squirt your cum over the shaft of my cock." I was completely under his control. He jerked me off. My cum covered the shaft of his cock. He spat saliva onto the shaft of his cock. He had a sinister smirk on his face as I watched him spread the mixed cum and saliva over the shaft of his hard cock. He stroked his hand over my chest pinching my nipples. "You have a nice slim body just like a girls. I’m gonna enjoy fucking you." He told me to turn round and bend over. I felt his hand run along the crack of my ass until it located my anus, causing me to inhale and gulp. I felt his finger penetrate me. "Nice and tight just how I like it" he whispered in my ear. He finger fucked me, eventually getting 3 fingers deep in my gut.

I felt his hands stretching my ass cheeks apart and the head of his cock pressing against my hole. I prepared myself for the pain I knew was coming. He had one hand on my shoulder and used the other hand to hold his cock as he prodded my anus several times. "Uuhh!" I heard him grunt each time that he thrust at my hole. "Come on bitch open up let me in.," he shouted as he slapped my ass cheeks. One final thrust and the head popped. "Aargh! Aargh!" I screamed out. He had both hands on my shoulders as he used more force to shove his cock deeper into me. "Aargh!" "It needs lubricating more" I screamed out. "I told ya I like it tight you got enough lube." He continued to grunt "Uuhh!" With each thrust. And with every thrust I gave out an "Aargh!" to relieve the pain.

I felt his fat cock on all sides of my gut as he stretched my inside. There was a sudden surge as the whole of his cock penetrated me making his large hairy balls smack hard against my ass. A feeling of shear pleasure shot through the whole of my body as he stood there with his cock all the way in me. It was a surreal moment to have his cock in me something I had fantasized about many times. I like how he controls me, making me do what he wants. Like a thug treats his female bitches. We both enjoyed the fuck, him the feel of his cock sliding in my tight ass and filling me with his seed and me being fucked and bred by him.

Manuel always came round when Luis wasn’t about and fucked me. Long sessions. We never told Luis.



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