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My name is steven I'm sixteen and in love with my stepdad named joel. Now I've known I was gay sine I was nine and he is very stright or so I thought. He always walks around the house in His underware that are skin tight he does not no that I am gay or that I stare at him all day. Well one week end when my mom left for a trip I stayed with my stepdad Joel we were working on a car and were covered in oil grease and who knows wat else. Well it starts to get late and we decide to call it a night so we strip to are boxers and head inside to wash up. Well he went in the shower first and I decided to look under th door to see if I could see anything next thing I know he's opening the door and standing in front of me and he's pissed at me or so I thought he grabs me and says ur like wat u see u litte ass wipe. The next thing he tells me to suck his dick it was at Least 10 in long and just as thick. Now I was still a virgin and never done anything like this before but I was not going to pass up such a great moment. He put his hand on my head and forced the hole thing down my throte. I was gaging so much that I was about to puke. He let up and said that now he wanted my ass I was so ready for this he said to bend over and I did he forced it all in at once withe no lube or a condom I screamed in pain but he told me to shut up or he would tell my mother wat a faggot I was it stared to get easer after about 20 min. It started to feal good and I enjoyed it there was so much sweet that it looked liked it rained. He started to go faster and faster I could fell his huge dick in me starting to twitch and next thing I know my insides are filled with his hot cum and I love it. He tells me that I now belong to him and I was his cum slut. I look forward to next time I get to ride his long hairy dick.



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