My name is Adrian, I remember when me and Ky first met the day I had moved to Tokyo, Japan.

My dad loved to travel and I would tag along like a little kid my older brother would always say,whenever my dad would be ready to up and leave I was already packed but this time was diffrent my father wanted to stay in japan longer than a few weeks. I jumped at the chance to see the world the only way I could threw my dads travels . My mom gave me one last hug before I followed my dad threw the doors of the airport. I frowned as I watched my father fiddle with his ancient watch. Than I looked at the posted flights than at my watch 'Dad where going to miss our flight' .Japan was not what I expected not close to what I expected my dad shook his head and chuckled and say 'Ad this is not like your comic books'. I rolled my eyes I hated when he called me Ad than looked at him taking a breath in ' There not comic books there mangas' I said sheepish. Dad wanted us to fit into japan so I enrolled in school and dad did whatever dad did. I woke up with a headache and looked around my small room, japan's apartments were so small, I had no room to move my things in.I managed to finally get out of my room and to the bathroom that was blocked with my many books. That I didn't have the heart to leave at home. Getting the door of the bathroom open, I turned on the light. Looking back at me was a guy with short blonde hair and green eyes, fit body with glasses. My uniform hung on the back of my door.The first day of school I thought I have never been the new kid before.

I took the train to school than walked the rest of the way. I finally got to school out of breath, the gates of the school slammed behind me. I inhaled than followed everyone else inside. 'Today we have a new Student he is from hawaii, a state in the united states of america'the teacher said with a hard accent .I fought the urge to roll my eyes hawaii was the last trip my dad went to and must have put it in his paperwork by mistake. Since Adrian was pretty sure he was from the island of columbia and stayed in hawaii for what a week or two.'His name is Adrian Syder, Please make him feel welcome' she said than looked at me 'Mr.Syder does not speak Japanese so be kind you may sit anywhere' she said with a half smile.I egnored the eyes on me and made it down the row of seats.I looked for a seat spotting one in the far back my eyes fell on the person sitting next to the empty seat. His dark eyes met mines for what felt like more than a second. Than he looked away looking out the window to the right of him. I walked to the empty seat and sat down.

It was another school day, but today was diffrent there was a new kid today. Ky like everyone else in class had no clue there was going to be a new addition to their class the teachers never tell them, they treat new students as pleasant surprises for students. Ky was sick and tried of school and of tokyo he wanted to be anywhere else but here.Ky looked up from reading as the teacher introduced the main attraction for today. Ky's eyes met green eyes and he felt his heart flutter in a awful way that made him somewhat sick. Looking away out the window, I felt odd as he sat only a few feet away from me. Noone sat next to him not for the longest.

The bell for lunch rang, I got up and grabbed my school bag.'Hey' a deep voice broke threw ky's thoughts he turned to look at the new kid. 'Hi' he said looking at him out of some curiousity. He knew very some english but was not very good at it.'Am new here , my name is Adrian but you can call me well...adrian really' he said with that same deep voice.

Before he finished his sentence I was out of the room up on the roof of the school. I took out my lunch and ate their like I always did by myself. I finished eatting than layed down to watch the moving clounds. 'So this is where you been all along'Adrian said standing over a sleeping ky. Adrian sat next the sleeping figure than leaned over ky let out a pleasant moan probably from a pleasant dream. Adrian sat up blushing he looked like a girl..was he a girl he thought to himself. He wasn't a girl looking at him again he was a guy and beautiful at that. The wind picked up and whipped ky's black hair, brushing them away lightly. Adrian put ky's head on his lap the ground was nowhere to fall asleep and he knew it was not very comfrontable.

The night sky I thought as I opened my eyes. I must have fallen asleep again and intill night time once more. 'Your awake' I felt my heart leap from my chest as I jumped.

'You' I said with disbelief

'What about me' he said than looked up at the star filled sky.

'What are you doing here ' I snapped in japanese

He tore his eyes from the sky than looked at me

'I found you sleeping here'He said in japanese not perfect japanese but japanese.

'Prevert'I said under my breath before I could catch myself.I blushed and looked at him he was staring at the sky above.

'Its beautiful, isn't it'He said 'The sky I mean' he finished than looked at me.

'Just like you when your asleep'he said than looked at the sky.

To be continued.




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