"Now open your books to page 223." Mr. Kane, a highly respected English teacher. Kane had been teaching for over 30 years, he was balding, overweight with brown eyes but a cock that would impress anyone. "Rick, would you start reading please?" Rick was the star of the swim team, a great swimmers build, light blue eyes, smooth body.  Kane once saw Rick naked, seeing his smooth ass and body, Kane had to have him, but wasn't sure on how to get him into bed.

"That's enough Rick." at that moment the bell rings for the next class. "Ok folks, read pages 226-229 and answer the questions on the following page." "Rick, could I see you for a moment?" "Yes Mr. Kane?" "You've been doing very well in all your classes." "Thank you, is that what you wanted to tell me sir?" "No, I need your help, I'm redoing my house and could use some help." "Sure, Mr. Kane, I'll help you." "When would you like me to come over?"

"This weekend, Saturday morning around 10." "Ok, that works for me." Kane gives Rick his address, Rick leaves, and Kane has an evil smile on his face.

Rick shows up, just before 10, Kane meets him at the door. "You're early Rick, glad to see that." "Come on in."  They enter, "follow me." "This is the room that I'm working on." "Painting and putting down a new carpet." Rick was wearing a tank top and loose fitting jeans, which showed most of his underwear. "If I knew there was painting involved, I would have worn a t-shirt and jeans!" Kane laughs, "I would loan you a t-shirt, but I don't think it would fit you." "After we're finished, you can use my pool." "You have a pool?"  "Yes, indoors and heated." "Cool."

After 5 hours and half hours of working, Kane and Rick take a break. "Rick, you want something to eat?" "Sure, can I use your pool, now?" "Go right ahead, it's down the hall and to the left." Rick was impressed with the size of the pool, then he realized that he had forgotten his bathing suit, "Damn" Kane comes in, "What's wrong?" "I didn't bring my suit." "Why not swim in your underwear?" Rick is taken a back by his teacher's suggestion. "What?" "Now Rick, it's not like anyone is going to see you and I'm not going to tell anyone, if you wanted to, you could swim nude, and wouldn't care, I'm not going to be joining you, I'm going to pick up dinner for us." "Ok, I'll go for a swim, do you have a towel?" "Yes, I do, I'll get it, now go for a swim." Kane leaves, as Rick strips naked, diving into the pool. Rick is impressed by how warm the pool is. Kane is watching Rick from a monitor from his bedroom, touching himself, waiting to fuck the 18 year old stud. Kane puts his plan into action, setting up Rick. First putting Vigara into his drink, getting him into the hot tub next to the pool, then into bed has a willing by hypnotizing him, which Kane knew how to do. 

"Rick, dinner is ready, after dinner, you want to use the hot tub?" "Sure, but I have nothing to wear." "like I said, wear your underwear, I'm not going to make a move on you!" Rick laughs, "but then my underwear will be wet and I won't be able to wear them." "The go nude, your safe here."

After dinner, the two are in the hot tub, Kane, in a bathing suit, Rick, nude, unsure if he's confortable with being naked in front of his teacher. "You ok, Rick?" "I don't know, this is weird, bring naked in front of my teacher." Relax, have a beer." Handing him the beer that has Vigara in it. Rick drinks some of it, when he suddenly feels his dick getting hard. At that moment, Kane puts left index finger and swings it in front of Rick, who follows it back and fourth. "Rick, you're under my command, you will do has I say." "Do you understand?" "Yes, Mr. Kane." "Good, take off my bathing suit and jerk my dick." Rick does what he's told, "Yeah, keep going." After 15 minutes Kane decides he wants Rick to suck him. "Let's leave the hot tube and go into my bedroom. "Rick, get on your knees, suck me and jerk your cock." Rick takes Kane's fat cock, which he can't see underneath his belly unless it's hard, it hadn't been this hard in a long time. "Ok Rick, get on the bed, on all fours, spread your legs." Kane was impressed with Rick's ass, he looked at his hole, before fingering him, Rick moaned as he felt him put not one finger, but three. Kane loved his tight hole. He took the lube out of his top drawer and put some on his dick and lubed up Rick's hole, the head of his dick popped Rick's no longer virgin ass, Rick screamed, but relaxes when Kane got into a routine, Kane then had Rick change position, throwing Rick's legs over his hairy shoulders. Kane kisses Rick hard, while Rick moans, "jerk yourself, babe" kane orders. Rick does what he's told. "I'm coming cries, Rick, shooting his load on his teacher. "Lick it off my face and deposit it in my mouth, he licks off his cum, kissing, Kane. Using his tongue and to give back some cum to Rick and have him swallow it. Kane starts feeling himself start to cum "oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" Kane shoots, what seems to be the longest load into Rick's ass. "Oh god, Rick, your ass feels so incredible." Kane pulls out "here lick the rest of my cum off and swallow it." Rick does has he's told." Kane kisses Rick. "Now Rick, get dress and meet me in the living room." "Yessir."  Ten minutes later, Kane brings Rick out of the hypnosis, but Rick wouldn't have any memories of the encounter. But Kane would use Rick a few more times under hypnosis. 




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